In this episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor welcomes back Christina Brinkley, a gifted healer who works with subtle energy. Christina offers her insights into past lives, soul clearing, and the impact of unresolved trauma on our present lives.

Key discussion points in this episode include:

– Christina explains the concept of past life traumas and how they can create loops of repeated experiences in our current lives. She shares how integrating aspects of your past life can help break up patterns and bring people into their highest path.

– Kristin shares her personal experience of a sudden panic attack while driving over a bridge in 2000, a trauma that has stayed with her ever since. This incident led to a discussion about the possibility of past life traumas and their role in current life challenges.

– Christina talks about the soul journey she offered to Kristin, where she called in Kristin’s spirit to meet her in a sacred space and guided it towards past life experiences connected to her panic. She explains the process of recording the journey and sending it to her clients for them to listen to and understand.

– The episode delves into two past lives that Christina saw for Kristin. The first was a woman who experienced a traumatic event of losing her family in a tsunami, and the second was a man who died in a car accident on a bridge. Christina discusses how these past lives could be influencing Kristin’s current life experiences and offers insight on how to integrate these past life fragments back into the self.

– Christina also discusses the importance of allowing oneself to grieve, face loss, and complete the healing cycle. She emphasizes the need to sit with our pain and let it move through us rather than resisting it.

– Toward the end of the episode, Christina gives advice on how Kristin can continue her healing journey, emphasizing the importance of revisiting past moments of anxiety or pain and allowing herself to grieve and accept those experiences.

Join Kristin and Christina in this enlightening conversation about past lives, soul journeys, and the path to healing.

Learn more about Christina:

Instagram: @souljourneywithchristina