Franco Romero  00:02

When we say we are the light, we truly are the light of God. And they wanted me to see that so that I could come back and share that with humanity and make humanity see help humanity see how incredibly supreme we really are.

Kristin Taylor  00:34

Franco is a top 10 Best Selling Author, clairvoyant, spiritual coach, and speaker. His first book is titled The closet spiritualist, which was inspired by a near death experience which left him clairvoyant abilities. He was unwilling to recognize until an awakening in 2010, when he was reintroduced to a collective consciousness, known as Caleb, a voice which has been guiding him since since he was a young boy. Franco is currently writing a second book, titled The modern day Alchemist, which looks at our future from the perspective of God consciousness, a science of the mind that is only now being revealed to humanity for the purpose of creating heaven on earth. In the coming decades, Franco Franco holds two master’s degrees, and is the co founder of mine nourish a formulator of powerful superfood and plant based nutrition for the body, mind and soul. Welcome, Franco. Thank you for having me. It’s so nice to have you. And I’ll tell the audience I learned about Franco Romero when I was listening to Lee weddings, and D radio. So if you folks have not checked that out, please do it’s a wonderful interview and a wonderful show. So I would love to start with your near death experience. Can you set the stage for what happened and how that opened things up? Yeah, you know, it’s a little bit different. And I guess a lot of people would start off that way with her near death experience, because everyone is different.

