In this profound episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor sits down with Stephen Chong, an author from Far North Queensland, Australia. Stephen shares his extraordinary, atypical near-death experience (NDE) and the spiritual revelations that followed. His story is not your typical NDE tale, but one that explores the soul’s purpose, the journey after life, and the unique insights he gained about the afterlife. Through his experience, Stephen has become a messenger of hope and inspiration, encapsulating his learnings in his latest book.

– Stephen recounts the accident that led to his life-changing experience and the subsequent revelations during his rehabilitation.
– He describes the “hamster wheel in his head,” a metaphor for the persistent call to write about the afterlife, despite his initial resistance.
– Stephen explains how he received messages from the universe, God, or spirit, urging him to fulfill a higher purpose.
– He shares how he was imbued with a newfound talent for writing, which he believes was a gift from the universe.
– Stephen discusses the “laws of heaven and earth” that he discovered embedded within his book during the editing process.
– He details his vision of the afterlife, including the significance of the colors of souls’ robes, the process of life review, and the realms of heaven.
– Stephen talks about the importance of forgiveness and its role in the soul’s evolution and release from burdens in the afterlife.
– He provides insight into the impact of religious beliefs on souls in the afterlife and the concept of love as the ultimate bridge between realms.
– The episode delves into the experiences of more evolved souls and the ever-present, harmonious music that permeates the afterlife.

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