Ann J. Clark  00:04

We are more than just the physical self. We are actually souls who come here to Earth to learn and grow and providing support and guidance for the soul is as important to our health as anything physical.

Kristin Taylor  00:35

Hello, and welcome to How I Made It Through. My name is Kristin Taylor, and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity, only to come out the other side more self aware, and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love and compassion. Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning. And I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here, and how to live more fully. Today’s guest is Ann J. Clark and retired early from an academic and research career, most recently at the University of Alabama at Birmingham to go into private practice. Her main focus is stress management and spiritual health. She holds a PhD from the University of Chicago and the following certifications, hypnotherapy from the Association of clinical hypnosis past life regression from there Brian Weiss Institute life between lives from the Michael Newton Institute. She is trained in therapeutic catch in as a Reiki Master. She is currently the director of research for the Michael Newton Institute, and is also the author of Wisdom of Souls, and most recently, Healing From Great Loss, Facing Pain and Grief to Recover Your Authenic Self. Today, we will be exploring life between lives hypnosis, as well as Ann’s latest book, Healing from Great Loss. Welcome Ann, thank you for joining us.

Ann J. Clark  02:25

Thank you. I’m delighted to be here.

Kristin Taylor  02:28

Yes, well, I just want to share for the audience, you and I have already met as I meet with most of my guests. And there was just such a lovely presence that you brought to the conversation such a grounded healing presence. And in our conversation, whether you know it or not, you gave me some insight and some gentle, gracious perspective that I’m still holding on to so it’s just such a pleasure. And thank you for doing that and offering that.

Ann J. Clark  02:56

Well. Thank you. I’m delighted to hear that.

Kristin Taylor  02:59

Yeah, yeah. Well, how did you get into this work? If we could start your story? How did you get into this work of spiritual health.

Ann J. Clark  03:08

I’ve always been interested in spiritual health. And as a nurse, I had literally literally 1000s of opportunities to see the spiritual side of life, for example, to see what happened when people were close to death, to be with them as they made the to their transition. And to see other things that occurred, I became convinced that there’s something much more to us than our physical selves. Although I stayed with my academic career, for many, many years, I came to a point where I started to believe that we’re not really focusing on the whole person that we should be focusing on in healthcare. And that led me to become much more interested in spiritual health. I started out learning therapeutic touch as a nurse, Reiki, and I moved on from that in the past life regression, and then life between lives, sessions. The basis of all that is we are more than just the physical self we see. We are actually souls who come here to Earth to learn and grow and providing support and guidance for the soul is as important to our health as anything physical.

Kristin Taylor  04:45

Yes, yes, indeed. And you got on my radar when I got my hands on the book, wisdom of souls. And for anyone and everyone who is listening, I really encourage people to read that book. It was so powerful And I want to and I will be asking you all about what is it mean life between lives. And you know, there’s so much there that we’ll be going into as well as learning about Michael Newton and the Michael Newton Institute in your work. Can you share a little bit more when you say you were working in hospitals and you were witnessing and really bearing witnessing, bearing witness, excuse me to the process of people passing over a dying? What did you see that often we don’t talk about or people don’t see?

Ann J. Clark  05:30

Well, the key incident that started me on this path, very early in my career was when I was actually in a master’s program, working weekends in an emergency room. A woman who had been in a serious car accident was brought in without any vital signs. So we brought her back to the treatment room and started resuscitation, we were successful. And I went with her to one of the waiting rooms in the emergency room before she was admitted to the hospital. As a took her back to that room, she kept saying to me, I watched you the whole time you were working on me. I discovered that because she had been unconscious when she came in. And I just didn’t see how she could have done that. Maybe she saw something on TV or something else. But then she started describing what you’d seen. And I was a little bit surprised by how accurate she was. She could see that I wasn’t quite believing her. So she said to me, you have a big runner all the way down the back of your left stocking. And I thought that is crazy. I’ve been by her side all the time. She couldn’t see that. So anyway, they took her upstairs to her room. I continued with my busy shift. At the end. As I was coming into the nursing station. One of the other nurses said, What happened to your left smacking? I looked back and sure enough, it gave me chills. But it did I bet it did. That was the first of 1000s of experiences like that.I started asking people when they were under anesthesia when they had near death experiences, I started asking questions. And by the time I finished my academic career, to the point where it could go into private practice, I was convinced about the totality of who we really are.

