Isabeau Maxwell  00:04

The universe has more access to more ways of bringing to you the things that you want. And because it forced you last year, to really deal with your stuff, we’re not perfect. It’s not like we came into January 1 going well, I am sparkling and perfect. But you are definitely a different person than you were a couple of months ago, in a good way 2023 The universe now this is going to be the first year and a number of years, that the universe is not as limited as it was.

Kristin Taylor  00:52

Hello, and welcome to How I Made It Through. My name is Kristin Taylor, and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity, only to come out the other side more self aware, and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love and compassion. Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning. And I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here, and how to live more fully Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell is one of the leading spiritual coaches in intuitive development today. Isabeau brings deep channeled knowledge and personal understanding to the field of spirituality. She has helped people connect to their authentic natural intuitive abilities for over 15 years. Beau is the founder of the award winning intuitive development course the sage method, the author of the best selling book, cracking open it adventures of a reluctant medium, and the creator of the popular online community, the sage circle. She is an internationally recognized medium, touching the lives of people across the world. Known for her compassion and accuracy. Beau brings peace and comfort to many through her energy work, transformative sessions and teachings. Having earned a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University with a major in oh my god, mathematics and a minor in Chemistry. Beau maintains a balanced perspective between this world and the next down to earth and easy to relate to. She offers a safe space for students and clients to develop their intuition and their spiritual path. Welcome, Beau.

Isabeau Maxwell  02:50

Thank you for having me, Kristin.

Kristin Taylor  02:52

It’s so nice to have you now tell our audience we were already already chit chatting away with my producer and friend Adam. And I am so excited about the conversation that’s about to happen and what you bring. So where I like to start is always in the beginning, from the beginning, you talk about the adventures of a reluctant medium. How did this all start for you?

Isabeau Maxwell  03:17

With just a quick spiritual kick to the gut? It was? Wow. Yeah, it was, um, it was not what I expected. If I was to go back 20 years and you said to me, you know, in a couple of years, this is going to happen to you, I would have completely laughed, that wasn’t anywhere near my circles or anything that I was interested in or going to be a part of. I wasn’t actively against spirituality or anything like that. I just didn’t have a moment for it that I wasn’t interested if I can’t see it. Or if one plus one doesn’t equal two, I don’t have the time of day for it. And I was 32 my grandmother passed away I was in a she was in Minnesota. I was in New Hampshire. And here I am complete skeptic, scientifically kind of oriented and very business driven. And my family very kindly said when we found out we knew it was coming. I got off the phone it was the middle of the afternoon they very kindly ran to the store to get me some wine and chocolate because that was super sweet. And I was alone trying to figure out what I was going to do. Do I book the plane do I Fall to Pieces? This was my my mom. In essence my grandmother was very motherly. And she showed up in spirit form 10 feet right in front of me and it was I mean, it knocked me backwards. It was it was so honestly frightening. I’m grateful it was her and not Sunday. The Oscars I instantly recognized her. She was right in front of me. Like I said, she was about 70% solid. And that’s where the impact came. It wasn’t sort of the fleeting out of the corner of your eye thing that you see it was, this is happening. And it’s happening right now. And I’m alone. And I’m now scared because the only thing I have up in my head are all of these Haunted stories, and ghost movies. And she turned because she was standing sideways. She turned, she smiled, she winked at me and then disappeared. And I was like, okay, that happened. My first thought, which was very fitting for me back then, number one, this isn’t real. Number two, I am not telling a soul. And number three, I need to get some help for grief. This is that’s all there is to it. And the next morning, my I didn’t tell my husband, he woke up and he came in into the kitchen and said, I had the strangest dream. It was super realistic. I saw your grandma, it was like she was right there. And then he described what she was wearing, which is what she was wearing when she showed up the night the day before. And I just started, I just started crying. I was obviously a mess. And I had to give it a chance. I had to, I had to give it the small chance that it might be because I missed her so desperately. And after that I wasn’t I wasn’t turned instantly on I had to work at starting to see again. And two or three months of me trying to communicate through yes and no, you know, the goosebumps, you know, that type of communication. And I still hadn’t seen her. And I felt her show up about two, three months later, I asked her yes or no questions. I got a message that was so detailed. There’s no way this was it. This was the message that when it doesn’t come through, I’m getting a therapist, I am raising small children. I can’t be out here having these, you know, delusions, and within a couple hours the message came through. And that was it. There was no turning back.

Kristin Taylor  07:15

So you gave it a chance message came through when you say message came through? Because I know and we’ve talked about it on the show different Claire’s and some of those in my audience may know what a Clara is. Some might not. Did you feel it? Did you see it? Was it a download? Like what do you mean it came through?