Franco Romero  02:10

But mine is somewhat unique in that I actually died when I was very, very young. I was six months old. And I didn’t know about it until much later when I was in my mid teens, 15 or 16 years old, when I began to have visions and dreams about an incident where I was in the hospital. And I saw my mother and some family members and other people I didn’t recognize. And I saw this baby in an incubator. And it wasn’t looking very well. And the people there were very concerned. And I had these multiple times. And I had been having up until that point. Other experiences that led me to question why was I having these experiences with dreams and visions. So I’ll take you back to what happened when I was six months old. And then fast forward to when I started having the experiences of remembering. So when I was when I was six months old, I was living at the time in South America, my family is from Colombia. And my mother was actually by herself at the time, my dad had already moved up here. And she she was getting everything ready for us to move. And I started to develop what look like and to her a real simple case of maybe just a cold or a flu or something. And it got progressively worse. So she took me to a clinic hospital clinic that was not too far away, just to make sure that everything was fine. And almost immediately after I got there, things really started taking a turn for the worse. And the doctors put me in a room where they could watch me monitor me. But they were pretty much already right from the get go. They already realize that my body organs and my body just wasn’t really, really responding very well. And so they told my mother shortly after I had gotten into the hospital that it didn’t look very good. They thought that I had developed pneumonia and it had progressed pretty fast. And in their estimation, I had maybe just a few hours left to live. So they, they asked her if it would be okay to have the chaplain, the minister come in and speak with the family and also to, to just be there and do the last rites. When that happened, my, my mother had this sort of out of body experience where she just disconnected from everything. And she heard the words, but basically wasn’t herself in that room anymore. She left the hospital room, left the hospital, and went down to a to a church that is not too far away from from there. And as she got about a block away, she got on her knees, and she very religious woman. And she, she, she crawled to the church crawled up the steps and went to the front altar and began to pray. And what was unique about her prayer was that, I guess you would imagine that if you were losing your child, you’d be praying to, to have a miracle be performed, like, you know, please, please, please save my child kind of a prayer, which would be obviously, what you would expect. But in her case, it was a different prayer. And I remember it incredibly you it was it was so profound. So I’m going to now stop there. And kind of fast forward to 215 years later, I was having these dreams where I was now in that room. And unbeknownst to me, because I had yet to know that I had had a near death experience. I felt all of what was going on, I felt the energy in the room, I felt the thoughts that people were having the love, and the anguish that people were experiencing, I was very connected to this little baby that I knew, it didn’t take much for me to realize that it was me. And yet, I didn’t really understand why I was having this experience where I was looking down at myself at six months. But I was really drawn to my mother’s energy. And so I saw when the doctor came in, and I saw when the chaplain came in, and when the doctor took my mother outside and, and explain to her my situation, heard the entire conversation, it was just that it was as though I was right behind her just listening in. And so I remember clearly the hospital, how it looked what it looked like. And I remember feeling the her own sort of sense of consciousness as she was going through those moments where she disconnected from the room. And everything to me was energy at that point it everything translated as energy. And so I felt what she was feeling when she got to the church. And when she got on her knees. And when she walked to the altar, I could feel her emotions as she expressed gratitude and appreciation for the little time that she had had with me here on Earth. And I felt this enormous amount of of obvious love that she was expressing at that moment. What really got me was the appreciation and gratitude I saw in her the visions of what she was appreciating, and giving things for she was