Kristin Taylor  07:47

Well, let’s go there. Can you say more about your training and the totality of who we are. I’m going to kind of leave it to you to help guide where you’re at this conversation should go. But I’m assuming some some listeners don’t know what we mean when we talk about life between lives.

Ann J. Clark  08:03

Yes. Well, I started out with therapeutic touch and Reiki. And one day when I was working on a patient who had back pain that he’d been to simply every doctor had every test, there was no physical cause word. But every few months, he would have such severe back pain he couldn’t. The one. The one thing he found that helped was the Therapeutic Touch Reiki sessions. During one session, he started talking about being on a horse and being in battle. I thought maybe he’d fallen asleep and was dreaming. I wasn’t sure what was going on. But I was kind of intrigued. So I asked him, tell me what’s going on.The situation was, he was in medieval times on a horse with a wooden Lance. He was in battle. He got separated from his colleagues was being chased. He got knocked off his horse and landed on a pile of jagged rocks. And he couldn’t move. He was in excruciating pain, couldn’t move. And he was left there to die. I hadn’t experienced this before. But instinctively, I just said to him, Well, that was in the past. This is now you have a brand new body. It’s whole, it has no back pain. And surprisingly, that was his last episode of that pain.

Kristin Taylor  09:36

Wow. So at that point, you weren’t even trained in past life regression or like between life it was intuitively that you knew that that was the direction to take it.

Ann J. Clark  09:46

So I knew from that point on, that I needed to get additional training, that this would be a way to help people heal things that were not addressable by the healthcare system.

Kristin Taylor  10:00


Ann J. Clark  10:01

So I became prepared in past life regression. And practiced that for a couple of years. Before I started realizing that there was something more to this, we are souls who come to earth, join with the human body. So we can have experiences here on Earth. So, the average patient that comes to me, has lived between 500 and 1000 lives previously.

Kristin Taylor  10:36

Wow, is that considered an old soul? And I know with, with Michael Newton’s books, he has a system or framework for identifying whether someone is a younger soul or an older soul. Can you share a little bit about that?

Ann J. Clark  10:53

The designation of younger versus older soul is in terms of learning and life experiences versus actual time. In incarnating, a younger soul has had fewer experiences that they’ve really learned from an older soul, as had many experiences, perhaps has planned, more challenging life experiences, so that they’ve progressed a little faster, and learned a bit more. We choose our lives. When we come to earth, we choose who we’re going to be, which is our body. We choose our parents. We choose where we’re going to live. And many things about our existence. Our lives are planned in the spirit realm, before we come to Earth. We don’t do that alone. We have guides, sole family, others that help us plan. And we pick out lessons that we want to learn for each life, and choose circumstances that we think will best help us learn those lessons.

Kristin Taylor  12:13

So Ann, for me, as I’m listening, this is not new to me. So I’m like, yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah. Great. There will be listeners who are like, holy moly, what is this woman saying? Can you share…Can you share a bit about how many practitioners there are out there around the world? How many clients who have gone through past life and like between life regression and a little bit more to substantiate it, especially since you are part of you? I think you’re the Director of Research at the Newton Institute.

Ann J. Clark  12:45

Well, that is one thing I have stepped down from that position, okay, was the past Research Director. There are approximately 200 Plus members of the Newton Institute, who can perform life between lives, sessions, all across the world. We offer life between lives sessions, in 40 Different countries in 14 different languages. And today, there are 60,000 Plus life between life sessions that have been performed.

Kristin Taylor  13:23

And what are the themes: cross culturally cross religious or spiritual affiliations that have risen to the surface, if you can point to those?

Ann J. Clark  13:33

What is quite interesting about this technique that was developed by Dr. Michael Newton, is that there is striking similarity in the sessions, to the basic tenets of the idea that we’re souls who come to earth to learn that we plan our lives, and that we set up lessons and circumstances for ourselves, so that we can learn those lessons. There are minor differences. Culturally, for example, we might see things from a cultural point of view, but they’re very, very similar across countries across the globe.

