Wendy Rose Williams  00:04

So I’m going to follow the light because that is all I care about. So I start going up and up and up. And it’s so fast. It’s so fun. It’s so easy. I blast out of the hospital. And now it’s like the Google Earth image or like, everything’s receding behind me. And I can see it. And it’s like, oh, it’s so beautiful. That’s so cool. Nature’s gorgeous, Earth is gorgeous, but I don’t really care. I’m just so magnetically attracted to the white light.

Kristin Taylor  00:50

Hello, and welcome to How I Made It Through. My name is Kristin Taylor, and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity, only to come out the other side more self aware, and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love and compassion. Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning. And I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here, and how to live more fully. Today’s guest is Wendy Rose Williams. Wendy is a past life energy healer, certified spiritual teacher, a Reiki Master, author and speaker. Wendy has had two near death experiences (NDEs) and they happened in August of 1997. While pregnant. In those NDEs, she met her angels for the first time while home alone lying unconscious on the floor and again the night before surgery. Later, meeting the soulmate when you’ve contracted with to wake her up spiritually led her to Dr. Michael Newton’s book, Journey of Souls. These two events in tandem triggered a profound spiritual awakening and a wild ride to resolve their 21 shared past lives. She experienced stunning physical and emotional breakthroughs from her own past life regressions and other healing work, including releasing a decades long battle with debilitating daily chronic pain and mobility issues. The remarkable difference in Wendy’s quality of life from healing her own past life energy inspired her to help others release pain, anxiety and depression and other energy that no longer serves them. It is so wonderful to have you here. Wendy, welcome to how I made it through. Oh, well. Thank you, Kristen, what a perfect name for your podcast. Oh, thank You that took some deliberation. I love it as well. Yeah, yeah. So you have such a fascinating story. And oftentimes they start in childhood. But I fear if we do that, there’s so much goodness in all that I just share that I want to make time for. But if you would, in terms of your childhood, did you have any sort of religious upbringing? Or can you say a little bit about that?

Wendy Rose Williams  03:22

I was raised as a Protestant. So I would describe it as a casual, casual Christian.

Kristin Taylor  03:29

Got it? Got it, then I think the next next natural question is just to bring us up to your pregnancy. And those two near death experiences, because that is really so interesting. And I want to make sure we’re devoting a good amount of time to that.

Wendy Rose Williams  03:44

Sure. Sure. So what happened was, it was August of 1997. And just to set the stage for that, it was a very unwanted pregnancy, we had an 18 month old and I’d also had infertility and ectopic pregnancies. So it was a really big deal. And we were very, very excited to have a new new baby on the way. I was very early in the pregnancy, I had had just one visit to the OB, and everything looked great from their perspective, Kristin, but there were two things that seemed odd to me. I was having just this tremendous amount of heartburn and 10 weeks pregnant. That just was surprising to me. As well as more importantly, I was having a vivid dream, it was a repeating dream. And I didn’t understand the concept of the time of pre cognitive dreams, that your your Higher Self, your subconscious, whatever term you want to use, can be trying to teamwork with you, to give you very important information. And what would happen in this dream was I would see this terrible storm at sea and I would see a big sailboat and just everything would be All the winches, the cleats, there was all this ripping and tearing going on, and the masks would all break away and the ship would break into and the ship would go down. Wow. And we don’t need too much of a dream interpreter for that. Oh, my shoes about to go down. Yeah. But I just didn’t understand that, at the time of what was gonna gonna happen. So I was working at home. And I just could not get comfortable on the day that the first nbde happened, I didn’t know what was going on. So I kept running into the bathroom, try and work and try and lay down on the bed just could not get comfortable. And I suddenly had this sense of impending doom, which I’ve never had before or since. And I’ve heard many other indie years near death experiencers talk about, and I ran into the bathroom again, like what’s wrong, something’s wrong. And as I got into the bathroom, thinking, I’m going to be sick. I just felt this searing pain in my abdomen. And I literally was looking down at my, my stomach and abdomen thinking that someone stuck a knife in me what, what, what is going on? And there just was this tremendous sense of something bursting. And I passed out on the floor, and kind of my last thoughts were, oh, my gosh, I need help. I need help now. And also, I’m thinking an Oregon burst. It’s all it’s all I could think of. So I came to only because there was this insistent male voice that kept saying to me, Wendy, Wendy, you’ve got to wake up, you’ve got to wake up now and get hope, or you’re going to go home. And so I opened my eyes, and I’m disoriented because I’m laying on my side on the bathroom floor. And as I look around the bathroom, Kristen, it is just lit up. I have never seen so much light. It was beautiful. And I could see these large white floating figures, there were four or five of them. And I’m looking around going, my bathroom is filled with angels. And I it’s like my brain can’t process it quickly enough. It’s like it took angels out of the, you know, there was something I wanted to believe in them. But they were more like beautiful art or Christmas cards, or they just were more theoretical to me. Well, they’re not theoretical, let me tell you.

Kristin Taylor  04:23

Well, let’s stay there. Please tell us what did they look like?

Wendy Rose Williams  06:31

They looked large. They were, I would say eight to nine feet tall. I could see they were floating, just off the floor, maybe six to 12 inches off the floor. I couldn’t see their faces clearly, because there was so much light coming off them. But I could just sense this love this, like tremendous love coming from them. And as I said, all this white light. And again, the spokesperson, I’ll call him said again, you’ve got to call for help now or you’re going home

Kristin Taylor  08:26

Did that spokesperson… so he was separate from the angels.

Wendy Rose Williams  08:29

He was with them. He was part of that group. I couldn’t tell you exactly which one was where or which one spoke. But I knew what was one of them. One of them.

Kristin Taylor  08:37

So he was an angel speaker?

Wendy Rose Williams  08:39


Kristin Taylor  08:40

Were they all white? Or did they have color? Could you see how they…

Wendy Rose Williams  08:45

White light, I could just see like shapes like, like, like, as if you were wearing a long gown or you know something covering you completely. I could see and sense their wings. Because I could see like the very bottom of what felt like wings below their feet. Like how if you had wings the whole way down your back. And then they trailed behind you a little bit. Because as I said they were floating. So it was like, Oh my gosh, those are angels because those are wings.