thankful for the opportunity to, in her mind experience what I would have been like, had I actually grown up and thankful for just the visions that she was gaining about seeing me as an adult, as a father, as a husband, as a good person offering something to to the community to the world. And even though she knew she was never going to see that she was grateful for the opportunity to at least be able to dream it at that moment. And I was credibly touched by that. And and once he did that, everything shifted in the church. It was like there was this heaviness at first and then and then everything just settled down into this very light, loving, comforting feeling and I could feel her feeling that and at that moment she decided that she decided to get up and head back to to that still hospital and and when she did, she came in and she fully expected to hear the news that I had died? And which is I’ve been asked, you know, isn’t it kind of odd that she went to, you left the hospital at that moment, and, but she was just so compelled to do it. And so she did. And she came back and the doctors and the staff and families, they were all greeting her at the front of the hospital doors. And she was again expecting to hear the the news that I had died. But instead, they said, We don’t know exactly what happened. But while you were gone, in that short period of time that you are gone, his situation went from dire to where it’s basically back to normal, his vitals are back to normal, his organs which were collapsing, are now back to normal. And in those days, even today, when you hear things like this, and when they experience things like this, doctors tend to just go, we can’t explain it. And it must have been a miracle. And they move on. And in that case, in my case, that that was that’s exactly what happened. They just kind of you know, checked it off as something they’ll probably never be able to explain, but they didn’t want to sit there and try to either so. So within about 24 hours after that I was basically released from the hospital and everything went not as normal. But then again, fast forward, and I’m seeing all this in dreams and in visions. And it was getting to be really difficult because I was already having, by that time in my life, I was already starting to disconnect from many aspects of my life, I was having a real hard time dealing with normality as we define it here. And, and as a teenager, I was thinking, Well, if this is what it’s gonna be, like, you know, I don’t know, you know, and so the stream started coming. And that made it worse in many ways. And so I, I, I approached my mom since she was in the dream. And basically, because I was really, really close to her. I didn’t have anybody to talk to about this, you know, there wasn’t any internet at the time. And, and there weren’t groups. And so you can’t just research this and know that other people were having it. So I went to her and I said, Look, you know, I need to share something with you, I need to tell you what I’ve been dreaming. And so I did. And she and she just I remember the first time I told her, her mouth literally just dropped. Because she told me that. She goes well, I remember her asking me she goes, did anybody tell you about you know that the fact that you had died when you were little? And I said no, this is the first time you’re telling me and, and she said what was really, what really got her was she she knew that what I had heard the conversation, I had her with the doctor and the prayer that she had actually done at the church. That’s what really kind of blew her mind was because nobody was there. She never told anybody about that prayer. And I had remembered it as though I was literally there inside with her, praying with her on that. So, so she told me that I should I should share this. Like with who, you know, I I didn’t feel comfortable sharing by. By the time I was 15 I had already had enough paranormal and supernatural experiences that I wasn’t comfortable sharing some of those kinds of things. And I had just lived five years in a home that I refer to affectionately as the hauntings and, and I just wasn’t ready to come out and start telling people that I’ve been having these lucid visions and dreams of my death years before that. So I kept it to myself. And I kept it to myself for a very very, very long time. And as a result of that, as my book talks about, I went into a massive spiritual crisis that lasted for about 30 years.

Kristin Taylor  14:22

Oh my gosh, alright, let’s let’s slow this down, if I may. I’ve so like, what an extraordinary experience what an extraordinary woman your mother is.

