In this episode of How I Made It Through, host Kristin Taylor welcomes back Richard Martini, a renowned American film director, producer, screenwriter, and freelance journalist who has made a name for himself in researching the afterlife, or what he refers to as the flip side. They discuss Richard’s latest book, The Greatest Story Never Told, which provides a captivating account of Jesus’s life as told by Jesus and those who knew him.

Key discussion points in this episode include:

– Richard’s journey into researching the afterlife, starting with his encounter with a grieving friend who found comfort in hypnotherapy.
– His experiences filming people under hypnosis and the consistent patterns he found in their accounts of seeing Jesus.
– The concept of ‘flecks of gold’, a specific detail that repeatedly comes up in descriptions of Jesus’s eyes.
– Richard’s conversations with mediums who also report similar themes and messages, further corroborating his findings.
– The intriguing alternate story of Jesus’s life that Richard has pieced together from his research, which challenges traditional narratives.
– Richard’s interaction with a shaman who had an encounter with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the new insights this brought to his understanding of Mary’s experiences.

This episode is perfect for those who are both curious and open-minded about spirituality, the afterlife, and the possibility of alternate narratives to well-known religious stories.

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