Isabeau Maxwell  07:34

Well, the very first time the first interaction it was visual right in front of me. I didn’t the what I the only thing I could experience after that was feelings. And occasionally I could smell her. And for those that have their grandmother’s they know your grandma has that that grandma’s smell and I could smell her I knew it was her. But mostly it was feelings it felt when she came near me this is how I would verbalize it. I know she’s always near but when I thought she was coming near me is when I felt this rush that went through my body almost like that feeling of dropping over a roller coaster, you know, dropping on the roller coaster Hill, that kind of feeling. And it was strong enough that it could be her. But it also wasn’t visual. So I still didn’t trust it. I thought well psychosomatic I’m, you know, creating this, but when I felt that I got this heightened sense that she was around. And I had worked with I chuckle about this because I didn’t have anyone in my circles like I in spiritual realms that no one talks about any of this or knew anything about this. I knew through business channels, a Tai Chi instructor that I had known through a spa and a fitness center that that I had done business with. And I reached out to him and I said and he so loving and kind which I’m very grateful for because this was me back then. I said to him, Okay, you’re the weirdest person I know. And help me stay laugh about it because he how kind right to have this uptight, irritable. Just whatever I need out in the Yeah, knowing how to kind of anyway, it was hysterical and we joked about it later, but he was like, Absolutely. He taught me how to do yes. And know how to feel what a yes feels like and feel what a no feels like and for me, yes, I got I would get another round of like goosebumps. No answers felt very hollow.

Kristin Taylor  09:43

Thank God for him.

Isabeau Maxwell  09:44

Yeah, he’s just on the planet. Yeah, he watched me, as I, you know, really grew up through this process, you know, and, and stepped into what’s more important than what I had thought was important for you.

Kristin Taylor  10:00

Well help you realign your path. I mean, what I’m imagining, as you’re describing it is that you are this very conventional, like, this is the American dream. These are the rules. These are the boundaries, and your paradigm just got flipped on its head, and you kind of lost yourself for a moment to go, let me find my bearings.

Isabeau Maxwell  10:18

Exactly, exactly. I mean, I was getting out of my car to go into his Tai Chi studio. And looking around to see if anyone on green I was, I was really scared to tell anybody. I was very much in a world of worrying what people think of me. Yeah, living up to this, this standard that turns out, isn’t even real. But I was I was knee deep in that.

Kristin Taylor  10:47

Knee deep in it. I mean, it’s one thing to talk about, it’s another thing to live it that pressure. It is not real. But it feels so real. And it’s so terrifying and vulnerable, I’d imagine, to step outside and feel like you no longer belong to the one thing that you thought was true.

Isabeau Maxwell  11:05

Yes, exactly. And to look back now, it saddens my heart a little bit. I wish I could go back to that time, and look myself in the eyes and say, what you’re stepping into, is beautiful, it’s compassion. It’s real. It’s truth. It’s, it’s, you know, it’s an existence that will bring you extreme happiness and joy. Yeah, and these markers that you’re trying to live up to, you know, let them go. Let them go. And I did, I worked through a lot of that to let it go. But it was, it was really interesting how strong those those blinders were, and how much influence was over me on how I dressed how I spoke, what I said, where I went, what I thought and what I believed, and I’m a pretty, I’m a pretty intelligent individual. So that really doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence that is, you know, over the years with with people, it really has to do with only knowing what you know.

Kristin Taylor  12:13

Yeah, and conditioning, deep, deep conditioning socially. And in terms of your family, I really applaud you for doing that. And that’s so much of what I want this show to be about is moving people in the direction of compassion, and joy, and connection, and minimizing fear. And when you share what a huge again, paradigm shift, this was, I’m so amazed, like, so many of my own desires at this chapter of my life are to open up the intuition. And hear you are clearly misaligned on your path. And it’s like banging you over the head. You’ve got it. Wake up. So tell me, tell me what happened next. How did you how did your path unfold?

Isabeau Maxwell  13:00

I started for the first time to trust once that message came through. It was in and if any, I’m sure a listener might be curious. Well, what was the message that I got from her that afternoon was that my mother would contact me, then my mother would need assistance with something in finances, but that I wouldn’t be the one to assist her someone else would. And I thought this is specific. When it doesn’t happen. I can move on. And I was doing errands in my car driving around, I felt that rush come through. I knew she was there. And then I sat with her and got that message a little bit later, same day. My mom called and said, Now this was this was Kristen, this was back before we had like cell phones. So our smartphones, we had cell phones, but not smartphones. And she called and I picked it up and he said I need you to go to your bank and get cash and then bring the cash to my bank. I need to have a cash inflow. And I said, Sure, absolutely. I’ll do it. Now this wasn’t a huge stretch, because my mom worked in finance. It this wasn’t, you know, so I was driving to her bank cash in hand thinking I’d see. I could have made this up again, and I pulled into the parking lot river bank. Before I could get out of the car. My mom called again and said, Forget it. Don’t worry about it. My friend already wired the money. It’s all taken care of, oh my God, and that had never happened. That’s the part that had never happened before. I was always the one to assist. And so I I cried. I cried because that was the moment that was the first moment I allowed myself to know not even to believe but to know this was actually my grandmother. So I I cried I was joyful. I was like you and me lady. all the way here we go. I got a direct phone line to you I’m because she used when she was alive. She’s to take her phone off the receiver because she didn’t want to get bothered drove me nuts because I can never get through to her. And I’m like, You can’t do that now. Because I’ve got you, you and me. Like, and it was fun. And it was loving and it was wonderful. Couple months after that, I’m working on developing I’m working on Yes, and no, I’m, you know, now talking to my first spirit guide that I had interacted with. And I went into a grocery store and I was in an aisle and there was three people in the aisle, I turned to get something off the shelf, and I turned back and there was now like six or seven people, obviously, some of them transparent. And my vision was not working, I was able to see my grandmother and things like this. But I didn’t plan for that. I didn’t plan to see anyone other than her. And again, frightened ran out of the grocery store. Anyone was in in a garage was in a grocery store in 2006, in New Hampshire and saw a woman run out of it. That was me. And I got into my car. And my grandmother showed up in the passenger seat of my car. And I looked right at her. And I was like, what was that? Instantly defensive? And she said, What do you think was going to happen? And I was like, I thought it was just you and me? Like, yeah, or the rest of it? She was not honey? No, no, they need you to do and so then it turned into this whose day? Yeah. And it was they need you to do this work. And I’m like, whose day so it was kind of a journey of trying to figure all this out. It was also a journey of learning patience. Because I wanted answers. I wanted them immediately. And I had to learn how to become patient. And that’s really where the compassion started.

