David Hanzel 00:04
At the end of every way, he knew it’s a happy ending. Because everything here feels like you’re getting beat down or you might have diseases you might get beaten up by people you might have knocked around, you might have been homeless, you might do that. But at the end, when you go back, you’re right back to yourself. And you look back at this as like, that was your summer went through again, some stuff from that was cool.

Kristin Taylor 00:36
Hello, and welcome to How I Made It Through. My name is Kristin Taylor, and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity, only to come out the other side more self aware, and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love, and compassion. Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning. And I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here, and how to live more fully. David Hanzel has been able to sense see and hear spirit from a very young age, after a near death experience and D as an adult, he decided to spend his life in service to spirit, giving them a voice to tell their stories and deliver their messages to their loved ones. With this dedication, he has been able to help others to understand and validate that there is a life after death, and how to proceed on their life’s journey with the help. On the other side. I discovered David quite by accident when perusing different podcasts, and was struck by his no nonsense and down to earth approach, saying it like it is as he shared along the way. He was sharing messages intended to help us stay aligned with our spiritual path. And I felt like I was already learning a lot. Welcome to the show, David.

David Hanzel 02:09
I thank you so much for having me, Kristin.

Kristin Taylor 02:12
It’s such a pleasure to have you here.

David Hanzel 02:13
Thank you.

Kristin Taylor 02:14
And I know you have quite a story to share. You were able from a young age to see sense here. Spirit. Can you share a little bit about your child and those experiences?

David Hanzel 02:27
Yeah. It was really quite strange. It probably started happening. I believe I was about full. And the first thing that happened when I was four, my I was in the backseat of a car. Of course my parents car, we are coming home from someplace. And my mom tells the story. I heard it from my mom. And she said that you just wanted toys so bad. He wanted to play with toys. And I was about nine o’clock 10 o’clock at night and they kept telling me no, tomorrow, you can play with him. And I wanted to toys and then I just let it go. We pull into the driveway. My dad picked me up and put me on the shoulder. And so I was looking behind him and who the sky came my first my first strange encounter. It was a giant, beautiful light that went across the sky. I didn’t know what it was as a child, of course. And after that went by, they all said, Oh, what was that, you know, my parents and then it just went by it was amazing. And then we walked up to the door of the house and hanging on the door was a bag full of toys, and it had my name on it. And my mom to this day, they said we don’t know where they came from. But they were animals, their little plastic animals which will fit into what happened later on their little plastic animals and Safari people. And they got those toys. And then a few years later after that I had an encounter with this is very strange, an encounter with an alien. And it was it was real life standing there physical in front of me as a child and I always remember again, and he has come by a few times in my lifetime. And then as I got to me about seven, we started hearing noises in our house. There was always a banging in the attic who was gonna shut as soon as they put me upstairs. And I was called mom, there’s someone in the attic dad who’s in the attic and they run upstairs in the attic. There’s nobody there. And then light switches started turning on and off. We had sockets that would spark and then my cousin came over. And this is important for later on. Her name is Pam and she is my best friend when we were little. We’re listening to a little photograph with a record on it the whole time plastic photographs. And we’re listening to Peter in the wolf. Never forget that. And the plug that came out from the wall and like this fall like about three inches from the wall and hovered there and then plugged back in And that scares the heck out of us. We went flying downstairs, my cousin stopped coming to my house for a while because she was afraid that they continue to bother me. But then I started hearing them in my head. And then then it stopped being scary. But then from house to house as we went on, this followed us all the way up until I was about 18 years old. I didn’t like it anymore. I didn’t want to have any part of that anymore. But I always heard they were always talking to me that was telling me to, you know, be careful this watch that so hard as a child, you know, even walking to school alone that wasn’t very well liked in school, because you know, the weird kid who else stared off into space, but I kept telling people, I’m listening. And then they stopped because I didn’t want anymore. And it kind of weirded me out. And then when they did start again, I got into drinking and drugs and everything, anything, just settle down and just be a normal person. And that’s what I spent most of my life doing. But they were always there. No matter what I got to them, the hard things went on till I was about 25 Every house

Kristin Taylor 06:10
Can I slow you down because you’ve just unpacked a great deal. And I have questions. So let’s get back to the alien. This extra terrestrial? What did you call it? A he? What did he look like? And what was his personality? And did he communicate? And what was your relationship? Like? A more.

David Hanzel 06:32
That’s probably my favorite memory from all time because it was such a strange thing. My father once again, picked me up. And so I was looking over his shoulder, it seemed like time completely stopped, everything stopped. And in your ear, you could hear like, like a pot or something. And then he just appeared at the end of the hallway. And I say he because he just had a masculine energy, I guess. I mean, I don’t know if they are male and female or anything, but he just had a masculine energy. And he just nodded at me and said, We’re here. And we know you. And that was pretty much it. And then he just stepped back and he like kind of almost disappeared it kind of you know, the weird thing was, and this is for people who hear this stuff. This was like 19 Sounds Houston. So it’s like 1970 1971 this was it was a very reptilian looking thing. And it wasn’t mean, they know what people talk about when I hear people talk about reptilians. Now I’m like, I saw one when I was a child and he was nothing is not mean. But I will say that that specific person alien had almost like a narcissistic type. It just like I’m royalty. I’m here. Look at me. It wasn’t very empathetic. It wasn’t really anything but it felt it wasn’t frightening at all. There was nothing frightening about it. I mean, as a child to see the giant lizard thing and close standing there. It didn’t scare me. Okay, yeah, he came back a couple of times in my life to

Kristin Taylor 08:17
do you now where you are in your spiritual development and looking back and I know there’s some complexity in it. And there’s more to share in terms of memory and, and so forth. Absolutely. Do you know why he visited you?

David Hanzel 08:32
I do know now. I just didn’t know it took what almost 50 years?

