In this episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor is joined by Richard Martini, an American film director, producer, screenwriter, and freelance journalist. Richard has made a name for himself in researching the afterlife, a topic he refers to as the “flip side.” He is also the author of several books and documentaries on the subject.

Key discussion points in this episode include:

1. Richard’s latest book, “The Greatest Story Never Told,” which explores accounts from individuals who claim to have witnessed the crucifixion in their past lives. These accounts offer a different perspective from the traditional biblical narrative.

2. The reception and controversy surrounding Richard’s work, particularly from religious and scientific communities. Despite this, Richard stands by his research, stating that data is data, regardless of whether people agree with it or not.

3. The recurring themes in Richard’s conversations with mediums and individuals who claim to have had encounters with Jesus. These themes include unconditional love, a sense of humor, and messages of acceptance and unity.

4. Richard’s exploration of Jesus’ crucifixion, drawing from various accounts that suggest Jesus may have survived the event. He also discusses the implications of this alternate narrative.

5. The idea that everyone is a medium, with different levels of filters. Richard explains that these filters can be bypassed through various methods, including guided meditation and hypnosis.

6. Richard’s personal experiences that led him to his current path, including a conversation with an Abbott in a monastery in Kashmir who claimed that Jesus had studied there.

This episode offers a thought-provoking discussion on the afterlife, spirituality, and the potential for alternate historical narratives. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, this conversation with Richard Martini is sure to make you think.

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