Kristin Taylor  16:40

Okay, well, I love that the compassion, you know, it was born from that. But in that this is a podcast, we want to know, who are they, and what is that they needed you to do?

Isabeau Maxwell  16:54

Well, and they, they only gave me the bits that I in of information that I needed to know along the way. So we’re now in the first year of of development, and she starts telling me that they are going to have me do work, etc, etc. I then meet my first spiritual guide. And I didn’t even know that there were guides because I’m still not talking to people about this. This isn’t out in the public. And I saw this individual and a friend’s, my friend lived in a house that had a couple of acres and he had woods. And I was leaving his house and I turned to look in the woods and I saw another spirit really it was it was kind of like a heatwave, I didn’t see details. I just knew that there was a man standing in the woods. And I was drawn out there to start communicating with this person. And I was feeling a little bit more calm, you know, confident about my grandmother. And now there’s this one that I can approach I’m still okay with this grocery store was not fun, but this is okay. And turns out, he was my spirit guide. He taught me what spirit guides where what, how intuition works, how it flows, and I worked with him. For about two years, I would go out there and sit a couple times a week. And I’ve colleagues, I’ve got journals. And he was really the one that said, this is what this is, here are these things that you need to do. Now, here’s what you need to learn, here’s what you need to let go up, here’s what you need to do next. And he was the one that guided me through really the biggest transformation in in my life. So I feel like I got a little sidetrack there talking about that.

Kristin Taylor  18:37

No, I actually I feel like that is the perfect place for us to be I can’t imagine anything more important and pivotal in this conversation. I have two ways that I’m thinking about this one is I want to like get as much information as I can from those sessions that you had with your spirit guide. Like what was that like? And then another one is, here you are departing this world? What are you telling people like, Hey, I’m just going out to the woods to talk to this spirit guide? Like, how did you? How did you do that? So those are two parts just know that those are the directions we’re going if that’s okay.

Isabeau Maxwell  19:10

Oh, and also the day, that’s that’s where we were going? He was the first day. And so to to to kind of wrap up a little bit that they question. That’s because I knew I was missing a piece there and I had to come back..

Kristin Taylor  19:22

And I lost internet. So that’s also why like she might have said the day and I missed it.

Isabeau Maxwell  19:27

Okay. He was the first of the day and it was him and a few other guides that asked me to step into doing a spiritual clearing work. And really, that’s my spiritual job. I’m a teacher, I do teach, you know, how to open up your intuition and everything else. But my main job that they were asking me to do was clearing work. And if there’s energies that are no longer supposed to be here or spirits that are no longer supposed to be so I can need to go home. That’s my job. That’s what they were eventually asking me to do. But at that time, even though I wasn’t talking about it to anyone, my husband knew about it, you know, and didn’t, I wasn’t really talking to my kids about it quite yet. And this friend was a friend of the family, and he was also a therapist. And I, he was just, he’s one of the most trusted, you can just trust Him. You know, I remember saying, all right, this is gonna sound absolutely crazy, but I met, this is what I’m experiencing. And I actually think it’s real. And he said, I’m open to talking about this, let’s talk about this. So that’s how I got to his house is that he would do sessions out at his house, we would just have these chat talks, you know, and I’d go and visit him and his wife and kids, and it was my kids would sometimes play with with their kids, it was kind of a family thing. So that was a safe place for me to talk about it. Yeah, when this happened, I was safe and saying to him, Okay, this just happened. And it happens to be in your woods. made sense. I was not living in near woods or anything, but I think it was a test, really, the guide, because after talking to him for like, a year and a half, I mean, a long time with me, you know, repeatedly going to see him. I was driving out of that property one night after having chatted with him. And you know, the husband or the wife or the property we’re like, anytime you want to come just park right there, go walk right to the woods, you’re fine. I was driving down the driveway to go home. And in my head again, not not really out there in the world about this. In my head. This was the only place he was located. Interesting. They showed up at the end of the driveway. And I remember stopping my car and I’m like, what do you do? You live there? You can leave there like you can be anywhere. And then I went right back to my old style of Hold on. Not fair. I’ve been driving, there’s gas money involved here. This is time how why? Why didn’t you just show up in my house? And it was a it was a big lesson for me. So a lot of those hurdles that people experience as they’re developing, really, in the long run end up being wonderful lessons to help you with patience. And yeah, my bit. For me it was commitment.

