Diane Richards 00:03
How do we go from being a disempowered Empath to an empowered Empath, who has strong boundaries, who uses their intuition as strength to help others not to help those who really aren’t worthy of it? Because we tend to do that we want to, we want to help the people that aren’t worthy of it.

Kristin Taylor 00:34
Today we are welcoming back to the show Diane Richards because her first episode was among the most popular and she has so much to share beyond what she has already. Her first episode aired on January 3, if you have not already, please have a listen. So who is Diane Richards you may be asking. Diane is an internationally renowned and highly sought after evidential medium educator, energy healer, an author, who has trained with some of the best teachers, such as Dr. Brian Weiss, Tony Stockwell, Dr. Carol carbone, James Van Praagh, Reverend Janet Novak, and numerous Arthur Findlay tutors. She is certified as a psychic counselor with the International Association of past life therapists and is a certified Reiki master as well as having degrees in education and leadership. Diane combines her formal and practical education with your intuitive gifts and talents to help others on their journey of self discovery. So good to have you back.

Diane Richards 01:35
It’s so good to be back. Thank you. I love this stuff.

Kristin Taylor 01:39
Oh, good. I’m so glad I love it too. So I love this, helping people on their journey of self discovery. And we were thinking part two, because you pique the curiosity and interest of so many. And it is about self discovery. And you have so much to say. But I’d love to start with what you have to say about empaths.

Diane Richards 02:00
That is such a hot topic. I’m so happy that people now are looking into impacts, acknowledging empaths there are so many people who walk around not realizing that they’re empaths thinks there’s something wrong with them. Oh, I’m too sensitive. I feel too much. Which is what we were told when we were younger, and feel like something’s wrong. I am here to say that being an empath is a super power. And the more we embrace it, and the more we have the tools to be able to disconnect, to put up healthy boundaries and to embrace and love who we are not trying to be something else, the happier the empath will be. Well, let’s define Yeah, I wanted to find Empath and then I want to talk about the superpower of the empath. An Empath we have empathy. So empathy is where you can put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and say, Yeah, I can understand how you’re feeling. An Empath does not only understand, they feel it, they are emotional sponges are sponges. They soak up everyone’s energy, they on feel things to their core, and then they can’t just like brush it away. It’s exhausting being an empath. They also, like I said they’re emotional sponges, they have a lot of empathy for other people they feel they also have really good intuition, but are sometimes afraid to use it or told that using intuition is is not acceptable. A lot of empaths take comfort in nature. They like being alone in nature, they like taking nature walks or just sitting outside gardening. A lot of I mean, that’s not me but a lot of empaths garden. A lot of empaths do not do well in crowded places. It’s overwhelming. I know when I was when I was a little kid and my mother would take me to the grocery store. It was a horror show. I’d be like Please don’t make me go in there please don’t make and I could only go in there for a certain amount of time on my mother. Yeah, that kind of stuff. So you learn to think that that’s wrong but it’s not it’s because all the energy is coming at you. And you’re absorbing it and you don’t know what’s going on at that time. You just know it doesn’t feel right. And pass have a hard time not caring God a hard time not caring. I know it’s so difficult. It was so difficult for me at some at some point to be like, Why am I up still thinking about this and feeling so upset and everyone else in my house is sound asleep like nothing? We had we do we care so much. There’s been many times I’ve said to myself, I just wish I didn’t care so much. Yes. But that’s a gift. And it’s a gift that the world needs. We just need to to learn how to hone those skills, take care of ourselves, while also helping others. This is another thing with impasse, people will tend to just come up to you and tell you your their problems out of the blue, you know, and my husband be like, What is wrong with you, and we’d be shopping or whatever, or even just on the beach, and someone will just come up to me and start telling me oh, my blah, blah, blah. And I sit and listen. And it’s like, nobody does that. Like, what’s wrong with you? Nothing’s wrong with me. It’s just that people can can can sense

Kristin Taylor 05:50
yeah, it’s like an invisible antenna. They just are attractive. I have the same thing that happens to me as well.

Diane Richards 05:56
Yeah, it’s great. And people don’t realize that that’s being an empath. They really, a lot of people don’t understand that. Also, empaths need time to recharge, they need alone time. Not only do they need it, they require it but they, they want it, they crave it. You know they have to have their time alone. They do not like conflict. They want to stay away from conflict. And a lot of times they feel like they just don’t fit in. But there’s something wrong with them. They just feel like they don’t fit in.

Kristin Taylor 06:35

Diane Richards 06:38
Also impasse have a hard time setting boundaries. A lot of empaths have the disease to please oh my gosh, hello. Yeah. I’ll never forget. I was raised Catholic. was married I don’t even know Methodists. And my husband’s like, we had our we had our first son was like, I think we should, like introduce him to religion at some point. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? I’m like, I went, I went into town and found the prettiest church that I thought was a Presbyterians old 1800s. I said, Well, let’s go here. Before I know it. Not only am I a church member, I’m teaching Sunday school. Plus, I’m going for a second master’s degree and working full time teaching Sunday school, then they asked me to be a deacon of the church. And then they asked me if I will count them up, like afterwards, stay late and count the money and do the deposits. And I’m like, sure, yeah, well, my husband is doing like none of this. But that’s me. We tend to do that. Okay.

Kristin Taylor 07:46
Yeah. Well, I relate to that. I relate to that as well. For me, if I see someone who is in pain, or in struggle in any way, it is every impulse that I have in my body, mind and soul to want to help. It’s not always the greatest as a businesswoman cuz like they can’t afford me and I’m like, It’s okay. It’s okay. Like, no, no, sometimes I need to get paid to, but every part of me wants to help.

Diane Richards 08:15
Yes. That physical Empath empaths will actually feel the physical pain.

Kristin Taylor 08:23
Yeah, I do that too. Yes, yes. I totally do that.

Diane Richards 08:29
And because of that, we’re like, oh, this is what it feels like, I get it. I get it. I want to help.

Kristin Taylor 08:34
I have to help. Yes, I have to help. So I hear and live that it has been misunderstood. People don’t get it. And they think of it is, you know, too sensitive and a weakness.

Diane Richards 08:50
Yeah, let’s talk weakness. That’s the problem. Yeah.

