Join hosts Kristin Taylor and Ray Catania in this inaugural episode of “How I Made It Through” Season 5, as they dive deep into the intersection of spirituality and the human experience.

This Q&A session explores topics ranging from connecting with deceased loved ones and the pursuit of wealth, to maintaining high vibrations amidst worldly chaos, and the superpowers of sensitivity. In this enlightening episode of “How I Made It Through,” Kristin Taylor and her guest co-host, Ray Catania, tackle a series of thought-provoking questions submitted by their listeners. From the neuroscience of metaphysics to the power of emotional regulation, they cover a wide array of topics that promise to engage and inspire.

Chapter Markers:
– [00:00:00] Introduction to Season 5 with Kristin Taylor and co-host Ray Catania
– [00:03:00] Viewer Question: Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones
– [00:06:00] Viewer Question: Balancing Wealth and Happiness
– [00:09:00] Viewer Question: Staying High Vibration in a Chaotic World
– [00:12:00] Viewer Question: Embracing Sensitivity as a Strength
– [00:15:00] Viewer Question: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
– [00:18:00] Viewer Question: Protecting Your Energy as an Empath
– [00:21:00] Closing Thoughts and Future Episodes

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