Kristin Taylor  22:20

Well, it sounds it sounds like he knew what you needed in order to really step into this. You needed to cultivate this. So I hear what you’re saying with the test. Yeah. So let’s there to, again, keep having these two things that I want to do. And I shared with this, share this with you, before we get started as one, I actually want to just start here because I’m so curious. And I think if I were a listener, this is where I’d want to start, I want to start with what you’re hearing, you know, from guides about the year ahead. And we also start to hold that thought and then I want to go as we go further into the conversation about how other people can start to develop their own mediumship their own intuition, their own psychic abilities, but because it is January 2023. What are you hearing?

Isabeau Maxwell  23:08

I am excited about this question. We had talked about it a little bit earlier, too. I’m excited about this question because I sit down with my my guides, mostly my main guide now, which is different than the teaching guide I had earlier. But there are a team. And I sit down with my main guide each year and say, Okay, what’s coming up, right. And as anyone listening knows, the last couple of years wasn’t typically good news. And so I’m a lot more excited now to share what’s coming in 2023 If you would have asked me this question in 2022. What they told me going into 2022 is that this 2022 was the year that if you had any baggage or issues or things that you needed to learn about yourself, or about how you wanted to walk on your own path 2022 was going to teach you those lessons, it was going to release those traumas, whether you want it to or not, that’s the kicker word was last year is whether you want it to or not. You are not going to go into 2023 with with a B and C and he encouraged me to encourage everyone that I work with, do your work, do your work this year, this is the year to do it because it will be less painless or less painful if you are actively doing the work your inner work and moving toward healing, whatever you need to release. Got it so that was 2022. Yes, coming into 2023 was really interesting because the vibration of 2022 and the vibration of 2023 are so different that the first couple of weeks of January people are going to be up in the air with things just like everything, what’s going on, everything just feels like it’s rearranging really, in a difficult way. In essence, 2020 threes energy is a higher vibration. Nice. It is. It is, I want to say it’s all about manifesting. But I feel like that’s really cliche. So I want to explain it in a better way, the universe has more access to more ways of bringing to you the things that you want. And because it forced you last year, to really deal with your stuff, we’re not perfect. It’s not like we came into January 1, going well, I am sparkling and perfect. But you are definitely a different person than you were a couple of months ago, in a good way. 2023 the universe now, this is going to be the first year in a number of years, that the universe is not as limited as it was. And it is everything that’s come out of what we’ve all gone through globally, the fact that you and I are having this podcast, and we’re not in the same room right now. But we’re still communicating that the technology that we use now how we interact with people, how we work in our jobs, everything was up in the air, it’s now landed, and the universe now has more ways of bringing you what you want. So this year, really is a manifesting year, and it’s not like now you can manifest it’s no, it’s just going to be easier. It’s just going to be easier to do it. So that’s really what this year is all about. It’s lining up the direction you want to go most people stepping into January, February. Finally, man, these are the words that I’m hearing, you finally know what they want to do. And that’s a that’s a beautiful thing. And that came from being put through a washing machine for the last three years.

Kristin Taylor  27:08

That sort of feels like that’s what it feels like. That’s such such great news. And I hope that provides a lot of inspiration to people who need to hear it having been, you know, thrown in and wrung out from the washing machine. I know, I certainly have felt that way. So I was sharing that. I’ve also heard other people getting excited about 2024, new set in Oh 2025 Can you say a little bit more?

Isabeau Maxwell  27:32

I’m really excited about it personally, when, when Pete my main guides, the name is Peter, when Peter said to me, okay, this is what’s coming up, this is a manifesting year, people are stepping into finally knowing what they want. Finally, knowing how they want to live in a day to day experience, they’re going to start lining up the things that they need to make that happen. So mid 2023, to the end of 2023 is going to be really all about trying on your new shoes. You know, I this is how I live now okay, um, and you’re adjusting and getting used to it in a very positive way. 2024 is going to be really ramping that up. And 2025 is going to be I’m just a kid in the playground at this point, I am just that whatever I want to do to have fun I can do like this is, you know, I know how to do it. Now I have access. And I get to just I want to say play 2025 is going to be a year where people are going to be inspired to be very playful, and very authentic, I’m very excited about that piece to the invitation to be authentic and 2023 is starting meaning people are energetically going to be pushing away from false, you know, bravado and they’re just going to be turned away, they’re going to kind of energetically be repelled from it, sorry to say about, you know, like super influencers or things like this. But they’re they’re going to be magnetically drawn to things that are very real and authentic, because that’s what’s going to be coming up and out of them finally, for themselves. And it’s very exciting.

Kristin Taylor  29:21

That is very exciting. So I’m hearing as well, that it’s part of an awakening and an evolution and that there are more people whether they’re spiritual or healers or people who are seeking truth and like you talked about letting go of illusions that that’s helping to raise the vibration and seeing you not Is that what you’re getting practicing. Yeah?