Kristin Taylor 08:54
Because you’re walking around. So poor Asli. You know, people are thinking not very resilient. And all the rest of that. Talk to us about how it is a superpower. And I know that it becomes a superpower, especially when we care for ourselves and have that boundaries and honor the gift. It’s

Diane Richards 09:11
such a superpower. Because we do understand other people. Because we do get that we feel so much because we know we’re all connected. On some level. There’s a connection and we feel that connection. And once we understand it and we can put those boundaries there. You talk about emotional impacts, intuitive empaths who can get messages who are psychically inclined? They help so many people. Yeah, yeah. And unless they can embrace being an empath as a positive and not a negative mm. and that it’s something to be proud of. But it is a superpower because you’re able to reach people in a way that other people are not. You’re able to help people in a way that other people are not. You’re also able to save your own life in a way that other if you get that instinct, that gut instinct it will, and you follow it

Kristin Taylor 10:26
and you follow it. That’s the key. That’s the key

Diane Richards 10:29
is following it. Not saying I’m crazy, because that is what we has been instilled in us in this generation. I’m hoping that the generations to come it’s not because it’s so great that empaths now, people are learning about them. Medical science is investigating this. Also the connection between empaths and narcissists is a really big subject as well.

Kristin Taylor 11:05
I’d love to stay there because I’ve been reading about that because the narcissist if the empath isn’t aware and doesn’t have good boundaries, it’s like talk about invisible antenna, they can find the right that that dynamic between the two of them where the empath is just getting really abused. Yes, by the exploitation.

Diane Richards 11:24
Exactly. And an empath will tend to stay in a relationship much longer than they should because longer they see the good. They see they want to nurture they say Oh, but I see

Kristin Taylor 11:36
stuff. Yes. And so

Diane Richards 11:38
an empowered so that’s a difference, I guess between a disempowered Empath and an empowered empath. Yeah, yeah, a disempowered Empath will say yes to everyone. Please, that was Oprah’s like long. Yeah, they will feel victimized by people’s energy. They are so open to emotional vampire. So we’ll just see life out of them. Because there is there are people out there who look for empaths they see him, they know him, they smell us out. And they use us.

Kristin Taylor 12:19
I know it’s interesting, I’m going to share this episode with one of my closest friends. She is in that kind of relationship. And she knows it. Right and but it took her a long time to get there to understand that now. Her husband is a narcissist, we see the good people Oh, she sees the good when when there are so many signs that say this is not a good person. She is like I see the potential, I see these moments. And those moments are beautiful. And they come out with me. And then it can go into our own sort of narcissistic wounding, as it were to say, I can save this person or I can in some way, feel connected to the best of who I am. When I get those little nuggets where I see them growing or healing or expressing or right. So painful.

Diane Richards 13:02
Is you know, we’ll also nurture a movie to the death to like after the first 1015 minutes. A movie and some people will be like, This is crap, I’m turning it off. No. Empaths are like, Oh, no. We have to see what happens. And it’s like you don’t get those two hours of your life back. But that’s being a disempowered Empath, a walking sponge for energy vampires. Yeah. Yeah. They also isolate themselves out of fear and being overwhelmed. I do that. So how do we go from and I think there are so many disempowered empaths walking around. I do too. I have not been given the okay. Because it’s sometimes people just need to be given permission. Right? Who you are is normal. This is okay. And let’s work on strengthening it for your own good, right. Because empaths Sometimes I hate to say that are their own worst enemies. But they are because they will put everyone else in front of them whilst have their own stuff.

Kristin Taylor 14:20
Yeah, I think about my own life because I’m such an empath. And it is only been really in my late 40s and 50s where my husband now really understands like it may only be seven o’clock at night. But I have my own room. And I will say I’m closed. I have to be and he understands my you know, son, dog, mother, grandmother, I mean, you know, like just just give her her space. Yeah, because this is what she needs so that I don’t get because I will literally get physically ill and my dear friend has become very physically ill because of all of the putting other people first and the need to please and everything else that you just described. It’s all really dangerous actually dangerous?

Diane Richards 15:02
Because we don’t claim our own self worth? Yes, we don’t. And that’s where the disease comes in the Disneys. The the illness, the anxiety, the depression. Our intentions are always good.

Kristin Taylor 15:23
Exactly. That’s why it gets so confusing. Why am I bad idea? Because it’s all about I just want to help this person so badly. So let me ask you

Diane Richards 15:32
that there are some people that don’t want to be helped.

Kristin Taylor 15:35
Exactly, exactly. And to recognize that into put your own sovereignty, your own self worth, above saving someone else, like if they don’t want to be saved, if they don’t want to be helped, then don’t recognize and I’m going to return my energy back to myself and invest in myself. They know where to find me, but I’m not going to continue to sacrifice my own well being. Yeah. Yeah,

Diane Richards 15:59
that and that’s it. So how do we get there? How do we go from being a disempowered Empath to an empowered empath? Who has strong boundaries? Who uses their intuition as strength to help others? Not to help those who really aren’t worthy of it? Exactly. Because we tend to do that we want. We want to help the people that aren’t worthy of it. Yeah, I’m the Empowered Empath can relate deeply to others and not carry on their shit. Excuse me?

Kristin Taylor 16:33
No, no, swear away. Sometimes it is the best way to express

Diane Richards 16:37
stuff, you know, we, as empaths we take on everyone else’s

Kristin Taylor 16:44
unhealthy? No, it’s not. No, it’s not really care

Diane Richards 16:47
for people without taking on their stuff. And the problem is, is that we feel it so much. So much. In times in my readings in my readings, it’s okay. If I bring in other people stuff, I’m protected. I do my whole thing. But so many times in my readings, I’ll have a client say, Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t make you. I don’t want you to feel upset. Or I didn’t want you to feel that pain. That’s okay. I’m feeling it bringing it alive. I’m paying that person back. It’s a boundary I have I know that after the reading, I don’t remember anything done. But in everyday life, there are people that just bring carry on the energies of everyone else, and they don’t know

Kristin Taylor 17:32
how to Yeah, yeah.

Diane Richards 17:35
So it’s really important that empaths to become an empowered Empath have the tools to release on one energy?

Kristin Taylor 17:43
Well, what can you say about what those tools might look like? Sound like be like,

Diane Richards 17:47
you know, I’m there. So much depends on the person, but and I know people are like, Oh, meditation.