Kristin Taylor 08:37
Too soon. Sorry to share it. You want to hold on to that? Or is it okay to share?

David Hanzel 08:42
We can hold on to you can come back to this one is they will jump ahead way too much.

Kristin Taylor 08:47
Okay, and so you had all of what do you you are calling hauntings, and it followed you from house to house. So clearly you were sort of this, this beacon are for Spirit and they were wanting to communicate. And also here like that breaks my heart to move through life as a kid when all we want is to belong and to fit in. And to feel like this is making it really difficult to do that.

David Hanzel 09:10
It was quite a difficult childhood. That was actually when I look back at it. I wish I would have stuck with it because it was really now that I think back it was really quite magical and that let it go out of fear. And because when you’re a kid, you know when I’m my father’s Catholic and my mother’s Baptist, and we had a might have very cool parents. They said you know you’re gonna go to these churches till you’re 14 When you’re 14 you can decide where you want to go. You know? So I’d love to go into the Catholic churches except for the I was talking to angels and I knew that’s what they were because I would look up at the statues and my parents and I would tell them, that’s not really what people are paying. And then I will tell them about there wasn’t such a place as hell. And they would say, Well, yes, there is and I would tell them I talked to angels and the priests would say no, you No, you can’t. And I’m like, Well, okay, but yes, I do. And then I was the crazy kid. And when I went to Southern Baptist churches, I ran out screaming on a Sunday school because I told my mom, I said, they were trying to tell us that we’re going to burn in some place. And I said, they’re being mean and all this. And I said, they thought it was hell. And there’s no such thing. And so by the time I actually got to stop with the whole religion thing well before 14, because I said, you know, this kid, he’s not jiving with it.

Kristin Taylor 10:27
Yeah, so yeah, that’s how that went. So with these really cool parents of yours that are sounds like deeply religious, but they they you felt safe enough to share and they didn’t shame you. Or, you know,

David Hanzel 10:40
well, they were they’re not totally religious. They just went to church. I can tell you, my parents have probably, you know, they’re not like the epitome of religion pagan swept the church, because I think they had to know, they were I was just their crazy little kid. And, and when I would tell them, I saw stuff. And then they experienced the ghosts. So they knew something was nice, you know, and I saw a ghost in your house, too, when I started seeing them with my visual eyes. That was awful. That scared me at first. They knew about that might mean my mom grew up in watching ghost shows together and laughing about it. And I’m like, Yeah, they’ve got nothing on us. You know? We’ve got a crazy house. And my mom would laugh and say, oh, all they do is run around going, Oh, my God, what’s that? Oh, my God, what’s that she goes, they’re not seeing anything I want to see like here. They don’t understand everything I do. Now. We just it’s just kind of one of those things that we don’t they don’t need or want to know. They just accept whatever I’m doing. And like, since I had such a huge curtain, you know, turn around from when I was sick.

Kristin Taylor 11:45
Yeah, when you were sick. So let’s, let’s go there. So you talked about starting to use drugs and alcohol, which I believe is very close to when you had your nd E. So take us there place.

David Hanzel 11:56
Yeah, I took that for years, I was diagnosed with all these anxiety disorders, because they will mistake them what was happening to me as anxiety or as some kind of mental illness. And so I pretend I couldn’t see things anymore. And pretend I wasn’t hearing voices I was on. They had me on Kalina pins and Xanax isn’t everything. And I was having terrible anxiety attacks where I was ending up in hospitals, I still have scars on my knees and everything for when I would like flailing around on the floor, I’d have like seizures. And then that went bad. And I was in bands. When I was younger, I wanted musician and I wanted to be an actor. I wanted to be a comedian, I kept doing all these things, and nothing would pan out and get really close to where I was getting really good. And then all of a sudden, you know, disappear. And I kept I’d look up and I’d be like, God, what are you doing? Why? What do you want me to do? I can’t do that. I don’t want to do that. I want to do this. And finally, in 2014, I just had done having an extreme panic attack, because they had taken me off all the meds in North Carolina. So long story why they did that. But they put me in the hospital a couple of times to when they took it off. I had this bad anxiety attack. And I was all alone at my parents house. And I was in their front yard in the dirt. And I was just crying and Martin and I just said, I don’t know what you want me to do, hands on with us. And if I end up, you can’t tell me I just want to come back home, I’m done. I don’t want to be here anymore. I just instinctively knew I didn’t want to be here. And then I let that go in a couple months later, I started to get sick. We didn’t know what was wrong. I was just getting a coffee all the time I was I was still I was 240 pounds. At this point, I was kind of big to come out of drinking and all just being depressed, you know, shoveling pizza, nothing. And I started to get sick. And we went to a doctor, my parents actually to take me to this doctor in about six months later in a wheelchair. Because this because I couldn’t even walk anymore. And that doctor told my parents Oh, we don’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s just, you know, just from eating, not eating. And that’s why he can’t walk anymore. And I gave him some medicine for my cough and some medicine for liquids into any other tests. And then it was less than two weeks later, if I can remember. I was getting sicker and sicker. I was at my parents house and I got up on the pad. My eyes and the walls looked like they were breathing and everything was just terrible. And I just thought to myself, Okay, finally I made it to come home on time. I just want to die right now. And I walked out into the family room. I made it out there somehow I did. My little brother was standing there and I just he said holy cow, David, you look like sh you know, and and I said, Mark, I’m gonna die now. And I close my eyes. And next thing I knew it I woke up two months later. So you went into a coma I get ya I have memories in between that. But as far as that part goes, I can’t. It’s hard to place everything as it wasn’t just the near death experience, but they tended to keep communication with me altering the colon and altering the unconsciousness.

Kristin Taylor 15:12
Baby in your guides.

David Hanzel 15:15
Everybody over there? Well, yeah, God, however you want, however you want to put it. Yeah, I. So stay with me.

