In this captivating episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor engages with the extraordinary Steven Machat, a multifaceted entertainment industry veteran and author who has worked with iconic artists and delved deeply into the mysteries of life and death. Steven shares his profound insights on his near-death experience (NDE), the interconnectedness of all religions, and the fundamental nature of our existence as energy and consciousness. He discusses his books, “Unraveling the Bible” and “We’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place,” which reflect his extensive research and alternative perspectives on creation and our cosmic origins. Steven’s storytelling is rich with life lessons, philosophical musings, and a call to embrace love, compassion, and the joy of being alive. Tune in for an episode that will challenge your perceptions and inspire you to consider the deeper aspects of life and the universe.

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### Chapter Markers:
00:00:00 – Introduction to Steven Machat and his diverse career.
00:03:00 – Steven’s near-death experience in Cuba and its impact.
00:06:00 – The concept of energy and consciousness in Steven’s worldview.
00:09:00 – The role of music in Steven’s life and his understanding of vibrations.
00:12:00 – Steven’s recovery and his determination to continue his work.
00:15:00 – Insights from Steven’s books and his take on the origin of religions.
00:18:00 – The transformative power of love and positive energy.
00:21:00 – Steven’s daily practices and principles for life.
00:24:00 – The metaphysical perspective on life challenges and soul contracts.
00:27:00 – The seven eternal energies of consciousness according to Steven.
00:30:00 – Concluding thoughts and reflections on love and existence.

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