In this episode of “How I Made It Through” hosted by Kristin Taylor, we had the pleasure of welcoming back David Hanzel, a renowned psychic medium.

David shared his insights on a variety of topics, including the process of manifesting and the impact of our internal emotions on our external world. He highlighted the importance of focusing on positive thoughts and feelings to attract positive outcomes.

David also shared his unique perspective on the passing of loved ones and the messages they leave behind. He communicated messages from two recently passed individuals, Stacey and Suzy, to their loved ones. These messages provided comfort and assurance that they are at peace and still present in spirit.

David also discussed the concept of soul contracts and how they are negotiable. He explained that while we agree to certain life experiences before we are born, how we navigate these experiences is up to us.

Overall, this episode was filled with spiritual wisdom and comforting messages. Whether you’re interested in the spiritual realm or seeking solace in the wake of a loved one’s passing