Kristin Taylor  09:17

You might Gosh. So you are now awake. And you’re being told you need to call for help immediately. What is your pain level at this moment? 12 out of 10.  Okay, so extreme pain, continue with your story. I just I can’t think straight. So when he repeats that what I said to him was I understand, but I can’t walk. Because this was the days before we had, you know, cell phones, you know, glued to our hand or glued in our back pocket since 1997. And his response was very telling Kristin, what he said was you just have to be willing to try. And I think I didn’t realize that at the time because everything’s happening too quickly. But I think it was because of freewill. You know, we’ve got to be willing to ask for help to receive help. So when I managed to get myself up on my hands and knees, because I knew I couldn’t stand at that point immediately because I had been willing to try, it was like being picked up and gently flown. The short distance to the nightstand in the bedroom, I’m in the master bathroom master bedrooms right there, that landmine is right there. So I’m, I’m gently placed right in front of the nightstand. I’m trying to reach up and get the phone off the nightstand. And I’ve got the phone in my hand now. And now I’m thinking, who do I call the angel didn’t say who to call. I never thought to call 911 If there…

Wendy Rose Williams  10:50

It just didn’t cross my I’ve never called 911 in my life at that point, I was 36 years old. And so I you know, it was like, it just like wasn’t right in my in my mind. And I’m thinking, Okay, I’m going to call my husband, because he works five minutes from home. And if I get him immediately great. If not, you know, I would have been called 911. But I call my husband and I give him so much credit. First of all, I reach them immediately. I have never reached him at work. So there was so much assistance going on with this event. And I got him on the phone. And all I said was I need you to drive me to the hospital now. Can you do that now? And he said, Be right there. And I could hear the phone slammed down. And I give him credit because he didn’t ask me a single question. And I knew he was you know, running to his car and driving home. So I just had time to call the OBGYN office tell them what was happening. They asked me a few questions. And they said when you get here to our office, and their office was perfectly located at the hospital, as many OB GYN czar, which again, I think was very important for me still being here today. And they said when you get here, don’t park the car, just pull up to the entrance. We don’t want you to walk we’re going to be waiting there curbside with a wheelchair for you. So that’s exactly what happened. They whisked me up to their office, whisked me straight into an ultrasound room and helped me get up on the table. Because I’m just writhing in pain. I’m like doubled over crying out, can’t even straight now. And they’re trying to do the ultrasound. And I look at the screen because I’ve had ultrasounds before. And obviously you see organs, you see a lot of things. And I looked at the ultrasonographer. And I was like is that on? Is that working? I don’t see anything. And she just touched me gently on the shoulder, I kind of saw her put her game face on. And she said, I’ll be right back with a doctor. So I look at my husband, it’s like, oh, this is not good. I don’t know what’s going on. But this is not good. So she comes back immediately with a physician and with a nurse midwife. And this is actually kind of comical, because we’ve now got five of us crammed into this little ultrasound room, the physician tries the same thing. He tries to get an image on the screen. And he tells me gently Wendy, you’ve got an extreme bleed going on, we don’t know where the bloods coming from. That’s why we can’t visualize anything on the screen because it’s just all blood. So that’s why I was just seeing all black. So he explains I need to be admitted directly into the hospital, someone we’ve now let go of the wheelchair, someone runs and gets a stretcher at this point from the other from the hospital side of the building. And they take me the stretcher, straight on to the floors. And I’m admitted straight into the bed do not go to admitting do not pass go. And I’m in the bed and they’re calling they asked me Do you know your blood type? I said yes, of course it’s a negative. I think it’s critical. Everyone not only know your blood type, but put it in your phone. There are these free little apps called ice in case of emergency. And that way if you’re ever in any situation where you need medical help, you can’t talk, you’re in an accident, you’re disoriented. You’re gonna have your phone with you. And the team is going to be able to look in your phone and see your blood type. See your medications wherever you load into it’s I think it’s really important to do that.

Kristin Taylor  14:37

Good advice. Thank you.  So I’ve told them my blood type and I can hear the nurse out of the nursing station. I also noticed they put me in the room right next to the nursing station, which I appreciate it. But I knew that meant they were really concerned about me. And she comes back in a few minutes later not looking happy. And instead of hanging in blood, she says I can’t get any blood for her. Because there was this major train collision three days ago in Seattle. And evidently it has wiped out the a negative blood supply. And she’s calling the Puget Sound blood bank. She’s not just checking with the hospital, she’s checking originally. So this is an issue, this is an issue. So we’re trying to decide what to do and there’s some conversation Do we take her straight to surgery, my abdomen is just ascending and descending from this blood loss is going on in the wrong place. I mean, I’m two weeks pregnant, you know, it’s, there’s no, there’s no belly or anything yet, right. But we can see this, this big distension of going on. And again, just excruciating pain from whatever is happening. But we agree slow the roll. Because we don’t have blood, we don’t know what we’re operating on. We can’t see anything on ultrasound. So we agreed, wait, and watch, I can’t get out of bed even to go to the bathroom just lay prone to see because the body is a miracle. Let’s just see. Hopefully, this is not essential Oregon, you know that his his bursts because I’m still, you know, here and having conversation with them. So we agree, wait, wait and watch. And a very happy and very comfortable with the hospital I’m in it’s our local hospital. But they did about 5000 of births a year. So I knew that meant they had a very deep GYN emergency structure to um, as a result of that, because I’ve worked in health care for years. So I’m picking up, you know, lots of subtle clues that perhaps the average patient wouldn’t, I knew I was in really good hands. So we agree, watch and wait, and I’m just trying to Okay, let’s, let’s let this all resolve. Let’s let this be okay. I’m going to be okay, the baby’s going to be okay. But we’re just we’re just blowing through pain relievers. And I’m to the point where I’m on morphine. So I’m very unhappy. Because morphine first trimester. That’s a no. Yeah, so I’ll stop at that point. That’s that’s what the first first round lead to. Okay. Okay. And then I know also having read it in the intro is that you have the surgery or in the surgery, something happens.