Franco Romero  14:33

Thank you. Thank you. You know, there was one other thing that I wanted to to tell you about that experience because it kind of adds the second part to the whole thing. Besides the the visions that I had and the dreams that I was having about the actual death. There was another aspect to that that was also coming through quite clearly. And these were to some really what I thought at the Time really crazy dreams about how I crossed over. So when I crossed over, I remember being in this desert. And I don’t really know even to this day, what the, what the symbolism of that or if it was meant to be some way or where I was at, but it didn’t really matter I was in this desert. And I was all of a sudden I looked down and I see this, this older gentleman very a very old gentleman. And he was, he was he had his, his hand stretched out. And he looked like he was trying to, you know, ask for money or food or something, he looked very, very decrepit, and on, on, he could barely make out his words. And it dawned on me that he was he had his hands out, but they weren’t out looking at me. They were looking through me. And I realized that there was this massive glow behind me and I looked behind, and I see this beautiful orb. That was probably, you know, probably when I first saw it, it was probably about five to 10 times bigger than our Sun. Okay. And I remember that looking at it, I remember that I first thing that hit me was it’s not hurting my eyes. And I just kept looking at him going, why isn’t it hurting my eyes? And why is he looking through me. And so I look back down. And all of a sudden, there’s this old man became a very young boy, very, very young, probably about eight to 10 years old. And again, his words were was the audible that was coming out didn’t really make sense. He was I didn’t understand the language. But I knew he wasn’t looking at me, he too, was looking through me. And so when I turned around, that orb had come really, really close. Now it was coming in toward me, and I knew that I was going to be sucked into it. I didn’t really make the connection about going into any kind of a light, I just knew that this that this orb was was sort of drawing me in. And I could feel in my body that every cell in my body was starting to vibrate. It was as though it was picking up a frequency from the orb that it so desperately wanted to reunite with. And so I just kind of surrendered to the to the light. And, and so he got really, really close. And I was basically inside of it. The the the funny thing, or the thing that I remember the most is that, that it started to go through me in a way that you know how when you feel heat from the sun, you can feel it on the surface. But here it was like this beautiful, enormously loving, compassionate, there’s really no words to describe the feeling that I was experiencing. But what I do recall is that I wasn’t just feeling it as though I was me. I was experiencing it as though I was, all of a sudden, for some bizarre reason, I started feeling the connection with all of the cells in my body. And so we have about 50 trillion cells in our body, I felt the same feeling of bliss, as though I was 50 trillion independent expressions of myself. And I, it’s hard to even describe that because it’s, it’s happening all at one time. So it wasn’t just this big, huge blissful feeling. It was 50 Truly Navon. And I could experience it consciously. And that’s the piece that stuck with me longer than anything else was that experience of being so many aspects of me even though I didn’t know what that meant at the time. So as I as I got really, really close, and I was feeling this huge vibrational experience. I remember looking into the light really carefully. And everything there is done telepathically. So there’s you just don’t you don’t hear words. You don’t even really hear sounds you but you feel them. And I remember looking into the orb really carefully and I could start to see there were silhouettes of things that were in the orb. And they came up to me and I knew them. I didn’t really have a face. And their bodies weren’t really shaped like ours, but there was a silhouette to it. It didn’t really matter to me. It was like I knew them and I knew them from lifetimes, lifetimes. I mean, not just lifetimes on this planet, but many, many lives in many, many different worlds in many, many different universes. They were my family and I was home. And I remember feeling that I have I remember feeling the sense of being home again. And they came up to me, and they circled me. And again, without even really, they didn’t say anything I didn’t, they didn’t need to, I could feel them. And they embraced me. And they hugged me. And it was, my body exploded again, it was just, it was like, I became one with them, all of a sudden, everything felt limitless. And the one thing I don’t share too much with people, but I have been doing it more now is that there was this entity that was there kind of overseeing everything. And this entity asked me to look deeply into the art. And in fact, they kept saying, he kept saying, what do you see? And I kept looking at the hot tub. And I’m just like, in total bliss, and I’m, I didn’t really care. I was like, going, there’s lights, there’s, there’s beauty, there’s all this incredible warmth. And and they kept saying no, what do you see. And I knew that they were trying to give me something that I was going to have to come back with one day. So I could share that message. And all of a sudden, I saw all of these lights had I mean, there were so many I there’s just trillions. And that’s not even, that’s not even covering it. But they all became really uniquely clear to me. And I could see that this beautiful Orb was actually made up of an unlimited number of individual lights. And it dawned on me at that point. But I didn’t, it dawned on me at that point, but it was stored in me. So I could remember much later in life. That what they were trying to show me is that this thing that we call God or source, the light, this thing, this beautiful thing isn’t just this one big ball of which were part of we are what makes up that one big ball. Without it, it cannot be. And so that was a powerful message that years later, until very recently, I started sharing with the world. When we say we are the light, we truly are the light of God. And they wanted me to see that. So that I could come back and share that with humanity and make humanity see help humanity see how incredibly supreme we really are. So right after that image, I got whisked back. And by the way, there were other images and other things that that I experienced there, but I wouldn’t know those things are remember those things until you later on when I began to channel. And I began to remember more of my experiences there. But they whisked me back. And I’d say they because they did it was they whisked me back. And I went through the tunnel and all these beautiful lights. And then I landed back in my body. And I was really, really sad. i i i This world did not make sense to me the way the world that I had just experience made sense to me. I didn’t want to leave. I want to stay

