In this profound episode of @HowIMadeItThroughPodcast , host Kristin Taylor welcomes Matthew Kessi, a travel writer, nature photographer, and practical mystic. Matthew shares his transformative journey from the corporate world to a deeper connection with nature’s intelligence. Through his story, listeners will discover the art of grounding, the neuroscience of metaphysics, and the power of liminal spaces in facilitating healing, wellness, and spiritual awakening. Join us as we delve into the practices that can expand consciousness and help us navigate our spiritual existence within the human experience.


**[0:00] Introduction to Season 5 and Guest Matthew Kessi** – Kristin Taylor introduces the new season and co-host Ray Catania. – Matthew Kessi’s background as a travel writer, nature photographer, and practical mystic is highlighted.

**[3:00] Matthew’s Early Connection with Nature** – Matthew reflects on his childhood bond with nature and how it provided strength during challenging times.

**[6:00] Transition from Corporate Life to Shamanic Practice** – The shift from a corporate career to seeking shamanic guidance and the importance of grounding and intuition.

**[9:00] Reconnecting with Nature Post-Corporate Life** – Matthew discusses the pivotal moment post-layoff and the decision to chart his own path aligned with nature.

**[12:00] The Role of a Shamanic Practitioner** – Clarification of the difference between a shaman and a shamanic practitioner and their roles in personal development.

**[15:00] Awakening and the Practical Mystic** – Definition of a practical mystic and how awakening is experienced through nature.

**[18:00] The Liminal Space and Nature’s Intelligence** – Exploring the concept of liminal spaces and how they contribute to a sense of belonging and resilience.

**[21:00] Matthew’s Work and Spiritually Transformative Experiences** – How Matthew facilitates others’ connection to nature and their intuition through retreats and personalized experiences.

**[24:00] Six Questions to Deepen Nature Connection** – Matthew introduces a framework of six questions to help individuals engage more deeply with nature.

**[27:00] Spiritually Transformative Experiences and Ancestral Connections** – Personal anecdotes and observations of spiritual awakenings and healing facilitated by nature and ancestral spirits.

**[30:00] The Retreat Experience and Practical Application** – Details on the structure of the retreats, the importance of disruption for growth, and how participants are transformed.

**[33:00] Learning More About Matthew Kessi and His Work** – Ways to connect with Matthew Kessi, follow his journey, and learn from his insights on nature and spirituality.


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