Andy Dunn co-founded Bonobos, a revolutionary menswear e-commerce brand. But, behind the scenes, he was struggling with bipolar disorder. “Here’s the real story of what was going on, which I think was a heckuva lot more interesting than selling pants on the internet,” he tells host Monica Royer—who also happens to be his sister.   In this episode of The Mentor Files, Monica Royer sits down with her brother, Andy Dunn, to discuss how his journey with mental health influenced his entrepreneurial experience.

– Andy discusses his experience with bipolar disorder and how it both helped and hindered his entrepreneurial journey. He shares the statistics of mental health conditions among entrepreneurs and highlights the importance of being open about mental health struggles.

  • Monica and Andy reflect on their childhood and how their shared family history shaped their relationship. They discuss the challenges they faced as a biracial family and how they navigated through these experiences together.
  • Andy shares the story behind his decision to turn down multiple financial job offers after graduating from business school to start selling men’s pants online, which eventually led to the creation of Bonobos.
  • The siblings discuss the importance of therapy and mental health professionals in managing mental health conditions. Andy emphasizes the need for an external support system, especially during a crisis.
  • Monica talks about the difficulty of accepting Andy’s diagnosis and the denial they experienced as a family. They discuss the importance of accepting mental health conditions and understanding that there can be a positive side to it.
  • Andy shares the concept of the Stockdale Paradox and how it applies to dealing with mental health conditions. He emphasizes the importance of facing reality while maintaining hope.
  • They discuss the potential of turning Andy’s book, Burn Rate, into a TV show and the importance of treating mental health issues with levity.
  • Andy shares his experience with writing the book and the support he received from his family. He encourages others to share their mental health struggles and assures them that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Listen to the full episode to hear more about Andy’s journey with bipolar disorder and how it has shaped his life and career.