Isabeau Maxwell  29:51

Absolutely. I tend to be a little bit of a realist in the sense that when we talk about these things, So, I want to always throw out there, you’re still gonna have tough times, of course, we’re human now, well, and I like to really say that because I don’t want to ever, you know, leave someone thinking, Oh, it’s all going to be good. Now, it’s all going to be great now. But you’ll be more in the flow. And when I talk about being in the flow, I mean, the highs will be higher, your vibration is raised, your highs are gonna be higher, you’re gonna see that piece of nature that moves all the way through your soul, instead of just oh, look a tree. So your highs are going to be a little bit higher, you’re gonna be more connected to the actual experience of this timeline. But you’re going to have lows, they’re just not going to be as low, got it, you’re going to be able to manage them, you’re not carrying all that baggage and those heavy trunks and suitcases on your back of disappointment. And you know, I need to be this way I need to act this way I need to mask I can’t show who I really am. Like, a lot of that is going to be set free. So when you do have the lows, they’re going to kind of iron themselves out a little better.

Kristin Taylor  31:10

Nice, nice. Well, that makes me think of also is you know, we’re talking collectively. And by virtue of being human and having these souls contracts, you know, we are here to learn is my understanding. And that means sometimes learning through pain, which is what I’m hearing you say we’ve done the last few years, and now things are elevating, we can have a little bit more access to joy and flow from what your guides are telling you. This is a big one. Why are we here? What is this all about?

Isabeau Maxwell  31:42

I love that question. I don’t have the most popular answer. But it makes sense. And I and I trust it. And it all kind of fills in. We’re here to have experiences. And when people I know it’s a very common use of the language to say we’re here to learn very common. But learning is actually an experience. It’s it’s the experiences that we’re here for. Now, the way that I explain this to my students is that on the other side, your higher self, imagine it like a ball of light. And you take a chunk of that little ball of you take a chunk of that light out of the ball, and you throw it into a body and it comes down here on the earth and it has its life. When the body has done that ball of light, that little bit of light comes back up and reunites with your higher self. Now, your higher self on the other side is not in linear time. linear time is here. That’s this existence. That’s what stops us from knowing what’s coming up and seeing all and being aware of all that’s that’s really the blinders that we put on here. So if there isn’t linear time, on the other side, your Higher Self isn’t waiting for you to come back. Your higher self isn’t waiting, its lifetime happens in an instant. For a higher self. This means that past lives, for example, are not linear, they don’t happen one after another after another, you don’t have to get back there to come back again, for the next one. All of our past lives are all happening at the same time. And really, it’s it’s it’s more of coming down here to have experiences when we leave and we go back to the other side back to reconnect with our higher self, we go through a whole transition process, a whole review process. And the higher self really wants to know what all of these things feel like and what the experience is like, from all angles from linear time. Because the higher self can’t have that linear time experience. Moving forward with that, then someone says well, why? Why because it’s a never ending existence in a nonlinear time, which is a hard thing to kind of wrap your head around sometimes of creation. It’s all about the art of creation. The reason why art is so intuitive. The reason why creativity is so intuitive is because that’s how we’re wired. That’s how our higher self is wired to create. And creation of new worlds and new experiences really are built on the building blocks of the experiences that they’ve collected from the other lifetimes.

Kristin Taylor  34:33

Yeah, that may not be popular for whatever reason that resonates with me. And someone said that to me years ago about time not being linear on the other side, and you can have two lives concurrently. And it’s just it’s again, to use the word paradigm. It’s just a totally different paradigm and letting go of our sense of being time bound. Tell me about from what you are learning, and what is the role. I feel like I’m already here answer this. These are all experiences, like learning is an experience. And it’s like a chunk of this source of you is coming here and then it comes back and they’re not waiting. It’s just this reflection. So let’s have a review. What did you experience and it’s adding to the collective. There is so much brutality and suffering here. What role does that play? In my assumptions? You’re gonna say it’s more experience? God, why is it so dark? And say more, if you would.