Kristin Taylor  14:19

Mm hmm. So I should have asked this question beforehand, but I think it’s all valuable, whatever order it comes in. Who was Michael Newton? And how did he embark upon this work?

Ann J. Clark  14:31

Michael Newton was a clinical psychologist. He was simply doing hypnotherapy in his practice, and asked her client to go back to the earliest stage of when she had experienced the loneliness that she’d been experiencing in this life. She went back pretty far back to the spirit world because she did not incarnate this time with to any of her soul family, and her feeling of profound loneliness, was coming from missing her soul family. This started him on a long path of doing sessions and learning more about the spirit world. He did his original work back in the 80s and 90s. His first book was published in 19, early 1990 journey of souls, the second one was destiny of souls. And he outlines in those books, the case studies that he had, and he outlines who we are as souls, what the spirit world is, like, how we come here to incarnate, our works experiences, here on Earth, are used to help us learn and grow, to evolve toward greater love, compassion, and concern for others.

Kristin Taylor  16:03

Yes, I’m so appreciative that you mentioned that, that an evolved soul is one who’s moving towards greater love and compassion and concern towards others. And what’s interesting to me, because I’ve read all those books, because I simply couldn’t stop myself, it was so so intriguing and so fascinating. was really that the work found him, he wasn’t embarking upon this, he wasn’t moving from a spiritual lens into this work. It was the work that taught him about spirituality. And there were just so many undeniable themes that even the skepticism within him was was really being challenged.

Ann J. Clark  16:40

Yes, originally, he was quite skeptical. He just didn’t believe in anything new age, certainly didn’t believe in anything like what he discovered. During his sessions. He investigated this for a number of years, on his own without telling anyone about it, until he had enough data to really back up what he found.

Kristin Taylor  17:03

Mm hmm. So speaking of what he found, can you share with us this idea of life between lives in the spirit realm? What is that, like? What are we learning?

Ann J. Clark  17:16

Well, the spirit realm is our true home. That’s where we really live. And well, in the spirit realm of it’s not a place of eternal rest that we go to after we die. It’s a very active place. In the spirit realm, we continue to learn and grow, we have interactions with our soul family. Those are souls that were created along side of us, that are part of our family there. On the other side, we also have classes there, we have jobs that we do on the other side, for example, we might serve as a guide to someone that’s here on Earth, and we can travel all around the universe. There are many different places where we can incarnate Earth is just one of them.

Kristin Taylor  18:11

So wild, that is so wild. I would like to hear about communication with those who are departed loved ones. What have you learned about that?

Ann J. Clark  18:28

Well, the reason I wrote the Healing for Great Loss, is that I lost my daughter, my only child, six years ago. And even though I know all about death, and the afterlife, the human part of me suffered greatly with that loss. And that prompted me to write the book. But part of the healing that I achieved, and I described in that book, is how we can establish communication with those that are on the other side. We do not die. We live on after death. Here on Earth, only our body dies, our soul continues the basic essence of who we are, continues, and we continue to learn and grow on the other side. I was able to establish communication with my daughter, and it was extremely healing. I describe the method that I initially used in the book, I must say that I’d seen a lot of it. In other people, I knew that there were methods for communicating with the other side. But I was a little skeptical that I would ever be able to do it. But I was and when it came, it came quite easily.

Kristin Taylor  19:58

That’s what I’d love to hear about. Because I relate to what you’re saying, like I hear about people being able to do that we have a guest who is going to be talking about his experience. I love that we get to learn about yours. But I resonate with that, like I believe it, but I don’t know if I can do it. What what did you learn that would be helpful for those of us who have that sort of mindset?

Ann J. Clark  20:19

Well, the big thing that I learned is how easy it is we just have to be open and quiet and calm. In order to do it. I followed the directions of Dr. Craig Hogan, who is the head of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, initially, and he has a free online program for doing just that. I didn’t follow the program. And I had planned that the patio outside my daughter’s room would be where I would follow the she had come back home to live after a bad breakup. And there was a patio right outside her room. And I planned that we would sit there, I would sit there try to communicate with her. But I wasn’t thinking about that on this specific day that I went out the door to her patio. And as I walked out the door, a stream of thoughts started coming into my head that I thought where did this come from? And I heard the word hoodoo guru, which is what my daughter lovingly jokingly called me because of all my spiritual pursuits. And I thought I’ve never heard anybody else say that. So I sat down and one of the patio chairs. And I said, Honey, is that you? And in her typical sassy bash, and she said, Well, who else do you think it would be?

