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In this insightful episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor welcomes back Christina Brinkley, a beloved recurring guest, to delve into the transformative power of energy work and the journey to one’s authentic self. Christina shares her expertise on how individuals can navigate through personal trauma, clear their energetic fields, and ultimately connect with their authentic energy to live a fulfilled life. She emphasizes the importance of daily energy maintenance and provides practical tools for listeners to implement in their own lives.

Key Points from Christina Brinkley’s Interview:

– Christina’s healing work has evolved to become more channel-heavy, providing clients with profound insights and guidance from her spirit guides.
– Many individuals seek healing when they are stuck in past trauma, and Christina’s goal is to empower them to perform their own basic energy clearing.
– Christina stresses the significance of being in one’s own energy and how most people are not operating from their authentic energy due to external influences and internalized beliefs.
– She explains the process of clearing one’s field, which involves grounding, connecting to a higher source, and using visualization techniques to remove non-authentic energies and reclaim one’s own.
– Christina discusses the concept of an “energy gauge” that measures how much authentic energy one is running, with the aim to be between 60% and 80% for a healthy, authentic life.
– The conversation touches upon the pitfalls of manifesting from a place of fear or with low authentic energy, which can lead to unsatisfactory or “wonky” outcomes.
– By maintaining a high percentage of authentic energy, individuals can live their purpose more fully, manifest effectively, and positively influence others around them.

Notable Quotes from Christina Brinkley:
– “Everyone has the capacity to do healing work, not everyone needs to. But everyone should know the very basics of how to clear their field.”
– “You can live your whole life and be it… I could if I never did this, I would maybe I would have lived my whole life at 2% of my own energy.”
– “We should be all aiming for a… the ideal range that you wanna be in to live in a healthy space of authentic energy anywhere between 60% and 80%.”