In this episode of The Mentor Files, host Monica Royer sits down with Michelle Shetty and Suzie Carroll, co-founders of The Fitz, a medical aesthetic and wellness practice based in Chicago. They discuss the journey from nursing in a clinical setting to entrepreneurship, the importance of aligning values, and the challenges and rewards of starting and growing a successful business. They also touch on the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and the significance of self-care in their personal and professional lives.

Chapter Markers:
[00:00:00] - Introduction to The Mentor Files and today's guests, Michelle Shetty and Suzie Carroll.
[00:03:00] - Michelle and Suzie discuss their transition from nursing to entrepreneurship.
[00:06:00] - How their friendship and partnership began and their approach to business.
[00:09:00] - The emotional connection to patients and how it translates to their current work.
[00:12:00] - The dynamics of being co-founders and friends.
[00:15:00] - The importance of having difficult conversations and growing together.
[00:18:00] - Trusting your gut in business and personal relationships.
[00:21:00] - The unexpected emotional challenges of running a business.
[00:24:00] - The pressure of success and the high stakes of entrepreneurship.
[00:27:00] - The impact of business stress on family and personal life.
[00:29:00] - The co-founders' personal wellness journeys and self-care practices.

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