Rocío Perez is an unapologetic optimist and sought-after speaker of truth who has more than twenty years of experience providing powerful insights that have helped to transform leaders around the world. 

She has delivered hundreds of inspiring and life-changing leadership training, keynotes and presentations from Switzerland to San Francisco. Rocío is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who moved frequently from city to city in search of work. As a child, Rocío could only imagine what success could be like amidst the adversity she lived in daily. Growing up, Rocío was told by her elementary school teachers and even some of her own family, “You will never make it.” Rocío was well on her way to making her teacher’s and family members’ predictions come true. She quit school midway through seventh grade and ran away from home multiple times because of fear. Rocío got pregnant at fourteen and subsequently emancipated at fifteen. She ended up in a violent environment with an abusive man. 

At a devastating moment, having endured abuse, homelessness and hunger, Rocío swore to herself, “Never again!” She consciously chose to break the cycle of poverty, abuse and limitation. Rocío put herself through college and earned a dual MBA, while working full time, building a home and, as a single parent, raising her son. She has been blessed with many powerful lessons on her journey to success. From life’s experience, even during the most difficult times of despair, she believes each of us has the capacity to become “Unstoppable.” 

There is always another solution to a problem as long as we use our imagination. The power of imagination can take us where we desire to go, regardless of the state of our current circumstances. Imagination can take anyone to a life of prosperity, empowerment, service and happiness. Rocío became a serial entrepreneur. With her collaboration with organizations, she has committed to working through the processes needed to align develop culture, enable branding and leadership. Rocío created, “7 Steps to Becoming A More Intentional Leadership” coaching process, and wrote the international best-selling book, “Unstoppable: 7 Steps to Becoming a More Intentional Leader”. Rocío inspires individuals to own their personal leadership journey as they discover and apply their hidden talents. She has helped and coached over 40,000 individuals. “It is not what happens to us, it is what we don’t do with the gifts we have.” — Rocío Pérez

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