Kristin Taylor 18:00
I, well, I think people are getting more open to it, whether it’s mindfulness or meditation. Yeah,

Diane Richards 18:05
exactly. The thing is that meditation doesn’t have to be 30 minutes long. It doesn’t have to be an hour, there’s so many people who think you have to sit for so long. And they can’t, they just can’t, no, annotation can be five minutes. Meditation could be while you’re in the shower, you know, I’m doing your thing. And you just close your eyes and you say, Oh, please, you know, protect me with love and light, whatever. Meditation could be just closing your eyes for 10 minutes, you know. And so people get hung up on the word meditation was something big is supposed to happen now. It’s about shutting your brain down for a little bit. Yeah. Just quieting your mind

Kristin Taylor 18:47
quieting? Yeah, if I if I may interject, it’s about quieting. But it’s also I think people have this idea. Because Medicaid meditation is about quieting that if they have any thoughts, they are doing it wrong, and then they feel defeated. And that’s why I love mindfulness. It’s just the noticing of the thoughts coming and going. Not wait being the thoughts exactly. We had a really wonderful guest. Her name was is Bo Maxwell and she talked about something called she said it’s grounding and it’s clearing and then protecting Yes, so it’s getting connected to the earth and then it’s actually had it backwards grounding clearing 90 to that grounding clearing and protecting clearing energy that is not yours mean able to visualize whether it’s you know wind or any earth element or water whatever it is clearing that and then having a protective bubble however we visualize that when we move into the world

Diane Richards 19:41
it’s extremely important i bubble myself well, sometimes I forget Yeah, none of us are like yeah, I bubble up myself all the time. No, there are days like oops, yeah, I forgot to Bob Yeah, yeah. But I do I bubble myself. Protect me in the A lot of Bubbleman in the light of protection and love and so that is an important thing that empaths need to do need to you know what else is good for empaths is having a pet.

Kristin Taylor 20:13
Oh, I so agree. I so agree. Yes, I’m hearing your pup over there.

Diane Richards 20:20
I’m sorry are that you know, I

Kristin Taylor 20:22
love it. I love it. Yeah, I know the only reason my dog isn’t here and Courtney and everyone who knows me well, he’s always by my side. But he snores so loudly that it’s really only he’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Diane Richards 20:37
Okay, I have two pugs. Oh,

Kristin Taylor 20:39
good lord. So

Diane Richards 20:40
I have clients and I’m doing reading.

Kristin Taylor 20:46
Same thing as a coach, someone’s like, really openly sharing. They’re saying something important. I’m like, if you could repeat that, because I had that.

Diane Richards 20:53
Right? Yeah, we’re talking. Really, that’s not me. Excellent morning as we talk.

Kristin Taylor 21:00
So I want to ask you, if we may, if we can transition a little bit into this superpower of empathy. Also, If one chooses to cultivate it can go into not just intuition, and I don’t mean to denigrate intuition, because it’s beautiful and powerful, but also the psychic ability to connect with those who are on the other side of what are some steps if someone were going to just have some practical steps and what I’m thinking about in particular, Diane, are the Claire’s and I’ll speak for myself. When I do and have connected with the other side. It has been through Claire cognizance, just kind of unknowing, like smelling words will come up. It’s not that I’m hearing their voice. I have heard voices, but just just just know Wayne,

Diane Richards 21:47
clear knowing. Yeah, that’s my declare is it’s clear, knowing you just know, that is one of the biggest Claire’s that I use. And I don’t know how it’s like, it just it’s annoying, you know, um, but a lot of even if you’re not going to use it to connect to another realm, a clear knowing a lot of people walk around with that clear knowing. Like, I know, I shouldn’t go to this party, or I know, you know, I shouldn’t travel to that. Whatever it is, right? That clear, knowing you don’t know where it’s coming from listen to it. Yeah, it can take your life. It really can.

Kristin Taylor 22:29
It can it can, you know, me, sorry,

Diane Richards 22:32
I was doing this as my career. I owned a school. And there was just one morning I woke up. And I said to my husband, I’m not supposed to drive today, something horrible is gonna happen. I just know it. And he’s like, please, what’s wrong with you? I said, Can you please drive me to work? He goes, I’m going right now. You’re not ready. So the answer’s no. Now that he’s a jerk, listen, I might be presenting him was that, but he was not on the site. He was not. He didn’t understand where I was coming from. So I drive myself to work. And this is crazy. But um, okay, so there was a truck carrying porta potties. Oh, no other major highway. Oh,

Kristin Taylor 23:20

Diane Richards 23:23
I was in like a 10. Car pile up. Oh, portapotty. For the Listen, I really thought I was dead. Because I see the bright white light. But it was really just the what do you call it the airbags?

Kristin Taylor 23:44
I knew that you knew. I knew the clear

Diane Richards 23:46
knowing Yeah. And for whatever reason. I’m still here to talk about it. Yeah. And it’s great story. It was a horrific accident. The highway was closed for a little more like, Oh, my God. It’s that clear knowing so even if you’re not going to use it for doing readings, connecting to the other side. It’s such a great thing for your life. It is a superpower.

Kristin Taylor 24:17
Yeah, let me ask you this, because this is where I can get confused. How do you know? And what is your advice around fear versus knowing because I can get like I’m driving? I think don’t go that way, go this way. And then I’ll start to overthink it and then I go into fear and then I’m like, Oh, how do you discern between the two?

Diane Richards 24:35
Because fear comes within your own head? Yeah. It’s your own thoughts. Yeah. The other stuff and you just know it. I can’t even explain but you know it that is coming from somewhere else. And we’re not talking schizophrenia we’re not talking about we’re talking of a you can know it’s coming from somewhere else. This is into intuitive. Something’s telling you. Yeah, your own head.

Kristin Taylor 25:00
It’s interesting. The memory that I have, it feels like it crystallizes it really well is I was just driving my son and I, we are going to go on a hike together. And as I’m going down this hill towards this parking site, which leads to the trails. I just felt it in my gut. Like, like, this isn’t good. This is why I said

Diane Richards 25:23
that. I just got chills, like, don’t do it.

Kristin Taylor 25:27
Yeah, it felt like that. Like, it’s like, my whole body. There’s the empathy. There’s the ability, my stomach sort of dropped, and it felt like there was a darkness. Yes. And guess what I did. I ignored him. Nothing terrible how many, but it was, he was like 11 or 12 or something. We got lost from one another. And then he was at that stage, he’s still lose, where he’s so embarrassed. Everyone’s looking at me. And I couldn’t you know, I’m calling him and he went, he heard me but he chose not to because he was like, Mom, you’re embarrassing me. Right? And so we were following each other around, I ended up falling in front of a bunch of people. And that was like, I like skinned my knee. And I was embarrassed. Nothing terrible. But it was like a little calamity after little killing somebody after a little calamity. He was in tears. I was in tears. I’m like, Why didn’t I just turn around when I felt that?

