In this episode of “How I Made It Through”, host Kristin Taylor invites psychic medium David Hanzel back to the show. David has a remarkable ability to connect with the other side and has been doing so since he was a child. His near-death experience as an adult further enhanced his understanding of what exists beyond the veil and strengthened his mediumship abilities.

Key points from the interview:

1. David discusses the current global issues, particularly the conflicts in Palestine, Gaza, and Israel. He emphasizes that these events are part of a chain reaction affecting the entire world and urges people to help where they can, as it will eventually affect their own lives.

2. David explains the spiritual perspective on why we choose certain lifetimes. According to him, souls choose their situations, not the specific details of what happens to them. He assures that those who have left due to terrible circumstances are not upset or angry; they accomplished what they came here to do.

3. The conversation delves into the concept of life reviews, where souls experience pivotal events from their past lives from the other person’s perspective. David assures listeners that individuals who have done terrible things will face harsh self-judgment and will need to experience the same pain they inflicted on others.

4. David discusses the concept of life’s blueprint and how it can be changed. He believes there are no accidents in life and that situations can be altered according to the lessons the soul needs to learn.

5. The episode concludes with David’s explanation of the concept of God and the never-ending cycle of learning and evolving. He believes that we are all part of Source or God and that there is no end to our experiences and learning.

This episode provides deep insights into the spiritual perspective of life, karma, and the soul’s journey. It encourages listeners to look beyond the physical world and understand the greater purpose behind their experiences.

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