Wendy Rose Williams  17:35

Yes. So what happened, it was about three days that we did watch and wait, blood did get hung later that night, maybe six or eight hours later, they had managed to find some blood. And I’m being transfused, but I can see I’m going through those transfusions scarily fast, and they have to keep hanging hanging bags hanging back. So I know, I know, I’m losing the blood quickly. And still in so much pain despite being on morphine. So, of course, there’s important lab tests being taken every morning. And we’re watching my hematocrit especially closely. And it was on day three, that my physician said to me, when do you’re officially bleeding out, meaning we can’t get blood in quickly enough, because you just lose it faster than we can get it in. So terrifying. And I knew that was true. And what concerned me with that, Kristen, besides the obvious, I could absolutely feel myself walking between worlds during this whole experience. Because it was hard to stay conscious. But what was concerning me was I didn’t really care. And that was terrifying, because I could feel myself giving up your life energy, that is not my personality at all. So just just like you said that life energy that chi was just being so so depleted. And so when he said that, and he said, we’ve got to do surgery, will you please agree to surgery? I said, Yes, I understand. I understand. We don’t have a choice at this point. So we signed the paperwork, get everything planned, it’s going to be to OB GYN the next morning, at first surgery seven in the morning, which I also knew man, that’s their big surgery for the day because they do that first. And so we agreed to this. And then the night before I have my dinner, and I’m just trying to relax. I’m just trying to picture visualize a positive outcome because the decision has now been made. And the moment I visualize is my best possible outcome. I pop right out of my body. I leave my body I’m alone in the hospital room. And I’m now all of a sudden looking back over my left shoulder and myself in the bed. And I’m looking at, it’s like, oh my gosh, she is a hot mess. She is wider than the sheets. Look at what bad shape she’s in. And I did have a humorous moment. I’m like, oh my god, couldn’t they have at least brushed her hair? Because I look like, I look like the wild woman of Borneo after you know, three days in bed and there hasn’t exactly been a mirror around.

Kristin Taylor  20:27

It’s just you know, could they have given me comb?


Exactly, exactly. So, but then I’m like, wait a minute, why am I referring to myself in the third person? Why am I saying she? And then I’m like, feeling and like looking at. I’m like, I feel fantastic. Oh, my gosh, I’m back to the real me. I’m in my pure soul form. I don’t have any pain. I don’t have any worries. All I can see is this white light above me coming through the ceiling of the hospital room. So I’m like very blase. I’m like, Ah, she’s fine.

Kristin Taylor  21:13

Your bliss consciousness, right?

Wendy Rose Williams  21:16

No blase. I’m like, I can leave Wendy in that bed, she’s fine. My so I’m gonna follow the light, because that is all I care about. So I start going up and up and up. And it’s so fast. It’s so fun. It’s so easy. I’ve blast out of the hospital. And now it’s like the Google Earth image where like, everything’s receding behind me. And I can see it. And it’s like, oh, it’s so beautiful. That’s so cool. Nature’s gorgeous, Earth is gorgeous, but I don’t really care. I’m just so magnetically attracted to the white light. And then I just, I did put my brakes on at a certain point, because I’m like, Oh, don’t make me walk through one of those long tunnels. So I didn’t know a lot about nd ease at the time. Again, this was 1997. I’m not spiritually awake. I’m not studying in D ease. I haven’t read any of the books. It’s like not on YouTube. And Netflix, as you know, number one. tucked in. There’s there’s not a lot of information, or at least I wasn’t aware of it. So but I did know most people went home to the light through a tunnel. And so when I have that thought of please don’t make me do that. I don’t have enough energy. I don’t think I’ll get there. The minute I thought that this beautiful, pristine escalator comes in. It’s just for me, there’s no one else on it. It is perfect. It’s got all this light coming from it. And I just lean on the railing on the up escalator. And at that point, I realize I should have been like a beach ball of energy. But I was just like Smoosh. I was like, flatter than a pancake hanging over both sides of the rail.

Kristin Taylor  23:14

What can I slow you there one day? Sure. Because I I’m wondering, you’re out of your body. Do you look like a body? And I’m hearing you say I should have looked like a beach ball. But I was a pancake like what are you in? I’m pure soul form. I am just pure energy. I’m my higher self. I’m the real me. Meaning Wente Ross Williams is one aspect of me it’s one life, it’s one incarnation. It’s not the whole of me. So I’m back to the full me. But even my soul, even my higher self is just louder than a pancake. Over that over that escalator rail. So I get the beautiful ride up and up and up. And I start to feel better and more free and more like myself, I’m starting to heal. And I get to the top of the escalator and I’m now up with the light. And there’s this grieving committee. There’s this welcoming committee right there at the top of the escalator, the same angels are there. And Archangel Michael speaks to me again and the minute I hear his voice now that I’m at home. I’m like, Oh, that was the angel in my bathroom that I could hear speaking. I know that voice I know that energy now. Now I recognize them fully now that I’m back home. Because you’ve known him before is that the right? Assumption?

Wendy Rose Williams  24:40

Exactly. And there’s also about another 15 beings of light with the angels The angels are larger and bigger and more light off them. There’s more beings of light that look like I should have looked like that that like beach ball type of you know size and shape. have a soul. I knew all four of my grandparents were there. I knew a best friend was there. I just was like, Oh my gosh, it’s my soul family. It’s my soul group. It’s like, welcome home.

Kristin Taylor  25:13

So grandma and grandpa Don’t look like Grandma and Grandpa, you just feel it energetically that they’re…

Wendy Rose Williams  25:17

You just recognize their energy signature, everyone looks the same. And that’s very important because we still recognize them. There’s no skin color, there’s no appearance distinctions, we’re all the same. We’re all souls we just take on these temporary bodies, where you’ve got the beautiful long blonde hair, and I’ve got the short brunette hair. They’re just, they’re just our facades, you know, Fortune physical bodies for that that lifetime. Right. But my grandparents were very interesting to recognize my mom’s parents, it made sense to me why I would recognize them. Because I knew them very well, my maternal grandparents, I’d grown up with them, we’ve lived with them. But unlike oh my gosh, there’s my dad’s parents, I never met them in this lifetime. They died before I was born. But I knew immediately who they were. So there’s just that soul level is that heart to heart, soul level recognition. So they all give me the whole group of them gives me this big group hug when I first get up there. And Archangel Michael says, Welcome home. We’re so glad you’re here. You made it. You’re welcome to stay, you’ve done nothing wrong. But it’s your choice. And you’re going to need to make that choice quickly. So let me tell you what I can tell you so you can make your decision. And I’m like, Oh, why? Why? Because I just wanted to run forward. And I realized, Oh, they’re like stopping me right at this point. For an important many important reasons. So what he said to me was, if you choose to go back, you will have a successful surgery tomorrow, you will recover your health. Holy, this is huge. So relieved, so thrilled to hear this item to your baby will be born healthy, huge information. Because I’m only 10 weeks pregnant, transfusions, surgery, morphine, whatever’s going on. So this is huge to hear my baby will be born healthy.