Isabeau Maxwell  35:28

A, I’m not a, I’m not a fan of the brutality. i It’s heartbreaking. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. And when people ask me, I’ll kind of step sideways and then come back into the the question, when people asked me about the concept of Hell, I’m not religious, I don’t follow any religious patterns. And I don’t believe in a location called Hell, I believe in the side and the other side from the experiences that I’ve had. But what I do know is when an individual passes when they released from their physical body, and they, you know, journey through the in between the crossover to the other side, whatever that might be in your, in each person’s version of their own path. The transition, it can be difficult can be very difficult, because every experience you have, you need to review, but you not only need to review it from your perspective, but you also need to review it from the perspective of the person you did it to. And from the perspective of their mom and their dad and their coworker and their kid, and you have to review this experience from everyone’s angle. So if I was to randomly walk up to someone on the street and punch them in the face, which is really ridiculous, I could never do that. But if that was going to happen, I would, I would have to face that in the review. So when someone does something brutal, they will walk through it being done to them as well, in this transition process, it’s part of the reason why so many people get stuck. Now with that said, before we come down, spirit gets stuck, my spirit gets stuck, a lot of spirits get stuck, you know, from personal programming fear, not being able to not really wanting to go through that transition. Review. Yeah, through that review, because it can be, it can be difficult, you’re not free from the emotion of being that person quite yet until you’ve gone through that review and collected all angles of that experience in order to bring it back to your higher self. Now, when we come down, we have a soul group with everyone’s everyone is absolutely wonderfully connected, some connected more closely than others. And that’s your soul group. The individuals in your soul group, when you come down, you say, Okay, here’s here are the set of experiences that I’m setting up for myself. And then another person, your soul group says, Here are the set of experiences that I’m setting up, okay, here’s how we’re going to interact to help each other get these experiences. And sometimes that can be very, very brutal. Me and my mom, not close generally mean, and we jump head to head right there. And it’s not like, it’s it was a lovely, but I’m trying to use something as an example. Sure, I’m going to come down here, and I’m going to push your buttons and you’re going to come down here, you’re gonna push mine, and it’s gonna get really nasty for a while. And this is, and this is what’s going to come of it. And this is what’s going to happen as a result of it. So some of us come down here, really setting up to push against another human being in order for these experiences to happen. I wish it wasn’t the case. Because something I mean, people have gone through things in this world that I can’t even come close to fathom, and I can’t even I can’t even come close to it. All I can do is is be present with them. That’s it. And so I do wish I could take a lot of that away. But what comes of that experience is typically something there is typically something that comes of that you will never hear me say that to somebody who’s currently suffering through something because that’s really toxic to say, Yeah, but there is, but there is truth in it. And so it’s our responsibility to love someone through their journey through it. Yeah. And then the day that they say, You know what, okay, I’m gonna now collect what came of this, then celebrate them in that moment. But yeah, it’s you can’t know bliss down here on a linear timeline without knowing pain. You can’t write comparisons, except, and some have come down here with more difficult many have come down here. more difficulties than others.

Kristin Taylor  39:36

Yeah, and I want to stay there. Many come down here with more difficulties than others. And they’re a zillion examples of that. Whether they’re Holocaust survivors or they’re a child with cancer, or you know, there’s so many examples of that that are just horrific. I recently interviewed Dr. Matthew McKay, who was able to learn how to channel his his son who was really brutally murdered in a terrible, terrible way and when he says his son is communicating to and from the other side is all really what we’re here to do is to learn how to love in the face of pain. And that really landed, landed with me. Tell me what you’re learning about people whose souls contracts are just more steeped in difficulty and pain than others. I’ve heard lots like, that can be a very ambitious soul who’s been here many times before, who said, Okay, I read them and use this lifetime to evolve more. And I’m choosing these things, because that’s where the deepest learning is. But what what are you hearing?

Isabeau Maxwell  40:34

For, from what I’m learning and understanding over the years from my guides, we get a blueprint. And people ask me about freewill. So this kind of comes into play with this question as well. We really lay out a blueprint, where we say, Okay, here’s the the general things that I would like to do while I’m down here, if one of those comes in the form of learning something or growing, that’s, that’s perfect, but I don’t necessarily get on board with the old soul new soul concept, because that would again, be the linear one after another after another. It’s not as if we grow more, and then the next life, we’re even better, or we come back as a cricket. It just like, that’s that that’s not what I’ve seen. And instead, it’s more Alright, here’s the blueprint. Now, what difficulty level am I going to have in the beginning in the middle, in the end? What hurdles? Am I going to set up for myself? Also, what rewards am I going to get as a result of those? And what are the experiences going to be? There are for me, I It’s been made pretty clear to me at this point, that, you know, the first, I want to say 3637 38 years or so, were set up to be very difficult. And the remaining were crossing fingers, I’m just kidding. But the remaining are set up to be more easy. And my growth that came out of the difficulty is what I bring into the world, to other people, to help them over a hurdle as well. And this is not a new story. This, I mean, the world is filled with individuals who are doing this, who are overcoming something really tough, and then turning around and sharing that wisdom with others. So a lot of people come down with their blueprint of I want to help people, but they can’t help someone until they go through something, or I want to change something, I want to be the one that changes the flow of how this works in the world. But then they have to go through something to get to that point as well. So it’s really, it’s a setup, the blueprint itself is is your fate that you’ve set up in essence. And the free will is the color of if this is a blueprint of your house is symbolic of your life. freewill is the flooring, the furniture you put in there, you know what that looks like, if you the blueprint is going to be something along the lines of I’m coming down here to help children or I’m coming down here to teach some people this or that, or I’m coming down to be an artist or I’m coming down to do this, this or this. And you can do that in a number of ways. So you really paint the picture, when you come down here with the colors that you want to paint it.

Kristin Taylor  43:38

That’s a great metaphor there really appreciate that metaphor. Well, with that, let’s go ahead and transition into what I know you spent a good amount of time doing which is giving courses so that people can develop these capacities within themselves. Where do I even start with that? What would you like to share about that?