Kristin Taylor  23:36

I can understand it’s um, it’s really emotional to listen to that in a beautiful way. It’s really moves me and so are you 15 At this time when you when you’re back,

Franco Romero  23:49

I was 15 through about 17 that these, these visions and dreams came through? Yeah, I

Kristin Taylor  23:56

can get why it would be so hard after having that experience to then go back to this.

Franco Romero  24:02

Yes. Yeah. Which is why in the book, I talk about the fact that I went through a spiritual crisis. Understand, I can understand because I didn’t even I didn’t I couldn’t connect with anything that was being said here. It just didn’t. How could you just didn’t

Kristin Taylor  24:19

know now I imagine that was really, really challenging. Crisis is a good word. Yeah. So you now have these clairvoyant abilities. And you and you talked about, you know, you were living in this house where you were having all of these spiritual experiences and seeing things and hearing things and yes. How I can we can stay with a crisis, but I want to go to the awakening and the message.

Franco Romero  24:49

Yeah. The awakening for some people. Feels like for many people feels like it’s just as one monumental event. It is, it’s that one thing that finally pushes you over. In my case, the awakening my work if I had to sort of pinpoint my awakening, it was during the same time that many people started to experience it, which was in the time between 2009 2012. Up until that point, I had been having all these various, what people would call supernatural experience, not just the hauntings, but also instances that I talked about in the book of stopping time, and not intentionally. But basically, because someone’s life was at stake, which in this case, was my son’s life. So I had had all of these instances where bizarre things were happening, and which I now label them as not supernatural. They’re just normal. Because we, what we, I, I always tell people that in the world that we live in our world is is actually sub sub natural, is the way that Caleb describes the the collective that I talked to sub natural, everything that I experience, and that a lot of people experience, whether it’s with her awakening, or prior to it, that we call supernatural is actually natural. So in that, in that case, and by the time, by the time I was in my early 40s, I was I was dealing with that crisis, I was having all of these random events happening. And I had hit a real low point in my life where I kept saying I wanted to go home, but didn’t know exactly what that meant. And, and it felt to me like I needed a way out. And I had a beautiful family. I was I had three children, and we were living a beautiful life. You know, it was, there was really on the surface, no reason to ever even think that somebody would want to check out. But I just couldn’t relate any more. So I, I had in, I talked about this, that I one night, I put my kids to bed, and I went upstairs. And they were they were so young at the time. And I just started crying. I just, I just got down on my knees on the ground, and I cried. And I just said the way that for me, it was a little bit different in that because I knew this voice had been trying to talk to me for a while. And it had even when I was living in the hauntings, they used to always tell me not to be afraid because my light shined too brightly. That’s all they would tell me. That’s all they needed to. And I would just go back to sleep, and I was fine. But then as we grow up, we we discount those things and my relationship with this beautiful voice in this. And this divine entity left, because I didn’t want it. So for years, for decades, this voice had been coming had been guiding my life in one way or another indirectly, mostly. And I could feel it, I could feel that it was trying to communicate with me. But the thing is that when I say they were trying to communicate, it was really that I was just not willing to let them in. And that’s really huge. Because when I when I talk to people, I talk to them or teach them or what have you. I tell them that we all have these abilities. We just resist so much that we we don’t let them in. And so I did. And that wasn’t a good thing. And Tom, and one night one night I just started crying. I said, you know, please, please, I know you’re here. I know you’re here. Talk to me. And I went, I described this quite a bit in the book because I went to bed, I fell asleep crying. I woke up the next morning, I felt horrible. I still didn’t want to be here. And nothing had happened. And I closed my eyes because I was tired. And all of a sudden, they appeared they meaning they just came in. This was such a comforting voice. And I go into more detail about it. But it was just a dialogue. And they just visually took me back to places. This was the first time that I had experiences where I went back to the other side. And I saw so many places that I had actually visited one I had had my near death experience but they they told me it wasn’t time for me to to remember all that And so everything from the Akashic records to everything. And it was, it was to me, if I hadn’t if that hadn’t happened, I probably wouldn’t be here today. They showed me so much beauty in the world, they showed me so much of the messages that I was supposed to bring back. And the things that I had to do to not only bring it back, but I had to still do in order to actually kind of like walk the talk to know what it was like to actually go through this. So that I could relate to other people in the same journey and inquest that they were going through. So even with all that, I went through my ups and downs, because it again, a lot of information and a lot of stuff that I was trying to internalize with my head instead of my heart. And that became a big, big deal later on. And, and so I started having downloads, what I call downloads, which, which is, which I know is a term that a lot of people use, and there’s a reason why they call them downloads, although people probably don’t even the ones who use that term don’t realize that downloads are synonymous with computer computerized systems, a simulation of sorts, and one of the things they showed me much later in great detail was the simulation of this reality and why it was created for the purposes of helping us to wake up. So So much happened after that, it just, I had my sort of spiritual crisis, part two after that, because I was trying to figure out, why was I getting all this information. And it was pretty advanced stuff, I mean, things that today would be in the realms of quantum physics and, and epigenetics, neural plastic thinks that I have no knowledge about and, and I just started writing and writing and writing. And, and thus began my my awakening, only to find out later on that, that so many people started to wake up between the years 2009 2012 And subsequently to that, but that was a huge window of the awakening interest and, and it also developed and that was the beginning of my relationship with the collective known as Kala,

