Seth Lyon

In this episode of @HowIMadeItThroughPodcast , hosts Kristin Taylor and Ray Catania are joined by Seth Lyon, a somatic trauma specialist based in Vancouver, BC. Seth delves into the intricacies of somatic experiencing and its profound impact on healing trauma at a core level. With a rich background in somatic practice, energy work, shamanism, and sound healing, Seth offers a holistic approach to trauma recovery.

Throughout the conversation, Seth shares his personal journey of overcoming complex PTSD, emphasizing the importance of understanding the nervous system and the various survival responses that shape our experiences. He highlights the significance of early developmental trauma and the normalized stressors that many individuals face from a young age. The discussion also touches on the dangers of spiritual bypassing, the role of hypervigilance in trauma survivors, and the transformative power of reconnecting with one’s authentic self.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into the foundational elements of trauma work, including the importance of education, recognizing resources, and building supportive relationships. Seth also provides practical guidance on how to start the healing journey and introduces various programs and resources available through his and his wife Irene Lyon’s work.


– **[00:00] Introduction** – Kristin Taylor introduces the new season and co-host Ray Catania. They set the stage for exploring the neuroscience of metaphysics and practices to expand consciousness and healing.

– **[03:00] Guest Introduction** – Seth Lyon’s background and expertise in somatic trauma work are introduced, including his training and practice in Vancouver, BC.

– **[06:00] Seth’s Personal Journey** – Seth shares his journey growing up in the Bay Area, experiencing complex PTSD, and discovering the healing power of somatic experiencing and spirituality.

– **[09:00] The Role of the Nervous System** – Discussion on the importance of the nervous system in trauma recovery and the different paths to healing.

– **[12:00] Early Developmental Trauma** – Seth explains the impact of early developmental trauma and the normalized stressors that affect many individuals from a young age.

– **[15:00] The Freeze Response** – In-depth explanation of the freeze response and its implications for trauma survivors.

– **[18:00] Recognizing and Addressing Trauma** – Seth discusses the importance of recognizing trauma symptoms and the foundational steps to begin the healing process.

– **[21:00] Practical Tools for Healing** – Introduction to practical tools and resources for trauma recovery, including the significance of self-compassion and understanding one’s survival adaptations.

– **[24:00] Spiritual Bypassing and Hypervigilance** – The dangers of spiritual bypassing and the role of hypervigilance in trauma survivors.

– **[27:00] Reconnecting with Authenticity** – Seth shares his personal revelations about reconnecting with his authentic self and the transformative power of trauma work.

– **[30:00] Resources and Programs** – Information on various programs and resources available through Seth and Irene Lyon’s work, including online courses and support systems.

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