Wendy Rose Williams 00:05
Assuming it’s not always, you know, roses and rainbows there can be work to be done. My belief is soulmates are for lessons. And yes, they can play many roles. They can be best friends, it’s not always romantic. It could be best friends, parents siblings, that wonderful boss mentor that amazing helpful neighbor. You know, whoever it might be romantic ones, I think you’ve got that extra intensity to it many times.

Kristin Taylor 00:51
Hello, and welcome to part two of our interview with Wendy rose Williams. Wendy is a past life energy healer, certified spiritual teacher, reiki master, author and speaker. Wendy has had two near death experiences and the ease, both of which occurred in August of 1997 while she was pregnant. While experiencing her NDA. She met her angels for the first time as she explains in rich and fascinating detail in part one of her interview with me. Today in Part Two, Wendy will share about meeting the soulmate with whom she had contracted to wake her up spiritually, leading her to discover that Dr. Michael Newton’s work in the book journey of songs. These two events in tandem triggered a profound spiritual awakening for her, which then led to a wild ride between herself and her soulmate to resolve their 21 shared past lives. Wendy has experienced stunning physical and emotional breakthroughs from her own past life regressions, and other healing work, including releasing a decade’s long battle with debilitating daily chronic pain and mobility issues. Because of the remarkable quality of life improvement she experienced, she was inspired to help others do the same by releasing the pain, anxiety, depression and other energy that no longer serves them. Welcome back to the show, Wendy.

Wendy Rose Williams 02:17
Thank you so much for having me.

Kristin Taylor 02:20
It’s wonderful to see you again. And last time we talked you shared so much about the NDE and your experience with the angels. And we wanted to have this one to go into connecting with your soulmate. And all that ensued as a result of that reunion so to speak.

Wendy Rose Williams 02:38
Yes. So what happened was, so came out of left field, Kristin, was not expecting it at all. I had been divorced for about six years. And life was going really well. I had just rebuilt my life after the divorce. My daughters were doing great. They were 12 and 14. And I finally took a breath and looked around and said, Ah, you know, what’s, what’s next? What’s missing? If anything, and it’s like, oh, gosh, it’s time to meet and nice sky. Oh, wow. How do you do that? In 25 years, I have no clue. Spry asked my younger girlfriends who were actively dating. And I said, Oh, Wendy, it’s really easy. You just need to get on match.com Like match dot what? What are you saying to me, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. So I didn’t know there was such a thing as online dating. And then helped me put together a profile and get some photos and do all that. So truly, my objective is pretty nice guy, you know, pretty, pretty straightforward. It was not my objective. Meet the soulmate with the contract to wake me up spiritually and shaped me to wake me and turn my whole world upside down again. I was not my that was not my plan. But you know what we get in life, what we need, at the perfect time. We don’t always get what we want. Because I think the want is the ego part. And the sole. Driving driving the car or steering that ship in so many ways. So we just have to, I think it has some sense of humor and get more gracious about going with the flow of what actually comes up and do more releasing of expectations. I’ve learned that’s a big one for me.

Kristin Taylor 04:33
Yeah, I think that’s a big one for all of us. I’m so glad you said that because that’s where I think we can get really tripped up that’s very, very important.

Wendy Rose Williams 04:40
Especially for a good planner and you’re like comfortable being in that planning place and don’t just want to like garlic because that that tips over into that control illusion pretty quickly. Was I met a couple different people through a match and you know, kind of dipped my toe in the water and the Minute, I changed my radius because you could put in a radius of how far apart you were willing to be from the person. The moment I changed it to 10 miles distance from me, this profile immediately came up. And I was mesmerized, I’m looking at the screen going, I know him. I am I know him. And I was reading the profile. And even though it was very unique, very different, very creative. And it’s like I knew what he was going to say before he said it. And again, it wasn’t trained or predictable in any way. The last sentence of it was any woman on a spiritual path, particularly when interested in an L, B, L, we have to meet. So I’m racking my brain, I have no idea what LD L means. So I Google it hoping I’m finding the right reference, because it can stand for quite a few different things. So I write to him immediately, and said, Oh, my goodness, LBL. Are you talking about life between lives? Are you talking about Dr. Michael Newton and journey of souls, I’m finding this book reference, I’m finding this website, this looks fascinating. I have no idea what this is about. But I cannot tell you how lit up I am by this. And I’ve requested the book from the library. This was before, you know, Kindle instant gratification. It seems funny, right? Back in 2010, when this was going on. And he wrote back to me right away and said, Yes. You know, where have you been for Passover question? Are you considering a life between lives? And I’m like, no, just get in a book for the first time. But again, this just sounds fascinating. And he also wrote to me, I know you. So we then start over. So we get on the phone pretty quickly. And we’re trying to sync calendars to meet. And we’re trying to find out where we know each other from we’re going through everywhere we’ve ever lived any professional association we’ve ever belonged to, because we’re thinking there’s some there’s been some face to face contact in this life in this life. Exactly, exactly. So it takes us three weeks to meet, we meet for lunch. And then I got there first I’m sitting in the foyer of the restaurant, on the little bench in the minute he walked in. I felt like one can Feel the Earth Move. It felt like an earthquake, it felt like my world was falling away and like restarting or being reborn. I have never had an experience like that before or since I recognized him immediately. And let me tell you, people do not always look like their match photos. So over glamour shot from 10 years ago. I was like glued in place of like, I need to stand up and say hello, I can’t move.

