In this inspiring episode of The Mentor Files, host Monica Royer sits down with her sister-in-law and entrepreneur Manuela Zoninsein, founder and CEO of Kadeya. Manuela shares her journey from growing up abroad to becoming a visionary entrepreneur determined to eliminate single-use beverage containers with her innovative company, Kadeya. She delves into the challenges and rewards of motherhood, her experiences living in China, and the importance of building a supportive network as a parent and business owner.

Episode Highlights:

1. Introduction to Manuela Zoninsein and Kadeya: Manuela discusses the mission behind her company Kadeya, which aims to revolutionize the way we hydrate by eliminating single-use beverage containers with a low-waste vending machine system.

2. Manuela's Entrepreneurial Journey: From her early days in China to her ventures in Brazil and the U.S., Manuela shares the path that led her to become the entrepreneur she is today and the lessons learned along the way.

3. The Intersection of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Manuela and Monica discuss the complexities of being a mother and a business owner, the importance of self-forgiveness, and how to celebrate small wins in both domains.

4. Building a Supportive Culture at Kadeya: Manuela emphasizes the importance of trust and autonomy in her team, and how a culture that respects personal time and responsibilities can lead to a more productive and satisfied workforce.

5. Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Manuela offers insights into the entrepreneurial mindset, including the need to be good rather than perfect and the power of compounding small, consistent efforts.

- Kadeya: A sustainable hydration solution aiming to eliminate single-use waste.
- Fast Company's World Changing Idea Award: Recognition received by Kadea for its impact on sustainability.

Join Monica Royer and Manuela Zoninsein in this heartfelt and enlightening conversation about entrepreneurship, environmental innovation, and the balancing act of motherhood on this episode of The Mentor Files.

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