Kristin Taylor  27:37

Well, had you even forgotten that you were pregnant, because you were so now in this love consciousness or..

Wendy Rose Williams  27:42

No I was still very aware of that. I still knew there was the knee in the bed that was pregnant. God. So the aspect of me, I still knew Wendy was in the bed, in the hospital bed waiting while this was going on. Item three. So we’ve had two amazing, wonderful things. Number three was the kicker. And the third thing Archangel Michael said was if you choose to go back life will be very difficult, likely for many years, because you’re not on your life path. So I just felt my heart sank. i That was horrible. Of course. I was just chagrined. I was upset. I was in barest I was concerned. So I look at him. I’m like, Oh, my goodness, please. I want to do the right thing. What am I supposed to be doing? What am I missing? What should I be doing? What should I not be doing? What should I be doing differently? And he just smiled. And he gently shook his head. He’s not going to tell me anything more. So being the persistent individual that I am. I look around at all the others and think, Oh, come on. There’s gotta be a chatty Cathy. There’s 90 More of them here. Someone’s got to give me something. So I’m looking all around. Like, tell me tell me tell me why it’s my life path. What am I supposed to be doing? What am I not doing? And no one’s going to tell me. So they start getting humorous because I’m starting to be like, Oh my gosh, do I go back when I don’t know. Am I going to figure it out? What do I do? So they start being funny. And humor is the best way to raise our vibration. So what they start doing, they put duct tape over their mouths. They like, close their lips and like lock them with a key and throw the key away. They’re all doing all these different pantomime things that are really funny to show me that they can’t tell me they’re not supposed to tell me.

Kristin Taylor  29:45

So I’m going to slow you down because this is just a really interesting details. So they’re putting duct tape over their mouth and they’re doing all this pantomiming so in those moments, they are looking like people

Wendy Rose Williams  29:54

Nope, they’re still looking. I can just sense it. I get it. Okay. There’s still no one’s no one’s morphed into people I think they could have. I think we have whatever experience we most need. I think that’s why the Indies are so unique to us. Yes, there’s commonalities. But I think they’re very unique. And I think that soul family presents however, it’s going to be best perceived by us. I understood who they were, they didn’t need to, they didn’t turn to someone very human looking to. I just knew what they were.

Kristin Taylor  30:33

Right, right. And I think it’s just so challenging, I’m sure to be in your situation to explain something that it was so much more about the energy and just the knowing, and I’m looking at it through the literal lens of my human self.

Wendy Rose Williams  30:44

No, you’re asking great questions, because that helps, it helps me remember it, it helps bring it out. And that’s something else is so unique about nd ease, they don’t fade. And every time we go back to it, and and think about it again, talk about it again, it’s like more detail and more light comes in. So I think that’s why it’s so wonderful that these stories can be shared. And I appreciate getting to share this story.

Kristin Taylor  31:10

Yes, yes. Continue with your so very important story.

Wendy Rose Williams  31:14

So what Archangel Michael says at that point is, Wendy, what do you want to do? What do you choose to do? And I felt so grateful because it was such a respectful choice. Again, I didn’t know a lot about NDEs. But I’ve heard many people say they didn’t get the choice. They were just told not your time. You’ve got to go back. And they felt like they were pushed or shoved or just had some and I didn’t have that experience. I knew any choice I made was going to be the right one. But and I knew everyone was like just waiting with bated breath to hear my decision. And the minute he asked me, What do you want to do? Do you want to stay or are you going to go back? The minute he asked me that all I could see was my daughter Tara’s face. She was an adorable toddler, about 18 months old. All I can see was her huge eyes and her brown curly hair. And Kristen, it wasn’t like, like human size. It was like the IMAX theater screen like the 70 foot screen. And her face her smiling, adorable little face. It like filled my world, I could feel it like around me behind me. That screen was everything. And I knew I was going to have another baby, there’s going to be born healthy. And I knew I was going to regain my health. So I looked at Michael and said, put me back in, put me back in coach. Like the song it put me back in coach, I’m ready to play. And I was ready to live at a different level at a higher level at a more engaged level. And everyone just like burst into applause and they’re like cheering me on. And they give me another huge group hug. That first hug was unconditional love that. We don’t feel that very often. So I wanted to stay that almost made me stay no matter any conversation that came after us to feel that is so important and so different. Because we don’t experience that much on Earth. I feel it’s vital that we learn how to get back to ourselves, as well as to other people and not be so judgmental and just really exude that. And it’s why I so appreciate people like you that do coaching Kristin as well as the healers and all the people that are helping us do that. So that unconditional love was in that first hug with that second hug that time I could feel an infusion of energy. It wasn’t just love but I don’t think I would have I don’t think I would have made it through the surgery the next day without because my my quarts of oil on my car were below a critical despite all the transfusions, I didn’t have enough tea left, right. So they all gave me this huge, huge hug. And I then get that energy and I have all of them cheering for me. So I just get back down the escalator and just go down and I was smiling and happy. It’s like the right decision. Everyone’s waving and like jumping up and down or cheerleading or like you can do it. And I’m like, like, it’s like being reborn at the age of 36 with a bigger clue of who the heck I am. Why we’re here. No, I thought no way like that at that time.

Kristin Taylor  34:53

But amazing gift.

Wendy Rose Williams  34:55

Yes, it was amazing. So I went just I just feel loaded right back down into the hospital bed I just floated into my body just went like blah. And it was like the easiest thing in the world. I’m like, oh, Ouch, that hurts out back into this body. But okay, I just need to, you know, pull my bootstraps up here and have the surgery tomorrow, it’s going to go, Well, I’m going to regain my health completely, and my baby’s going to be born healthy. And the rest of it, I’ll figure out.

