Judy Sharp  00:04

And the nice thing is that when you heal in a past life, that healing, it goes all the way through to the present life just as the trauma does. When you heal it at source, the healing also ripples through to the current life.


Kristin Taylor  00:30

Hello, and welcome to How I Made It Through. My name is Kristin Taylor, and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity, only to come out the other side more self aware, and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love and compassion. Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning. And I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here, and how to live more fully. From the base of hypnotherapy and past life regression. Judy Sharp works to find the best possible resolution for her clients. Apart from her international training and various disciplines, her own life experiences allow her to empathize with many situations and challenges. From an early marriage to an alcoholic, shamanic interlude on a small island in Lake Titicaca, running her own marketing and recruitment business on Gibraltar to almost two decades living and working in the Algar. Her own often bumpy journey has taught her a great deal in that it has given her an understanding of different cultures and ways of life, as well as the many and varied issues that affect personal and business life. Judy had the pleasure of studying with Dr. Keith urn, a renowned psychologist who runs the European College of hypnotherapy, with whom she still works closely even today. She holds a fully recognized Diploma of hypnotherapy and diploma past life therapy, spirit release therapy qualifications and keeps abreast of developments in specialist areas with regular research, study and update training. She is listed on the general hypnotherapy register, and is registered with a prestigious complementary and Natural Health Care Council. She is also fully insured for all the work she carries out. Welcome, Judy.


Judy Sharp  02:35

Thank you very much, Kristin. Wow, that sounds that sounds very impressive. Is that me?


Kristin Taylor  02:41

Aren’t you impressive? Yes. Can you see I why I wanted you on my show. Yes, yes, incredibly impressive and very much aligned with our show where we study human consciousness. We study the afterlife, we explore issues around past life, life between Life Spiritual transformative experiences, and it sounds like you have a lot to say about all of that. Can you share, just get us started, you have a very robust history that has taken you to many different places and experiences. We could probably be here all day with all of those. But to make sure that we’re focused on the issues that I just gave voice to. How did you get into this work?