Kristin Taylor  21:58

Oh, I just got chills.

Ann J. Clark  22:01

That was our first conversation. And then after that, I was kind of like, Did that really happen? But I came home from work one day with a project that just wasn’t going well. And I was very dejected. Kind of slumped on the couch, just oh, this is a really bad day. And all of a sudden I felt this work is wonderful, comforting, loving, warm. And I heard her speak again. She said don’t worry about it, it’s gonna work out just fine. And I suddenly knew it was her, and that she had come to comfort me.

Kristin Taylor  22:41

Wow. Wow. So Ann, first of all, I’m so happy that you’ve had this experience with such a profound loss. Like what an truly beautiful gift. Tell me when you say I heard her. What is that experience?

Ann J. Clark  22:57

I don’t hear it as an actual voice is telepathic. I hear it in my mind. It’s a strong thought that comes into my mind that doesn’t appear to be mine. And I can ask questions. And that thought stream will answer me.

Kristin Taylor  23:17

And you can tell that they’re not just your thoughts?

Ann J. Clark  23:19

Yes, I definitely can’t. There was no way that I would have thought hoodoo guru that day. Got onto the patio.

Kristin Taylor  23:28

Ah ha ha ha.

Ann J. Clark  23:30

The other thing I want to mention is, we can actually have very real, very vivid dream visits from our departed loved ones. Yes, I didn’t have one for about three months after the death of my daughter. If we’re grieving heavily that blocks a dream visit. But about three months after I lost my daughter. I had a dream visit.I was just about to wake up in the morning. It was right before waking. And that’s the best time for us to have in the sleep cycle, the best time to have a vivid dream. She was sitting at her computer. And I walked up her computers against a wall but I was on the other side. I can see you’re sitting there. Dreams take license. And I said, What are you doing? And she said, Well, I think I’m going to go for a ride today. And I said, Oh, can I go with you? And she gave me a Mona Lisa smile and said no. It’s not your time.

Kristin Taylor  24:43

Oh my goodness.

Ann J. Clark  24:44

And then it was gone. But when I woke up I was so vivid, so real. I thought that she was there.

Kristin Taylor  24:55

Yes, yes. Oh my gosh, you know I had a very, very good friend, really my closest friend she died four years ago now. And I also had a dream I’d had dreams about her after she died in there always kind of nightmares. But then I had a dream. It was a recurring dream where I am in a situation that I continually find myself and it feels kind of inconsequential, but it keeps recurring in my life. And she suddenly showed up, and when she would describe herself, when she was on this planet, she would describe herself as the court jester. And I’m caught in this repeating cycle in the stream. And suddenly she shows up, and she hands me a playing card with the gesture on Jack.

Ann J. Clark  25:43


Kristin Taylor  25:44

And it was her face. And she was laughing at me like she would in real life, when I would just get caught up in in sort of a neurotic cycle, so to speak. And it was not just that I saw her, and that she held that card, but I felt her like all the other dreams that felt like a dream. This felt like, Peggy, that’s you?

Ann J. Clark  26:05

Yes. Yes.

Kristin Taylor  26:08


Ann J. Clark  26:08

That’s a beautiful experience. I would say those dreams, that you saw her that seemed like nightmares was really your fears.

Kristin Taylor  26:17


Ann J. Clark  26:18

Being shown to you.

Kristin Taylor  26:19

Exactly. Exactly. It was working through my fears. It had nothing to do with her. And this was such a stark contrast.

Ann J. Clark  26:28

Yes, yes.

Kristin Taylor  26:31

So tell me a little bit more about the book. Because I love this idea of recovering your authentic self, how did connecting with your daughter help you to recover your authentic self?

