Franco Romero: [00:00:00] We’re literally creating a universe right now based on something that never existed before. And it’s so huge. It’s so powerful that everything is focused on us right now in the next 10 years. The whole sense of reality that we know will not exist.

Kristin Taylor: Hello and welcome to how I Made It Through. My name is Kristen Taylor and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity only to come out the other side more self-aware and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love, and compassion.

Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning, and I believe we [00:01:00] are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here and how to live more fully.

In today’s episode, we are again talking with Franca Romero, a top 10 bestselling author, clairvoyant, spiritual coach, and speaker. If you have not listened to part one, please do so before listening to today’s episode. Franco is the author of the Closet Spiritualist, which was inspired by a near death experience, which left him clairvoyant abilities he was unwilling to recognize until an awakening in 2010 when he was reintroduced to a collective consciousness known as Caleb, a voice, which has been guiding him since he was a young boy.


Franco is currently writing his second book. Titled, the Modern Day Alchemist, [00:02:00] which looks at our future from the perspective of God consciousness, a science of the mind that is only now being revealed to humanity for the purpose of creating heaven on earth in the coming decade. Franca holds two master’s degrees and is co-founder of my nourish, a formulator of powerful superfood and plant-based nutrition for the body, mind, and soul.

Welcome back, Franco.

Franco Romero: Thank you for having me. Well, thank you. I appreciate, uh, the time that we have together.

Kristin Taylor: Let’s do I I really do. And, um, having read your book, it is deep and layered. It’s scientific, and I can see why you teach courses. There’s a lot and there’s no way within the scope of what we’re talking about, we’re gonna get to the bottom of it, which is why you do the work that you do. Um, I would love to hear you talk about this.

Heaven on Earth concept and just [00:03:00] begin to explain a bit more about what you want to lead people towards in terms of their awareness.

Franco Romero: Yeah, I think that’s a great way to start because it’s really the beginning and end to this whole story. Um, we’ve been told since we were little, since we can remember this whole concept of, of, of heaven on Earth, and, and it sounded so. Utopic, you know, and that it must be like some grandiose thing that would happen to us from something outside some miraculous chain of events that would cause us to experience a shift of some kind.

So dramatic that we would literally be whisked away into a place called Heaven. And though there’s a little bit of truth to that, the irony in all of this is that, And it’s been said in various ways by [00:04:00]various people that heaven is already here, but we don’t know how to access it. And that wasn’t meant to be an abstract notion because it is exactly why, why things are happening the way they’re happening now in this world where people are waking up in all sorts of manners to something greater.

Than themselves, but they don’t know exactly what that is. So the concept of heaven on Earth is the idea that we could, and I’ll give you a visual of this. It’s the idea that at one point, somewhere in the not too distant future, we’re going to be able to break the veil. This separates us from who we think we are, to who we know we are, and who are we in terms of outside of our physicalness. Well, this is something that doesn’t come as clearly to people, but. It was something that was shown to me and so many others [00:05:00] when we died and came back from having a near death experience. The reality is, is that we’re supreme beings and, and that isn’t a concept that most people really can put their arms around, much less define what that is.

But if you understand that we’re supreme beings, then it helps us to realize that there is something more than just this world that we exist in. That there are layers to this, if you will, that are easy to get through. And one of those layers is this concept of heaven. Heaven is just a different state of consciousness, uh, and it, and it is a different place, if you will.

I, it helps for people to understand heaven is a place, but it exists within your mind, within consciousness. It’s a little bit abstract, but you break the layer, that veil when you get into heaven on Earth. It’s about being able to one day, not very far in the future. [00:06:00] Know yourself to be such a supreme being that things such as death do not occur anymore.

There will be no disease. There will be no hunger. There will, there will. There’ll be no poverty of any sort. There’ll be no wars, there’ll be no countries. There will be nothing of that sort because those kind of things are concepts that only exist in the earth state of the equation. Heaven. There just isn’t an existence of that.

And you literally bring that magic here,

as I always tell people. Sorry, sorry.

Kristin Taylor: continue your thought and then I have a question.