Judy Sharp  03:26

I, I was a late starter. I’m not one of those people who saw little sparkles around people. When when I was a child, I didn’t see auras. And I didn’t see fairies at the bottom of my bed or anything like that. So I grew up in the countryside in England in southern England. And I always had an affinity with nature. But that to me was just a function of growing up in the country. I as you mentioned, when I was 18 in between leaving school and going to college, I married a 26 year old alcoholic. There weren’t many around, but I managed to find one. That with the benefit of hindsight, which is always a wonderful thing that was one of my early life lessons. And of course that marriage didn’t last long. So we went our separate ways. I had a corporate style career in England. In my mid 30s. I gave all that up for no apparent reason I still don’t know why except my guardians were pushing me to leave England and get on with what I was meant to be doing. I went to Southern Europe. I settled in southern Spain on the Costa del Sol and really could have had a life of leisure. But I got bored. I’m an Aries I get bored very easily. I started my own businesses on Gibraltar. That went very well until I had a running with a government there and That was the first time I was reduced to nothing. And again, in retrospect, that was one of my big life lessons because I believe we don’t learn lessons when we’re cruising. When everything is going really, really well, we don’t learn, we only learn when everything comes tumbling down around our ears. And even then we don’t learn, because we’re too busy trying to sort it all out. It’s only afterwards, when we can look back and put it in context, we think, oh, yeah, that’s why that happened. It was after that, that I was invited by a friend of mine who ran a center in the Algarve in southern Portugal to go and how sit for her while she and her husband went on holiday. And I had nothing better to do at the time, I had lost my companies. I was doing the basic amount of work that I had to do to pay the rent and feed the cat and so on. So I said, Well, why not, you know, three weeks, that’s all it was going to be, I don’t care. And so I drove from southern Spain across the frontier into Portugal. And three weeks turned into three months because her husband was taken ill. And then three months turned into 20 years. And that’s the time I spent in the Algarve. And it was there at that center, at the ripe old age of 40. They say life begins at 40. Well, my spiritual life began at 40. And it was there at the center that everything started for me spiritually wise, because spirituality had not been on my radar at all. I had been business focused, success focused. Yeah, driven, really. And at this center, it was a beautiful place. And it taught yoga, tai chi meditation. It was set in 11 acres of beautiful, beautiful, natural countryside. And it had a team of therapists doing all sorts of therapies that I’d never heard of, I’d never heard of Reiki or shiatsu or AI, or Vedic healing, I got I had no idea about any of that. And the therapists who were there had been told to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn’t ruin the place. And they did that by giving me tester sessions of all of these lovely therapies, of course, it was amazing. And so I really was dumped in the deep end of the spiritual swimming pool. And it was a fabulous way for me to wake up, I suppose, in the most beautiful surroundings, supported by all these amazing therapists, having enormous amounts of freedom and free time just to wander amongst the trees there, and on the beaches. And it was a fascinating time, really, because I was still licking my wounds, having lost my companies, of course. So it was a time of great healing for that. What I discovered was that the the office that I rearranged, of course, I rearranged it to suit me, I rearranged the office, and it was set in the library. And there were beautiful, fabulous books about every aspect of spirituality and esoteric material and metaphysics and so on that you can think of. And so I had all of these books around me, and I would just go, and you know what it’s like, you go to a shelf, and you’re drawn to one particular book. And with a few of them, I would pick a book and just open it and start reading and I think but, but I know this, how can I know this? I’ve never come across this stuff at all. And yet, I know it. And that that, for me was quite extraordinary. So that’s how I got into all this stuff. And if you’re asking more specifically about the hypnotherapy, it again was while I was based at this center, and I was really enjoying learning about complementary therapies, how they work about working at the different levels, the physical, the emotional, the mental levels, looking at the whole thing in a completely different way. And I decided that I wanted to do some of this, oh, I want some I want to do it too. And I didn’t know which therapy to choose. Bear in mind. My background was very business II. I I hadn’t done any sort of therapy type training before. Nothing like that. I’ve got a diploma in management studies. I majored in marketing. I’ve done all of that, but nothing in the therapy field. So I then met a man called Ron In a lovely man from Scotland called Ron, and he occasionally worked at the center. He lived close by, and he was a Hypnotherapist. And I said, Oh, what’s hypnotherapy? What does that do then? And so he explained, and I thought it was very interesting because Ron had had a corporate career as well. And he had switched, he’d got to that stage in his career where he didn’t want to do it anymore. And he had switched to hypnotherapy. And he explained why. And it made sense to me because hypnotherapy is quite quick, really, it’s quick and efficient, you’re in, you sought it, and you’re out. Again, it’s not one of these will come and sit on my couch every week for 19 years, and we’ll talk about your mother. It’s not like that it’s been sorted out. And I didn’t have to go and study human biology. I didn’t have to know where to put the acupuncture needles or anything like that. It appealed to me. And he said that he was going to take a, he was going to lead a training course in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. And I still put me down for that, please, which he did, it was under the auspices of his college in London, and they would send down tutors every now and again, to teach specific modules on this course. And I think it was while I was doing that course towards the end of it may be that in terms of timeline, I was no longer working full time at the center, the people had come home. I’d stayed on for a while. But I was also working as a freelance feature writer, which is something I love to do. And I was traveling all over Portugal having a great time. And I had the chance to go and visit a working salt mine. There’s only one in the whole of the Algarve, it’s very unusual. And it was still working, run by Portuguese people. And so for a foreigner for a foreign female to have an invitation to actually go and visit it and do the feature was really quite special. And so of course, I said yes, please. And it was only about a week before the visit. I woke up one morning at about three o’clock as one does. And I thought, but I can’t go down a mine. I’ve got claustrophobia. I hate being underground. I hate being in enclosed spaces where I can’t get out what what am I doing? And it was one of those moments where you sit up straight in bed and think I can’t do this, what have you let yourself in for. And I phoned Ron that morning. And I said, Look, you’ve got to sort this out. We’ve got a week to sort it. And he said, Well, actually, no, we haven’t we’ve got a day because I go on holiday tomorrow. went to his house, I drove to his house, he sat me in a chair, and the putting into a deep state of relaxation. I knew I was familiar with that. But we hadn’t done anything like a past life regression that wasn’t on our syllabus at all. But that’s what he did with me. He put me into a deep state of relaxation, took me back to the source of this claustrophobia. And that’s where I uncovered one of my big lives, as I call it.


Kristin Taylor  13:20

Well, I let me, if I may, may slow you dow? Because you are sharing so much. And I want to go into this experience with the past life. But I just want also pause and to say what a remarkable life, that trajectory is going one direction, very conventional, very business oriented. And then suddenly, it all comes tumbling down. And you find yourself in this very idyllic setting where there’s just you’re just immersed. And this esoteric learning that I love that you say you were drawn to books and all that you’d never learned about it in this lifetime. There was a resonance and unknowing. I know that. So I just want to underscore that. Because that feels very important to underscore. So now you’re with Ron and I and I connect with you like the thought of going into a salt mine. For me. Maybe I have a past life. But that just terrifies me like, I want out. Did you know that it was going to be past life?


Judy Sharp  14:14



Kristin Taylor  14:14

Or did it just evolve into past life?