Diane Richards 26:19
Yeah, which I can relate to so much. Recently, I went to the Dominican Republic, which is supposed to be this nice getaway with a group of friends. The night before now I had put my passport somewhere where I knew it would be but of course it wasn’t there. So I’m having this breakdown. I’m like, I think I threw it away when I cleaned out my closet. But like God, it must have been thrown away. So I’m like, I’m not going. I had already told my friends. Listen, I’ve lost my throat. My passport. I’m not going well. My husband. Oh my god bless his soul. Later that night says come on and dance with me. I know you’re so sad. Aren’t they’re playing our song. Get out of here. I’m upset. Yes, and leave me alone. Come on, please. So I go downstairs, and it’s the hustle. I’m like, the hustle. The Hustle. That is not our song. What the hell is wrong with you? Dance with me. And then he pulls from behind my ear. My passport. He had found it. So I’m like, Okay, I’m going but in my gut. I kind of knew. I don’t really think I’m supposed to go. Yeah, I go. We all get horribly sick. Like, I’ve never been so sick. In my whole life we sent

Kristin Taylor 27:41
this is recent. Oh, family.

Diane Richards 27:46
And, and there was so much one. Mix up after another one horrible experience after another. My friends left early on there by myself. Throwing up it was horrible.

Kristin Taylor 28:04
That is miserable to be in a foreign country. And all these cues were coming at you.

Diane Richards 28:10
They were coming at me. And I kind of knew I even said to my head. I’m like, I’m not supposed to go. So even if though you found my passport, I’m not supposed to go. But I didn’t listen. Yeah, of course you are you already got the ticket. You’re supposed to go go head versus waiting for

Kristin Taylor 28:26
you. Yeah, yeah, we under you know, we start to undermine our own instincts. So I do want to get because this program is about connection with the afterlife and really living fully from a more empowered place with understanding, self discovery, connection to our souls purpose. I want to ask you, to what extent given the work you do, do you feel connected to your own soul’s purpose?

Diane Richards 28:55
I’ve always feels connected to my sole purpose. Ever since I was a kid. So to hear that people don’t know their sole purpose is foreign to me interest, honestly. But I get it. But I think people who have reincarnated many times know their sole purpose. Like, this isn’t my first rodeo here. But I knew like, I never questioned my sole

Kristin Taylor 29:22
purpose. So what is your soul’s purpose?

Diane Richards 29:24
It’s evolved. It’s evolved and you know what I can say? And I said this to my husband a long time. There’s a checklist of everything when I was young when I was little that I wanted to do in life. And I’ve checked them almost all I wanted to adopt children. Check. I wanted to own my own school check on wanting to write my own book. Check. I wanted from oh my gosh, from the beginning of time I wanted to be a medium. I wanted to do that. Check I want to do past life. ration checks. So everything that I knew is as young, which I think we all at some point when we’re young, are connected to that. And we lose it. And so I feel very blessed. I really do.

Kristin Taylor 30:17
It is a blessing.

Diane Richards 30:19
Because I feel like I have been able, and not that life is a checklist. But there were certain things that were important to me that I felt I needed to do in this life.

I Am This Age with Molly Sider 30:41
Do you feel like you’re not where you thought you’d be at this age? Do you feel like you’ve missed your chance for true happiness? Do you want more out of life? Hi, I’m Molly, and I am the host of I am this age, the podcast proving it’s never too late. You’re never too old. So go do that thing you’re always talking about. I interview people who have made big changes after 40 where we get deep into the fears and insecurities felt when they made their change, how they navigated through them, and how you can to subscribe to I am this age, wherever you get your podcasts and join us every other Monday for the inspiration you need to go do that thing you’ve always been talking about.

Kristin Taylor 31:30
No, you’re you’re you’re doing I love how you do that, in terms of just really bringing us into your experience in your world with it. If you were to think about souls contract souls lesson, I could extrapolate what that is. But I’d love for you to whether it’s the medically if it’s helping people to heal, or if it’s right.

Diane Richards 31:53
And I believe in the soul contract I do. And my big thing is like, I don’t want to get woowoo on people, because a lot of times that turns people off. You know

Kristin Taylor 32:02
what this is the space to be Willow. This is if they don’t like it, they don’t have to listen. But I think those who do

Diane Richards 32:08
I absolutely believe that we because this is not home for us, right? Home is the other dimension that’s home. And if you listen to near death experiences are people, they don’t want to come back. That’s home. And what I find is so interesting when I listen to near death experiences. To me, it just validates everything that I see, when I bring someone forward from the spirit world. The to the whole process, everything it relates. So I do believe that we have a soul contract, I do believe that we say because the only thing that, okay, between the other side and here is when we’re here physically, this is the only time we can experience pain, physical trauma, things that can only be experienced having a body. So on the other side, you are doing more soul, spiritual here, but sometimes to get to that soul and spiritual enlightening, you have to experience it physically. So I absolutely and one of the big things like I was just with a client yesterday talking about giving birth, and the child dying soon after that child made that contract. And it’s to help teach the parents or whoever it is what they need to know. So do I don’t even know what the question is?

Kristin Taylor 34:04
Like? Yes, yeah. Well, that can be such an understatement of the universe, a hard pill to swallow. I will share that with my husband because it breaks his heart as it does mine and everyone who has a heart when we see children suffering when we see them living through cancer, leukemia, you know, trauma. And I’ve said that and he said, I just I can’t go there. I just can’t imagine that that would be true. And yet for me and I don’t know why it is it is such an simple, like, a resonant. Yeah, I get that. I get that.

Diane Richards 34:37
And that I think helps people put it into perspective. They’re not suffering. That little soul came here for a purpose. Yes. And whether it was to teach you the importance of life, to treasure, whatever it is, that soul came to, to teach a lesson and they made that contract And when that’s finished, they’re fine.