Kristin Taylor  35:26

Okay, so I want to keep you here for a little bit. So you pop back into your body, and oh, the agony of being in the human body, especially in this situation you are in my assumption, given what you’ve shared is that you didn’t clinically die, though. Is that correct? I don’t know how to answer that. I don’t. Did I flatline? And did you put paddles on my chest? No. So it depends on your definition of clinical death. So maybe that will be answered better as we go through the next the next piece of surgery the next morning. Okay, good. I have one more question. I’ve unbleached. So did you tell anyone like your husband or a nurse or the doctors? Or is this just sort of a sacred knowing that you take with you into surgery?

Wendy Rose Williams  36:16

I tried to. There’s really no words, I tried to express it, I chose not to share it with medical personnel, because my instinct was they wouldn’t know what to do with it. Right. I think times have changed. I think some I think I wasn’t giving enough credit, perhaps I think there has been again, thanks to ions, the International Association for near death studies. And the irony of I didn’t know about I in Seattle, have the oldest chapter in the country 40 plus year history, because I certainly would have benefited from having gone to some of their meetings should have been around other indie years and to have gotten, you know, quality, support and help. But I just didn’t, I didn’t know about them. I tried to talk with my husband, of course. But he the poor man, he was just so freaked out by the entire experience. And he also wasn’t very present for it. He wasn’t at the hospital very much that week, because we made the decision together that we did not want our toddler seeing me in this condition. Because there was no way to have that be comfortable for her. We thought it’d be very scary for her. And we also, if I was going to pass on, I didn’t want that to be our last memories of me. Right. So we made the decision. So he was not present at the hospital very much. But my mom could not get off work. She lived all the way in Boston. We were in Seattle. So and I didn’t want friends visiting. I just I just it was yeah, it was very personal. Just fighting for my life. And I chose to do it with the amazing personnel there at the hospital, essentially.

Kristin Taylor  38:06

Yeah, understandably. What we found out in the surgery was it was several hour surgery. Thankfully, they were able to do it with some imaging. And the of course, only 10 weeks pregnant. And that’s like this tiny little less than a peanut. Fortunately, my youngest daughter, Taylor, she was very, very low on the abdomen very, very low in the uterus, rather. And what we found was the top of the uterus had burst. So it was the uterus that had ruptured, and it’s called the fundus, which is an aorta. So I had been pumping out blood. So that’s what was actually going on. And they estimated I lost three quarters of my blood supply. Is that clinical death? Well, without those transfusions and without having been in the hospital, clearly, yes, I would have bled out very quickly. Right if I hadn’t had that amazing intervention from the angels from my husband getting me to the hospital in a New York minute from the OB office being so on the ball, you know, just everything went? Right. Everything went so well. From that perspective, clearly, I was meant to be given the choice to stay or to go. Yes. So that’s what happened. I recover in the hospital for a few more days. I get sent home with an order for six weeks. Strict bed rest because I am still tank’s low. On my blood supply. I could only walk the stairs. We had a two story home and unfortunately all the bedrooms are upstairs. We could all I could only walk it once a day. It took me about 20 minutes to walk with me so I didn’t fall because it just took so much energy. Yeah But you know, I’d come down once for the day and then just be downstairs. We were very fortunate we had a live in nanny who took care of her daughter because she’s taking care of me to thing hasn’t been has to be at work. Yeah. Can you imagine taking care of toddler? I mean, what would you have done your mothers across the nation?

Wendy Rose Williams  40:15

There’s no way, it wouldn’t have been possible. So we were very, very fortunate that we had had our had our nanny there. So I go through that recovery period, I go back to work. After the six weeks, I went part time for two weeks and then back to full time. It’s back into a job I love. And to answer your question, do I tell anyone? I worked in a busy ophthalmology practice as the marketing director for an ambulatory surgery center. So I get like these hallway intercepts or you know someone at lunch? Oh, Wendy, are you okay? We’re so glad you’re back. We knew you’re on a medical leave what happened? We know you’re pregnant. Are you okay? What’s going on? And I’m like, Oh, my God, what do you say I just, I like couldn’t get words out to be able to share what had gone on it took me 20 years, I did not share this story for over 20 years, which is another hallmark of NDEers, it can just take a long time to formulate the words for an off world experience to get it into human language because our language is so much more limited.

Kristin Taylor  41:31

More limited, I hear there’s a lot that they go through, you go through people go through once they’ve had these experiences that it’s so life illuminating. And it’s such a blissful experience that it can be hard to re acclimate to this very limited world view and the things that you used to care about, you no longer care about your whole worldview and sense of who you are, and what it means to be alive, has so been turned on its head and more aligned with spirit, but the world isn’t so aligned with spirit. Yes, everything is changed your your worldview has changed. And it was hard to process. So I’m back in the job I love. And what happens unfortunately, remember number three, we were told life is going to be very difficult, very challenging for years likely because you’re not on your life path. So a boat. So the NT E was in August, so it was back to work in October and November. It’s November of 1997. Got any economist in the group? Anybody remember the economy at that time. And what happened was I get called into my boss’s office on a Friday afternoon. I don’t think a thing about it. I think he just wants to chat about the weekend, or you let me know something I need to work on the next week. Great relationship with him. But the minute I walk into his office, and I see his energy, I’m like, Oh, boy. And I see human resources sitting there. And she looks sad and sad. And he looks sadder than sad. And she’s got my personnel file on the table, when we all know what this is the Friday afternoon layoff. And so I’m laid off, very upset about it, because we very much count on my income. And guess what, per pregnant, and I carry the health insurance for the entire family. What a nightmare.

