In this profound episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor sits down with Wendy Harrington, an author, mentor, speaker, and dedicated mother, who shares her incredible journey of survival, spiritual awakening, and personal transformation. Wendy opens up about her life-altering near-death experience (NDE) in 2001, which led her on a global quest for knowledge and understanding of the spiritual connection’s impact on our well-being. Tune in as Wendy delves into the depths of her experience, the lessons she learned, and the practices she now shares to help others rediscover love, peace, and fulfillment in their lives.

[00:00] – Introduction to Wendy Harrington and her multifaceted life
[02:15] – Wendy’s life before her NDE: career in banking and a sense of something missing
[04:30] – The events leading up to Wendy’s NDE during the birth of her third child
[08:10] – Wendy’s near-death experience and the profound sense of peace and love she encountered
[12:45] – The choice Wendy faced during her NDE and the pull to return to her family
[15:30] – Wendy’s recovery in the hospital, the challenges of relearning and physical adjustments
[19:00] – The impact of the NDE on Wendy’s life, her psychological journey, and the struggle with self-image
[22:35] – Wendy’s exploration of Eastern philosophy, psychology, and energy healing
[25:50] – A transformative experience during a Qi Gong retreat that reaffirmed Wendy’s spiritual insight
[28:40] – Wendy’s practice for emotional processing and returning to love
[32:20] – The four-step process: owning, stopping thinking, starting feeling, and breathing with observation
[35:45] – Addressing the challenges people face in adopting this practice and how Wendy guides them
[38:50] – Wendy’s work with entrepreneurial women and those with a soul’s calling