Welcome to another enlightening episode of @HowIMadeItThroughPodcast , where your hosts Kristin Taylor and Ray Catania delve into the depths of spirituality, consciousness, and personal transformation. Today, we’re joined by special guest Brian Bogert, a human behavior and performance coach, speaker, and business strategist who has overcome immense physical and emotional pain to help others unlock their true potential.

In this episode, we explore the journey of self-discovery and healing with Brian Bogert. From a life-altering accident at the young age of seven to his profound awakening at 32, Brian shares his insights on embracing pain to avoid suffering and the importance of connecting with our authentic selves. Listen as we discuss the neuroscience of metaphysics, the power of emotions, and the practice of expanding consciousness. This is an episode that promises to challenge your perceptions and inspire you to break free from the chains of fear.

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Chapter Markers

– **[0:00:00 – 0:03:00]** Introduction to the show and hosts Kristin Taylor and Ray Catania.

– **[0:03:01 – 0:06:00]** Ray shares his background in metaphysics and personal transformation journey.

– **[0:06:01 – 0:09:00]** Brian Bogert’s introduction and the impact of his traumatic childhood accident.

– **[0:09:01 – 0:12:00]** The emotional breakthrough with Brian’s daughter and the realization of suppressed emotions.

– **[0:12:01 – 0:15:00]** Unpacking the source of emotional narratives and beliefs with Kristin’s personal story.

– **[0:15:01 – 0:18:00]** The physiological patterns linked to past experiences and how they shape our reactions.

– **[0:18:01 – 0:21:00]** How to reconnect the head and heart for healing and growth.

– **[0:21:01 – 0:24:00]** The role of shame and blame in personal development and the Hawkins scale of frequency.

– **[0:24:01 – 0:27:00]** Strategies for managing anger and the importance of vulnerability.

– **[0:27:01 – 0:30:00]** Ray’s insights on becoming the director of your own life and navigating the nervous system.

Learn more about Brian Bogert:

– **Brian Bogert’s Official Website: www.BrianBogert.com

– **Social Media Handle: @bogertbrian

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