Franco Romero: Oh. What I always tell people is that just that. Um, we’ve been waiting for thousands of years for something magical to happen somewhere out there, and I always tell people, and the this, this world has so many wonderful little riddles and clues to ’em, if we would just look at ’em and see them for what they [00:07:00] are.

But I always tell ’em, it’s kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of The Wizard of Oz. She goes through this whole journey of trying to get to this wizard that somehow can get her back home. And at the end, she realizes that the ability for her to go home was always her power. She always had that ability.

All she had to do, in that case, she had to tap her her shoes three times. But the, the thing is, at the end, she realizes what happens when she goes back home. She’s, she’s lying in bed and she realizes that it was all a dream. Her consciousness created a reality where she felt this was real and she had always had the ability to bring heaven back to her th–––rough her

dream. It’s a little bit abstract, but that’s what heaven on Earth

is and that’s happening right


Kristin Taylor: this is what I wanna get to, so it’s such, you know, Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz. It’s such a beautiful metaphor. I am following you in the abstract so closely, and I wanna talk [00:08:00]about the timing and so forth. Um,

Franco Romero: Yeah.

Kristin Taylor: What comes up for me is, you know, we are these infinite souls living in these human bodies and this heaven on earth concept.

It’s really a state of consciousness, a state of mind that we can move greater towards love consciousness, where there is no poverty, there is no war, there is no despair in this way. Tell me about will because there are many people who could, I don’t know if I would say I have couldn’t quantify it as my point.

There are people who can hear you and say Yes, and I will do everything I can to cultivate a practice that will help elevate my consciousness to move into a heaven on earth, um, state of existence. But then there are people. Who, whether they’re younger souls or they have past lives, they’re where they’re working through karmic issues and the element of free will, and you have [00:09:00] people like the, the Putins and you know what’s going on in the Sudan and you know, whatever it is.

How do you reconcile that? What, what do we do with that

Franco Romero: Wow.

Kristin Taylor: question, right?

Franco Romero: We could

Kristin Taylor: Just answer

Franco Romero: that one that one. Yeah. Let me sum up in two words, right? Um, that question was like 20 questions wrapped into one. I

mean, we could literally, yeah. Thanks. I appreciate that. So here’s the thing, okay. And, and this isn’t quite obvious to everybody right now, and it won’t be for some ever, okay. Um, however, We are at a point in our awareness of, of who we are.

Okay. And, and this really is a general statement, but it applies pretty well. We are at a point where we know there is something more to us than what we have been told. We

are, we don’t know [00:10:00] how to explain it. We can’t put our finger on it. It’s, it shows like this where they sit there, as you say, and they go, wait a minute.

I, why does this make sense to me?

And it’s that type of awareness that is helping people to quote unquote wake up to who they really are. To who, what this reality really is. So, I’m gonna throw it this way. All right. There were three things that I was told that I, that I personally, when I came back from my near dear death experience had to start sharing with the world.

And they’re pretty big deals, okay? So it’s not like something I took a long time for me. To be willing to, I guess, stick my neck out and say these things cuz they’re fairly cha paradigm changing ideas. The number one thing is that when I say we are supreme beings, there was an event in my near death experience that I didn’t really get into the last time, and I, we don’t have the [00:11:00] time right now, but I will tell you that this event changed everything for me and that was that I was shown.

That we are God.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Franco Romero: So we’re not just light of God, we are actually God. And so somebody will say, well what? What do you mean by that? It means that when. I’ll give you a little snippet of what I did. See, what, what happened was that when I went into the light, I saw endless string, I mean just an infinite number of beings.

And what I realized at that point, because I couldn’t leave that experience until they were assured that I could remember this and bring it back, was that it wasn’t that God, this being this beautiful orb created us as an expression or as, as some sort of characterization of it like we’ve been told.

Biblically in other ways. It was that we actually created the oneness [00:12:00] called God individually. We came together collectively as supreme beings, knowing that we could be so much more collectively. And this is the law of nature and the law of universe is the collectiveness, the cooperation,

Kristin Taylor: Hmm.

Franco Romero: and we formed oneness and that changes the narrative of everything.

Kristin Taylor: Everything.