Ann J. Clark  26:45

Well, what had happened is, my daughter had been raped and robbed left, for dead. And she just seems so broken afterwards, that all of my attention went to helping her recover. Eventually, I brought her back home to live with me, again. And my attention was solely focused on her. I didn’t quit my professional activities, far from it. In fact, I was writing Wisdom of Souls with my colleagues during that period. But my attention was on her. If she had a good day, I had a good day. If she had a bad day, I had a bad day. And that went on for years, several years. And in that time, I lost that strong connection that I had with my inner self, my inner authentic self, because I was focused on something outside of myself. And so when she made her transition back to the spirit realm, I was left shattered. Because I’d lost that connection. So the book is about how I regained that connection. And what I learned in the process, the book is not for, right after you lose someone. There are literally literally 1000s of books out there about that.

Kristin Taylor  28:25


Ann J. Clark  28:25

This is for later on. When you’ve gone through the initial stages of grieving, and you’re left feeling empty, dead inside. No enthusiasm for life.  That is indicative of a loss of connection with our inner self. And the book basically, is how to get that back.

Kristin Taylor  28:50

What a gift. What a gift. Yes, yes. So is there anything else that you’d like to share about the book because I want to make sure that we are honoring it, and people know how to get the book and what to expect?

Ann J. Clark  29:05

Well, first of all, let me say, a great loss is different than other losses. I lost my mother and my brother, before the loss of my daughter, and they were very painful. And I went through the customary stages of grieving, but my life wasn’t upended. However, when we lose someone or something, the book talks, not only about a loss of a loved one, but any great loss we experience. A part of us is completely up ended. We’re kind of left confused, dazed are a anchor is gone. And so the book is about how we have to heal to get back to that place that we were. Perhaps before or maybe never were in connection with our authentic self. What I found is that when we experienced a great loss, every other loss that we’ve ever experienced, that we maybe haven’t completely healed, it’ll come up again, for healing. And the great gift of a great loss is the opportunity to do all that healing, and reconnect or connect, for the first time with our authentic self, and live the most joyous, productive, fulfilling life, we could possibly live.

Kristin Taylor  30:42

Beautiful, beautiful. And I feel like that’s such a beautiful segue into the clients that you work with as well when they come to you for life between life regression, share, if you would, how it’s healing, and perhaps some of the themes in terms of what nudges people to have that kind of experience, what they’re asking what they’re seeking.

Ann J. Clark  31:08

First of all, I think there’s a specific time in a person’s life, when they feel ready for past life regression, and life between lives sessions, we come to a point in life where we wonder, What’s life all about? What’s this all about? Who are we? Why am I having all these experiences? What does this all mean? That signifies readiness. In my practice, and most of the practitioners in the Newton Institute, require a past life regression first. And that’s where you go back to one or more of your past lives. And that is something that is significant to your current life, you may go back to a life that you lived with someone you’re having a difficult relationship with in this life. And the relationship you had them really sheds life on what’s going on now. Or you may go back to a life where you had a similar situation that you’re struggling with. And you can see from looking at that life, what she should have done then, which gives you insight into what you probably should do now. So the past life regression is first.

Kristin Taylor  32:29


Ann J. Clark  32:31

And that takes about two hours. It’s done through hypnosis. The life between life session takes three to four hours. I’ve even had some that lasts as long as five hours, stem through hypnosis again, and you’re relaxed to begin with, and then guided into a deeper trance this time to visit the spirit realm. Beforehand, you came up with 25 questions that you’d like to ask about your life, about the universe, about anything. So after you’ve been relaxed, guided into a deeper trance, then you’re guided to a past life that you’ve had to the death in that life, so that you can enter the spirit world naturally. And from then on, although I will be asking questions. It’s really spirit, who’s guiding the interaction? Your spiritual guides, wise beings, your higher self will take over. And when I asked asked the questions, they will provide the answers.

Kristin Taylor  33:55

Wow. Wow. So this deeper trance I remember when you and I met, I said, Gosh, I’m really drawn to do this. I’m concerned that I’m not, you know, open to being hypnotized. Can you speak to that? Because I have the feeling I’m not the only one who would be worried that I would have a session and I just couldn’t go there?

Ann J. Clark  34:16

Well, I think a lot of people have that concern if they’ve never experienced it. But there are really only three cases in which people can’t be hypnotized. One is lower intelligence. And that doesn’t apply to most people. If the intelligence isn’t high enough, it’s not possible to focus enough to be hypnotized. The second thing is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And the third thing is so skeptical that the person won’t let themselves be hypnotized. Everybody else can do it. Mm hmm. And I tried to think of that situation where I couldn’t have a dice someone. I think there might be someday, but I haven’t experienced that yet.