Isabeau Maxwell  43:58

I again 20 years ago would not have thought that I would be sitting here today doing this, but so glad that I am I mean, I knew it on the other side before I came down, right? I get that. But I just didn’t know it in my human path. When I opened up intuitively took like I said, I worked with my guide for about a year or two. I didn’t know what to do. So I just looked around and I said okay, people who see spirits do readings, that’s all I knew. So I stepped into becoming a professional reader and I did that for a number of years. But shortly after I stepped into being a reader, my guide said to me, I want you to take everything that you learned from me and I want you to go out in the world and and give it to other people so that they can do the same thing. And that made sense to me. Because if if me a type A driven, I can’t focus. I’m a Taurus and I’m stubborn and I’m impatient. If someone like me, can Oh hoping hope, her intuition to the levels that that then anyone can and he was really direct with me in expressing that every single person here naturally has 100% strong intuition. It’s just a matter of it being covered up, it’s a matter of it being cluttered, it’s a matter of it being blocked. And it’s also a matter of people really stepping into their unique intuition how it works perfectly for them. So when I first opened up, and I started getting the courage of going out there and maybe telling a few people, I went out and I took some psychic development classes just locally. And I remember every time I went to the class, all love to the teachers that maybe have me as a student, but I’m a tough one to teach I get it. Every class I went to, I would sit down, and they would give me like a deck of cards or an object and say, well read it, tell me what you get. And my response was, I’m here for you to tell me how to do that. Like, I really want to know how this works. And how do I actually do it. So I didn’t feel like I was really getting that instruction, I got that instruction from my guide. This is how intuition works. This is the different categories. This is, you know, the the transition for this and this, this is how it feels, this is how you tap into it. And I got all that guidance from Him. So when I put it together, I was very excited to bring it out into the world. This was back in like 2007 2008, I was very excited to start teaching people because it’s the kind of course then instead of saying just do it, it helps you to understand how the engine works, understand how to drive the car, and understand that you get to design your own vehicle. If you’re trying to be intuitive, like somebody else’s, you’re not going to really get anywhere with it. If you are trying to do it in this agreed upon reality. That’s another tip that I love sharing with people, you’re not really going to get anywhere with that either. Because what you’re looking for is not here. So all of these concepts are packed into the course for people. And then I get to just have the joy of watching people transform. And I’m really grateful for it.

Kristin Taylor  47:10

I so appreciate that. And I love that you’re saying I want to give them what I felt I wasn’t getting so that they have all the tools to move forward with their own development, if you were going to share. Yeah, and I’m thinking about the videos, I’ve seen a view of like the importance of grounding and clearing and protecting and messaging and so forth. What would be one or two things to someone who’s listening to say, Okay, you need to find your own intuition. Where do they even start?

Isabeau Maxwell  47:38

I have two that are my absolute favorite. I can’t even tell you which one is more of my favorite. Okay, just equally my favorite. And like you referenced GCP, that’s ground clear protect this was given to me by my guide. And I know a lot of us have done pieces of that in different ways in different meditations and such but doing it in order of grounding, clearing and protecting is really powerful, simple, easy, I can explain it right here in like 30 seconds. And then people can start using it right away. The reason why it works so well is that you’re dealing with all three of your bodies, you’re dealing with your physical body, your mind and your spirit. And you’re acknowledging all three in the G and the C and an E. And moving forward, you’re taking care of your energetic body for some people, for the first time in their life. Yeah, and especially for those individuals that are finally acknowledging and, and taking care of it. This is game changing. And a lot of your listeners I know probably already know this, but the spiritual body, also known as the energetic body is within us, but it also expands outside of our physical body. And this is the point that I wish we would have all learned when we were kids. Because we learned how to take care of a physical body. It’s up to us if we do that or not, right, but and we know how to take care of our mental body, the energetic body does get neglected and because it expands outside the physical body, things that happen to you in the world, things that you hear and things that you see, hit your energetic body first, before you ever see them or hear them. So we are consistently collecting these energies in the world and many of them we aren’t supposed to collect more. This is especially true for very compassion or empathy. You know, an empathic people who their heart is literally wired to help. They’re just like a magnet. They’ll just that’s me stand next to an empath for 10 minutes who’s not taking care of their energetic body. All of a sudden you are sad, but now you’re not well, they just took it for you. So totally. It’s really really, really important and it’s very simple grounding. asked Mother Earth to ground you in the way that you that feels best for you. reroutes into the ground. Or you imagine pillars coming out of your feet or white light coming down and anchoring you into the earth, just anchor into the earth somehow. Clearing, pick your favorite element water, fire, wind, and wash away with that element, imagine it pouring all the way through your system. And taking away anything that’s not yours. Anything that you’re not supposed to be carrying, Clear that out. And then lastly, the protection is kind of more filtration than it is protection would imagine a bubble around you, encapsulating your entire energetic body. And then ask that bubble, to keep out what is not supposed to be on your path, and allow in what is supposed to be on your path. That’s really it. It’s that simple. And it’s intention. And you can imagine it, you doesn’t have to stand there and wait for it to happen. You can just imagine tree roots coming out grounding, imagine clearing your energetic body and imagine protecting your energetic body, do this once in the morning, once at night. And you will be stunned. I tell people who’ve never done this, just do it just for a week, and then call me back because I want to hear what offense do because I have heard so many incredible things. Me personally, I was feisty, I was reactive. If you picked a fight with me in a parking lot, I would sign up in a heartbeat and jump right on in with you. And when I started doing this years ago, I remember somebody actually yelling at me for a parking spot. And she was right. I’m gonna give her that right out of the gate. But I remember not reacting and then feeling bizarre that I’m not right. Why am I not react? Why am I not? You know? And then all of a sudden, I’m like, are you okay? Like, now I’m worried about her. So it changes really a big shift. Okay? My favorite.