Wendy Rose Williams  43:24

I’m pregnant, no job, no health insurance. So they’re kinder than can be you know, great references. When do you go ahead and file for severance? Let us know, anything we can do to help you. So you know, or fire up file for unemployment rather, and I also get my my severance package. But again, this is not the time to be interviewing. Visibly pregnant. I’m still not healthy. I don’t want to learn a new job. It’s like, Oh, my goodness, this is a rough one. So I go home, you know, lick my wounds. Tell my family. It’s like, okay, we gotta we gotta tighten our budget. You know, even more here. Figure out what to do. I’ll file for unemployment. We’ll figure out what to do. Start, you know, juggling juggling things, but we were heavily mortgaged. We had just purchased a new, larger home not too long ago, preparing for baby number two and getting the nanny. We had just purchased a minivan to have the two sliding doors for two babies and car seats, heavily mortgaged, you know, new new car loan. And there just was only so much you can do with you know, being frugal. When you’re now suddenly down to one income instead of two full time incomes. One week later to the day my husband comes home from work about three hours late that evening. I have been calling him because I am concerned. I’m like is he been in a fender bender that he’s never been so late with you know, no contact. This is this is concerning me. You walks in the door. And again, I see his energy. And I immediately said, what’s wrong? And he said, When do you sit down we need to talk, I have really hard news to share with you. And what he told me was he was one of five owners and a very successful software company. They employ about 100 people. They’ve been in business about three years, they had a large office in downtown Bellevue. And what he let me know was things had gone sideways, very, very quickly, they had laid off essentially all the staff. And he was going to be working very long hours 80 to 100 hour weeks for palest pay days. So I’m like trying to process all this and I kept going back to unlike painless Pay Day was say that what does that mean? Say that again, those two words don’t go together. You just said an oxymoron. What does that mean? He said, Okay, let me tell you again, I have to keep working. We’ve got to figure out what to do about the lease, we’ve got to sell the furnishings and equipment, we’ve got to take care of the employees. I’m going to be programming. We’ve laid off all the programmers, I’ve got to complete contracts, we have sold contracts that must be delivered, I am going to be working 80 to 100 hour weeks, there will be no pay. And I’m like, Okay, so I’m trying to have some empathy for My poor husband. Because it’s one thing to be laid off from a job and a job you love. It’s another thing to lose your baby to lose your business, right? It’s another level of hurt. So all I can come up with at this point was I’m so sorry. We’ll figure it out. It’s okay. Let me give you a hug. Take a breath. Can you please file for unemployment in a New York minute? Do that right away? And then he looks at me he’s like, can’t Wednesday? I’m not gonna get unemployment. I’m self employed. Well, I didn’t know that. I’ve never been self employed. Yeah, yeah. So I didn’t know that. So I’m like, wait a minute, we’re down to my unemployment. We have no health insurance, we have no income for either of us. And we’ve got to pay the mortgage. And we’ve got to pay for the van and pay the nanny who’s on contract that we can’t break. can’t lay her off. Oh, my gosh.

Kristin Taylor  47:26

So Archangel Michael was telling you the truth. You were out of alignment with your spiritual path and life was knocking you around to get you back.

Wendy Rose Williams  47:35

Shake you to wake you. Absolutely. Absolutely. And see what we’re made of see what we’re made. Yeah. So we again, take a really deep breath, he is off doing what he needs to be doing. But I’m not happy. Because, honestly, I felt it was made as very executive decision. I felt like he made all the decisions with his business partners. I’m like, Am I not your life partner? Might not your wife.

Kristin Taylor  48:01


Wendy Rose Williams  48:02

You know, why did I not know that your company was in this position? I mean, this this did not come in one day. Right? Why did I not know that there would not be unemployment? When you were self employed? I just, you know, have I taken my eye off the ball? You know, how am I not being financially responsible? But so you know, where this is causing some stress in our marriage.

Kristin Taylor  48:28

I can understand.

Wendy Rose Williams  48:30

And what what happens next is, so he’s doing everything he can to get things settled out at work financially and says, Wendy, you’re in charge of the homefront figure it out, hold on to this house, hold on to that van, figure it out. So I’m doing everything I can I try and negotiate again, this November of 97. The economy is going into a deep recession, but we didn’t know it. So we both went down within a week of each other. We both have in the a degrees. We both have had wonderful, successful careers. But it’s it is what it is. What’s that joke about? It’s a it’s a recession when your neighbor’s out of work. It’s a depression. When you’re out of work. We’ll try both of you while you’re pregnant.

Kristin Taylor  49:18

While you’re pregnant. And you have a little one at home.

Wendy Rose Williams  49:22

Exactly. Okay, exactly. So I try negotiating with both the bank for the home home loan, as well as for the Van Loan. And I thought in my naivete, that I could negotiate something with the bank where we could make partial payments. We could delay a payment, we could skip a payment. Do you know what the response to me was? Thank you for letting us know. We’ve now redlined your account and we will be repossessing as soon as possible. As soon as you missed three payments. Thank you for letting us know.

Kristin Taylor  49:54

Oh my god.

Wendy Rose Williams  49:56

Yeah. That’s the polite word. Some more colorful pirate language.

Kristin Taylor  50:01

Yeah, if I were in your situation, I’m sure I’d be losing my mind.

Wendy Rose Williams  50:05

I was same exact conversation with the car lender. They’re going to repo and they’ve now marked our account so much for being truthful.

Kristin Taylor  50:17

Yeah, no kidding. You’re like, if I just didn’t tell them, I could have found another way to provide that money. Who knows. But now they’ve read line two,

Wendy Rose Williams  50:24

Right? They’ve read line two, some both. So what we did, so I’m doing everything I can, we can’t get new credit cards, we’re maxing our cards, you know, we’re doing everything we can with us to follow our savings. We were saved by Bank of mom, my mother kindly and it was hard for her because it was a big, scary amount. And the conversation was Mom, can you please loan us our shortfall each month, you know, we do have my unemployment coming in. And we’re penny pinching every cent we can. But you know, and we’re using my severance as slowly as we can. But there’s going to be a shortfall each month, obviously. And we really are hoping not to lose our home. Because besides the obvious of where you’re going to live, that’s going to be everything we’ve put into it so far. Same thing with the van. And she dug really deep and said we’ll figure it out together. Let’s write let’s write let’s write a note together. And we’re just going to keep a little running book, Callie, what I need to tally what I need to loan you each month. And you and you and John both need to sign it’s like Absolutely.

Kristin Taylor  51:34

Thank God, you have that resource. And I’m so happy that you and he are so fortunate because so many people don’t.