Kristin Taylor  35:09

That’s that’s really encouraging. And in our conversation, you did something that I thought was really interesting. It was like assessing my capacity to imagine. Right? You asked me to see myself in front of fruit just to imagine fruit and yes, engaging all of my senses in relationship to that fruit. And it was quite vivid. Just taking myself there. And you said, you can be hypnotized.

Ann J. Clark  35:34

Yes, yes, yes, everybody’s different. There are some people that can visualize really well, others that they have more of a sense of just knowing. In all the years I’ve been doing this, in past life regressions, there’s only been a handful that could see their past life like it was a movie. Most people see brief scenes, or they might hear, or even smell or taste something. But when I asked questions, they realized that they know much more about the situation in the life between life sessions. And interesting thing happens, they start out by not seeing much. But as we go along, it becomes easier and easier, they see more and more. So what happens is, you’re actually visiting the spirit realm during a live between live session. And you could see visions of what you look like when you’re there in the spirit realm, so wild to see others, you can actually go to places such as the Akashic records, last rooms on the other side, you could actually visit with your soul family and see who you might have in your life. Now, who’s in your soul family.

Kristin Taylor  37:02

That’s so fascinating. Let’s slow down. So you use the term Akashic records. Can you share that?

Ann J. Clark  37:09

The Akashic records is a term for the recording system, for everything that has ever happened with our soul. Past, present and future.

Kristin Taylor  37:22

Mm hmm. And so people have this profound experience with you, and they visit their soul families that you know, wise guides, they leave the experience, can you share how it changes people’s sense of who they are, and how they move through the world and how they move through challenge?

Ann J. Clark  37:42

Well, first of all, the life between life session is profound. It’s a profound spiritual experience, the person who’s been through one will never see things in exactly the same way. Again, the information provided during the life between life session is simple and profound. Some people are able to apply this right away. I had a life between live session by one of my colleagues after the loss of my daughter. But it took me an entire year to pick up the lesson, it was just so direct, so simple, so profound, so non judgmental, that it just took me a while to incorporate it. My lesson was that I was trying to learn how to give without giving past the point where someone should be helping themselves, and not to the point where I exhausted myself. And I had gone way overboard with my daughter.

Kristin Taylor  38:51


Ann J. Clark  38:53

And so my higher self, was able to communicate to me what I had done and what I needed to learn in a very simple, loving, non judgmental way. But it took me a while to integrate that into my being integrated, so the effects might occur immediately, or right away, or they might not occur for a while. I’ve received emails from people saying even a year, two years later, saying, I suddenly realize everything I was told during my session, and it’s wonderful.

Kristin Taylor  39:40

Well, I remember from our conversation, you emphasize that soul lessons are often simple. They’re not complicated. They are simple.

Ann J. Clark  39:53

Yes, yes. For example, my lesson I lesson was yes. sits wonderful to give to help others. And I won’t stop that that’s a beautiful thing. But do not give past the point where they should be helping themselves and do not continue to help pass the point where you exhaust yourself. I pretty much learned the part about not giving when people should be helping themselves early on, but the stopping before I exhaust myself, that has been a hard lesson to learn. Sure, I can relate to that one. And by yourself during my life between life session, laid it out very simply. It was just a profound lesson. And let me say this, our life lessons can be learned in many ways. Let’s say you need to learn patience. That’s a lesson I often see coming up. You can learn patience through having a child with special needs. Or you could learn patience through doing some exacting work like repairing, buying time pieces. When you’re in the spirit realm, you choose the life that you’re going to come into. And you plan, which situation you think will best help you learn that lesson.

Kristin Taylor  41:25

You know what that brings up for me, and I know this is a very big one. So it could be at a show in and of itself is the idea of karma. Because what I’m hearing you say and is old souls are not those. It’s not categorized or delegated or counted in terms of how many lives but how quote unquote successful one is in learning the lessons they’re here to learn, and how deeply they go. And often old souls will sign up for challenging life agreements or contracts. So that they can get closer to greater love, consciousness, compassion, and so forth. What is your understanding of karma and how that plays a part in that,?

