In this powerful episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor sits down with Eric Taylor, an intuitive astrologer and multifaceted coach, to discuss his harrowing journey through a life-threatening encounter with COVID-19, the loss of his mother, and the profound spiritual awakening that followed. Eric shares insights from his near-death experience (NDE), the battles he fought in other dimensions, and how these events have reshaped his understanding of life, death, and his purpose in the world.

– Introduction to Eric Taylor, a professional intuitive astrologer, relationship coach, actor, writer, and former teacher for disabled children.
– Eric’s move from New York City to Arizona and the health challenges he faced, including a severe case of valley fever.
– The impact of COVID-19 on Eric and his family, leading to his 40-day coma and the loss of his mother during his hospitalization.
– Eric’s vivid recounting of his NDE, where he experienced various dimensions and spiritual warfare.
– The significance of Eric’s astrological chart in understanding his life path and the challenges he’s faced.
– The transformative effects of Eric’s NDE on his spiritual gifts, including enhanced intuition and a deeper connection with clients during astrology readings.
– Eric’s reflections on overcoming fear, embracing his spiritual journey, and the importance of recognizing everyone’s unique path.
– A discussion on the intersection of astrology and religion, and Eric’s perspective on using astrology as a tool for understanding life’s journey.
– The role of generational curses and ancestral gifts in Eric’s life, as seen through his astrological chart.
– Eric’s personal tragedy of losing his father at a young age and how astrology helped him make sense of this event.

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