In this episode of the “How I Made It Through” podcast, host Kristin Taylor welcomes back recurring guest, psychic medium David Hanzel. David shares his remarkable story of communicating with spirits from a young age, surviving a near-death experience, and how these experiences have shaped his life.

Throughout the episode, David communicates with the spirit of Kristin’s mother-in-law, Beverly, providing messages of love, reassurance, and guidance to her family. He also channels the spirit of Kristin’s late friend, Peggy, who shares a poignant message for humanity: “Don’t take life seriously, but take love seriously.”

Key Takeaways:

– David’s gifts as a medium are precious, not just because of the messages he shares, but also because of the love, kindness, and humor with which he shares them.
– David encourages listeners to visit his website,, to learn more about his work and to schedule a reading.
– Beverly’s spirit communicates messages of love to her children and reassures them that she is happy and at peace.
– Peggy’s spirit encourages listeners to live their lives fully and to take love seriously.
– David emphasizes the importance of understanding our past lives and how they shape our current experiences.
– David shares an unexpected vision of a car speeding off, leaving a sense of danger. The meaning of this vision remains unclear.

Remember to tune in next month for another enlightening conversation with David Hanzel.