Kristin Taylor  32:17

oh, my gosh, I have so many questions. And I talk with people all the time. I’m not really emotional for me. I don’t I don’t know what’s Yeah, I

Franco Romero  32:24

could feel it, I could really, really feel it. And I do that. I do talk to people about this a lot. And for some reason, I’m getting the same kind of vibe right now.

Kristin Taylor  32:35

I want to hear the messages that you are here like awakening to what if someone it’s like we use that term awakening, but what are you awakening to? And what are some of the messages? I’m sure there are so many because you had so many downloads, right? But some that you feel like you can start to share and impart in this show that you feel called to share and impart

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Franco Romero  33:52

You know, when I was when I was little gown, there was always this one story that you state trigger something in me that much later in life. I knew what it was, in fact, it became such a profound story of inspiration for me that it became part of the first chapter in that in my book and it’s the story I think a lot of people know of it’s called the emperor has no clothes. I think that’s the exact title of it. But in the story, as everybody might know, who have read it, it’s a really short story. There’s there’s this emperor and he is vain. And he is led to believe that he is buying these beautiful garments and clothing and when in actuality he was he wasn’t getting anything he had no there was no clothes at all, but he just couldn’t. He just refused to see it, you know and so, so he goes out into the street and he does the parade that they normally do and he’s strutting around, you know, has no clothes, and it takes a little boy to come out and say to everybody You have no clothes, and instantaneously, people who were there admiring the same thing that he was hoping everybody admire, which was, I guess his nudity, were all of a sudden awaken to the fact that he didn’t have it, he didn’t have clothes. And yet, even with all of that, there are a couple other little messages in that story, which the obvious one was, was the fact that it took, you know, someone like a little child to, to, to open up people to the truth. And, but there’s all sorts of other little messages in there, the fact that the Emperor went on, and just as though nothing had happened after they laughed a little bit, he just went on his way. And continued to believe that he didn’t have any clothes. I mean, they didn’t he did, he had clothes, but he really didn’t. And there’s the message that the the deeper message that I came to find out later was that the little child and the emperor were the same that that gets a little bit deeper, in that what they showed me was that, we might know that truth is truth, and we are hearing it and we can feel it. But we’re still naked to it, in that we don’t actually become the thing that we’re being told. And this could be this can go back to all the teachers that have been around like Yeshua, and, and Buddha and all those who spoke about this. And we took it in just enough but not enough to really become it. And so we became naked to the truth. And so that’s one of the biggest messages that I had to come back to was to tell people that, okay, here are the, here’s a list of them. They’re all important, and they all relate to each other. So it’s not like you have to really memorize anything, because it’s so it’s so ridiculously natural to you. And it’s so common, but there were three truths that they wanted me to impart on, on humanity. And so just before, so three years ago, I was I had all this stuff in here, and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. And they said to me, they said to me, you’re going to write a book? And I said, No way, I don’t know what I’m, I don’t know how to write a book. And they said, No, you’re gonna write a book. And so I began writing the book, The Colossus, spiritualist, and in there, every chapter was channeled, I didn’t know what I was going to write. But there was a whole ton of truths in there. And they said, Okay, from here, you’re going to take three of these truths. And they are the basically these are the three principles that every human being has to embrace. If they’re really going to be able to, to awaken without a lot of resistance, a lot of pain. The first truth is that we that we are, God, there’s no dancing around that there is no we have a little spark of divinity in us, there’s no Oh, God in us are one in some way. We are God, we are literally God. And that’s why they showed me that image when I passed over, to show that we truly are, we are, together, the collection of all of these beings created this enormous, beautiful, loving consciousness that we’ve referred to as God, but without us, it would not happen. So therefore, if we are God, then we can have and do and express and be anything we want. We can change this world overnight, we could literally, literally bring heaven to earth instantaneously. Which is why in subsequent books that I’m writing now, they talk about why it’s very clear, because I was like, Okay, guys, I have a pretty informal relationship with them, because they’re all really, they’re not like, you know, like, like, you can’t talk to them. I really wanted they, they told me that it was going to be my time to come out and share this. And I wanted to be sure that I understood them, that I wasn’t going to just stick my neck out, because I just thought I might have understood them. But they were very clear. Heaven on Earth is here now. And it’s time for us to embrace that we are God and fully become it. Understand what that means and become it not understand and understanding isn’t enough. You have to really become it and then you have to One, embrace the idea that all of this, every thing that you’re experiencing is a simulation. A holographic simulation, a game is what they call it, a game that we are experiencing, so that we could understand and appreciate ourselves as divinity. Because in the world of divinity in the metaphysical world, divinity, there is no such thing as all these heavy energies of fear. So we created this world, as a school, and many others, so that we could experience what we are not. So that when we go back, we could appreciate ourselves even more. And there’s also another aspect to this, which kind of goes hand in hand, which is, when we do that we create desires, and in the metaphysical world, in the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth dimensions and beyond 10 dimensions beyond, we create through desires, the expansion of consciousness creates an entire universe. So they show me how universes I create it. And they’re really actually not that far away from how science, today’s science talks about the creation of universes, not the big bang theory stuff, but I mean, the stuff that’s coming out now. And so so they explained the week that we have to embrace the reality that we are in a simulation. And there’s a reason for it, and it’s not so sci fi, and there’s not this dystopian idea that we’re being somehow tortured or whatever, there’s a real meaning to it. And it’s for growth, for evolution of the consciousness. What we’re doing in this school is creating a consciousness that has never existed before. And everything from every parallel reality, to every multiverse, to every dimension, everything is focused on this birth. And so they explain that that’s Truth Number two, okay. And the third truth is that we came here, specifically, right now, not in not in many, many lives before, but right now we came to this to this period in human history, to wake up and to help wake up humanity.

Kristin Taylor  42:20

Well, let’s stay there. So the two questions that come up, for me are related to point number one and point number three. So number one, is it’s not just we’re a spark of divinity, but we are God. And it’s not just waking up to that fact. But it’s being God. So the first question is, well, how? And then it’s to wake up humanity? How?