Kristin Taylor 08:13
Oh my gosh.

Wendy Rose Williams 08:14
He came inand he seemingly immediately too. And he dropped down on one knee in front of me. And it’s like peering into my face and says I know you. I can only describe this as Soul level recognition. But neither one of us knew exactly what it was at that moment. So he helped me up like, you know, I my arm and I stood up and it was like the spell was broken and like, okay, when do you act like a normal human being? I don’t understand what’s going on here. But going in have lunch. You’re there for three hours. I think we would have been there longer. But we both had to get back to work. And it just was like we finished each other’s sentences. It’s like the excitement at being able to catch up. Again, this is not someone I’ve met in this lifetime. But we we within that three hours. We both were saying I know you from a past life, I know from multiple sides. So I know it’s a very exciting concept to you. To add to that..

Kristin Taylor 09:30
That was perfect timing wasn’t it?

Wendy Rose Williams 09:32
Exactly. So it just it just progressed from there. We did we became exclusive. It just was the most incredible relationship, but it had an intensity to it. It had a roller coaster to it. That was not always easy or pleasant. And we realized what we were trying to do was to resolve Have a lot of I’m so sorry. Gentlemen cleaning my windows right now and they’re walking by right outside. I have to have him. Stop alerting here. I’m so sorry.

Kristin Taylor 10:14
No worries. No worries.

Wendy Rose Williams 10:16
She’s like, people should not be walking up at the second.

Kristin Taylor 10:18
No, she’s protecting you.

Wendy Rose Williams 10:24
I know. That’s just so strange. I know. That’s so odd to see. You’re good. You’re good. Leave it. You’re good. You’re good. All right, well try it out without people walking by.

Kristin Taylor 10:42
Well, I love you know, even that just revealed who you are. It’s these moments that reveal who we are. I mean, you’re showing such gentle empathy to your dog. It’s just so sweet. I’m sorry. I cannot say that as a dog person. You know she’s doing what dogs do.

Wendy Rose Williams 10:58
She’s fine. No, no more people walking by. All right. So it wasn’t easy. As I said, it was just such a such a roller coaster. We We dated for 13 months. And the past lives kept showing up in various ways. I would have dreams, he would have dreams, I will do a healing session without ever asking about him or anything to do with that the healer would immediately be picking up or the psychic would immediately be picking up on it and saying, oh gosh, there’s this going on. And there’s a ton of intensity to it. There’s a ton of, you know, a number of lives. And same thing, he would go do a session and they’re like, Who’s this woman that’s like so in your field. And there’s such a variety of relationships. I think it’s important for people to understand when really soulmates it’s not always, you know, roses and rainbows there can be work to be done. My belief is soulmates are for lessons. And yes, they can play many roles. They can be best friends, not always romantic, they can be best friends, parents, siblings, that wonderful boss, mentor, that amazing helpful neighbor, you know, whoever it might be romantic ones, I think you’ve got that extra intensity to it many times. And what we discovered over an eight year period was those 21 lives together. And we had been married six times. And there have been other relationships, two siblings, best friends, lovers, mother and son. Just just multiple, multiple things. And we needed to weave them. Because what we needed to do this to forgive one another. Wow, we have not fully forgiven one another from several of those lives. So therefore, we kept meeting and re meeting to finish the lesson.

Kristin Taylor 13:09
To finish the lesson. I want to stop you there. Because one, I just think it’s really nice to shed greater awareness on the concept of soulmates because some people have that sort of lifetime rom com, it’s the one you were destined to be with, and it’s going to be blissful. When in fact, it’s this souls contract and past lives, and understand they can come in many different forms and for many different reasons, and it’s not blissful or easy. It’s about learning lessons and completing contracts. How did you and he I’m hearing psychics, but how did you and he’d discovered this was it through a Michael Newton’s life between life hypnosis, or unpack that?