Judy Sharp  14:17

I had no idea the concept of past life regression had not come onto my screen at all. We had studied psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and the use of hypnotherapy for all the normal stuff. You know want to lose weight or want to give up smoking, that that sort of thing. Past Lives had probably been mentioned but only in passing. Because it does require specialist training. You’ve got to really understand what you’re doing with that. And so when I sat in the chair, I had no idea what he was going to do. I really didn’t and when I came out of the session which must have been, I would say about two and a half hours later. There were tissues all over the floor. I was like a wet rag. But we had uncovered this life. And it was it was extraordinary. And it was after that, that I thought, Oh, my goodness, that is so powerful. I want to do that. I want to do this. So that was such a defining moment, then I have to ask, and then I want to back up. So you went into the salt mines, and you were okay, I went into the salt mines. And what I had in my mind when I woke up at three o’clock in the morning was it was a tiny little mine where you have to crawl through. And of course, it’s nothing like that at all. They’re huge. They have massive machines going around in there. But nevertheless, it is a mine. And we did go down in quite a small shaft. And, but it’s beautiful because it’s salt, it’s crystalline. And it sparkles. The whole thing just sparkles. It is an absolutely beautiful place to be. And the atmosphere is lovely. Because it’s dry. The salt absorbs all of the damp and salt mines when they’re decommissioned. They’re actually used now for document storage, because it is so safe and secure. But yes, it was it was a lovely experience. And I didn’t feel any sort of Oh, at all. It was fabulous.


Kristin Taylor  16:22

That’s what I want to know, that’s what I want to know. So you’re fully present Yeah, like majestic and beautiful. That’s beautiful. That’s beautiful. So he’s leading you through this past life regression. I would love to hear about the past life. If you’re open to sharing that and you to our listeners, for our listeners. How conscious are you when you are in the deep state of hypnosis? And did you remember it once you sort of the two and a half hours go by and you see all the tissue all over the floor? Just paint that picture and help us understand that experience from the person experiencing it as well as what you learned about your past life?


Judy Sharp  16:58

As the one who as the client, as it were? Yes. And once I was put into that deep state of relaxation, I could hear Ron’s voice. And I could do what he was asking me to do. I could answer his questions I was talking. Though I was answering his questions. I was explaining what was going on. I was present but I was present as that past life character. I was not present as dude, I was present. As that past life character. I was that past life character. And that past life character was a young architect in ancient Egypt. And the story that unfolded was as follows. I was a young architect, young up and coming architect. And I had designed a new palace for the Regional Governor, who was a favorite with the pharaoh of the time, I didn’t get any names. And this new palace was being built on the edge of town going out towards the desert. And I could see it in my mind’s eye. It was actually a very nice looking building. It was a very nice looking building. It was nearing completion. And a messenger from the governor had arrived to say the governor wants to see you at the house. Now he wants to see what the plan is now for a site meeting. It wasn’t planned. But of course, when the governor says come, you go, right. And so I went and I saw very clearly, I was picking up the rolls of the parchment plans, I could see all of that. And I was heading out into the sunset, to go to this house. So it must have been to the west. I guess I don’t know the sunsets in the West here. And so I could see the house, the palace outlined as the sun was setting, it looked very impressive. And that was the way it was meant to look and fine. I got to the palace, and I saw that the high priest was there, which was quite unusual. There’s no need for the high priest to be there. But again, he’s the governor, he can have whoever he likes that. And we were walking around the palace, and I was very happy with the way it was going. Because one of the things I did was to incorporate sacred geometry into the design of the palette. So I had classes that I was teaching all about sacred geometry and the universal laws and so on. And I had included the sacred geometry in the design, which makes it very pleasing. It’s a bit like the classic Greek architecture. Of course, the builders had done a good job, it was all looking lovely. And there was a big, a big old slab stones have been leaned against the wall, and I’m gonna quite understand why. And next to that there was an underground storage, our area where they would store the big jars of oil and grain and so on. And the governor asked me to go down into the storage area to check the size because he said he wanted to know exactly how many jars he could get in there. And so one of the slaves brought a torch playing the torch, and I went down into the storage area, and I went all the way to the back, it was it was a big room. And the stone was pushed across the doorway. And at first I thought it was it was a bit of a joke. And I thought, yes, yes, they’re having a bit of a laugh, you know, haha. And then it became obvious that it wasn’t a joke at all, they pushed this huge stone back across the entrance. And that was it. And that’s where I was left to die. And my gosh, it’s, it’s not a nice way to die. But it gave me me the architect time to think why, why, what, what’s all this about? And it was all about the fact that I was teaching these classes, or the mystery mastery schools, if you like that the sacred geometry, the universal laws. And the high priest didn’t like it. And he’d already given me a warning and said, you know, the punishment for that is death, young man don’t do that. Yeah, yeah. And that’s what he was doing. And it was actually very clever. Because the high priesthood obviously influenced the governor somehow. And by, by arranging my death on the property of the governor, the high priest then had a hold over the governor. But I would just vanish off the face of the earth. There was no body to be found there was there was no evidence there was nothing is very clever. Right?