Franco Romero  42:43

So? There’s a that’s, that’s the question I get a lot how there is a so in one of the one of the chapters is called the inner child. And when I wrote it, it’s I’m just writing it I was like, Okay, this just really kind of came out of left field. Why is this in this book, you know, I mean, he was nice as beautiful. The the words in there are really profound. And it didn’t, it didn’t hit me right away. But later on, it did that. I talked about this in some of the, in some of the discussions I’ve had with others, we have to within the context of knowing that we are God, there is another piece to this and that is that God, the the essence of full consciousness of collective consciousness, God is has the disposition of a child. And it’s not to say the child not to say that God is a child in the sense that it runs around with the sense of naivety or ignorance or what have you, like you would think of that it is a child in that it loves to play, it loves to loves to play and because of its ability to to experience itself in that manner, a experience the concept or awareness of games of how to do this within within schools of games, okay. And, and what was lost in in that translation, because I do want to tell you that, that there are references to this in many, many sacred books. There are references to this in many sacred traditions of the child of the inner child that the child Buddha mentioned, said quite often in terms of how we have to approach our experience with oneness. Yeshua, Jesus talks about how and how you cannot receive the kingdom of heaven unless you are willing to receive it through the eyes of a little of a little child. These ones just flowering words, they were actually keys to how to experience this how to wake up. You know there’s going to be the the initial Weygand is going to be like something happens like either an N D E, or, or an ST a spiritually transformative experience. But to go and take that experience into your awakening is to experience who you are, as a as a, as a divine child. And so when I work with people, when students and others, I showed them how to remember themselves, as this essence, this omnipotent essence of God, as a child, I do, I remind them, because they know everything, we all know all this stuff. So it’s not there’s no learning involved, it’s remembering. I remember, I helped them to remember what it is like to experience yourself as limitless Ness in a childlike manner. We go inward, with processes like imagination, and wonderment. And all sorts of what I call spiritual attributes of your spiritual armor, which, which Caleb gave me these 12. And I use them to show people and they’re, they’re things that are so common sensical, but they have an enormous energetic power. I mean, these are enormous. They, they can open up portals and create mysticism magic, but you have to understand them. And you have to get over the fact that because of the way the game of duality works, all of these things were tossed aside and over simplified, or devalued, because they had no purpose here, but that was intentional. So. So I showed them what I call the way of the inner child, which is a practice that is 1000s of years old, that has been lost. And it takes a ridiculously short amount of time to remember how to use it. And it breaks through all of the human doing this, that we do, even when we try our best to do techniques of yoga, and meditation, and all sorts of things. Those are, that’s a lot of human doing this, because it doesn’t allow you to go inward as a child, and remember how to use the magic powers of things like like faith and intention, and compassion, and, and, and imagination and things that were given to us as gifts are keys to opening up your inner child when you do that there is a tradition in Eastern and Eastern tradition saying that you can’t and so the gates of heaven are kind of what’s known as the gateless gate, in Eastern tradition, some Eastern traditions, and you cannot go through they kept telling me you cannot go through the gateless gate, if you do not understand yourself to be no one. And another translation for that is when you become the inner child, you literally drop your identity to everything, and you become no thing. And then you can walk through with wisdom and love and compassion. And when you do that, you trigger all of these things, which science calls energetic signatures, because our whole genetic coding is based off of this idea that once you start to wake up, it’s going to light up your circuitry, and you’re going to remember things about who you truly are, that you’re way more than this body.

Kristin Taylor  49:01

Yeah, yeah. So Wow. I’m hearing it’s not only remembering but it’s also unlearning. It’s unlearning a lot of how we’ve been programmed and conditioned to, you know, acclimate to this to this particular simulation with such a fear density. Yes, yes. And it is

Franco Romero  49:22

it is. That’s another way of saying is, is unlearning. I, I It’s unlearning what you’ve been conditioned to learn here, but it’s, you know, I, when I use the word learning, I always tell I always use it in the same sentence as learning to remember, because this is all remembering. This is all it is right now. It’s just remembering who you are. And I’m telling you if we, if even just a fraction of humanity would remember the the true messages I mean, I mean, I think there’s a fair now have of our, of our human population that is embracing the idea that there’s something else out there. But if they would truly embrace it, they have to embrace all three of them. And I don’t say that for my sake. I mean, you don’t have to do any of that you have free will. But if you if you truly want to want to really, really break through this, this amnesia that you intentionally put yourself through to come here. Because if you kind of look at as is, you know, I always try to help people out with and I use it myself, you know, like, look at some of these dystopian movies how you how the, the main character who, you know, has this, this loss of memory amnesia and something has to trigger and when they do, they realize the profoundness of who they are, and then they go off and save the world kind of stuff. But, but we’re not, we’re not that far off from that. And so we have such power. It’s, it’s incredible. And so many walk this earth to leave their seeds for us to do that. And what I always tell people is that there is no more tomorrow, there is never a tomorrow anyway. But it’s now it’s there’s no more. Well, we’re waiting for something to happen. I was I was sent here to tell humanity, it’s now there’s no more need to wait the kingdom of heaven. However you want to describe it in whatever language and whatever spiritual context is now here, okay. And it’s just waiting to be opened,