Kristin Taylor 15:26
Well, this is a show where we talk about these things. And I fully believe these things. And so to the best of your ability, and first of all, like before I say anything awful. Like, how torturous I’ve struggled with panic attacks throughout my life. And they’re no small deal. They’re really, really Yeah, it was terrible.

David Hanzel 15:45
And then then, besides, you know, and I also had that I wouldn’t come out as a spiritual person, or somebody who was talking to angels and all that I couldn’t, because nobody knew who that was what that was back then. That was crazy. And then when I was younger, I realized I might be gay, too. So I’m like, Oh, my God, what are you doing? I used to scream at God all the time. We used I used to, I used to sit in my room and go, What did you do to me? What is this? I laugh? I laugh about it now. But at the time at the time, it was oh, it was awful. It was absolutely awful. But yeah, you know, it is what it is, you know, my life is no awful than anybody else’s. I’m sure. You know, we all have something weird that happens to us?

Kristin Taylor 16:22
Well, I think yours if we’re gonna look at, it’s not about comparing, but you’ve got some pretty extraordinary circumstances with your, you know, your capacity to connect with the other side, which has also imbued you with now this incredible what I would see as a gift and you know, something that, you know, have me say, please be on the show, I want to learn from you. And I want to share what you know, well to help other people. Yeah, but what a path what a path to get there. So to the best of your ability, when you talk about being able to communicate with God, and however we’ve defined speak, use words to define that. What were they communicating? What was the experience? Well,

David Hanzel 17:04
I can tell you how I know things are in chronological order. When you leave here. There is no time. And that is an absolute truth. And almost anybody who’s at NTV will tell you the same thing. And there really isn’t a time that time really is an illusion. They really as I was getting older, it was an illusion. That’s all I saw was the same age it was when we started. When we leave here. It’s the same age, just the body is different. Yeah. But the first thing, I guess I was, I must have not been conscious or blacked out with nothing happening to me for the first day or two. Because I don’t have any memory of that. I don’t remember going from I had to go to two hospitals first hospital. I’m going by what people told me, the first hospital, they took me there, they call my parents up, they said he’s gonna die. We the we can’t keep him here. If we do keep him here. He’s not going to make it. Can we take him, you know, to Charlotte to this big hospital that my parents had? Absolutely. So they taken me over there. That I believe is where they did some surgery I had, what happened was, I had pneumonia and sepsis. And sepsis had been running through my body for a long time. And so they pretty much they pretty choked me up to probably hit his brain already. 70% of my left lung was covered in infection. And they were doing a surgery to cut me open. They broke all my ribs or whatever they did. And it looks like a shark attack. Meaning when kids ask me, I usually laugh a lot. And like I was bitten by a shark. I can’t tell him the whole story. They won’t get it. But they cut me open. And I remember the surgery. I remember part of it, because I was laying on the table and I was hurting my head watching them do this. And he whispered in my ear hang in there. And according to them, they didn’t know that because I said no, you were out. You were under anesthesia. You were like No, I wasn’t I was listening. I was watching you. And he said Hang in there. And right after that. I remember closing my eyes and I felt like this Prickly, prickly feeling all over me like it was tingling all over. And then I just kind of felt light and then go, I was in this huge, beautiful black sky, just dark sky, you know, the stars? No, nothing. And there was two beings on my right. And there was one on my left. And I just was standing there and I felt right. And the first thing I looked at them and they’re just like, you know, there’s I don’t know why how they said it to me, but it’s just kind of like hi, you know, welcome. And the first thing I asked and I said, Where am I from? That’s all they wanted to know my entire life. Who am I? Where am I from? And that’s when they pointed but the being on my direct Like, pointed straight ahead, and that’s how I looked, I had this giant tunnel of light just showed up and I could see all these, it looks like beings and angels and everything going up. And they were, it’s not stirring up. That’s not where heaven isn’t up there. It’s it’s right by us. And it’s not really even one place called heaven. It’s the whole enchilada. But I remember watching that, and they let me go to them. And then they took me right from there, to a giant building where I was in a waiting room. And it was funny how they, how on the other side, when it seems when you pass away, they give you a simulation that you’re comfortable. Because you know, you’re just getting back. And they put me in this place of almost looks like a bar