Kristin Taylor 35:03
Well, yeah, when you get to the there Yeah, exactly, exactly. I was actually thinking very much. I had a reading with guests that we had a couple of weeks ago was shows coming up. He’s like you totally wonderful and delightful and a beautiful psychic medium. So different from you. But it happened on the day of the National Shooting. And it was interesting. I listened to psychic Sterling, he has a YouTube channel. And every Sunday, he answers questions. And one of the questions always at the end of the show is what do you see coming up in the week ahead, and he said, I hate that I have to say this. This is what is coming through, but there’s going to be another shooting at a school. And I was just like, oh my gosh, as someone who’s got a child, you know, it really was weighing very heavily on me. And so I prayed that night and I dreamt about shootings and and then the next morning I gave my son just the biggest hug possible. I didn’t tell him I didn’t tell his father didn’t you know, I was just like, I don’t need to share this. Right. So anyway, I’m going about my workday. And suddenly I have that knowing. Because he didn’t say when he just said it was gonna be in the week and I just had this notion of like, it happened. And I turned on the news and there was and I just screamed like, no, like a primal scream not for the children, not for the children because I know that they are in heaven. I know that they signed up for this. I know. I believe that. Those parents, those parents anguish,

Diane Richards 36:37
this is hell, we’re living in hell, right? It is. Yeah, this is hell. So people are like, hell no, this is it.

Kristin Taylor 36:45
There’s nothing worse than

Diane Richards 36:48
choosing negative over PA. You know, it’s constant battle like the good the devil on one side, the angel on the other? No, this is how and imagine those parents.

Kristin Taylor 37:06
I it just I couldn’t stop crying. I mean, talk about being an empath. I couldn’t stop crying. It was I was so rattled an adult and distraught nowhere near what they are. But I lucked out that day. It wasn’t my kid, but it could have been my kid. Right. But it could have been my kid.

Diane Richards 37:22
That day. I think I know which incident you’re talking about. I cried for an hour and a half. Just sobbing. Because you feel it. Yes. You feel and that’s, that’s being an empath. You feel there are so many people that can watch that. And like just, I

Kristin Taylor 37:42
don’t understand how people just continue to like, I’m gonna go to the store, and I’m going to have this transaction, and then I’m going to get my hair cut. And I’m like, the how do you i That’s where it is so hard. Yeah. And that’s where

Diane Richards 37:53
being an empath is. So, and that’s what we’re told, or you’re too sensitive, get over it. What’s wrong with it? No, embrace that. Oh, no, I allowed myself. You have to go in my bed and put the covers over me. And cry. Yeah. And then I knew once I’d let it out, I’d be okay. But cry and do whatever I needed to do to get beyond that point. Because let’s be honest, that really needed to be at some point. It hit what do you want to call it memo memo? It needed to be addressed. Yes, just stop and say hold. It needed

Kristin Taylor 38:34
to be memorialized. It needed to be right and needed to be memorialized. Like it feels like I remember, a dear friend was sharing with me that there is some culture in Africa. And I don’t remember which one it was, the story was told so long ago, but in a way that we don’t do in our culture. He said that it’s such a small community. And if someone dies, the tradition is that every single person in that community, they change something outside of their home, they paint the mailbox a different color, they paint their garage, a different color, they move a tree that is one spot to another spot, as a way of memorializing life will never be the same without this person. And I’ve just feel like it’s mirrors and honors when the family is going through. And I just love that and that’s where it feels so painful to move through the world. Like, oh, I’m gonna go get my nails done and children were just murdered

Diane Richards 39:24
children. No, I gotta listen. I understand that 1000 to 10%. I really do, but that’s the difference between an empath responding to it, and a non empath. Yeah, we’re not putting down on empaths I just I look at non empaths as newer souls.

Kristin Taylor 39:49
Yeah. Nurses. Yeah, we’re

Diane Richards 39:51
here to help the newer souls.

Kristin Taylor 39:54
Well, let’s talk about this idea because I know that is a hard pill to swallow. Illumina can sound insensitive to say, well, collectively there are lessons that we are here to learn. And the children said, I, I know, and they’re not the children, but really their souls, which are probably very advanced souls that signed up for this. Frameline. Exactly. Exactly. And so, understanding can cosmically souls contracts, and how people can start to because for you, as a child, it sounds like you always knew, and that is such a blessing. Other people, it’s, they’re floundering or confused, or they’re, or they’re yearning, and they’re trying to discover who am I at a soul level? How does one endeavor to do that?

Diane Richards 40:41
Well, you have to want to number one, right? You have to be open and want to, you also have to be willing to spend time with yourself. I always say that, you know, you’re going to spend the rest of your life with yourself. And if you don’t like who you are, that’s gonna be a horrible journey. But so many people do not like to be alone with themselves. But that’s the only way you’re going to get to the next phase. I’m sorry, well, tell me about derailed from it. That’s

Kristin Taylor 41:18
okay. Tell me about the next phase. So you spend time with yourself. And that’s in silence. That’s a nature that’s listening. That’s understanding your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, beliefs, that’s where I work with people. But then you go to the next level, and those are your words, what is the next level? Okay?

Diane Richards 41:40
Sounds vibrations. Energy never dies. And as you just never dies, and that’s a scientific fact. So I’m not just like woowoo doing it. It’s a scientific fact. Energy doesn’t die aware energy. Does our body die? Yes, the energy within it? Absolutely not. Something next thing is being able to elevate your energy to higher levels. So let me just like, okay, so low level vibration, energy, would be addiction would be crime. would be not being authentic and doing things for the wrong reason. Yeah. And if you hang around, especially empaths, you hang around with people like that you’re gonna absorb it. You always want to increase your energy, you always want to heighten it. So reading the other side, which I hate to say it’s like because it when I say side, it is side, like they’re here, like they’re right next to you. They’re not some right next to you. So to do that, you have to quiet your mind. But you have to reach to a very high level, a very high level of vibration. You have to slow your mind down to be able to pick up on the vibration that’s higher. And in life, so many people function on a lower vibration. And they do things that will only perpetuate that lower vibration. And in order to change your vibration, you really have to self reflect. You have to you have to acknowledge yourself, you have to end journaling, I’m sorry, journaling is huge. Because journaling allows you to see a whole nother side of yourself.

Kristin Taylor 44:03
I don’t people have sent it to me about a zillion times and I don’t know what my resistance is. I think I just need to do it.

Diane Richards 44:10
And not think about what you’re writing.

Kristin Taylor 44:11
That’s the key. I mean, it’s that automatic writing just the hand move.

Diane Richards 44:16
You will get messages from people. When I started journaling that my father has passed. I got so many messages and we were not close I got a lot of stuff coming through. Through that was not my these were not my words.