Wendy Rose Williams 13:49
Great question…So what happened was we dated exclusively for 13 months. And he ended it and he ended it as kindly as he could, he chose to do it by email, because he felt that would be less shocking to me. Instead, it made me angry off the charts. And I called my temper for a few days and then contacted him by phone to say that is the most incredibly chicken thing I can think of to do. So and I would like to meet and have coffee, if you’re willing to do that. And it’s not going to be it’s not going to be a shouting match. I agree with you. It needs to be over. You know, thank you for releasing me and you know, saying what you needed to say but it was so one sided. He’s provider, and Larry carefully thought out, I mean, it was like a page and a half email. So it just felt like a like a dump to me of just here’s everything I need to say Exactly, exactly. So we did meet, and it was one of the most powerful, helpful conversations of my life. It was the conversation that you always wish you could have had in somehow couldn’t find the words or didn’t get the opportunity. And that also ended up being about a three hour conversation. I never thought of that before. We started with a three hour in person. And we ended the romantic in person with a three hour kind of funny book ends.

Kristin Taylor 15:35
That’s what I was saying, in my mind – the book end.

Wendy Rose Williams 15:39
But the way we learned the depth of the relationship was, I had a chance because it took us three weeks to meet or set three again, it gave me a chance to read journey of souls with that little delay to meeting the very first time. And the moment I read that book, I wasn’t a chapter in and it’s like, this is the deepest truth I’ve ever read. It had not been on my radar, you know, spirituality just wasn’t, wasn’t there. For me, it just, you know, the cycle of life was not complete. It wasn’t a bucket I was dipping into. But I just felt it was such deep truth. And I was not a chapter in and I’m like, I need to have one of these past life regression sessions. So he, my boyfriend, that soulmate found a wonderful Newton therapist for me. And I went and had a session with her, he drove me to it, because in those days, it was still you know, you got to go drive in person. And downtown Seattle. And so much came up during that session. I’ve never had a past life regression session in my life. I didn’t meditate. I had no spiritual practice, MBA since I was 22. Personality Type A pretty stressed out. I didn’t know if I’d be able to relax and have anything happened in the session. So I had to trust just had to let it go. And I thought, well, if worse, comes to worse, and I don’t get anything from it. Or at least No, it’s not for me, or it’s not for me, at this time, at least all of learn that.

Kristin Taylor 17:21
Yeah. May ask a question?

Wendy Rose Williams 17:22

Kristin Taylor 17:23
So what’s so fascinating, I use that word so much lately in these interviews, because it’s so darn fascinating. Yes, the MBA and yes, really driven and stressed out, but you’d also had this near death experience that had totally changed things, too. I imagine that that allowed you to surrender and to be more spiritual than you otherwise would be just connecting the dots.

Wendy Rose Williams 17:48
I think you’re absolutely right. My guides have laughed many times now that I communicate with them daily. And they’re like, when did you were like the toughest nut to crack. It was like taking that tool to the top of my head with the N D E and like splitting everything open. But I was so crazy busy at the age of 36 when I had the nd ease and picture, you know, infant and preschooler and challenge challenging marriage and when working full time, I couldn’t process it. All right, it just took years to process it all. So when the soulmate comes around, that’s like the next level of the nut cracking.

Kristin Taylor 18:34
Yeah. Yeah, that makes so much sense to me having a minimum and harried situation. And yeah, just functioning, just

Wendy Rose Williams 18:42
Falling away. So you’re absolutely right. So it’s just it’s like, or, like the onion, just peeling more and more and more. So that’s what that’s what was happening. So that first past life regression I had, which I just kind of had to let go and go in with no expectations, which is hard to do. You know, because I, I had to really save for the money for it. And I had a lot of expectations, and you just you just can’t you just have to let go. But what came up in that very first session was not one but two paths CIBSE with a lot of detail. And very importantly, we also started resolving some of the things from this lifetime because we were going back through the timeline. So we resolved several things there. I could not believe how much happened in two hours. Kristin, it absolutely changed my life. It was November of 2011. So was 1111 Talk about lightworker awake. I didn’t even know that concept.