Kristin Taylor 20:51
suitable for this guy. Yeah, it

David Hanzel 20:52
was. And I was like, this is perfect. And I was comfortable to sitting on a chair. And it wasn’t like an icky corner bar. I mean, it was beautiful. There were all these colored bottles and liquids and everything. And it wasn’t alcohol, and I just heard the voice. It’s all like it hears a voice and he said, and the guy is just like it was a gentleman and he said hi. And he said, they’re gonna be here for you shortly. Okay? And I said, Okay, I just didn’t even care who wants it’s like, okay. And he said, Are you okay? And I said, I’m okay. He said, are you comfortable? I said, I’m very comfortable. And that’s about all I can remember that. And then the voice said, You’re can go now you’re ready for you. And then I got like, a suitcase appeared next to me, which is really odd. And I said to them, I said, is Am I dreaming? Because why is there a suitcase here? Is that you’re not doing? And I said, Okay. And I went to grab the suitcase, but I couldn’t lift it. And like my hand went right through, I thought I think the suitcase was almost metaphorical. And I walked up the steps. And it was a beautiful building that was, I don’t know, that it was, it was like white marble, and they were bending and it was beautiful. And I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen such a bright, beautiful room and it didn’t hurt your eyes. noses. Beautiful. Yeah. And I walked up the steps, but you couldn’t feel your weight. You just knew you were moving. And I went up to the banister and I looked down and there was my four grandparents. And I was like, Oh, my God, Nemo, Pepo, grandma, grandpa. And I just, I didn’t even go down steps. I just kind of flew right over the balcony and went right down by them. And they gave me a big hug. And I said, I’m here and they said, you’re not staying. And I said, No, yeah, I am. back but they said no. And, and then another being came by and he was wanting to let me know why I wasn’t staying. And then they proceeded. It’s it’s a long time. But they proceeded to show me my different lives. They proceeded to put me in these lives. And so I was going in was observing the life of Dallas pop into the character who I was playing at the time, and I would have all their feelings. I would have all their emotions, what they believe with the religious beliefs was one of the weird ones, the one that really got me home. I was on the steps in I believe it was in Greece, but it was wrong. And it wasn’t like a time of any, you know, Roman Empire until like I was just grown. And on the steps, it was dirty and dusty really wasn’t that pretty. And there was a woman that will fill in her name was Athena, not the Athena from mythology, but that was her name was Athena. I remember her she’s come back to me now. It’s and I’ve always been with you. So she’s one of my guides. But I was on the porch. I was on the steps and I kept popping in and out of the body. And at that point, I believe in almost paganism kind of. I kept. I remember I kept listening to myself go, mother, father, God, I can’t do this. I’m sorry. I know I promised but I can’t do it in I was an I died. I died. I know steps. And it was from consumption, alcoholism and everything else which is so funny to swipe through. And then I got another one where I was a female that was pushed off about it was in a day between European by Europe. I was pushed off when I did. I don’t remember exactly I wish I could and I can’t. I did something that wasn’t good. But what they did is punishment is almost like walk the plank pick yourself up. I was in the water and I just remembered watching them both go away. And I didn’t have any choice except to go underneath the water and just take a breath, which is funny because later on that played out in this life. And then they started to send me back and after they sent me back they kept taking me back and forth. As I put me back in the bag. I started having out of body experiences. We didn’t realize this or even go I thought I was dreaming until I started telling them all these things and The doctor said, No, that couldn’t have happened because you were unconscious. So you’ve been in a coma? And I said, No, he wasn’t. I’m like I wasn’t. I said, I was in the hospital. I said, there was this nurse. I said, when I was in, I was in some little room with glass. And I had all these machines. I was talking to her and she looked like a female Robin Williams. And we were laughing together. I was talking to her. And she was a little different. And they’re like, who and I kept telling him, they brought in the nurse that that I was describing. And I said, that’s her. And they said, how, how do you know this? And I don’t know. But this is at the end, they had woken me up at some point in the coma and given me a test for dementia. And they, my parents got all my paperwork and then said he’s never going to come home. We think it went to his brain. Because I did. I couldn’t draw a clock, I had no conception of time. And then it was time once, which was funny. It just came from a place that had no time. And when they were asking me about a clock, I’m like, I don’t know what that is. I didn’t understand. Then I passed back out again. But at the end of to be without two months, a nurse walked in, and I just opened my eyes and I said, I wish my parents were here. She goes, Why? In I said, I wish my parents were here. He said they’ve been here every night for the last two months. Like where where am I? I didn’t know at that point. So it was odd. And during I have to something that’s important for people to know, mediums and all that we don’t predict. Mark Kennedy see it, but from where I was, I did see two. And one was the death of our little dog Toto. And they I saw that she was going to get attacked by my parents to bigger dogs and died and that my brother was going to die. I had to come back that he was going to go and I thought when I woke up and I started coming couch, I thought none of that’s real. And then about eight months later, the little dog got outside and got attacked and killed by the two dogs outside. And my brother got a brain tumor in stage four lung cancer is inoperable, he died. They gave him six months, but he lived to four. So all that happened. So that in the first year was devastating to me, because the first year after an MD II and I didn’t know this, I talked to other ng people because I wondered why I went into such depression afterwards. And is literally because we see the world different now. And I still see the world differ. But now I understand that we just kind of see pests, all the bullshit, you know, right. And that’s probably the hardest part of anything.

Kristin Taylor 27:41
Yeah, well, first of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. The guy talked to him all the time. I was about to ask that was mine. Yeah, how’s he doing over there?

David Hanzel 27:50
Good. Good. He’s funny. He was done. He was he was done. That was his time. He didn’t want to he was going through things. I didn’t hear from him right away. He came. The day before he died. He was in hospice. He came into our my parents backyard. And I remember seeing him and I walked in there and I said, Kevin, Kevin. I said, What are you doing here? And I said, he got big enough, like, oh my god, I’d be dead already. I said, Don’t be dead. Yeah, don’t be dead yet. And then I went back to bed. And then the next morning they called and they said, Kevin’s about to die. So he did visit before he died. So there was the same thing. He did the same thing I did. We were out of her body doing something else before death even really happened. And yes, and that’s just the coolest thing. I people should we ever fear death. I mean, yeah, fear how we’re gonna die. Of course, nobody wants to get eaten by an alligator and live through it or something like that. You know?

Kristin Taylor 28:44
I’m walking up a plank.

David Hanzel 28:45
I don’t tell you to go when you’re in a coma or you’re asleep or something like that was I was odd because the transition was weird, because you didn’t. I just like Oh, I’m just here. Visiting. Yeah, I was just kind of here. So it was kind of nice. But yeah, Kevin. His name’s Kevin. I walk in my house and I am I one of my classes. I can smell things. I can smell and taste and everything else from the other side. If he does something, he puts cigarette smoke in my house. No, I don’t smoke and other people can smell it. Like did you start smoking? I’m like that’s Kevin. He keeps doing this whenever I think of him when he comes around he doesn’t say

Kristin Taylor 29:23
Did he smoke a lot? Do they have it?

David Hanzel 29:26
Yeah, I was a big smoker drinker everything and when I can all that when I came out of the coma I tell you there’s not it’s there’s a happy ending to all this because I don’t remember smoking. I don’t remember drinking. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink great way to go. Yeah, I lost 107 pounds in two months because being in a coma to learn how to walk again and all that crap but yeah, but I did it. You know, I did it. And that was and I’m going against the odds. So that never work again, never drive again and I do all those things.