Wendy Rose Williams  51:41

So many people don’t that’s how they become homeless. Exactly.

Kristin Taylor  51:45

People need to understand that. Yeah, exactly.

Wendy Rose Williams  51:47

This is not it’s not because homelessness does not come from being bad people. It does not come from laziness. It’s a very complex issue by you know, we were we were we were couple of weeks across it. We were right on the edge there. Yeah. So and thankfully bank of mom saved us so I could just focus on my health. I could focus I was absolutely job searching. I did get outplacement counseling was one of the things I was able to negotiate. So brand new, shiny resume, got some coaching on camera. Just again, my former employer was just amazing. So you know, there was some there was some support support there. So I’m I’m job searching, but it’s gotten to the point where I am so far along in the pregnancy, my husband and I agreed, okay, we just need to let it go. until after I deliver, and then I need to give myself a three month maternity leave. Yeah. So we’re just going to need to plan our budget that way. And you know, anything I can be doing to help him get the company sold? Yes. So we wrote it out from November to March. Healthy. Oh, one other important thing happened Archangel Michael came to me the pediatricians office it. Amazing. So I’m sitting there to see a routine pediatrician office trying to keep the Wild Child busy and safe on my lap thinking, oh, please call us in the room soon. And I hear Archangel Michael say, look, look. And I’m like looking around like, oh, are all the kids okay, making sure nobody’s you know, pulling a lamp off the table. And then I look, I’m like, What is he telling me to look at? And I look in the corner of the room. And there’s this white lamp and I can see this incredible X. He’s using that lamp to create a white light glow. And it’s getting bigger and bigger and better. Like, what is he doing? And I could see this brochure in a stand right at the bottom of the lamp. So I tucked my daughter under my arm, put a diaper bag over my shoulder, I run over and grab the brochure and just stuck in the diaper bag to read when I get home because I know that’s what he’s trying to show me. And then the light recedes. I’m like, okay, that’s what he wanted me to look at. So what it was, it was the application form for WIC for Women, Infants and Children. I had never heard of this program. It was the first and only thing that we were able to qualify for free health insurance for me to cover the pregnancy and also was covering Tara because we didn’t qualify for anything I tried to apply for because we owned a home so that kept getting us blocked by the skin of our teeth.

Kristin Taylor  54:39

So here’s what I’d like to do your story actually in my opinion because I’ve heard it before and that’s why I wanted you on the show. I almost think it if it’s having two chapters, this chapter of like bringing your your second daughter and your marriage and and so forth. And then when you meet this other person, I’m noticing we’re getting short on time.

Wendy Rose Williams  54:59

So it’s Fast Forward. Absolutely.

Kristin Taylor  55:01

Well, no, no. Would you be willing because I don’t want anyone to miss out because the second part is really worthy of time as well. Would you be willing to do a part two? Oh, absolutely. That would be my pleasure. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah, just because that part is so fascinating as well. But taking your time to complete this season this chapter with your daughter and the marriage and so forth.

Wendy Rose Williams  55:26

So we now think Billy have health insurance and healthy baby is born. Taylor is born on March 13, on a Friday at our local hospital, one of 13 babies born that day in that hospital, and I was approved for only a very short hospital stay. This was March of 98. And they had what they call drive thru deliveries. So I really could have benefited from a longer one because of all the health conditions that had gone on related to this pregnancy. But regardless, I was grateful to get the 24 hour stay that I got. So I was I was too weak. I couldn’t even walk out of the hospital with a wheelchair you out by policy. But I was like, thank God because I know I can’t walk all the way down the hall to the car. So I was weak as a kitten. So we get me home. My husband settles me in the bedroom and I’m like nursing the baby. And I’m like, we made it through. And I’m alone with her. I’ve been homeless in an hour. I’ve delivered, you know, just literally hours before. And I hear Archangel Michael come in and say to me, it felt rather Stern. Your contract with your husband is complete. I almost dropped the baby. Again, more unladylike words pirate pirate came out. And I’m like, What the heck are you saying to me? Please clarify. Can I even catch a breath? I knew what he was saying was my marriage was over. I’m like, What the heck.

Kristin Taylor  57:17

But were you because I want to go back. I want to harken back to when you were talking about when you know, his business was going under and you said I’m gonna have these, you know, pay less pay days. And you said, Well, why? You know, you were thinking whether you said it or not in that moment, where sort of the trust? How come? I didn’t know this? I feel blindsided. Was there an erosion of the marriage that was happening? Or was this like, I’m in a really happy marriage, and you’re telling me this, this is the last person I would leave.

Wendy Rose Williams  57:40

I want to say this very carefully. I think the world of my former husband, he has many fine qualities. He’s a good man in so many ways. But I’ll speak to the marriage specifically. It was always it was always challenging. We both did our very best. But it was challenging, because we had a lot of difficulty communicating. And when you don’t have good communication in a marriage, and when you have some differing values regarding finances, and it had shown up right in the premarital counseling, I knew it. Yeah, I knew it.

Kristin Taylor  58:21

Yeah, I know it. So there was residents, you could see that these fundamental things like communication and how you handle finances valiantly. Yeah, it wasn’t like this is the love of my life. How? And I’m not saying anything. I want to be very mindful. It’s not about disparaging, who knows a person but the you know,

Wendy Rose Williams  58:41

It’s, it’s the relationship. I later learned once I’ve woken up fully spiritually, and I learned how to meditate meaningfully and to ask, if I’m allowed to know if I’m meant to know, because some things we’re not meant to know. Because it will stop our progress. It will stop us learning something, or doing what we need to do as a soul, which is you know, what we’ve been chosen this body as a vehicle for but my contract with my former husband was to have a long term marriage, which we would both grow from and to have beautiful children together, children plural. And I could see that R E N in children like double underlined. We just had our second child, the contract was complete. Wow. So but I was very, I felt really blindsided and very upset about that. Obviously, I could have chosen to stay. And I did. I chose to stay. We chose to stay married until our daughters were both full time in school. But when they were six and eight, we chose that that was that was the natural time to respectfully peacefully as kindly as we could I’m to part ways, and we then parented our girls in a 5050 shared residential schedule. My mother, again was critical in that she was team grandmom. And meaning she played no favorites. If I needed help with a pickup that I couldn’t get to her, she would do it for me because it was for the family. It was for the kids, she would do the same for him. Beautiful. So that was wonderful. So she chose to move out from Boston to Seattle, once we were divorcing on when the kids were six and eight, what an amazing woman. Yes, so that was really, that was really a big deal. And it had all been a lining for her. She’d had more and more friends saying to her because she had newly retired, and she had more and more friends saying, why don’t you consider moving out to Seattle? Wendy is your only child, only grandchildren, you know, and and just her ties were like lessening in the Boston area where she’d been for 20 years and where I’ve lived for 10 years and where my where my husband and I had met. So just things play out the way they’re meant to. But we just don’t always know it at the time, that’s for sure.