Kristin Taylor  21:55

Right. Very clever. And, yeah, very malevolent and cruel. And so you have this experience. And this level of detail feels so very, very compelling, right? This is just so so discreet, and all these descriptions that you otherwise would have no way to imagine, you come to so to speak, help us understand the process of synthesizing like that was then this is now You can let go. How does and I know that’s probably technical, so you can keep a very high level..


Judy Sharp  22:33

In in the session. What the architect understood was, having realized that that death was coming. He then started to wonder how it would be would he staff or tea suffocate? Which would be first? Yeah. And actually, it was suffocation? It was I was incredibly hot. And yeah, it was it was suffocation. And the way I have to say, I don’t understand, I don’t know exactly what Ron did in the way of healing at that time. I only know that eventually I was brought out of that lifetime. And when I came out of it, I was very drained. But it felt as though a weight had lifted somehow. I can I can tell you how I do it. With my clients, which may well be different to the way Ron did it with me. I am not aware of how Ron did it was me. But I know that by the time I came back out that trauma had been healed. Yeah. And the nice thing is that when you heal in a past life, that healing, echoes all the way through to the present life, just as the trauma does. When you heal it at source, the healing also repeats through to the current life.


Kristin Taylor  24:02

I love how you just said that when you heal it at source. And there’s so many of us who are walking around both in the current lives that we have where there are histories of trauma. And yet there are so many, you know, many, many, many hundreds, if not 1000s, of lifetimes where there is unhealed trauma, right? That surface and symptoms like depression, anxiety, whatnot. So it just feels like the next question that comes up for me. And I know that I don’t think anyone would know. But if you had to guess this is maybe the hardest question. How much do you think our trauma is about our current lives or our past lives? Just by and large? Do you have a sense of that?


Judy Sharp  24:45

That’s a really interesting question. I would say that these past few years in this current lifetime have been very difficult for a lot of people and have triggered an awful lot of anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, and all of that sort of thing. And I see clients quite frequently now who are saying I just don’t know who I am. I don’t know what’s going on. Some of that is purely the pressure that has come down from on high. The, the the divisive policies, the fear, the anxiety, and all of that. Some of that triggers trauma that could be from early life, or from past lives, I would say, more, more issues in this lifetime can be traced back to a past life than we would imagine. Actually, I would say, we’re looking at the whole realm of fears and phobias, emotional trauma, we’re looking at problems with relationships with sex with money with success hitting that glass ceiling, and why can I Why can’t I get through this ceiling? Now all of that can be traced even even libido one one French lady came to me and she lost her libido, which was very important for a French lady. And we found that in a past life as well.


Kristin Taylor  26:23

Wow, wow, tell me that’s a really, I really appreciate that. The way that you answered that, and how thoughtful you are with that, that really helps. Because it sounds like it’s really a combination of both. And this is my belief, tell me if this is close to what you believe or how it’s different. I believe that our souls chose this lifetime. And there is a blueprint and a contract to say this is what we are here to learn, see how closely you can get to learning and it is through often the pain and the struggle that our deepest, most profound lessons are learned. But what I really appreciated about you, and the way you answered that is like, yes, it’s in this lifetime, but it’s also triggering, it’s like as connective tissue to past traumas, which could make something for someone, let’s say they got trapped in an elevator, one person might have been like, Whew, that was really unpleasant. Another person might feel like that stops me in my tracks. I don’t know how to move forward with my life, because now the panic is so, so powerful. And that might be because it’s got some of these connective tissues to past lives. My understanding.


Judy Sharp  27:24

I agree, I agree. And in fact, if I may tell one little story there…


Kristin Taylor  27:29

Please, I love the stories.


