Join host Monica Royer as she dives into the unique dynamics of entrepreneurship within a marriage with Rob Royer, her husband and fellow entrepreneur, to discuss the rollercoaster ride of building businesses, supporting each other through peaks and valleys, and the lessons learned along the way.  The two discuss:

- Rob's Entrepreneurial Journey: Rob shares his experience of founding and running a direct-to-consumer furniture business and the lessons he learned from its eventual sale. He talks about his current venture and how his past experiences are shaping his approach.
- The Entrepreneurial Family: Monica and Rob explore the benefits and challenges of both spouses being entrepreneurs. They discuss the importance of having a support system and how their individual experiences have influenced their relationship and understanding of each other's professional lives.
- Overcoming Setbacks: Rob opens up about being pushed out of his role at Interior Define and how he navigated the difficult transition period. He emphasizes the value of resilience and the opportunity to rebuild and apply past learnings to new endeavors.
- Work-Life Balance: The couple touches on their contrasting work styles and how they've managed to find balance while co-officing during COVID-19. They also reflect on the sacrifices made, such as time with friends, to prioritize their businesses and family.
- Future Aspirations: Rob expresses his desire to pursue more design-oriented and artistic projects under the umbrella of his current company, emphasizing the importance of creative voices in business decisions.
- Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Rob offers insights for those considering starting their own business, highlighting the importance of aligning with the right people and staying true to one's values.

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