In this profound episode of @HowIMadeItThroughPodcast, hosts Kristin Taylor and Ray Catania sit down with Brian D. Smith, a certified grief educator and purpose coach, to discuss the journey through grief and the search for meaning after loss. Brian shares his personal story of transformation following the passing of his daughter, Shayna, and how it propelled him to help others navigate life’s most challenging moments. The hosts delve into the intersection of science and spirituality, the concept of being ‘planted, not buried,’ and the importance of remembering our true nature. This conversation promises to offer comfort, insights, and a path forward for those seeking to understand the purpose behind their pain.


*Introduction* – Kristin Taylor introduces the podcast and co-host Ray Catania. – The hosts welcome Brian D. Smith to the show.

*Chapter 1: [0:003:00] Understanding Grief and Purpose* – Brian discusses his mission to help people rediscover who they are and why they’re here. – The concept of grief as a pathway to growth and understanding life’s purpose is explored.

*Chapter 2: [3:016:00] The Intersection of Science and Spirituality* – Brian talks about his engineering background and how he reconciles it with metaphysical concepts. – The hosts discuss the scientific backing for phenomena such as mediumship and afterlife experiences.

*Chapter 3: [6:019:00] Signs from Beyond* – Brian shares personal anecdotes of receiving signs from his late daughter and the importance of being open to different forms of communication from loved ones who have passed.

*Chapter 4: [9:0112:00] Navigating Personal Beliefs in the Afterlife* – The conversation turns to how personal beliefs affect experiences of the afterlife. – The hosts and Brian discuss the varied near-death experiences and what they might mean.

*Chapter 5: [12:0115:00] Dealing with the Loss of a Child* – Kristin shares her fears as a parent and asks Brian how he managed to find purpose after such a profound loss. – Brian explains the role of his daughter’s passing in his life’s work and the concept of being ‘planted, not buried.’

*Chapter 6: [15:0118:00] Honoring Grief and Moving Forward* – Brian offers advice to those in the depths of grief, emphasizing the importance of honoring rather than overcoming grief. – The hosts reflect on the idea of grief as a form of nostalgia and the temporary nature of separation.

*Conclusion* – Final thoughts and takeaways from the conversation with Brian D. Smith.

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