Judy Sharp  27:31

I’ve just mentioned, the lady who lost her libido. And we both laughed about that. But she, she’s a French lady, she came to see me with a few issues that she wanted to work on. And in fact, she was a very interesting lady, because I ended up talking to various parts of her body and doing a deal with different parts of her body to ease physical pain in this lifetime, which also linked back to a past life issue. But she lost her libido. She and her partner had been together for quite a number of years, the physical side of the relationship was active, and it was very important for them. And all of a sudden, she said, I just switched off. Couldn’t do it didn’t want to. It was just like, No, no. And she couldn’t figure out why everything was going fine. They both had good jobs. They were very happy together. There was nothing apparent that had gone wrong. And so we did a past life regression. And we found a life where she had been a young girl. I’m trying to get this straight because there were two stories with her and I need to get it right in when she was abducted. That was the physical pain. And in the other. She was at a birthday party. That’s right. We found her she there was a birthday party at a sort of a country hotel. She was about 21. And she was hanging back. She didn’t want to go to the party. She was hanging back. And so I was asking this character. Why don’t you want to go to the party? And she said, Well, there’s somebody there. And she mentioned something about his hands. He’s got he’s got very pudgy hands. Now, to me as a therapist, you see, that’s the key. That’s that’s a clue. So I said, go back to the very first time that you were aware of his pudgy hands, and she went black, and she was back to when she was six or seven. And he came into her bedroom when she was a little girl and started molesting her. And that went on until she was 16. Now, the pattern of this sort of abuse is is quite typical because it was somebody in the family it was an uncle And so the little girl was very confused. Instinctively, she knew something was wrong, but this was her uncle. And he was saying, it’s our secret, and so on. And then as she got older, she got to about 12. And there’s a part of her that actually quite enjoys it, of course, because the hormones are coming, and, and so. So from about 12 to 16, she said, I actually enjoyed it. And then when she was 16, she realized how wrong it was, and said that this has absolutely got to stop. And if you don’t stop, I’m going to tell people what’s happened. So not only was there the abuse, but there was the guilt that she had enjoyed it as well. And all of this and now, that was 16. She was now 21. And she was being forced to go to his birthday party. And as she was in a frog looking very pretty in there, he was getting rather the worst for where with drink, say, Oh, come on, join the party come and join the party and his party hands were all over her again.


Kristin Taylor  31:07



Judy Sharp  31:08

And so we we healed that trauma, which was fine. But then that still didn’t completely explain why she had suddenly lost the libido when it had been fine for so long. And when she came back from that deep state of relaxation, she said, Now I understand. Because my partner and I went away for a weekend, we went to a country hotel, and it was exactly the same as the hotel in that past life. Oh, my God, you said it was exactly the same right down to the fact that there was a birthday party going on on the lawn. And she said I could see, I the hotel we stayed at was an old country hotel, it was the same sort of building the same sort of balconies, the same sort of architecture. And she said it was exactly the same as the one in the past life. That’s what triggered it.


Kristin Taylor  32:04

That is so so interesting, because I feel like so much of us. So many of us, excuse me are walking around with these things that unconsciously we’re not aware of, but our soul understands and our unconscious mind our higher self is connected to, but then it’s like we’re metabolizing it but we don’t understand how or why or how to undo. And we can go to typical therapy. And we could talk about well, what what can we do to increase your connection to your husband or your connection to yourself and have loads and loads of conversations that might be meaningful, but they’re not going to heal the trauma.


Judy Sharp  32:40



Kristin Taylor  32:41

So amazing. That’s amazing.


Judy Sharp  32:43

I call it sticking a plaster on you know, sticking a bandaid on, if that’s the sort of thing you’re doing is sticking a bandaid on, and that’s fine for a little while, but it’s not going to stick and what I do is get right down in there. And and clear it out and sorted out once and for all, because then the client is free to move on.


Kristin Taylor  33:02

Well, I love the word free. Yeah. I love the word free that feels like you’re so liberated. Yeah. On the deepest soul level possible. What always comes up for me, and I am going to do it at some point this year, because I’ve been interviewing and reading so much about and I want to read your book. So we want to make sure that we’re plugging your book as well. I want to be hypnotized to go into past lives, and perhaps even life between lives through the VA. The Newton Institute kind of thing. I’m just fascinated by it all. Do you ever encounter? And if so, to what extent people who simply can’t be hypnotized? Or they’re resistant? Or that it’s just more difficult?


Judy Sharp  33:42

Yeah. Yeah, there are a few. I think the the industry norm is about 5%. And generally, it’s very sad because sometimes these are people who really, really, really want to go into that state for whatever reason, and and they’re so keen, and they really want to do it. And it just doesn’t happen. Other times it’s because people are just such control freaks. And in those cases, dare I say it’s mostly men, and I think they believe I’m going to get into the darkest little recesses of their mind and find their dirty little secrets. I don’t care about their dirty little secrets, really. But there they put up this wall of resistance. But yes, there are people who can’t or won’t. And it’s, it’s unusual, but it does happen. It does happen.


Kristin Taylor  34:39

Yeah. Okay. And then when you are leading through someone through hypnosis, I imagine much like you said it was like a two and a half hour session with Ron. How long does it typically and I know every one is different, but typically take to get someone into the brainwave state where they’re receptive to bringing forward past lives.


