In this episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor sits down with Lynda Diane Nichols, a spiritual intuitive, personal transformation thought leader, business strategist, conscious channel, medical intuitive, and energy alchemist. With over 45 years of experience, Lynda shares her insights into the power of intuition, the journey of personal growth, and the process of connecting with one’s soul to discover inner power and purpose. She also discusses her work as a medical intuitive and her unique ability to provide accurate life guidance.

Key Points Discussed:

– Lynda’s early experiences with spirituality and her path to becoming a spiritual guide.

– The importance of going within to find answers and how to clear the “clutter” or “minutiae” that hinders personal growth.

– Lynda’s approach to helping individuals release the past and move towards a better future.

– The concept of “story” in our lives and how we can release the stories that no longer serve us.

– Lynda’s communication with “TOMAS,” a collective energy that has never incarnated, and the messages she channels through this connection.

– Practical advice for individuals seeking to connect with their intuition and higher self, including the use of automatic writing and the practice of asking questions to one’s soul.

– An explanation of the 5th dimension and how living in a state of knowing and peace is attainable.

– Lynda’s perspective on soul contracts, exit points, and the possibility of changing our life’s trajectory through free will.

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