In this episode of How I Made It Through, Kristin Taylor sits down with Marilyn Lawrence to discuss the power of intuition and the importance of releasing harmful emotions to achieve full life satisfaction. Marilyn shares her personal journey of embracing her intuitive gifts and offers practical advice for listeners to tap into their own. With the backdrop of the numerologically significant year of 2024, Marilyn provides insights into how we can all navigate our paths with infinite possibilities. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that will leave you feeling empowered to take charge of your own spiritual journey.

### Chapter Markers:
– **[0:00:00]** – Introduction to Marilyn Lawrence and her work
– **[0:03:00]** – Marilyn’s recognition of her intuitive gifts
– **[0:06:00]** – The turning point in Marilyn’s life and career
– **[0:09:00]** – How to say “yes” to your intuitive side
– **[0:12:00]** – Marilyn’s daily routine and connection to divine messages
– **[0:15:00]** – The significance of the year 2024 in numerology
– **[0:18:00]** – Practical steps to embrace infinite possibilities
– **[0:21:00]** – The importance of releasing emotional baggage
– **[0:24:00]** – Marilyn’s advice on cultivating joy and managing emotions
– **[0:27:00]** – Q&A: Processing emotions and learning from life’s challenges

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