Judy Sharp  34:59

Again, that’s that That’s an interesting question. And my sessions now when when I see clients, my sessions are two hours long. And I take about 20 minutes, I suppose to put somebody into that nice deep state of relaxation. And the way I work is to, first of all relax the physical body, I don’t touch them. But I talk them through it, and I relaxed the physical body from the feet up to the edge. And then I count them down the steps, it’s a classic technique, I count them down the steps. And I do that in a very gentle pace. And I explain it all beforehand. So they know what’s happening. And generally speaking, that takes 15 to 20 minutes now, I have things pop up on my Facebook feed sometimes with them. There’s there’s one guy in particular, who says, I can teach you how to put your clients into a hypnotic trance in 30 seconds. And my immediate reaction is always Why Why? Why would you want to do that unless you’re one of these therapists who works to the 15 Minute therapist hour, and you’re just putting them through like sausages on the machine, you know, churning Yeah, yeah. And that’s, that’s not what what I do. So generally, it’s about 20 minutes, depending on how the client is reacting, and so on. And that should get them into a deep state, I then do deepen that if we’re doing past life work, because if somebody’s talking, it does bring them up from that deep state of relaxation. So I need to put them deeper. And then the actual time spent in a past life would be anything from an hour to an hour and a half. And the way I do it is that it’s what I call the cycle of the soul. So we start in the here, and now we go back to a past life, we inevitably end at the point of death in that past life. And that’s really important. Because I asked the character then to review that lifetime, was it a good life? Are there any regrets? Was there anything that should have been done? And so on? And what is the passing thoughts? So as the character takes their very last outbreath? And it always is an outgrowth? What is that? What is that thought? Are they thinking, Oh, I’m at peace. Now I can go? Or are they thinking? I’ll get even with that? Not very nice, man. If it’s the last thing I do, or are they thinking, I will never go hungry again. Whatever it may be, because it’s that that the soul then carries forward, because that’s the last thing in the body. So that’s what the soul takes forward. So then, the way I work, is that I then encourage the soul away from the body, I then talk with the soul. I asked the soul to review that lifetime. Did it meet the goals that were set for it? And if not, how, in which way, did it not? And I then invite the soul to collect all of the traumas from all of its lifetimes on this earth plane. And I release all of the trauma from the soul from all of the lifetimes. And then I invite the soul to go to that life between Live, which is where Michael Newton specializes to that Bardo state, as the Tibetans call it. Yes, to the time where it’s preparing for this current incarnation, and to what is commonly called the Council of Elders, these wise old souls who sit and help the soldier prepare. And so it’s a review. Okay, so what are the goals for this current lifetime? What are the challenges that you’ve set for this current lifetime? Who from your soul group is here in this current lifetime with you? And what advice would you give? And then back to the current life? So it is a cycle to soul?


Kristin Taylor  39:13

Wow. How many sessions typically do you have with someone that depend to achieve that, to achieve that?


Judy Sharp  39:21

So that’s one that’s one session. That’s one two hour session.


Kristin Taylor  39:24

That’s amazing, Judy.


Judy Sharp  39:26

I work my clients really hard. That’s one two hour session.


Kristin Taylor  39:30

That’s extraordinary app. Okay. And before, okay, so then take away that question, because that’s really what I wanted to know. Do you only work in person or do you also work remotely?


Judy Sharp  39:43

I do work remotely. I do work over zoom. And I do spirit released work over zoom. I can do Soul Retrieval work over zoom. I do a lovely session I called Crystal Temple which I can do over zoom. I like to do past lives. In person, because I much prefer to have the energy there and so on. Yeah. I don’t call myself a psychic, I don’t call myself a medium. I am intuitive. I do have my team of unseen helpers. I call them team Jude. And here just off my right shoulder. And I find for past life work, it is much more comfortable for me to be there with the client.


Kristin Taylor  40:32

Yeah, sure, I can understand that I can understand that. So what I’d like to transition to is asking a bit, because of these experiences that you’re sharing, and even you talking about team Jude, how much this is deepened and imbued your own spiritual connection and lens through which you view being alive and consciousness and you know, the afterlife. I’m so curious to hear about your perspective, and what you’ve learned that you hold as you move through your life. If you’re open to sharing with that, sharing about that, and then I’d love to hear about your book. Oh, the book. So those are two big questions. Yes. But start with your own spiritual perspective that’s been informed by all that you learn in practice.