Kristin Taylor 19:48
Well, you notice so funny. I don’t know if you’ve heard heard me that’s really interesting that you say that to the audience. Before we get started, boy, I have a lot of technical issues. And then finally everything cleared up and I go oh, it’s 1111

Wendy Rose Williams 20:00
That’s the way it goes. We weren’t broadcasting until 1111. Honey, yeah, there was a lot of clearing going on to get us on here today. Yeah. So thank you. Thank you to Archangel Gabriel. Thank you to everyone who helped with that. All the technology gods and gurus on both sides, but that past life regression, and the therapist at the end of it, she said, How do you feel I said, I feel like a new person. I don’t have anxiety anymore. And I had had anxiety. For my whole life, I had just been a very uptight, very stressed kind of person. And I just looked at her and I just like, couldn’t stop smiling. It’s like, don’t make sense now. And we don’t have to get it perfect, because we have another chance or another opportunity. And we’re supposed to fumble the ball and we’re supposed to fall down. You know, it’s not about how many times those happen. It’s just how many times you get back up, and can you smile about it and just go, oh, plot twist.

Kristin Taylor 21:13
Like to say, I love that sounds so.

Wendy Rose Williams 21:15
And I just looked at her and I said, I’m ready to sign up for my LBL. Now, I’d like to book my life between lives. And I’d like to book it for a year from now. And she’s looking at me, she’s like, I don’t think my books even go that far. Let me check my appointment book, because it was still back in the old paper calendar at that point. And she’s also saying, Wendy, that’s great, you did so fantastic. But again, you don’t have a spiritual practice, you don’t meditate and LBL is a really deep, if Gnosis you’ve got to be able to relax at a really deep level to have it be productive. Let’s sign you up for a monthly past life regression session. And we’ll keep practicing. And I just looked at her and I said, I’d love to, it’s not going to happen. Single mom, it took me a year to save for this one and get here and I will not get back down into downtown Seattle with someone driving me this before Uber and Lyft least in my world, you know, and get a friend to do that I will I have the finances, I’m ready to book the LBL for a year from now. And she’s like, Huh. And I said, and she said, why a year from now, I said, I don’t know, I’m just like hearing just my intuition is saying some things are going to happen, or I’m going to learn some things. And can we please book it for a year from now? So she did it. She did book with me, you know, with just…But she honored that I was just clearly getting some specific guidance at that point. So I did go back a year later for the life between lives. And that was after the point where my boyfriend and I had broken up. And so I had to really grit my teeth. Because I didn’t want him to drive me there. I just didn’t want anything to do with them. My heart was so broken. But he kept saying I’m supposed to drive you will you please just let me drive you there. Because he was feeling you know that that contract which we didn’t yet know about that he was to help me spiritually awakened and that was clearly using past life regression in life between lives and using some of these, you know, wonderful tools and techniques. So I did agree, it was a very positive thing, not only the session itself, I got so much information from it, I had the four hour recording. And I transcribed it because there was such richness to it, I had to type it not just listen to it 65 pages of information of answers to things I’ve never been able to figure out or resolve or progress with. It explains so much about my contract with him. It explains so much about my challenging relationship with my mom, because those have been the two relationships that have really shaken me to wake me up as to who I am as a soul and why I’m here. So that’s that’s what happened. And then he and I became spiritual seekers together. We tried to resolve the romantic relationship various ways, which I’ve never tried to do before. I’ve always just you know, done is done be peaceful, be kind let it go and move on. It’s good reasons why it’s ended to set a go regardless of you know, who’s decided that or whether it’s mutual, or whether it’s just simply you know, run out of steam, whatever the whatever the scenario was, but this one, we kept being drawn back to each other, we knew we weren’t done, we would run into each other in ridiculous places, and that we’d never, it wasn’t like we were like both at a place where we used to go. I mean, we kept bumping into each other. And when that happens, and you keep meeting and re meeting a person, whether you want to, or especially if you don’t want to pay attention, there’s more to be done there. Just try and be gracious and try and figure out what is it what’s going on here? What do we need to unweave or unknit. Because he and I discovered, we had a lot of karma together. And we needed to unweave it, it was beyond needing to forgive one another, there was a lot of other specific things we needed to learn. And what we chose to do, we said, we’re both going to be generous with one another. New boundaries, you know, we only meet out in public, coffee, lunch, that’s it, no evenings, no alcohol, very, very clean boundaries, not to one another’s houses. And you can tell by his description, there was still a lot of sexual attraction.

