• In this profound episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor engages in a deep and revealing conversation with John Kelley, a man whose life was forever altered by a near-death experience (NDE) at the age of 19. From a turbulent childhood to a transformative spiritual journey, John shares his story of awakening, his exploration into the realms of psychic abilities, meditation, energy healing, and martial arts. This episode takes us on a journey through John’s incredible experiences, his teachings, and the wisdom he has gained along the way. Whether you’re a spiritual seeker or simply curious about the mysteries of life and death, this episode promises to open your eyes to the deeper aspects of being and the power of self-discovery.Show Notes:

    **Chapter 1: [0:00-3:00] Introduction to John Kelly**
    – Kristin Taylor introduces John Kelly and his background in spiritual practices.
    – John Kelley recounts his violent family history and how it led him to martial arts.

    **Chapter 2: [3:01-6:00] The Near-Death Experience**
    – John describes his NDE at 19 during a period of intense starvation and how it led to a profound spiritual awakening.
    – He shares the sensations and realizations he encountered upon leaving his body.

    **Chapter 3: [6:01-9:00] Journey Through the Afterlife**
    – John provides a vivid account of traveling through other dimensions and encountering his larger energy being.
    – He discusses the insights he received about existence and consciousness.

    **Chapter 4: [9:01-12:00] The Return to the Physical Body**
    – The discussion moves to John’s return to his body and the medical emergency that unfolded.
    – John explains the process of reintegration and the challenges of coming back to life.

    **Chapter 5: [12:01-15:00] Seeking Understanding and Training**
    – John talks about his quest for spiritual knowledge and how it led him to the Washington I Institute.
    – He details the training he underwent in psychic readings, meditation, and energy management.

    **Chapter 6: [15:01-18:00] The Importance of Energy Work and Spiritual Growth**
    – Kristin and John delve into the benefits of energy work and understanding one’s true nature.
    – John shares how his NDE influenced his spiritual practices and his approach to teaching others.

    **Chapter 7: [18:01-21:00] Communicating with the Deeper Self**
    – John explains how to initiate a conversation with the deeper, eternal part of oneself.
    – He emphasizes the importance of this communication for personal transformation.

    Learn more about John Kelley at www.Khadham.com.

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