Kristin Taylor 29:59
That’s amazing. That’s amazing. And what I imagine is that you just I mean, you said you should never fear death. And when I hear and read repeatedly is that those who have NDAs go into this, like bliss consciousness, recognizing it’s all just really about love and being here is far more difficult than there.

David Hanzel 30:18
This is literally the dream that’s like real life. Yeah, that’s way more real than this. And I know that’s, I can’t explain it either. But it’s words. Yeah, I don’t I had thought. Yeah, that’s, that’s the hardest thing about MGE. And when people ask nd people in myself, I did a lot of research identities after mine. I didn’t know anything about them. Yeah. Because I wanted to see if we had, we have so much in common, which is odd. You know, it’s, it’s all different perspective. I mean, we all get what we need when we get there.

Kristin Taylor 30:48
Yes, yes. That’s what I love, too. Because some people if their life is experience and orientation is religious, than instead of going to a bar, they might be in, you know, a cathedral, there might be Jesus, or if they’re Hindu, then they’re going to see their deity. It’s whatever they need to have comfort in this transition or experience. Eventually,

David Hanzel 31:09
it fades away. It’s like a body. Some people see a body and all these other things. I didn’t. I didn’t see my body, nor did I care. I was so happy not to have it. I tell you, I don’t want people to get too excited about I don’t know about you, but but to not have a body and to not have fear and to not have jealousy and all those negative emotions that are actually the opposite of love is fear. It’s not hate. Everybody keeps saying the opposite of time. Yeah, the opposite of love is fear all the time. Yes. When there is no love, there’s fear. But you don’t have any of that. And, and you just felt great. And people asked me, Did you miss your parents? You know, like, no, cuz you knew that they were going to be over there shortly. It’s just you already knew. It’s like, oh, yeah, I’m fine. They’re okay.

Kristin Taylor 31:55
Now they’ll be here. Yeah, I remember talking with a dear friend who actually ended up passing away like a year later. I was saying it’s not that I want to die. I do not want to die. But living in this nervous system of mine. Speaking of the panic attacks, and some of the pain that I live with, I’m like, I’m just looking forward to not having a body.

David Hanzel 32:13
Yeah, it’s not. I know that the guides had told me like I did tell me, because I had a few, a few anxieties for the first year because you know, everything was so weird. He kept was kept telling me at night whispering in my ear that like, I’m like, why am I doing this? Why do you guys are supposed to take this away? He goes, make a choice. That’s what he goes. You’re not making choices? Like, what does that mean? That like, that’s why you’re having anxiety is because you’re not making a choice. And I said, Oh, my gosh, so I started when I when I panicked about something, I started making the choice. Okay, I have a panic about this. Just do it. You know, if it began kind of that

Kristin Taylor 32:52
limbo state things, like the anticipation of like, I’m not here, I’m not here, but I’m in the midst of Yep. Not being present.

David Hanzel 32:59
Yeah, you basically gotta tell yourself, Oh, this is my life. This is my world. I’m actually creating everything around me. I’m creating my relationships. I’m creating everything. Why am I creating this panic, just make a choice and go do something. And I started doing it. I don’t know if that’s gonna work for everybody. But I would say it’s a it’s a good. It’s a good way to start.

Kristin Taylor 33:17
Yeah. So So share a little bit or a lot of bed, whatever, right? You’re now transitioning back to this world, which I love how you call it. This is really the dream that’s home. This is the dream and how difficult that was, and a bit of how you got to where you are now. And you even offered to share if the guides want to come in to share. Yeah,

David Hanzel 33:41
I had. Right before I was getting sick, I’d started to become a little bit spiritual again. You know, before I’d said I wanted to go I was trying it again. And I was just getting these hits. And then people are like, they’re actually kept asking me, Can you tell me this? Because every time you tell us this, you’re right. And I’m like, No, I don’t want to do that. I was trying to like, oh, no, that’s not me. But I was doing it. That was right all the time. And I would see people behind people, but I wasn’t talking to them much that I just kind of like I knew I had the weird thing was one day I walked into the guy who was at a bar and I just said is your is your sister? He looked at me. He goes, How did you know? I was a stranger. I don’t know why I did that. I’m like, she’s standing behind you. And I started talking to him. He was kind of freaked out until I started and I said I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m doing. And but I just see her and she just wanted to say she was okay. And she gave me the most wonderful stuff. And that was one I was like, Okay, that was weird. I don’t think I want that anymore. I was actually didn’t know what I wanted that because it freaked somebody out. But now I know you don’t walk up to strangers and say, Hey, this dead person standing behind you. That’s, I now have a new thing. My guides had told me David, this is your rule, not without being asked. So that’s the rule I go by. I don’t care who I see the Finding somebody and like that person actually walks up to and says something or, you know, going back to it. The first, the second year after all this. That’s when they all started to show up. I went on a dolphin cruise in honor of my brother the following year, and I saw a ghost I guess, in the parking lot. And she said, she said that, that this lady was it goes, it’s, it’s, it’s a birthday, she goes, You gotta tell her out saying hi. And I just kept thinking in my head. I’m like, Man, I can’t say anything. I can’t. There’s a crowd of people here. I can’t say anything. And she’s like, it’s her birthday is her birthday, I want to say hi. And I’m like, I’m not going to do it. And we all went in, and she kind of fizzled away. And I ended up sitting next to her daughter. Well, so we’re going on the dolphin cruise and all that. And as we’re pulling back in, they stopped the cruise. And I say, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday to this woman that sitting next to me. And I was just like, oh, my god, that was real. No way. And I didn’t say anything to her. Because I It wasn’t my place. I didn’t know what I was doing, you know, but it was validation for me. And I started walking away. And the lady walked up to me and she goes in, she said to me, she said, Baby, I understand. And I said thank you. And I said I’m sorry. And that was it. That started happening. I was like, What the heck is this? That’s not happening more and more and more and more and more than just started to become an action. I’m like, okay, I get it. Then my guides started to do, you know, ask me things and say, This is what you wanted to do. This is why you came back. This is why you came here in the first place. This is what you promised to do. And the promise is literally not just to be a medium, but to offer answers for anybody who needs it. And that’s it. I don’t work in the negative No, I got to work in the negative at all. In fact, if they ever have anything negative to say they followed up was this is how to avoid it.