Judy Sharp  41:17

That is a big old question, Christian. And I think I have learned an awful lot, most of it from my client, I have to say. While I was based at that center in Portugal, I was very lucky because I was exposed to all different sorts of healing modalities. And I had the opportunity to work with all different sorts of energy workers with healers, with a shaman. That’s why I went up to the island of the sun on Lake Titicaca. And so all of that played in to what makes me who I am now, I suppose it is this exposure to understanding that there is not just one way of healing, that people have their own truths, people look at things in all different sorts of ways. And I guess one of the things I’ve learned is that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, rather than being earthly people having having a spiritual experience. We, we are spiritual creatures. And our purpose here, really, I believe, is to learn and to feed back those experiences to source to the creator of what whatever one cares to call it. And that it’s not our task, to bully other people into our way of thinking. We can talk we can discuss, we can listen, we can share, but it’s not up to us to say I’m right, and you’re wrong. And you’ve got to do it my way. And what I’ve come to understand, I think, probably over these past few years, again, when it’s been so difficult, when everybody has been constrained and restrained is that we can only lead the proverbial Horse to Water. And that applies across a whole range of, of topics. And if we are walking our walk and talking our talk, then people will like what they will see. And they say, I want some of that too. And I think that being me, pause me pause. I’m having what I call a budgie moment, I’m having my instructions. Bear with me. When I get tongue tied, they told me what to say. I would say that in order to be the very best that we can be, we have to have integrity. We have to have transparency. We have to have respect and understanding. And if we can live our lives like that, then the proverbial light will shine. And we don’t have to go around preaching and saying, I’m a very spiritual person. There’s no need for that. People will just understand that, Oh, well. That’s what she does. That’s what he does. And actually, they’re quite a nice person. And I think that’s what it is. And just Just to wrap a little bit on that, if if indeed we are going up to the fifth dimension and there is much talk that the planet is they’ll be shifting and we are shifting. And so my understanding is that when we get up to that fifth dimension, we won’t need to talk anyway. Because that we will be coming from the heart and not the head. And I think this is a key point will be coming from the heart, not the head, we won’t need speech, which is very clunky. Because we’re coming from the heart, there will be this transparency. And that will be really good. But it will also be very uncomfortable for people. Because you can’t work from the heart if you’ve got your own agenda. And if you’re not telling the truth, and if you’re not being what the Germans say, consequent if you’re not being with integrity, and so the closer that we can get in the here and now to working from our hearts or not our heads, the more we are living our best selves, I would say, does that answer the question?


Kristin Taylor  46:05

It answers it so beautifully. When I feel a truth been told, I just get chills. And I started to get chills when you were talking.


Judy Sharp  46:17

Oh, bless you.


Kristin Taylor  46:18

Yeah, I just appreciate that I’m hearing that we need to show rather than tell it’s not about proselytizing. It’s how we live that balloon tract, people who are attracted to what we are here to embody. Right? I agree totally. Yeah. Say more. You can’t say fifth dimension and not have me ask fifth dimension. Can you say a little bit about fifth dimension to to our listeners who may not understand what that is?


Judy Sharp  46:49

I wonder if any of us understand what it is?


Kristin Taylor  46:51

Yeah, really, I agree.


Judy Sharp  46:55

There is a theory. And I can only say that there is a theory that at the moment, we are in the third dimension, which is very lumpy, bumpy, bumpy physical. It’s where we are now. And it it is a scientific fact that the planet is actually moving through a different area of the of the galaxy at the moment, we are moving through the Photon belt. And photons are tiny, tiny little particles of highly charged electromagnetic energy. And when they bump into each other, they give off a spark of this, this energy, and then bumping into each other many, many, many times per second. So there’s an awful lot of electromagnetic energy being shoved off. We are electromagnetic creatures, that that’s what our energy field is all about. So we are moving through the Photon Belt, we’re being bombarded with this photonic energy, which is helping us it is said, to raise our frequencies to raise our vibrations and also to unblock the third eye, the pineal gland, for instance, which again, opens up our innate spiritual abilities, our gifts that we all have, but they’ve been dumbed down over time, accidentally, deliberately, that’s a completely different conversation. And now is the time when all of these things are opening up again. So I just read something today, actually, by a lovely lady who is now in Australia. She’s English. She lives in Australia now called Sandy Stephenson, who channels whoever she channels. And they’re talking about the fact that we are transitioning through the fourth dimension at the moment, which is where we’re casting off these, these layers, if you like. And we’re going to emerge in the fifth dimension where we will be all the things we were just talking about, you know, from the heart and not the head, and so on and so on. So, the fifth dimension really is a place that we are aiming for. It’s not where we are, it’s where we’re aiming for. And I believe that all this chaos that we find ourselves in at the moment is symptomatic of the fact that the old has to crumble, we have to see exactly what it is. And we have to make that decision. Are we prepared to continue like this? Or do we make another choice?


Kristin Taylor  49:31



Judy Sharp  49:32

And this this this crumbling, is falling apart? is I believe happening at every level? It’s happening on a personal level with people. It’s we see it in the politics do we not in the States and in England where I live it is just madness is bonkers. We see it at a worldwide level. We see the Earth literally cracking apart in Turkey and so on. Yes, and And out of all of this chaos is actually coming the new the new earth, as it’s been called. So we are creating the new earth, which is why it’s so important for us not to get sucked into, oh my gosh, Isn’t it awful. And he’s right and she’s wrong. And we must know, step back, keep our vibrations up, because we are creating every thought every word actually creates. So if we want to create a new earth, it’s our job to actually create it.