Kristin Taylor 44:37
Yeah, yeah. Okay. So the quietness the I remember from both the conversation we had as well as conversations I’ve had with many people, it’s connecting with the energy of love to so yeah, when I will sit in an intentional way. I will imagine scenes that that bring me joy for me As watching this scene, it’s always my son and my dog that just instantly filled me with love imagining my son when you know, he was a few years younger, but he was riding his bike and the dog was chasing after him. And I saw that scene and I just thought, oh my God, how did I How did I get so lucky? So

Diane Richards 45:17
brings you to a place. So yes, he will place Yes,

Kristin Taylor 45:21
it just brings me to a place now. So head on. I’ve never told anyone I don’t know if I’ve told anyone this. I’ve never said this on the show. But I can get us into some like hypnotic state when I turn the lights off, and I’m lying in bed, and I’m looking up at the ceiling. And I can start to see lights. And it’s almost when people go into those sensory deprivation tanks. It’s what the brain does. So there are no literal lights. It’s what the brain does. And there was this moment where this white light just went, just sort of expanded in front of me. And I had this experience of probably the most pure, magnetic enormous feeling of how loved I am. Just like it like broke through this illusion of not been loved that we can get into and as we’re over here, and I felt like I got it like, Oh my God, the love is just extreme, extraordinary, bigger than anything I ever could have felt. I just felt it and I touched it. Yeah,

Diane Richards 46:29
yeah. And not to get religious or anything like that. You can call it God. You can call it Buddha, you can call it whatever you want. That is the higher power. And it’s nothing but this white light of love. Love total, unconditional love.

Kristin Taylor 46:50
So that is raising your vibration. And I do want to tell us the highest vibrational level. Yeah, well, music, that kind of stuff that we’re talking about really intentionally connecting to love. I keep hearing I’d love to hear your thoughts also on the use of the imagination. Like when people do past life regression, like how do they know if it’s my imagination? Or if it’s tapping into a message from the other side? You’re smiling. So you have you have no only

Diane Richards 47:15
because listen, I was the biggest skeptic after my past life regression. Xiaomi Xiaomi the Yeah. But to my surprise, I, I don’t know if I’m so surprised. I found the facts. Everything that happened was, you know, verifiable? Very Yes. So um, but the thing I tell people all the time, they talk about doing drugs to get to that other side, too. You don’t have to, if you get deep enough into a meditation, if you will allow, like, I’ll never forget, like my first when I was doing the meditation with Dr. Brian Weiss and, and I really was afraid I was holding on him. Like, I think I’m in a drug Trump or something. And I’ve never had one before. But because the colors, the things that come through, you really do go to another level. If you allow yourself to do that.

Kristin Taylor 48:13
If you allow yourself to do that,

Diane Richards 48:15
if you allow yourself and that’s the key is is letting go of your ego, letting go of your fear. And knowing that this stuff is there, to grab?

Kristin Taylor 48:30
Well, you have so many experiences of the connection and I want to ask as we transition a little bit here. What are you hearing, knowing receiving that collectively we should hear no and receive in the year 2023 and beyond? What do they want us to now?

Diane Richards 48:55
Well, number one is get your get your shit together people because, um, we tend to be all over the place right now. I also think we’re moving in a position of people accepting love and accepting people for who they are. But the other thing for the upcoming is not to force yourself into pigeonholes. Whether it be politically correct on spiritually Correct. You need to find out who you are and embrace that. Period. No questions, no apologies. And the only way you can do that is just spend time with yourself and and not say, oh what I am is wrong, or I’m supposed to be. I’m not an organized person.

Kristin Taylor 49:59
Nor am I Am I,

Diane Richards 50:01
because you’re an empath

Kristin Taylor 50:03
most of us are not. It’s really frustrating

Diane Richards 50:05
teacher. I have all these great ideas, let’s transform our classroom into a castle. Or if we’re reading Romeo and Juliet looks like, so I have all these ideas, but I needed a great assistant,

Kristin Taylor 50:21
Courtney, I don’t know how to survive without her. But that’s okay.

Diane Richards 50:25
Think about your surgeons, they need a great medical assistant, medical nurse, they hand them the instruments that they need. Because that’s not where the brain is. And so I think we have to accept our limitations. Yeah. Except that we all have roles. And that we were all going to work together.

Kristin Taylor 50:49
Yeah. Yeah.

Diane Richards 50:52
A mess I do

Kristin Taylor 50:55
to Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Diane Richards 50:58
crap on my bed. I mean, I know it, my husband’s like, Oh, my God,

Kristin Taylor 51:03
same with my husband. Same with my husband. So So let me ask you this, with this idea of the importance of really spending time and getting to know ourselves and embracing who we are not apologizing for it really connecting to this is authentically who I am. The idea of connecting to love the idea of really getting to whatever extent everyone can that there is a soul’s contract, and even the things that feel seem horrific, we signed up to, excuse me, we signed up for for the experience for the learning, and that we have soul families that we make these contracts with. And so when we’re in the midst of difficult relationships, I want to get back to this working with David. Hansel, I had a really difficult relationship with my father. And what was so healing about the reading, was being able to hear from my father about the soul’s contract. It was so healing to understand that and for him to finally take responsibility for his part in it, and to see me because I never felt that he saw me. So when we are engaged in difficult relationships with people, like a parent, like a sibling, how, what is your advice for moving through that with the perspective of yes, this is my human self. And I signed up for this.

Diane Richards 52:28
I think it’s really important that we understand whether it be your mother, your father, your whatever, whoever it is, that we understand and accept them for what they’re able to do. Because if we put our expectations onto them, we will always be disappointed. We will always be just, we just will meet. It’s like having a narcissistic mother and thinking every time it’s going to be different. Or if I go see her now she’s really gonna care about what I have to say, that’ll never happen. So it’s about accepting that and putting those boundaries to protect yourself. But also just accepting that, okay, this is their journey, for whatever reason, they’re going through their thing. They’re learning what they need to learn, hopefully, I’m here and I’m supposed to have this wench or whatever in this relationship, because I need to learn from it, whether it be to protect myself, my children, or just handle it in a way where I’m not a victim.

Kristin Taylor 53:40
Yeah, where are you not a victim? I think that’s what can happen. I mean, I know, so much of my learning has been through my relationship with with my mom, who I, this is funny to David. And so it was like, look at your mom. And it’s like she was a squirrel in the life last lifetime. No, because it would meant like she’s a younger soul. You know, like, just moving through her life is a different experience than moving through mine. And yet, we signed up for this. And so when she’ll do or say something that I’m like, Girl, that’s that resistance that she should be something else and the boundary to know that this is exactly who she is. It’s been going on she is yes.