Kristin Taylor 37:00
Okay, okay. Well, I love that, because that’s what I wanted to ask you as well. And that’s where I was hoping you would go, which is you know, they said, it’s not your time, you know, you’re learning to embrace your grandparents and they said, You need to go back on your visit, you need to go back. So can I ask you, and your guide some questions?

David Hanzel 37:19
Absolutely. Yeah, I interpret for them. Yeah, go ahead. Give me about 10 seconds. Go ahead. Okay.

Kristin Taylor 37:27
When I think about what’s going on in the world, socially and politically, I believe that we chose this time this lifetime. What are we here to learn? And how can we help?

David Hanzel 37:42
Most people are literally here for the experience, because that’s why we come here, there, the large percentage of the earth that is here, right now, for something that’s happening on the earth, the earth is literally it’s not going to blow up. So everybody can put that mic arrest. There’s no big third world, there’s no kids wars and do killer stuff that’s being taken care of already, that’s not going to happen. Not in this world. The words literally almost like splitting off this. So there’s two types of beings right now that are being looked at. And it’s service itself in service to others. Oh, actually, if anybody’s ever read raw or anything, Rob touched on it, and that’s I think they’re the ones who got me wrong. I started reading those books. I’m like, like, read these books. And like, I don’t get on there. Like just read them. So I did, okay, so this is often service to others. A lot of us are here is service to others. So you, my dear are of service to others is one year of doing you. Life has changed dramatically from 18 years on, or whatever happens. You you, you totally said, Oh, that’s cool. I’m done with that. Let’s just move on. And you’ve done it because you don’t bring it back up too much. Does that make sense to you? You just kind of let that go. But we’re basically here, a lot of us are here, or the experience of the shift. Before the experience of what I keep telling people and I don’t like predictions, but they have told me a couple of years ago and I made a prediction. I’m like 2023 is when it starts. The aliens are coming. So I’m excited about that, which makes it back to why the aliens can I keep hearing that they’re here and if anybody really if anybody wants to know that they’re here, if you can put it in your mind that you’re okay with that, that you welcome that connection and that you are fearful because they will not show themselves to anybody who is in fear of that because they don’t want to scare anybody. There’s a lot of different races, but they’re coming here. They’re the ones who’ve been stopping the new killer stuff. They’re continuing doing that. They also they also have gone they it’s so small, the one that is will be in otherwise, however you want to put it they also know that they have a soul. We are one of the elders planets that have this much forgetfulness and don’t remember that we go on forever. If you ask some alien to believe that we go on forever, they just look at you crazy. Of course, you’re stupid. But that’s why that’s why they’re always telling us. Yeah, that’s what they’re telling us. He said, he said, let them know that you want to see them. And he said, to look to the skies, because they’re always in the sky, and they can let you see them. They’re been around people. They’re around people all the time that are up there all the time. They called me one day, they’re hidden in the clouds. And I went outside, and I was looking at him and chicken about a week. And then all of a sudden, I was like, I looked at the clouds. And I was like, Oh, my God, there’s like a goon. Going around it. And I tried to like, Can I take a picture? They’re like, No. And I was like, so and I guess I understand. I don’t know, it’s kind of mad at them. I’m like, No, this is for you. This is for you. You wanted to know for sure. And then they are? Yeah. And they said that they’re in the clouds. So they always are. So if you want to see them, though, make himself No, I don’t they haven’t. There’s some that are on the earth right now. There are no angels on the Earth. Some of the extraterrestrials people mistake for angels. All that stuff about the Anunnaki is, is we’ll

Kristin Taylor 41:27
have the one. Lucky. I don’t know that go,

David Hanzel 41:31
um, that people started talking about it. And I’m just using the name Anunnaki. Because that’s what people here referring to them as. But it’s kind of like the pyramids, all that other stuff that was built that wasn’t built by us. I don’t care what science says I’ve heard over and over from these guys, they had help. And they were from other beings. And a lot of the people back then the human beings thought that they were gods. Well, that’s what a lot of mistakes come from. They think that they’re gods and all that when they’re not. But they do appear there. A lot of a lot of them are very tall, like Anunnaki are very, very tall. So they get a bad rap. And some people, I don’t know what to think of it. Like I have been trained by them not to make a judgement. So they said it’s at this point in time you don’t make a judgement. That’s what we’re here these things are changing. They’re trying to get people used to a lot of people who are here now literally fought tooth and nail to be here. So I kind of find it funny when people say to me, David, I had the worst life. I didn’t want to be here. This is how on earth I’m like, Oh no, honey, you chose to be here. This I mean, no matter what happened to you, I don’t you know, the one thing like I almost think I’ll say it again. I’m sorry. I talk out loud to them. It’s the only way I can get it. I love that said to remind people that that that at the end of every life you do, it’s a happy ending. Because everything here feels like you’re getting beaten down or you might have diseases you might get beaten up by people you might get knocked around. You might have been homeless and I did that but at the end when you go back you’re right back to yourself. And you look back at this as like that was just some I went through again some stuff from that was cool. And we’ve done that over and over I’m a big believer in reincarnation. I have no other i It’s been proven to me by them over and over. So of course, yeah, this incarnation.

Kristin Taylor 43:21
I love this. So you you said the shift. What is the shift?

