Hosts Kristin Taylor and Ray Catania delve into the extraordinary journey of Tom Matte, a man who embarked on a profound consciousness exploration following a traumatic experience. Tom’s unique ability, known as “Upsight,” allows him to perceive and interact with three-dimensional holographic images with his eyes closed. This episode unravels the neuroscience behind metaphysics, discusses the implications of Upsight, and explores the hidden biosphere accessible to humans.

Tom shares his compelling story, from a psychotic break induced by drug use to working with leading scientists like Dean Radin at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The conversation covers the scientific validation of Upsight, the potential evolutionary significance of this ability, and the broader implications for human consciousness. Tom also touches on his upcoming projects and the importance of connecting people to these hidden dimensions.


– **[00:00] – Introduction**
– Hosts Kristin Taylor and Ray Catania introduce the episode and guest Tom Matte.

– **[03:00] – What is Upsight?**
– Tom explains the difference between Upsight and a vivid mind’s eye, including the scientific methods used to validate his experiences.

– **[06:00] – The Neuroscience of Upsight**
– Discussion on the EEG studies conducted with Dean Radin and the unexpected findings related to alpha brain waves.

– **[09:00] – Real-life Applications and Experiences**
– Tom shares real-life scenarios and experiences of using Upsight, including its synchronicity element.

– **[12:00] – Scientific and Spiritual Implications**
– The conversation shifts to the broader implications of Upsight for human consciousness and spirituality.

– **[15:00] – Listener Engagement and Validation**
– Tom discusses the emails and feedback he receives from people who have similar experiences and the importance of validation.

– **[18:00] – Potential for Psychic Development**
– Kristin and Ray explore the idea of Tom further developing his abilities through psychic training or guidance.

– **[21:00] – Upcoming Projects and Future Directions**
– Tom talks about his upcoming speaking engagements and experiments, including a potential trip to Barcelona.

– **[24:00] – Call-to-Action and Closing Remarks**
– Hosts wrap up the episode with a call-to-action for listeners to engage with the show and explore the resources provided.

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