Diane Richards 54:21
And then making it healthy for you. If you can only experience being with a parent, two hours, and you’re done. Give them two hours. Yeah, don’t feel like you have to give them the whole day. Exactly. If you can only talk to a parent maybe once a month. I mean, I know that

Kristin Taylor 54:40
that’s what it is.

Diane Richards 54:42
Exactly. Okay. Protect yourself. Because they’re not going to change. Exactly. Exactly. And and congratulate yourself for being a lightened enough to understand that

Kristin Taylor 54:56
because I think that the guilt comes up for people and the shoulds and that The message is, yeah, externally that we’ve been raised with to be the caregivers, but to recognize and that’s the internal work to recognize where’s that message coming from? And how do I learn to respect myself and find a message that actually is true to what I need while I can still love myself so that I can love them and not resent them? And yeah, yeah, the number

Diane Richards 55:20
one job is to love and protect yourself, the number one job because if you don’t do that you can’t love and protect anyone else.

Kristin Taylor 55:29
Yeah. And so this also, I think, moves really nicely into what I was asking before about how people can become more clear on their souls purpose. So it’s the self respect. It’s the self love, it’s the boundaries

Diane Richards 55:46
and sitting in silence and listening to your soul.

Kristin Taylor 55:49
What does that mean, though? Because people know what your

Diane Richards 55:53
voice is it this, you know, I can’t. It’s something that I don’t know if there’s words to explain it. Yeah, is that you just know. So sit and quiet. You know, one great thing is you help people love to stare at the fire, because it’s mesmerizing. Yes, you can light a candle and do that. And just stare into the candle and let your mind and then let those visions come. Because those visions are messages, messages from a higher vibration. They’re not coming from within you, because your mind is staring somewhere else. That’s one rule calm when you slow down, stop thinking and allow these messages to come through.

Kristin Taylor 56:38
I love that specificity of looking at a candle or looking at a fire. And it is a practice. I say this all the time. Like if you are in the habit of thinking think mind is always going it’s going to be uncomfortable. Start with two minutes, start with three minutes, just incrementally.

Diane Richards 56:54
That’s what it is. Exactly. It’s like getting in the mode to exercise. Don’t give yourself five minutes, 10 minutes, boom, build it. But it’s the same like staring at a candle. Even staring into water, a crystal bowl was nothing more than for you to stare into and see visions. And that’s another way to do it. Meditation is another way. But I find if you have something to really like, take your mind like looking at the candle looking at the flame. You can’t help but go into a hypnotic state.

Kristin Taylor 57:31
And trusting what you are seeing is

Diane Richards 57:34
just, that’s the only way you have to trust and you know, well, I get still very, very nervous and uptight before I do a reading and I do readings like all day all night, like on constantly which probably isn’t a good thing either. But anyway, I get and then I said to myself, if I’m getting this uptight, I’m not honoring spirit, I’m not trusting

Kristin Taylor 58:00
them. You’re and you’re also blocking right your vibration lower so it makes it more difficult.

Diane Richards 58:05
I’m not trusting them and that’s what I go. Just trust.

Kristin Taylor 58:10
Yeah, you know? Yeah, that’s so important. So we’re, it’s amazing. Like we’re already basically at time i would love to ask

Diane Richards 58:22
you forever. I feel the same like your world like I say to people. No, the spirit world never pulls back they’re always open for conversation is your medium that gets tired, we lose our connection. We never we they never got tired and we

Kristin Taylor 58:40
so I asked you what the spirit world wants us to know. And you answered that. Tell us and I think I asked you this last time but it feels so important. If I were listening to this podcast I would be thinking Kristen asked her about this. Heaven Heaven what is heaven and and the spirit guides and counsel like I know we all have a team of spirit want it

Diane Richards 59:04
to be okay. First of all, it’s pure love. Pure Love. Pure acceptance. Non judgement. You do get to to let’s say you get to see like a movie of your life yeah life review to see the highlights of how you affected this person how this affected that. So you can learn and say I can either do better or that worked. But haven’t is we can be so many places and so on. Without the body we can be anywhere and if you think it it happened happened. So if you think it it happened so I really want to be with my grandfather fishing in the favorite my favorite lake with him. Boom, you’re there. Yeah. Everyone is just When I say that there’s no like old age on Wednesday that because when people come to me, and they want me to know what they looked like when they pass so they can make that connection with the person. On the other side, it’s so vibrant, there’s so many colors, you just feel everything. But in a good way. You can see your loved ones whenever you want. If you all want to have your family dinners together every Sunday, you make it happen. We know there’s no physical bodies, so there’s no actual eating. But it’s the feeling of that. If if golfing was your favorite thing to do in this life, having to be you up there golfing every day, if that’s what you projected, that’s what you want.

Kristin Taylor 1:00:53
So I also here and we’ll we’ll wrap up quickly, but there are two important questions that I have. So with this idea of older soul and younger soul, what I repeatedly hear from psychic mediums and mystics is there’s not one is not better or worse than the other it’s just an age, you wouldn’t say someone who’s in kindergarten like, oh, how shameful when they should be in college? No, they’re they’re five, and they should be exactly where they are. But there are different sorts of schools and different things that people are focusing on and learning dependent upon where they are in their soul development.

Diane Richards 1:01:32
Right. That is absolutely true. Absolutely. So when I say old soul, like my husband’s not an old soul, I know that, do I? It doesn’t make him any less than Absolutely not. But we as older souls are here to help guide the younger souls. But in heaven, or on the other side, we still have freewill. Yeah, we can choose to develop our soul to evolve. Or we can choose not to

Kristin Taylor 1:02:06
Yeah, I hear that too.

Diane Richards 1:02:08
You can choose to like if you’re in a hole here in this life, you can still be in a hole on the left kind

Kristin Taylor 1:02:14
of sucks.

Diane Richards 1:02:17
Thoughts? I don’t know why any. But it’s the same reason why people are here and they don’t want to evolve. Yeah, you know, and you can’t force them. They’re still loved. They’re still, you know, part of that community. But they know them all. But they don’t want to come back. Another life. Yeah.