David Hanzel 43:26
Okay, so Well, that’s that was the easiest thing you to put the world in two worlds. Like say this is earth? Well, it’s letting okay, that kind of blow up. So people who want to service to self which politicians, clergy, religious people, that’s all about them. They don’t care what happens anybody else they really don’t that doesn’t make them evil people it just means that our service itself, it’s all about me, me me money, money, money, power, power power. Yeah, those people will slowly go stay in this world. And then whatever happens politically in that world to if that were blows up or goes that that’s on them, because that’s what they’re doing. The office itself is moving over. So that’s where you’re going until when people talk about the four D five d and all that we are not in five d I don’t like people keep saying we’re in five d and five d there’s no body. We all have bodies. So that’s how you know but we are in for D we are going in 40. And that’s where you start to see past all the bolt that like have you noticed Kristen, that you would like an automatic bullshit detector. Nowadays. It’s like you Jesus, people can tell you something, just go No. So if you don’t even bother watching the news anymore, you know who’s lying you know, he’s not lying. But someone like me, who they put me as as a sage and they’ve been covered called me a few times a sage and I looked up what a sage was a liquid stage and it’s literally basically in the easiest definition as I go from life to life, observing everything and soaking it in and retaining that knowledge and taking it into the next life. So, I keep doing that over and over. So now when I look at things, I don’t judge it. You know, I can’t I get mad and stuff. Of course I do, because I’m still human, but I don’t I try not to judge it. Yeah, I’m like, You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do, as long as you know

Kristin Taylor 45:14
how to help. I’ll say me, because I love what you’re saying, because it feels so right. What because I am human, when I do pay attention, and I’ll just, it’s my show. So I’ll just say what I want to say, which is, you know, not a fan of Trump and what’s going on on the right, and the lies and the corruption and the greed. And it’s not to say this group of people, I mean, it’s it’s part of humanity, but I’m loving this framework of those who serve and those who are serving self. And you raise your hands and you said, They’re going this direction, we’re going this direction. So what does that literally look like? Like I you know, I have a son. So in 30 years, you’ll be

David Hanzel 45:52
happy to know this, okay? I try not to be a fan or not be a fan of anything. But if I put my human judgment in there I am on your side, they are all lying. It’s A Lie, Lie Lie. Now, now, hopefully, if you can look at what’s happening now, that’s, that’s what’s happening. The truth to them is going that way, that’s where slowly splitting apart, you’re gonna see those people are going to something weird is going to happen. It’s all they’re going to all start to disappear. It’s like, if you’re in this world, it’s gonna seem like you defeated these people. And if you’re in this Trump world, the Trumpian world and all that, like just the people who want it to be all about themselves, they can all be together, there you go, you can all be together and you can fight it out yourself. It’s actually a worse place to be. Now, here’s the weird thing where this comes in. Whatever worlds you end up in, when you reincarnate. Again, when you want to come back, when you have to come back and want to come back. That’s the world you have to go to. Because you’re going to have your internet

Kristin Taylor 46:59
went out a little bit. So let’s say you’re saying that I am a service to others. So when I reincarnate, I will be in the world of service to self or others.

David Hanzel 47:08
Services. Oh, no. It was a self.

Kristin Taylor 47:12
Yeah, go towards service to

David Hanzel 47:15
that world will be a little different. Because people will be more caring about each other, it’ll have its it’ll, it’ll have its things to you know, have the balance, because you can’t have good without evil, you can’t have

Kristin Taylor 47:27
hot without rice, there’s got to contrast. The contrast, like even

David Hanzel 47:31
game game, like Alan Watson said, with the yin and yang, that symbol, if you took away the black, that’d be nothing, it would just be just white. That’s it, they consume each other, you have to have contrast. But so in order to learn your lessons, again, if you didn’t level up, I will call it that, that’s the only way I can really think of how to put it, you’ll have to keep going back to that picky world. And you’ll have to learn it from that hard place then. So no matter how you might have to go back there several times to that world. So to me, when people get mad at people, we all get what we deserve. Karma is real, that karma is a balance of experience is what it is. It’s karma. And there’s also good karma. And people always forget that, you know, so all the those people are to their big problem right now. But I try not to see it as that I just try to I know, when I watch these things, I’m like, I know what’s wrong. I know what’s lying. I know they’re hurting, I know that they don’t even know what’s going on. In fact, I’ve never even stopped for a moment to question their own mortality. That’s how far in they are to service to self. So that’s the world where they’re going to go to they have to go, they probably won’t see the aliens, they probably won’t see any of that they won’t have anything to do with it. You know, they’ll just be in that very, very low vibration world. And the entire consciousness of the world is moving up to you. And it’s kind of leaving yourself behind. This is the first time I guess, in the history of eternity that an entire planet is shifting. So it’s not just people, it’s the entire planet, which is really kind of cool. I don’t know exactly how that works. I will claim to know that you but all I can do now is just tell people, I don’t convince people to do anything. I’m just like, if you can just remember who you are. If you can just remember that. You’ll be okay. You’ll go exactly where you’re supposed to go.

Kristin Taylor 49:33
Yeah, God, this is this is Oh, interesting. And well my understanding with extraterrestrials as well is that they are here to when we are ready and the shift is helping those of us who are ready to become even more than 1% Only 1% Yeah, they’re really aiding us in our evolution and they protect us from our selves often our own destructive tendencies often they’ll stop. Well, that’s what I’m reading. Is that true? In a way, depending on the alien, they kick out most

David Hanzel 50:14
what they say because I don’t want it to sound so Star Trek, but I guess I’m just gonna have to there is a galactic federation, There literally is a Federation of Planets. We are not the only universe of people keep thinking of this as a, you know, this is expansive, this goes on forever. There’s a million earth right next to each other to because we’ve dimensionally that’s how we shift and get things through this earth. As we want something and believe it we start shifting over to that particular Earth where we have that is basically what we’re doing with, you know, shifting ourselves into our future that we’ve planned. About, I know it’s hard to wrap your head around. But

Kristin Taylor 50:49
it’s, it’s really, to me, it’s really helpful. I love hearing it.