Kristin Taylor 26:14
I’m hearing that loud and clear. Yeah,

Wendy Rose Williams 26:17
We put in very clear boundaries and agreed to them. Because we knew we had things to work through on a spiritual plane. And we knew it always went sideways, when we got romantically involved, those new boundaries. And what we also agreed to do was to share with each other completely transparent, when either one of us went for a healing session, or worked with an astrologer, a numerologist, whoever it was, the two of us invariably showed up in the other person’s session without us asking about it. And that, again, is a sign that there’s a lot of energy there to release. So progressed a lot because we shared those sessions with one another. And we kept working through things. And we found other contracts to wow, I had a we had a contract to help others wake up spiritually. And we had a contract to be on radio together and on television together to help others. My Spiritual Awakening was so challenging and difficult. I really wanted to help ease that way for others. And he did too. And it was part of what broke my heart because it was not only losing the personal relationship and the romantic relationship, but I was still pretty black and white. And I thought, Well, gee, now we’re not going to be able to accomplish this, whatever this radio thing is supposed to be whatever this television, how are we We’re not going to be able to write these books together. Well, guess what? You just need to relax and let it go. Again, it was just my perceptions, my expectations, but because there was still such value to those things happening. I know, both our guides were working overtime, and they were rearranging and replanting it and redoing it. So guess what? I helped him get his first book published. And he helped me he’s actually the client in my first book. So it all happened. And he coached me for radio because he was actually a television sportscaster. He had a lot of media training. And I just was like, nope, gonna go hide in the closet to make me speak about I wouldn’t be it was not just stage fright. It was literally to the point where I thought I was going to die.

Kristin Taylor 28:49
Well, that’s past life. Right?

Wendy Rose Williams 28:52
I will throw up, Wendy found was a little bit of stage fright that you can work through. And this was very odd, Kristen, because I was an outside salesperson. It did not show up there at all. It was specific to speaking about spirituality, speaking about anything to do with metaphysics, anything to do with energy. And what I found over time is probably not going to be a huge surprise was it was lifetime after lifetime of having been punished, harmed, imprisoned, killed, having family members tortured, based on my speaking out about spirituality about what I was seeing psychically. So that then translated into I couldn’t I was fine face to face, phone to phone, but I could not. I could not deal with radio or television, anything where I couldn’t receive the audience directly.

Kristin Taylor 29:58
Couldn’t connect. I There’s, again, you’ve just shared so much. And I’m really glad that you pointed out like, no surprised it was past life and this sense of being persecuted or executed or are getting harmed other people that it was such a enormous risk that your body is having this response is not just a little bit of stage fright, but you’re throwing up feeling like you’re gonna pass out like, it feels like you’re gonna die, because you had died. And I know that so many people, myself included, have moved through life with whether it’s a phobia, or fear or anger or something where you’re like, there’s this repetitive pattern, and I don’t understand. And they’re looking at their own life trying to understand where is the seat of this, where was the trauma, and it makes no sense. But what I’m loving about this relationship in all of its intensity, and pain, and beauty, and the roller coaster of it all, is that you and he were so conscious. I imagine and I know, and these are what make movies of the week, people have these very tumultuous relationships, but they never get to the source.

Wendy Rose Williams 31:07
Correct. We got to the source again, and again, and again. And I am so grateful because of the the specificity and the information that came in I’ll use one example. I booked a 90 minute session with a spiritual numerologist. And she specified she specializes in karma and in soulmate relationships. And I heard her speaking at a at a meetup that I went to, and I couldn’t wait for her to stop talking. Because they wanted to rush up there and grab her card and say, Do you have your calendar because I need to book with you. Because it was clear as day I was meant to work with her. And she had been seeing me and I’m in the audience. And she said we’re supposed to work together. So I had that 90 minute session with her. It turned into six hours of information, we had to reschedule twice because of how much she said I have never had this amount of information to share with someone. So but it was very specific to that relationship and how I needed to resolve it and really clean it up from all the lifetimes to be able to do what I came here to do this lifetime. And it was also very, very helpful to him. It gave him a lot of healing opportunities and new information that he hadn’t known about what had gone wrong with me romantically had been problematic for him in many, many other relationships too.

Kristin Taylor 32:37

Wendy Rose Williams 32:38
That’s a common common thread.

Kristin Taylor 32:40
Yeah. What I’m what I’m curious about is at a high level, some of the lessons that you needed to learn, which kept you guys so tethered to each other until you got to the completion of learning those lessons. And then you said a number of times what you’re here to do, and I want to make sure that we’re giving a good amount of space for that, as well as your books to be instructive guides, I imagined to others who find themselves sort of in that in the midst or can even feel like plagued with difficulty that they can’t get past. So the lessons that you learned, and what you’re here to do plates.