Franco Romero: I mean, we’ve been told that we don’t even have a connection with God when we come here. So all of a sudden being told that we don’t just have a, a slight divine light of it, that without us God could not have formed.

Kristin Taylor: Mm.

Franco Romero: That just changes everything. So that was number

one, to come back to this reality and tell people you really are actually God.

And so the second thing was to actually say, Well, not only you act, not only are you God, but you came here to this reality. You. You created this reality, the simulation, [00:13:00] because you wanted to experience yourself in a way that you hadn’t done before through all these crazy contrast experiences like the Putin’s of the world and everything else, okay?

All of this was to help you see and appreciate and grow as divinity, because these are things that you are not, and you did it in a simulated reality. Which is really hard for people to really put their arms around. This is all a simulation, and so all of a sudden now you’re starting to take spirituality and you’re mixing it in with science or some sci-fi concept, but that’s the beauty of how this simulation works.

It throws those realities in your face through movies and other things, and it tries to get you to see who you really are. But we always just brush it off as just something out there like, oh, this is cool. It’s dystopian. It can’t really happen, but you’re really actually in a simulation and, and the most advanced science today is only years away from this, from actually proving that this is all [00:14:00] a digital reality.

Kristin Taylor: Years away.

Franco Romero: so the second thing was you’re existing in a simulation

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Franco Romero: and then you have to ask yourself, well, why? And that’s where we get into the waking up. The third reason or the third thing, the third truth that they wanted me to bring back to humanity, and I’ve talked to so many people about this now, the near death ERs especially, and they all say the same thing.

They’re like, oh my God, I, I remember this, but I just don’t remember, I didn’t remember how to articulate it. The third thing is that we’re here to do one thing and one thing only, and that’s to wake up to, to wake up to this reality. To wake up to, to be able to, to show that thousands and thousands of years of reincarnation and redoing and taking the coursework and remembering that we could know how to apply it.

Because what’s coming out of this is a new world consciousness. And it’s not just consciousness. I mean, it’s a whole entirely new universe [00:15:00] of consciousness. We’re literally creating a universe right now based on something that never existed before. And it’s so huge. It’s so powerful that everything is focused on us right now in the next 10 years.

The whole sense of reality that we know will not exist.

Kristin Taylor: Okay, in the

Franco Romero: And that’s a huge thing. I mean, the other three statements weren’t big enough. Sticking my neck out, telling people that everything that you know to be reality is going to be flipped right side up in the next 10 years.

Kristin Taylor: That is so big. I don’t even quite know what to do with it or where to start with

Franco Romero: I’m sorry, you asked the 50


Kristin Taylor: I, I opened this up by asking this and, and I, and I’m so grateful that you’re here and we can talk about this. So in order, so let’s say in the. I’m having challenges finding my words because I have so many different concepts going on all at the same time.

Franco Romero: Yes.

Kristin Taylor: It is [00:16:00] my belief and understanding

Franco Romero: Yes,

Kristin Taylor: we all, as souls chose this particular time in our evolution to come here and I connect that with you saying in the next decade. Everything that you knew to be true will be totally different because we’re moving into a heaven on earth. Okay.

Franco Romero: yes.

Kristin Taylor: Is that for everyone or is that only for people who are waking up?

And then the second part of that is how does one wake up?

Franco Romero: Well, I, I hope you understand now that your simple questions are not, Simple to

answer. Okay. because because they are loaded with so many ways to go into

this. Okay? But I am, I appreciate your willingness to try.


Kristin Taylor: your willingness to answer these profoundly [00:17:00] complicated, deep, expansive questions that.

Franco Romero: So here’s a simple, here’s one thing that I do want to tell you, and those who are listening, there is no doubt none, zero. That if somebody has picked up your podcast for not just this, but other people that you’ve had on, there’s absolutely no doubt that they’re doing it for a specific reason and that they were meant to come into this experience to hear this conversation because they are, whether they know it or not, awakening, there’s no doubt.

