Join host Monica Royer as she sits down with Brian Bloom, her co-founder of Monica + Andy, to discuss the evolution of their business partnership, the behind-the-scenes of building a brand, and the personal growth they’ve experienced along the way. From starting as a bachelor with no ties to baby clothes to becoming a father and an integral part of a thriving company, Brian shares his unique perspective on entrepreneurship, parenthood, and the value of a strong business partnership.

Key Points Discussed:

** The Genesis of Monica + Andy:** Brian reflects on his initial decision to join Monica in building a baby brand, despite being a bachelor at the time. The serendipitous meeting with Monica’s cousin, Sabina, led to the partnership that would become Monica + Andy.

**The Evolution of a Business Partnership:** Monica and Brian delve into how their relationship has grown from co-founders to becoming like family. They emphasize the importance of shared values in a business partnership, akin to a marriage, and how it has helped them navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

**Parenthood and Business:** Brian talks about how becoming a father has changed his connection to the brand, making him an end-user of the products and giving him a deeper understanding of the company’s community and mission.

**The Reality of Entrepreneurship:** Monica and Brian candidly discuss the constant presence of work in their lives, the necessity to manage stress, and the importance of supporting each other through personal and professional challenges.

**Job Evolution:** Brian shares how his role at Monica + Andy has changed over the years, from being hands-on with every aspect of the business to learning to delegate and trust in the growing team of specialized talent.

**The Importance of Honest Feedback:** Both Monica and Brian stress the value of having advisors and investors who are willing to offer hard truths. They discuss how this has helped them grow personally and professionally, and how it’s crucial for propelling the business forward.

**Looking Ahead:** The episode hints at a continued conversation, suggesting that there’s much more to discuss about their journey, the lessons that Monica and Brian have both learned, and the advice they have for other entrepreneurs.

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