In this profound episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor engages in a captivating conversation with Anne Bayford, a multi-faceted medium, past life practitioner, and trans channeler. Anne shares her incredible journey of psychic discovery, near-death experiences, and her role as a co-founder of Odyssey, a platform for spiritual well-being. With a mix of humor and depth, Anne offers insights into her childhood experiences with the supernatural, her work as a medium, and how she navigates the complexities of communicating with the other side.

Key Points Discussed:

– Anne’s early realization of her psychic abilities and the challenges of being different.
– The transformative impact of Anne’s near-death experiences and visits to the Akashic records.
– How Anne’s psychic lineage and past lives have shaped her current mission.
– Anne’s approach to dealing with the trauma of connecting with spirits who have passed under violent circumstances.
– The importance of tuning into one’s inner voice and intuition for guidance.
– Anne’s work with law enforcement on cold cases and her ability to remote view.
– The healing experiences Anne facilitates between spirits and their loved ones, providing closure and peace.

Connect with Anne:
Odyssey the Platform Website
Odyssey the Platform YouTube Channel
Anne’s YouTube Channel