Host Kristin Taylor welcomes Bernadette Thompson, a gifted intuitive, ancestral healer, and grief coach. Bernadette takes us on a profound journey through her personal story of spiritual awakening and the transformative power of ancestral healing. She shares how her connection with her ancestors provided guidance and support during her husband’s battle with alcoholism and subsequent passing. Bernadette explains the importance of understanding our ancestral stories and traumas, and how they shape our current experiences and behaviors. She also delves into the practical aspects of her work, including the use of genealogy tools and spiritual practices to facilitate healing and growth. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in spirituality, healing, and the profound connections we share with our ancestors.


**[00:00] Introduction**
– Welcome to Season 5 of “How I Made It Through”
– Introduction of co-host Ray Catania
– Overview of the season’s focus on spirituality, neuroscience of metaphysics, and expanding consciousness

**[03:00] Guest Introduction**
– Kristin introduces Bernadette Thompson
– Bernadette’s background as an intuitive, ancestral healer, and grief coach
– Bernadette shares her journey into genealogy and spiritual awakening

**[06:00] Spiritual Awakening and Ancestral Connection**
– Bernadette discusses her husband’s battle with alcoholism and its impact on her spiritual journey
– The role of her ancestors in providing guidance and support
– Differences between dreams and visitations

**[09:00] Experiences with Ancestral Visitations**
– Bernadette’s first visitation experience with her great-aunt
– Subsequent experiences and the profound impact on her life
– Kristin and Bernadette discuss the importance of these connections

**[12:00] Identifying Spirit Guides**
– Bernadette explains how she identified her spirit guide using a pendulum
– The process and significance of connecting with spirit guides

**[15:00] Trauma and Intuitive Abilities**
– The link between trauma and the development of intuitive abilities
– Kristin and Bernadette discuss the role of trauma in opening up spiritual capabilities

**[18:00] Ancestral Healing Business**
– Bernadette’s business focusing on genealogy and ancestral healing
– The process of uncovering ancestral stories and their impact on current experiences
– The scientific basis of trauma being passed down through generations

**[21:00] Practical Aspects of Ancestral Healing**
– Using genealogy tools like
– The importance of understanding and healing ancestral trauma
– Bernadette’s approach to working with clients

**[24:00] Case Study: Kristin’s Ancestry**
– Bernadette shares insights from researching Kristin’s family history
– The story of Kristin’s grandmother and the impact of generational trauma
– The healing power of understanding and compassion

**[27:00] Connecting with Ancestors and Spirit Guides**
– Techniques for connecting with ancestors and spirit guides
– The role of compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, and resilience in healing
– The joyful aspects of discovering ancestral stories

**[30:00] End-of-Life Doula Work**
– Bernadette’s certification as an end-of-life doula
– Helping families through the process of passing and maintaining connections
– The importance of understanding and supporting grief and trauma

**[33:00] Final Thoughts and Call to Action**
– Kristin and Bernadette discuss the impact of ancestral healing on personal growth and spiritual awakening
– Encouragement to explore ancestral stories and seek healing
– How to connect with Bernadette for further guidance

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YouTube Channel: Tell Me Our Story Genealogy & Ancestral Healing

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