In this week’s episode, I have the honor of hosting recurring guest, Richard Martini. The conversation starts with him beginning to explain the origin story of his latest book (which is phenomenal, btw!): “The Greatest Story Never Told; as Told by Jesus and Those Who Knew Him, but then we segue (and I really mean segue…). Rich turns the tables on me (with my permission, of course): he facilitates a journey, starting with the famous lyric; “Picture yourself on a boat on a river”, which leads to all sorts of unexpected twists and turns as his questions connect me with my Divine Council. The experience is unlike anything I have ever had before. Stay with me loyal listeners – I know it’s a departure, but at the very least, a very interesting one. Stuff that emerges is wild and wonderful and keeps me wondering; is this me or is this my spirit guide(s) coming through? Honestly, I think there are moments of both!