Kristin Taylor  50:34

Sometimes I just don’t have words, because your words were exactly what I’m hoping to send in terms of messages in terms of raising people’s awareness. And so what you just said, is an incredible, invaluable gift. So thank you so much for putting that into words.


Judy Sharp  50:51

You’re very welcome.


Kristin Taylor  50:52

That’s hard to put into words. Yeah. And you just did that really, really beautifully. With that. And clearly, you are a wise woman with many, many experiences that you are here to share with the world, I believe to help elevate that awareness in the way that you just did. I imagine that your book is much the same in terms of up been in your lifetime positioned to write and speak, to share this. Tell us about your birthplace.


Judy Sharp  51:22

Thank you. The book is called Past Life Healing. It’s published by Local Legend. It can be ordered through any old bookshop anywhere in the world. And it’s available online at that big old, big old giant called a and it’s really my 25 plus years of working with past lives. And so it talks about the history of reincarnation, the concept of reincarnation, across different cultures and across history. Why is there no mention of reincarnation in the Christian Bible, for instance, when it’s so prevalent over in the east, it talks about the early research, it was an amazing man called Dr. Ian Stevenson, who was the first one to really apply scientific type principles to try and research what is actually a nebulous sort of concept. And he researched some two and a half 1000 cases over in primarily in India, where reincarnation is taken for granted. And following up on cases of children who said, Well, I don’t belong here in my life. last lifetime, I was a merchant up in the north, or I was this nugget. And he followed up two and a half 1000 cases, starting in the 1970s. And I think it was in 1700 of those cases, the past life was proven, which is which is amazing. And in a majority of the rest it was well could be, you know, so it talks about the early research like Dr. Ian Stevenson. And then it talks about the Pioneer researchers who were therapists themselves. Michael Newton, of course, a hero of mine, Roger Woolgar, who I worked with a little bit not enough, but a little bit, Brian Weiss, of course, Dolores Cannon, it talks about their pioneering work in all of this. Yes. And it’s got about 35 stories from my own case files. So it’s got stories of real ordinary people who came to me to say, for instance, I’ve just become a granny for the first time my grandson’s over in Hong Kong, I can’t get there, because I’m afraid of flying past life session, the lady goes back to being a man in India in the 1600s, who’s buried alive under rubble when there’s an earthquake. So he’s trapped in an enclosed space and can’t get out. And that’s where he dies, that trauma ripples forward to her not wanting to get into an aeroplane, which is an enclosed space that she can’t get out of fear of flying. He’ll that I get an email from her a month later to say I did a domestic flight just to check it. And I’ve just come back from two weeks with my grandson. and wonderful. So there are about 35 stories from real, everyday people who’ve come to me with a whole range of issues. And as I say, they are ordinary people are having extraordinary experiences. And and the whole point is it’s not an academic textbook, it doesn’t claim to be it is aimed at people who are curious, oh, I’ve always wanted to be know a bit more about that. Or, Oh, I wonder if it could help me. And it explains it in easy to read every day sort of language, because it’s not just for a certain sector. It’s it’s for everybody. That’s what it’s all about.


Kristin Taylor  54:56

I appreciate that so much. I love that well. I was remiss I as a podcaster, from having read it first, but I’m absolutely going to be reading it and encouraging every single person who is listening if it has piqued their curiosity and interest to read it, because it sounds accessible. It’s about storytelling. It’s about storytelling, which is, to me one of the most powerful ways to communicate. We’re going to be putting all of your links attached to your episode. But if someone is just sitting and listening, and they want to look you up right away, how can they find you online?


Judy Sharp  55:27

Okay, I have a website, which is effective-hypnotherapy.co.uk. And there’s another website, which is Judysharphealer.co.uk. And the therapy one will tell you all about my work all about me and give you lots more information and background.


Kristin Taylor  55:52

Wonderful. You are truly an the genuine, real deal. Beautiful soul. So thank you so much for joining us.


Judy Sharp  55:59

It’s been my pleasure, Kristin, thank you very much indeed.


Kristin Taylor  56:02

You’re very welcome. Thank you so much, Judy, for sharing your story. My hope is that it helps elevate awareness and move more of us towards love consciousness and the need to perhaps explore past lives as a way of ameliorating present life fears, phobias and challenges that are impeding our ability to live more fully in the lives we signed up for. If you are enjoying these podcasts, we ask that you share them or write a review. We need your help and getting these important messages out there. sound engineering for today’s show was provided by Shane Suffriti. To learn more about Shane, please visit Shanesuffriti.com. If you are looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, self doubt or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness. These are the areas I specialize in as a coach and I would love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at coachKristintaylor@gmail.com Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll see you next time on How I Made It Through.


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