Kristin Taylor  1:01:11

Yeah, when you’re in the midst of it. So it’s interesting as you’re talking I keep doing this because I keep having chills you’re saying things that are just giving me chills which to me makes me believe that this I’m you’re saying something that’s like spiritually significant. There’s a truth to it. That happens in my body when people share things that really…

Wendy Rose Williams  1:01:30

For me chills is truth. It’s when I can I can hear the guides and the angels when I’m experiencing that. It’s like true truth. True. Exactly.

Kristin Taylor  1:01:39

Exactly. So with your permission, I would love for this episode to to wind down. And then perhaps the next episode, move into your single you meet this human being and what you were I was saying in the introduction about Michael Newton in the past life, yes. Growing into who you’ve become as a healer, which is far more aligned with the life path, right? Yes. Okay. So wake you shake you to wake you. Yes. Yes. And you said something I was actually listening to yesterday on the past life past podcast with Simon bone. And you said, you know that it’s not just something that’s going on? It’s how did you say it? It’s not going on? It’s growing? You had it kind of now I can’t remember, you know, it was so significant.

Wendy Rose Williams  1:02:23

It’s making that choice to not just go through something, but to grow through something that is what is what’s really important.

Kristin Taylor  1:02:32

Yes. And that is so much. Yes, yes. Yes. And that is really what I heard so powerfully.

Wendy Rose Williams  1:02:39

It’s easy tofall, fall into that victim place, that martyr place, and that’s it’s really low vibration, right? So it’s like, how do we deal with the reality but ground ourselves, dust ourselves off and try and find some sense of humor, trying to find the support and lift ourselves up? How do we raise our vibration and frequency? Well, that’s what we’re meant to do.

Kristin Taylor  1:03:02

How do we do what we’re meant to do here. And so that’s what I’m really hoping that we focus on in our next episode. So I just want to thank you so much for all that you’ve shared today. And I always ask this at the end, given what you just shared, is there anything I didn’t ask you or that you haven’t shared that you want to leave listeners with, beyond what you just said, which was profound.

Wendy Rose Williams  1:03:21

Thank you. For that moment. listeners are welcome to go to my website. And you can request a complimentary 15 minute phone appointment with me there and see if I might be of assistance to you. My website is my full name, WendyRoseWilliams.com. And just go to the contact me tab, and you can request that I also really enjoy, like you Kristin, hosting a podcast. It’s called Waking Up Spiritually. And it’s at wakingupspiritually.com And you can also find my books on Amazon and on Audible. I’m getting ready to release to publish my third book. Oh, that’s so exciting.

Kristin Taylor  1:04:00

I want you to plug yourself even more than that. What services do you provide and say the names of the books please.

Wendy Rose Williams  1:04:07

The services that I provide I am a past life energy healer, I help people release energy that does not serve them anymore. And we often don’t realize that anxiety, that depression, that stuck creativity, that fear, whatever might be holding us back from really living a life that’s filled with peace and love in joy. And when we feel confident, we don’t realize it’s just coming from the past. It’s not always literally a past life. Certainly can be childhood trauma from this lifetime, or difficult things that happened when you were a teenager or or any point earlier in this life too. So I am an energy healer for that and the certified spiritual teacher, as well as a past life regressionist. I had the privilege of training with Dr. Brian Weiss, who wrote Many Lives, Many Masters, as well as with one of Dolores Cannon students, as well as with one of Michael Newton students. So I’ve just had the privilege of doing that and being able to bring that to people to help them. And I’m also a Reiki Master energy healer. So can just dig into that toolkit. I hear guides and angels very, very well. That is my gift is my clear audience. The irony of sitting here with the big headset on in my ears being all blocked. I was very, very clear audience. And I’m just so grateful for that gift because I can help others with.

Kristin Taylor  1:05:39

Talk about being realigned with your path. And so before we go, the names of your books please.

Wendy Rose Williams  1:05:44

The names of the books. The first book I published is Regression Healing 1, The Huntsman, The Lord High mare and the World War Two soldier again on Amazon and audible, just look for my name there on the book tab. Okay, so it’s a past life regression session that I did for that soulmate that we’re going to talk about next time and the importance of his role in my life. So that’s nonfiction. The second book is the flow one Plymouth Plantation. I wrote it as historic fiction, Colonial America 1600s To actually my past life there and everything that happened because I was very stuck in that 1600s life, being able to release that stuck energy. It’s a big deal. And so and then the next book that’s coming up, it’s an impression healing to Joe and Marilyn. So Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe. So that’s coming up. And then I’ve also got some short stories published in a couple of collections. But you can see them when you look for my name on Audible and Amazon.

Kristin Taylor  1:06:49

Quite prolific. I love it. I love it. Thank you so much, Wendy and you your listeners? Yes, absolutely. And I can’t wait for the second part of this. Thank you so much.  All right. Bye. Bye.

Wendy Rose Williams  1:07:02

Bye bye.

Kristin Taylor  1:07:05

Thank you, Wendy for sharing part one of your extraordinary story and shedding some beautiful light into the reality that although our bodies will one day die, our souls never went and that we are always guided and supported by those on the other side. I look forward to sharing part two of your miraculous journey. If you are enjoying these podcasts, ask that you share them. We need your help in getting these important messages out there. sound engineering for today’s show was provided by Shane Suffriti. To learn more about Shane, please visit Shanesuffriti.com If you are looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness. These are the areas I specialize in as a coach and would love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at coachkristintaylor@gmail.com. Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll see you next time on How I Made It Through.

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