Irene Ortiz-Glass

Welcome to another episode of The Mentor Files. Today, we are thrilled to have a conversation with an exceptional human and guiding light for many, Irene Ortiz-Glass.

In this episode:

Discovering Coaching:
Irene shares her journey into life coaching, beginning with her early career and moving into an eventual senior partner role.

The Impact of Early Experiences:
Irene opens up about her personal life, discussing the profound impact of her childhood experiences on her path to becoming a coach. She talks about dealing with abandonment and abuse and how these experiences fueled her drive to help others.

The Essence of Executive Coaching:
We delve into what executive coaching entails, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, motivation, and willingness to do the work. Irene explains how coaching helps leaders navigate their personal and professional lives by understanding their behavioral patterns and mindsets.

Chemistry in Coaching Relationships:
The importance of chemistry between a coach and their client is highlighted, and Irene discusses how she assesses potential clients for coaching compatibility.

Understanding Yourself and Others:
Monica shares insights gained from coaching, such as the importance of recognizing one’s natural tendencies, like flexibility or structure, and how this understanding can improve relationships both at work and at home.

Higher Purpose and Second Half of Life:
Irene talks about the concept of higher purpose and its significance as leaders transition into the second half of their lives. She reflects on her own purpose, which involves helping others grow and learn about themselves, and how this has become her focus in recent years.

Healing and Wellness for Women:
Addressing the often-taboo subject of menopause, Irene discusses her recent work in helping women navigate hormone issues and overall wellness. She emphasizes the need for healing and the importance of addressing these topics openly.

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