In this episode of Season 4 of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor sits down with Sharon Sananda Kumara, a psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and hypnotherapist specializing in past life therapy and contactee memory recovery. Sharon shares her profound experiences with near-death experiences (NDEs), her childhood memories, and her transformative spiritual journey that began after her second NDE in 2001.

Key Points from the Episode:
– Sharon’s early life was marked by trauma and an inability to remember much of her childhood. Her psychic abilities manifested early on, with visions of deceased relatives and premonitions.
– The second NDE occurred when Sharon fell out of a shuttle bus and was run over, leading to an out-of-body experience where she encountered her deceased stepfather and a profound spiritual experience with the figure of Jesus, who she refers to as Yeshua.
– During her NDE, Sharon visited a water planet that felt like home, where she reunited with her family in another existence, highlighting her deep connection to water and aquatic life.
– Sharon made a deal with Yeshua to be consciously aware of his presence in her life after returning to her physical body.
– The episode delves into Sharon’s understanding of sleep paralysis, out-of-body experiences, and her ability to connect with the other side, which was heightened after the death of her stepfather.

Connect with Sharon:
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