In this enlightening episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor dives deep into the realms of spirituality, reincarnation, and ancient wisdom with guest David Cobb. David shares his extraordinary journey from a successful career in film and television production and professional athletics to becoming a shaman with profound insights into the afterlife and the teachings of ancient Native American spirits. Through his near-death experiences and spiritual awakenings, David reveals the importance of understanding our past lives and how they shape our present, the true nature of karma, and the significance of illness as a call for spiritual realignment. Tune in to discover how ancient wisdom can transform your life and find out about David’s mission to protect medicinal plants and spread natural healing knowledge.

Show Notes:

– David’s early experiences with the afterlife and his communication with his deceased grandfather.
– A series of near-death experiences that led him to a group of ancient Native American spirits who imparted wisdom and a new purpose to his life.
– David discusses his book, “The Handbook,” which serves as a daily guide to connecting with ancient wisdom and living in harmony with the universe.
– The concept of reincarnation and how it deeply influences our lives, relationships, and the lessons we are here to learn.
– David’s personal story of his first marriage and how understanding a past life connection helped him make sense of the relationship’s intensity and eventual purpose.
– Illness as a demand for change and the importance of addressing spiritual imbalances before seeking physical remedies.
– David’s transformative encounters with a 10-foot-tall ancient spirit and the subsequent teachings he received.
– The mission given to David by the ancients: to write “The Handbook,” protect ancient plants, and teach others to make natural medicine.
– The shift in planetary energies since 2012 and how it has led to a collective awakening and division in humanity.

– David’s website: Ancient Native Remedies
– David Cobb’s book, “The Handbook” is available on Amazon, Spotify, and Ancient Native Remedies/Products

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