Kristin Taylor  51:36

waiting to be opened. And what I’m appreciating about what you said is also because I think for myself and others meditation, and the ways that we’ve been taught to move towards spirituality, and connecting with the other side can feel very daunting and difficult. But I love this idea that yeah, I love this idea of playfulness, and compassion, those things, for me at least, feel really accessible.

Franco Romero  52:02

Easy, easy. I have I, so I have this this course that I teach, which is the way of the child course. And I always tell people, you know, come with me, and I will show you within two to four months. And they’re always kind of like, really, are you serious, two to four months. And then I always tell them, Look, what I’m going to teach you is something you already know, you know, it’s so well that when we start doing it together, you’re just going to take off, and I’m just going to sit back and I’m just going to have my popcorn, I’m going to watch you. And sure enough, each and every one goes through this experience. And I take them to that place, which is the stillness. And I explained to them what the stillness really is relative to how they’re supposed to get there. And they get there instantaneously. They don’t have to spend hours and hours trying to figure out why their mind isn’t shutting down or this or that whatever. They I take them there instantly. And once they’re there, say go,

Kristin Taylor  53:10

and they have the kids know how to access it.

Franco Romero  53:13

They know how to access it. And once they’re in there, they know how to become it. They instantly become the thing that they thought they had to work so hard at trying to find.

Kristin Taylor  53:26

Say, wow, again, I cannot believe that almost an hour has gone by and I have so many I can’t. I know I know because I have so many more questions. Would you ever be willing to come back for part two? Sure. I would. Thank you. Thank you so much. Because I want to ask more about Caleb. Right? There’s so much right? Yeah, a little bit out there. And more of the messages and how we can if people heed the invitation collectively move in the direction of this heaven on earth appeals.

Franco Romero  54:01

I will tell you that whether people want to heat it or not. There is no more option it’s not optional anymore. Because once about that, it once once you get the calling, you can’t turn back I always kind of remind people Yeah, you I always kind of tell people and I real quickly that I that it’s kind of like The Matrix movie, where if anyone’s seen it the beginning of that movie where Morpheus sits there and tells and it tells me all you know take you take the blue, you take the red pill, but if you take the red pill, all I can show you is the truth. And that’s basically what I tell my students because once you get the calling, and everybody in one way, shape or form is going to get an aspect of their calling. There’s differences in that calling which we don’t have time to talk about but by and large once you get that calling, you cannot go back. You just cannot it will not allow you to because we’re At the end of the simulation, it is time now to receive heaven on earth. And whether you want to go in kicking and screaming is entirely up to you that it is no longer an option of whether or not you want to try doing it in this lifetime and 100 others later on. So, I mean, that’s a real good news.

Kristin Taylor  55:20

Okay, so the quality, I love that there’s a qualification I hear that like some people can just be kind of moving through life, normally, and not aware to any of this. But once you heed the invitation, then you are looking back taking the red pill.

Franco Romero  55:35

Yeah, and just can’t go back. There’s no way you will never see reality again, ever. Yeah.

Kristin Taylor  55:41

Yeah, yeah. Okay, so any more questions? Okay. Well, I just want to thank you so much for the time that you’ve spent with us today. It was incredibly moving. And it was I just, just was very emotional and beautiful. And I want to learn more. And we’ll we’ll have you on for part two, if you know your generosity and graciousness with saying yes to that invitation.

Franco Romero  56:06

Thank you for having us. Thank you for having me. And you’re so

Kristin Taylor  56:10

welcome. You’re so welcome. Thank you. Thank you so much, Franco for sharing your amazing, miraculous story. You know, I have listened to many, probably hundreds of near death experiences. And this one really moved me emotionally I just felt the energy and the love of it. So thank you, it really matters. And please tune in next week. This is part one. Next week is part two of Franco’s amazing story and message.

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