Wendy Rose Williams 33:12
There are lessons that we learned were it truly boiled down to forgiveness. And what came out in the session he did with me the reason we did a session so fast forward my sessions with me having that first past life regression in that first life between lives a year apart and 2011 2012. They were so helpful that I then had and they were through the Newton through the Newton School. And what happened was six months later, I meet a gal who had trained for quantum healing hypnotherapy with Dolores Cannon. And she amazingly offered me a free session when she was going to be in town traveling. So she had some sort of contract. And we found out later that she owed me a big favor from a past life. And so I said, Oh, yes, that sounds amazing. I’ve been reading a little about Dolores Cannon. So I had two sessions with her that summer. And as a result of those four sessions in three years, so I’m clearly because what she said to me at the end of the second session, she said Wendy, do you know? Do you can you hear on the tape? Can you hear listening to your recording, you’re not only doing your part as the client in your higher self is speaking and your guides are coming in. You’re also actually kind of overstepping me in a way I’ve never seen and you’re doing the therapist part and you’re saying ask her this. I’d be telling my higher self or guides would tell her ask her this or do more of this with her. I was coaching the therapist.

Kristin Taylor 34:51
I hear that. I love it.

Wendy Rose Williams 34:53
It was fascinating.

Kristin Taylor 34:54
Just a sign.

Wendy Rose Williams 34:56
It makes perfect sense. You’re supposed to train for this. So she then I did end up getting me in touch with the gentleman with Chris Turner in the UK, who had trained with Dolores Cannon. And he was the first person I trained with. And then I later trained with Brian Weiss, and then with one of Dr. Newton’s of first degree students, because Dr. Newton had passed on. So it just was coming, full cycle. But my former boyfriend had significant pain, he had been a professional athlete, he had broken his neck. And he had significant pain after having had his neck surgically repaired. So neck, shoulders back, just from having been in a in a high high impact sport and from car car collisions, et cetera. So all this pain is coming up for him physical pain. So I offered to do a session for him. We hadn’t been dating for a couple of years, we’d gotten things, you know, a nice steady state where we were very spiritual seekers together. And we were in contact randomly when we needed to be but you know, then there would also be months where we didn’t speak to one another because we didn’t need to. Yeah, so I offered to do a session for him. And he said, Oh, my gosh, that would be amazing. Because I have done everything I can Western medicine and alternative and you know, massage and acupuncture, and I don’t want to be taking pain pills, because I know, I know it’s past life, I know there’s something big that needs to come out. And then I will feel better, I know, I’ll be able to release it. So that’s what became my first book regression healing one can get three lives come up with a lot of detail. And then I had to do the QC, the quality control check at the end. So I’m asking his guides, did we resolve the pain? You know, how’s he going to do now? And they said, No, that is so seldom that I hear that, you know that the issue has not been resolved. And I said, Okay, are we able to what do we need to do? And they said, We need to go to the lifetime of origin. Like of course, please take us there now. So we went to two very gnarly lives where he had been egregious ly harmed. And he had to, that’s the wrong term. It was his choice. Was he able to dig deep enough to forgive the two individuals involved? One of whom is this current day mother, keep the burners and as an amazing relationship with but it’s very complex. And the other person who harmed him? No surprise, right? It was me. Yeah. So the irony of me, I was actually the Inquisitor. At his torture, I asked the questions. And I was just bawling when I just could not stop crying, you know, to learn that you’ve been that sort of a person and in that kind of role to participate in the Inquisition. It just was really, really tough to hear. She wasn’t able to cry it out. So I cried about it for him. You can hear it still, it’s still a little bit of it there. But he forgave me for it, right in this session. And anyone with a big smile said oh my gosh, that’s so long ago. And you know, we all choose these things at a certain level or things happen and I’ve done the same and worse to you, we need to just let these all go we need to fully finally completely forgive one another. So he was able to do that and say that during his session. So I then grabbed some more and then we were able to we were able to let it go. And it just was such a powerful session. Fortunately my guides had warned me before I went into it they said this is going to be the most difficult session of your life use two recording devices because there’s going to be so much energy it may just blow out a little bit you and I do a little mini version of that, you know with just the delay getting on air today. That’s what energy is like when you’re really energy it can blow out the technology.

Kristin Taylor 39:34
Well it’s blowing me out right now like I’m getting more chills than I’m comfortable.

