In this enlightening episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor engages in a profound conversation with Rev. Bill McDonald, a spiritual teacher and author who has survived numerous near-death experiences and a combat tour in Vietnam. Rev. McDonald shares his journey of self-discovery, the importance of love and forgiveness, and his mission to help others change their own frequencies to impact the world positively.

Key Points:

– Rev. Bill McDonald’s life has been a mystical journey involving spiritual transformations, near-death experiences, and supernatural events during his time in Vietnam.
– He emphasizes the importance of self-change, self-love, and raising one’s frequency to influence the world.
– Rev. McDonald believes that great souls can change world history through meditation, prayer, and sending love.
– He discusses the concept of love being the highest frequency and the foundation for ethical, moral, peaceful, and loving living.
– Rev. McDonald shares his approach to healing and how he has overcome personal challenges, including multiple heart attacks and cancer, through self-love and acceptance.
– He stresses that one’s belief in healing is crucial and that physical ailments can be lessons or opportunities to burn karma.
– The conversation touches on the power of energy, including sound and vibration, in healing and spiritual practices.

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