Kristin Taylor  51:49

All right, I love it. And I want to encourage everyone to do this, I’m going to do it, I will even email you and let you know what happens. I so appreciate this. And I also if I may, I want to share something that that you shared, and I was listening to one at one of your trainings, you’re talking about how we talked with guides. Right? Like, I’ll say what I heard, and then you correct me where I get it wrong. I heard you say it’s not about am I going to get the job? Am I gonna get the partner? Am I gonna get the money? Or whatever it is we think we want. But instead it’s shifting it to what do I need to hear? What do I need to learn? What are you trying to communicate? How can I be open to you?

Isabeau Maxwell  52:31

As my my favorite sentence in all of this development is? What is it I need to know? What is What do you want me to know? Because I came right out of the gate with those questions. I wanted to know what my kids were going to do when they grew up. I want to know how much longer I was going to be in the house. Like I thought I had this channel access to you know, like my own psychic hotline right there in the woods. I was like this is great, get to know everything, get to know everything. And his response was dad’s a stupid question. I was like, Okay, you cheeky guy. And he said it was love. But he was right. Right. He’s right, your, your team is working for you. And instead of kind of pulling on their their shirt sleeve and going, hey, hey, hey, hey, tell me what I want to know. When you step into what do you want me to know, the team will turn their attention to you. And communicate communication becomes way easier when you step out of kind of demanding on to the team.

Kristin Taylor  53:34

On to the team and I heard you saying how important it is to talk daily, not you know, neglect for a few weeks and then request a response and go where are they now not being a fair weather communicator. And it also reminds me, I’ve heard people say, like, Listen, if you cultivate these abilities, and you’re asking for answers, it’s like cheating on a test if we’re coming here for the experience, and we’re trying to bypass the experience to get to the answer. That’s not how it works.

Isabeau Maxwell  54:01

Exactly. Back to that concept of being here for the experience. I know that that’s like we said it’s not the most popular answer. And it’s sometimes hard to think about that way. But when we can step into our own happiness, when we can move toward being really connected to our spiritual self. We realize that this human existence can be something that we can make it be and then then it’s a little bit more like a vacation. Now not all vacations are good. Some vacations are really bad and they’re just a you know, an uncomfortable show. But when you realize you’re here to you’re able to do things. You’re I mean think about that. Think about this. When you fly in a plane, you’re going and I heard someone say this before it was really impactful. You’re going couple 100 miles an hour in a metal tube. And you started in California and now you’re in New York. That’s that’s, that’s incredible. And we sometimes lose sight of how incredible you know, really, really research how a butterfly how Caterpillar goes to into a butterfly really research it, like the actual details of it. It’s incredible miraculous. And it’s miraculous. And we’re here to see that but we get so caught up in the daily grind, and we get so caught up in our I forget how you said it in the beginning so perfectly. But like our personal programming, our tribe conditioning, the conditioning, shunning, there you go, we get caught up in it, that we lose sight of these amazing things that we get to experience.

Kristin Taylor  55:39

Perspective. Shifting that perspective is so powerful. Well, this has been amazing. And I always ask this at the end just to make sure that the message that you want to put out there that your guides want to have you put out there as it were. Is there anything I’ve not asked you yet that you want to share with us about you and what you do and guides messages?

Isabeau Maxwell  56:01

I don’t think so. Because I think you’re amazing. Incredible conversation.

Kristin Taylor  56:09

You are amazing.

Isabeau Maxwell  56:12

If I could say I think if I could say one last thing. And what I would say is and this goes along with 2023. This is the year where the guides are requesting us to be the person that makes you happy. Meaning, do the things that make you happy, and everything else is going to amplify not selfishly, but all the people that you love, and you help you’re going to be able to love and help that much deeper and that much more. If you’re making sure that you yourself are happy.

Kristin Taylor  56:46

That’s beautiful. That’s really, really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing that. And thank you for sharing your time with us. And we’re gonna have all your links, but I want to promote you here. Someone wants to learn about you. Where do they go? I’m pretty good at keeping everything on one website.

Isabeau Maxwell  57:05

It’s So

Kristin Taylor  57:11

Wonderful. You’re such a pleasure. So great to meet you both. Thank you.

Isabeau Maxwell  57:15

You’re so welcome. Thank you for having me.

Kristin Taylor  57:18

Yet another extraordinary story. I hope for all of us that 2023 and beyond we’ll be looking at May we all find greater abundance, love and success. However we define that, in May our own winds contribute to a greater capacity for love and healing collectively. If you’re enjoying this podcast, I ask that you share it. We need your help in growing our audience and sharing these remarkable stories. sound engineering for today’s show was provided by Shane Suffriti. To learn more about Shane, please If you are looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, or deepen your own personal awareness. These are the areas I specialize in as a coach and I’d love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at Thank you once again and I’ll see you next time on How I Made It Through.


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