Wendy Rose Williams 39:38
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So that’s that’s what happened in I just was then I was aghast because there was nothing on the mp3 recorder because I went to transfer it to his computer and it was blank, even though we tested it new battery. And I’m like, oh my gosh now so Oh, I pushed the I check. I had a brand new iPhone. I have never used the recorder before. I’m not a tech person. But I have managed to hit record to record his session. But it’s stuck on my phone, because he had a four and a half hour session. The iPhone is not this was years ago. The iPhone is not meant to record that long. It can’t record that long. But you know, when the Divine is in or intervening and helping? Of course it does. So I apologize to him like, hey, I’ll go to the phone store tomorrow, I’ll get this figured out. They can download it, you know, I’ll go to I’ll go to I’ll go to Verizon down. We’ll figure it out. Yeah. So my go to Verizon, I’m like, please help me get this recording off my phone. But I need you to not listen to it. I said I’m a therapist is confidential. Please just get this off my phone. And they’re looking at me going. This thing was like four and a half hours. What is this a concert? I’m like, No, it’s It’s a client session. And they’re like, can’t get that off your phone for you. That that can’t even be It can’t record that long. It’s not capable of it like Well, apparently, yes. Don’t touch it anymore. Do not blow out that recording, leave it alone. So I’m now in a situation where I’ve gotten on my phone, I can’t give him my phone. And we didn’t want to sit and go through it again together. Oh, God. So I’m like thinking about and he’s like, gosh, I so loved my recording. Like I know, because he thought the session lasted an hour and a half the importance of that, what that means it was four and a half hours. That meant he was speaking as his higher self or guide for three hours. So there was three hours of information, he had no other way of accessing.

Kristin Taylor 41:45
He really needs that recording or the information.

Wendy Rose Williams 41:49
Recording was key. Yeah. So I’m, you know, thinking and I was like, slept on another night. And like, oh, gosh, I know what I need to do. And you just sit at the computer and type this out forum just quick and dirty. That’s evidently how we finish this. So I offered to do that. And he’s like, Oh, my gosh, that would be amazing. This was before they had the lovely transcription services they have now. So I sit there and type it. So I typed for about two hours on a Saturday. And it’s tedious. It’s a lot of work. And there’s a lot of energy moving. So I take a stretch break in about two hours, Kristen, and I get the surprise of my life. Because I scroll back to the beginning of it, I look at it. And it says the name of a book. It says by Wendy rose Williams, there is a table of contents. I’ve got notes to myself that says Krita forgiveness healing resource guide at the end, and I’m looking at I’m going through this. I don’t remember typing any of that. Putting you know what he said and what I said, I’m like, this is a book.

Kristin Taylor 42:57
You were being guided.

Wendy Rose Williams 42:59
That was the contract for him to help me write my first book because I helped him write his first book. There were separate books. It wasn’t read a book together or contract got changed.

Kristin Taylor 43:09
What that’s that’s beautiful. That’s beautiful that the guidance that you’re receiving and that you’re moving towards it reluctantly like they just can’t believe this happened. And yet it was it was really, you know, divinely inspired and facilitated. What is the name of that book?

Wendy Rose Williams 43:23
Regression healing when the huntsman Dillard high Mayer and the World War Two soldier and it’s available on Amazon, just go to the book tab on Amazon, or on Audible and put in my full name Wendy rose Williams, and you will find it there. Let’s take a look. Yeah, so it’s regression healing one, and I’m just ready to publish regression healing to Okay. And then I also have so that’s a nonfiction series of the most fascinating client sessions of course, with identities blinded and permission appropriately. And then I also have a fiction series, which is called the flow and the flow of one Plymouth Plantation. I wrote it as historic fiction, Christian, but it’s actually my past life in colonial America. And it’s that same soulmate again, have has as a major part in that one too, because we just you know, when we still have things to learn and to finish up, we just keep criss crossing.

Kristin Taylor 44:31
Yes, yes. Wonderful. And I love that the book is I love audiobooks I love so that I can you know, I can work out and go on a walk and do the dishes and I love that when it’s on audio for me personally, I hope everyone goes out and gets those. You have a life purpose and all of this leads to the clarity that you are aligned with your spiritual path and you are doing and being who you need to be and do. What can you say about that? At and then I want to ask about advice. Okay?

Wendy Rose Williams 45:03
Sure. My life. It’s okay. It’s okay. And ultimately my life path is to help clear the windows and help people see more clearly spackling sit with me and like, come sit with me, my life path is to help others with their spiritual awakening and just help ease out for them, and help people release chronic worry, and anxiety and depression. Because that is what comes up for so many people. And to be able to release that it is profound, to move into that peace and love and joy. When you’ve shed those layers of that pain. And that anxiety where you’re worrying about the future, the depression, you’re worrying about the past, you’re not present, you’re not in the moment. That’s right. So that’s really my life path is to help others wake up spiritually and have it be more, one gentle, more easy and meaningful for them than mine was.