Ann J. Clark  42:07

Karma is a learning experience? It’s it’s karma is meant to help us balance our learning experiences. So that perhaps this is an example if we betray someone in one life, to balance that we might have to be on the other side of that, to understand it better, it’s not punishment at all. Not at all, the purpose is to help us learn, we may just be a close associate of someone who is betrayed. And we can see it differently that that time around. But we need to have experiences through karma, that help balance our learning experiences. So if we have the experience of betrayal, we betray someone in one life, we may have to have an experience that helps us learn what it feels like to be betrayed in another life, that can come in a variety of different ways. And it’s not punishment, not just help us learn.

Kristin Taylor  43:14

Help learn balance. Yeah. And also what I as we go into wrap up mode. What is so very evident, both in my conversation with you, as well as reading is that the spirit realm is all about love. Like there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Ann J. Clark  43:34

That’s right.

Kristin Taylor  43:35


Ann J. Clark  43:36

The spirit realm is loving kind, or harmonious. It’s a wonderful place, even though we’re active, are very active. And it’s humorous. A lot of times the, during these sessions to guides and and wise beings will actually say very funny things. I’m quite a go getter, you might say a type A personality. And when I had my first life between life session, the guide said to me, Well, why while you’re here, we scheduled several classes for you to teach. And I went and then everybody started laughing.

Kristin Taylor  44:16

Yeah, so they see you.

Ann J. Clark  44:18

So they’re just very humorous.

Kristin Taylor  44:19

Yeah, they’re teasing you, teasing you.

Ann J. Clark  44:23

So in the better of grief. We can’t experience so strong negative emotions in the spirit realm, because everything is loving, kind, harmonious. So we come to earth to experience so strong emotions. And when we experience some emotions as a soul, for example, our souls are, I don’t want to say unhappy but our souls long for us to do the right thing. In situations, and when we’re here on Earth, even though we may not do it initially, but we can we have many chances. 500 To 1000 lives, we’ve got many chances to learn.

Kristin Taylor  45:14

Yeah. Again, I feel like I can go into an entirely new show. But you know, looking at what’s going on socially and politically in terms of the climate, I have so many questions about, you know, if we’re looking at, collectively where the evolution of souls are, and my understanding, too, is that people who are more drawn to positions of power and authority tend to be younger, less evolved soul.

Ann J. Clark  45:39

That’s correct. Yeah.

Kristin Taylor  45:40

So it’s so painful to watch what’s happening, and to see the vitriol and the anger and the selfishness and the harm we are doing to one another into the earth.

Ann J. Clark  45:51

Well one thing I would say about this is, those of us who are here now, we chose to be here now. We chose to be here now for maybe several different reasons. One, we wanted to see their cycles in the earth cycles play out, Earth is a school and cycles play out on Earth. We chose to be here now to perhaps view this situation. So we could learn from it. Or perhaps we chose it, so we could participate in some way. Learn from it. Or perhaps we chose it, so that we could help in some way.

Kristin Taylor  46:35

Yeah. Yes, yes.

Ann J. Clark  46:38

So one of the things individually we might do is explore why it is. We chose to be here during this troubled time.

Kristin Taylor  46:50

Yes, yes. Well, that’s a good segue now into wrapping up. And if someone wants to learn more about you, how or have a past life regression or life between life session with you, how do they reach you?

Ann J. Clark  47:04

Well, the most simple way is to go to the Newton Institute website and my website is

Kristin Taylor  47:32

Wonderful. Well, I will certainly be reaching out. I know that, but I just want to thank you so much for your gracious presence, your wisdom and your sharing and I hope people pick up your books because that is work that people need to understand. So thank you.

Ann J. Clark  47:47

Thank you for having me.

Kristin Taylor  47:49

My pleasure, my pleasure. What a truly remarkable conversation. I am so fascinated and treat. And yeah, so curious to learn more because there’s so much to learn about this profound spiritual experience called life and life in the spirit realm. If you too, would like to learn more, you can reach out to an by going to or by visiting her website at If you’re enjoying these podcasts, I ask that you share them. We need your help and getting these important messages out there. If you are looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness. These are the areas I specialize in as a coach and would love to explore working with you one on one. Please reach out to me at Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll see you next time on How I Made It Through.

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