Kristin Taylor 1:02:38
And it’s up to your soul to decide how quickly you come back what you do over there. how ambitious you are in the contract that you signed up for? Maybe you want to coast a little bit? I’m not sure if you’re aware, we have a guest who is He’s a lovely human being. His name is Richard Martini. And he’s written books about, he worked with Michael Newton and did documentaries. And he talks about the divine Counsel of souls that when we have our life review, we meet with our divine counsel who collaborated with us to design a blueprint of life. And to understand what did I do? Well, where did I struggle? How did that make that person feel? These spirit guides? What are your insights about that?

Diane Richards 1:03:24
You know, I’ve always known that they’re there. Don’t necessarily, I’m not the type of person that needs to know exactly who they are. But we all have guides, we have guides for different things. We have educators, we have medical intuitives on the other side, we have our protectors on the other side, and they could be then you have your masters like, but a lot of the times they could be someone you know, was sometimes they’re not. But they they’ve agreed to take on that role. And the thing with guides is that they’re really going to intervene if you allow them to

Kristin Taylor 1:04:03
if you’re allowed to come ask. Yeah, I mean, that’s my makeup practice every day. I’m talking with my guides, right?

Diane Richards 1:04:13
Absolutely. And that’s what praying is, but it kind of is, you know, you’re asking your guides to come intervene to help you to protect you. I mean, ask them a specific question and wait, sometimes it comes right to you. Sometimes you can write it, but they’re there. I love when I’m doing readings and like so just yesterday, this woman said, Can you please tell my brother? I’m like, he’s hearing everything we’re saying. Right now, you hear me know they’d hear you. Yeah. You don’t need that third person to be your voice on the other side.

Kristin Taylor 1:04:57
Yeah, yeah, no. Okay. One last question. And then we’ll end it here. Signs, how do they send us signs?

Diane Richards 1:05:05
They’ll send signs that are meaningful to you. So if you are really wanting to see a cardinal, a cardinal will show up. So they’re like, oh, yeah, that’s my sign. The other side, the spirit is not actually a Cardinal. But they’re sending you that because they know that that’s the way you will interpret whether it be coins. Smells. So the sign is what your spirit the spirit on interprets, that you will interpret as a sign. Yeah, butterfly. That’s why no two people have the same signs. Yeah, yeah, I had, oh my gosh, this gentleman come through until the person I was reading, I will never come through as a butterfly or a flower. That’s, but I will be the coin that’s at your feet, because at least it’s worth something.

Kristin Taylor 1:06:04
So it’s so specific to who they were. And yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Diane Richards 1:06:10
Yeah. And the woman laughed and said, Well, that’s,

Kristin Taylor 1:06:12
that makes sense. That makes sense. Yeah, my good friend she was talking about, you know, her dad was and he was my stepfather. She’s my stepsister. She talked about when she would go hiking. He was a just a like, you know, chronic chronic smoker all of his life, mostly. And she would say, I would just talk to him and I’d suddenly smell a smoke. Yeah, that’s

Diane Richards 1:06:35
a sign. Yeah. Because what do you think, also pick up on what your strengths are. So if your strength is being able to smell a clear sense, clear sentience, they will send that to you. Some people will get signs where it’s really clear, like almost telepathic, like, Oh, I heard that. Yeah. I felt that. But they never want to scare you just know that. Never. So if they feel they’re intruding or scaring, they’ll pull back. And you can say it’s okay. Come to me here or come to me then or

Kristin Taylor 1:07:15
we’ll listen. And it is that listening, and I’ll end it here. I know for myself, I get so so busy and distracted. That I’ve had readings where people said, you know, he’s hugging you or they’re there with you. And you’re a new you know, you’re so busy. You don’t notice us slowing down to notice.

Diane Richards 1:07:35
You have to slow down. Yeah, you will never notice exactly how to quiet your brain in order to receive. Yeah, it’s the only way it works. I could not do readings unless I shut my brain off. Otherwise my egos in the way? And I’m going to question everything. I’m not going to say that. What is that? You have to quiet your brain. And trust

Kristin Taylor 1:08:00
and trust. All right. Well, I encourage anyone who is interested, you are the real deal. And I And I’ve said this before, and I’ve said it multiple times, both on air and off. Your readings are extraordinary. They’re such a gift. They are such a gift. So I encourage if anyone is ready to reach out to you. And yeah, yeah. And you also do groups. Is there anything you want to say about the groups you do or the trips you take or anything else to help people understand that

Diane Richards 1:08:30
event is in November, and I’m so excited because it’s in Majorca, Spain, which my Orca is one of my favorite spiritual places ever. It’s five days, five nights, five full days. And we have so much jammed into this five days of really connecting with yourself learning how to quiet your brain, learning how to connect, learning how to get to that next level. Oh, I’m really excited.

Kristin Taylor 1:09:05
I love it. I love it.

Diane Richards 1:09:06
We only have two rooms left already.

Kristin Taylor 1:09:08
Oh, good. I mean that just is a testament to people are wanting this.

Diane Richards 1:09:13
Yeah, that’s a November

Kristin Taylor 1:09:15
Okay. Okay. Beautiful. Beautiful. And then what what’s the name of your book?

Diane Richards 1:09:21
Finding emmalin Yes, I read it I love like how I connected to a past life something something and my purpose is a whole nother Nineveh but I’m horrible. I don’t remember. But it’s finding emmalin I’m gonna grab it here.

Kristin Taylor 1:09:35
glasses off. How I connected with the past life. The other side and my purpose. There you go. Yeah. Yes, yes. Well, thank you so much. Once again, Diane. It’s always just so fantastic to have oh, I thank you

Diane Richards 1:09:48
so much for having me again. Fantastic. I said I could sit here and do this all day. Same with readings. I’m a horrible business person because I’ll just keep reading. Well, that’s what I was saying about mice. Off

Kristin Taylor 1:10:00
to the impulse. Not that I’m doing readings, but with coaching. It’s really it’s really hard.

Diane Richards 1:10:04
I mean, whatever I know it is what it is. I’ve just accepted it. There you go.

Kristin Taylor 1:10:09
There you go. All right, again, thank you. Take good care you too. Thank you so much, Diane, for sharing your wisdom with us. Once again, what a remarkable human being you are. If you’re enjoying these podcasts, I ask that you share them or write a review. We need your help in getting these important messages out there. If you are looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, self doubt, or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness. These are the areas I specialize in as a coach and would love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at coachkristintaylor@gmail.com. Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll see you next time on How I Made it Through.

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