Kristin Taylor 46:06
Yeah, that’s beautiful. And I know so many of us need that. So very, very desperately. What I say I know that, so many of us need that so desperately. And that is just such a beautiful gift that you are able and your life has prepared you to give. And it’s so very aligned. Thank you. Yeah, I just, I just love that so much.

Wendy Rose Williams 46:31
I just feel so just so honored, and just have so much joy that I can help people with this through really some really difficult things because clients are often shedding childhood trauma that just exacerbates through, it’s just a mirror image from, you know, previous previous lives and being able to heal that and shed that and let it go. It’s a really big deal because it often shows up as the big thrill as I said as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, you know, different diseases, cancer, just so many heart disease, high blood pressure, just so many things. It’s because our body, we just can’t relax, we can’t let go of this stress. And we don’t realize why we’re so you know, revved up and what we’re being triggered by like you said the first thing is phobias, because we try and over intellectualize them, well, that doesn’t make sense. You know, trade of x, y, z, right? And we find out that energy, it’s old and we just don’t you know, we don’t remember it because there’s a veil there.

Kristin Taylor 47:38
Right? Right. And I feel like that the current paradigm is see a therapist and talk about your own childhood in this life or get medication and it’s a lot of shame around mental health. And so we feel so imprisoned, absolutely feel so imprisoned, our life gets very, very small.

Wendy Rose Williams 47:57
Yes, yes, absolutely. What what anxiety, I think in particular pain to depression all through them, particularly anxiety, it makes you play it small. Yeah. And that’s what I was able to shed in that very first past life regression session with a hypnotherapist and was just so grateful for it’s like, I walked out of that door two hours later. And it’s like, with all due respect to traditional talk therapy, because it’s very helpful to some people, yes. But other people it’s not. And it just, it’s like I shed 50 years, and Lauren were yet to pass sighs I should hundreds of years. 12 hours. I mean, it was totally life changing.

Kristin Taylor 48:46
Extraordinary. So I would love for you to share, you’re talking about your books, I My hope is that people are like, Oh my gosh, if there’s a way forward and to use the title of the podcast a way through so that they can shed so much of the suffering that they’re living through. How do they reach you to try to work with you?

Wendy Rose Williams 49:08
Yes. So yeah, my website is the best way and my website is my full name. It’s WendyRoseWilliams.com. And please contact me there, you can request a complimentary 15 minute phone appointment with me see if I can be of service. And if I’m not the right person, I’ve got a fantastic huge network and happy to refer people to a more appropriate provider. You know, because sometimes someone wants like I said a spiritual numerologist or an astrologer or that type of thing, or one at one is psychic reading, right. So happy to refer them also.

Kristin Taylor 49:47
I love that. I love that so much. And all of these will be connected in the notes for the cert the show so thank you for joining us. Again. You are such a gift. It’s such a beautiful thing. remarkable story that to me really illuminates what is possible when one chooses to step forward and to live in a more awakened way. So it’s just you’re just really moving. And I thank you.

Wendy Rose Williams 50:14
Thank you. I appreciate that. Because I was in so much chronic pain, I was to the point where I was about to go into a wheelchair, oh, Wendy able to have shed 40 plus years of that. It’s a really big deal. And it is my absolute privilege to help other people be able to release those sorts of things. And same thing with my former boyfriend. When we started the session, I asked him what his pain was on the zero to 10, PACE pain scale, on a daily basis. And he said, it’s usually up at about a seven or an eight. And that’s life limiting that stability is debilitating, it is debilitating. And he said at the end of the session, it was about a three. And he’s kept that for years since then. So it’s a really big deal to be able to shed those layers to spiritually.com is my website, or excuse me, is my podcast. You can also check out the archives there. There’s over 50 episodes. They’re

Kristin Taylor 51:15
beautiful. Wonderful. Thank you so much. And we’ll see you next time. Yes. Yes, thank you, listeners. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing part two of your extraordinary story and shedding both light and inspiration into the importance of seeking greater purpose and alignment in our lives and understanding perhaps that the places we suffer, or feel stuck emotionally or physically might just be connected to a past life, or multiple past lives, like it was for her. To learn more about Wendy and the remarkably healing work she provides, please visit WendyRosewilliams.com. If you enjoyed today’s episode, I kindly ask that you share it, or even read it or write a review. We need your help in getting these powerful stories out there. sound engineering for today’s show was provided by Shane Suffriti. To learn more about Shane, please visit Shanesuffriti.com If you’re looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness. These are the areas I specialize in as a coach and I would love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at coachKristintaylor@gmail.com Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll see you next time on How I Made It Through.

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