David Hanzel 50:52
It’s all you got to do. It’s God, people can literally have what they want, if they could just remember you create this world, you create the relationships and every time you look at 18 other being, you have to know that that being is not only God, but it’s you as well. Yes, we have that connected. So, you know, we live in unfortunately, put a human persona on God, which used to piss me off when I first came out of a coma. I’m like, No, that’s no, God’s not a human. It’s not the human thing. What are you thinking? No, it’s everything. And people that say, Well, do you know who God is? I’m like, yeah, it’s the trees. It’s the mountains. It’s the water. It’s the laughter It’s the children is everything. It’s everything all at once. Yeah, it’s all of us. Now, can God come into a form at some point to show himself? Yes. But you wouldn’t come here to do that, you know, but that’s what’s kind of having the aliens cannot the Federation, no one is allowed to alter our path without our permission. It’s kinda like when people talk about in the paranormal world, and I did a lot of Quantic investigations. Can I enjoy that it was fun. Because that doesn’t scare me. And they don’t want to say they can’t interfere with us. They can’t interfere with anything we do. Unless we get permission, therefore, like a possession. You can’t be possessed unless you get permission. at all, you know, like I had many people tell me I’m a walk in, but I don’t really live with that. I mean, some of it makes sense. But I don’t think that I

Kristin Taylor 52:29
Okay. Okay. So I can’t believe time is going by so fast. I could talk to you for so long, because I have so many questions. But you said just we need to remember who we are. How does one even endeavor. They’re sitting there listening to this and going I love the sound of bad. remember who I am, I want to where do I start? What does that mean?

David Hanzel 52:47
Make it a practice every day or every morning one to just be grateful, the minute you wake up, you shouldn’t be waking up going to go to work again, you should wake up going, I could choose to go to work again today, you know, just remember that and then to remember this more than anything else. The guidance the spirits got, it’s not out there. There’s nothing out there. It’s here. It’s always in if you can go inward. That’s what you remember who you are. take three deep breaths and meditate, start looking past the trees, you know, pick up a leaf, or a flower but no broken off and just look at it closely. Yeah, you will realize that the smallest things and the biggest miracles and miracles happen every second of the day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, every year all the time on this side, that side of every other side. Other planets have miracles, we all have miracles. So that’s all we got to remember. What’s your number, you’ll start to remember who you are, you’re start to go, you know, I’m afraid person who doesn’t want to do anything. I’m actually that person who wants to go do it. What’s holding me back? Then you tell yourself nothing. You know, there’s so many warriors on this planet right now who do not know their warriors. They’re hidden behind some little mousy thing. And it’s like, no, come on.

Kristin Taylor 54:05
Yeah, you know? Yeah. Oh my gosh, I’m totally gonna book a reading with you. I need to know more.

David Hanzel 54:13
I love doing guided reading. That’s my favorite. I mean, I like talking. But yeah, I love talking to the guides and having them come through. Yeah.

Kristin Taylor 54:20
That makes me half the time. Yeah. Yeah. So you’ve already answered the question is going to happen next, which is you know, you are living the sentient life as this very spiritual being this sagacious sage like man. And I’m hearing part of it is is just the gratitude for the miracles that are everywhere,

David Hanzel 54:40
right. Oh, it is you have to look at life and just say this really is this is cool. I’m having an experience. There’s no place else you could get this experience

Kristin Taylor 54:49
ever. Yeah, yeah. Wow. But the time we have left, have I Is there anything else? Let me ask your guides. Is there any other message has not been communicated that you feel it’s important to share.

David Hanzel 55:06
Daniel moments and don’t try to write your future message about the future, because your future is all over the place, you have an end goal aligned, you will reach that end goal, everyone will reach their end goal. You’ll you’re doing what you came here to do. Pay attention, listen to yourself. Because they are always talking to us always. And we just forgot how to listen. And if we could just listen, we would know that when we feel something, that’s what you need to act on. Most people like in the world of politics world, they don’t know what they’re doing anymore. They’re just robots at this point, the followers, that’s all they are as followers, if you got them cornered by themselves and ask them about anything else, like a river or a belt, they would start telling you all these beautiful things they can see again, they’re starting to remember who they are. But as soon as they get back into that moment of the politics, or they project themselves into that it’s all gone. So stay within yourself. Remember who you are a question everything. Everything and, and what’s happening to you now as to your perception. So it’s all you it’s all yours, all the things you’re creating. So create beautiful homes and just do that.

Kristin Taylor 56:24
Can you imagine if more people were creating beautiful things and living from a place of an offer the miracles

David Hanzel 56:29
when I talk to angels angels have been telling me that since day for one that I was here, and angels are the coolest, coolest people they are. I don’t want to call people without a call list. I tell you, I can’t tell you that.

Kristin Taylor 56:43
I love them. Yeah, well, you’re pretty cool yourself. So, so appreciative of you spending this time with us today. And it’s just really cool to meet you.

David Hanzel 56:54
Well, thank you so much. It was an absolute pleasure. Thank you for listening. I know I have. I’m all over the board. But I never know where to start.

Kristin Taylor 57:00
Yeah, it’s no, it’s just so great. Just, I didn’t even want to interrupt. I was like, don’t just let him go. Let him go. This is amazing. Thank you so much. Well, thank you. Thank you so much, David, for sharing your extraordinary story and the extraordinary nest that is you. To learn more about David and to schedule a reading. Please visit his website. It’s www.theywhispertome.com. If you’re enjoying these podcasts, I ask that you share them or write a review. We need your help in getting these important messages out there.Sound engineering for today’s show was provided by Shane Suffriti. To learn more about Shane, please visit Shanesuffriti.com. If you’re looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, self-doubt or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness. These are the areas I specialize in as a coach and would love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at coachkristintaylor@gmail.com Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll see you next time on How I Made It Through.

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