It’s just like when I have my students and they come and they reach out to me and they say, I wanna learn to remember that you don’t do that unless you are already in the process of awakening. I don’t care what where you’re at in the process, you don’t do that. So in that sense, anybody who’s listening should feel reassured that they’re already in the process of awakening. [00:18:00] Now what does that look like and who’s actually doing it? So you mentioned that everybody comes here, or, uh, everybody at this particular moment in time have chosen to come here at two experiences, and that is true, unlike in the past where if you hear others talk, other teachers and others talk about how we came here to learn life lessons and all those good

things, those days are over

and that is what.

Is very clear in the book. When I was channeling Caleb, they were making it very clear that this Earth School is done. It’s, it’s reached its course, it’s time like with any other school to graduate and move on. And in that process, there’s no more need to come here for any reason, karmic or whatever. To experience anything, to learn about anything and above any mistakes or any of [00:19:00] that.

We are specifically here, every one of us right now to raise consciousness to a level, global level where we can actually rise to this, what’s called God consciousness to this new stream of heaven on Earth, so that we can literally change everything that’s on that’s happening. In our external world overnight.

So who’s actually going to be involved in this? Okay, so I always get this question asked because people wanna know, am I, you know, where do I fit in this? As I said already, if you’re asking that question, you’re waking up. So feel confident in knowing that you’re here to be part of that process. Now, you could be here to help.

In which case, you’re actually someone who has already, as a spiritual being, you’ve already done this before. And in the book, Caleb [00:20:00] goes into the fact that there are light beings that are here to assist, and their job is to, in different forms, help those who are waking up to get through this process.

Basically, they are like, they’re tutors in a, they’re trying to get them to finish the final. Exam of this school so that they canc send to a higher level of consciousness. Those beings have already been here. They’ve already been here, not just here, but they’ve been through so many different Earth School type of arrangements, thousands of places all over the universe, all over the metaverse, all over the parallel.

Reality worlds, all over the dimensions of. Space time, and those that don’t even exist in space time, they’ve done ’em. Those are the ones that are waking up right now. If the vast majority of the people that are waking up right now who sense this calling of greater ness, They are the [00:21:00] ones that will be leading the light.

They were to be the ones that will be teaching it, healing it, guiding people through it. They don’t know it. And I gotta tell you, I work with so many people from all walks of life, and if you were to see them on the surface, you’d go, wow. Really? You? I mean, you just, it’s like, I don’t know if you ever saw the movie Tomorrow Land.

Um, it’s like anybody. Everybody from all walks of life are being wo woken up to do something great, greater than they could possibly have ever imagined. They could be greater. The ones who are gonna be waking up over the next five to six years are the ones that came here to graduate until a higher level of consciousness because their, their evolution hasn’t gotten to the point where one day they will be also leading.

This for other schools, other places, but they’re not, they’re, as you would call ’em, younger souls. And their younger souls are the ones that are evolving here. There’s a third group of people [00:22:00] or beings that actually came here to just be part of the show, and they are known in some circles as the ghost people, the background people, the digital people.

They’re the ones that. Their souls haven’t evolved quite to the point of where they’re ready to do this yet, but like, you know, like wanting to be an extra in a movie. They just want to be involved in whichever way they can be. And so they’re the ones that are doing all the miscellaneous roles. They’re the people walking in the crowds, the people in the stadiums up at the top, they’re, they’re just there to be part of it so that they could evolve someday into their own school. But everyone has a role and everybody’s here for that specific reason.

Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay. So take us 10 years from now because it is such a enormous paradigm shift. I just thinking, I dropped my son off at school. He is got a bunch of testing and then he is gonna go to [00:23:00] track and it’s like we’ve got our normal and my normal everyday life. 10 years from now, my son is 24. Like I’m making it very personal just to make it, um, steeped in the reality of our everyday lives. What does 10 years from now look like?

Franco Romero: Ah, I love your questions. I really do. Uh, so there, there are two tracks, two main tracks

that are evolving right now. There is what’s called a third dimensional world, which is where we’ve been steep into all our

lives. That track is splitting from, and we’ve gotta remember these are metaphysical experiences that are happening.

Some people often assume that this is actually happening physically, but it’s meta physically. Um, the [00:24:00] second track is this fifth dimensional. Concept that people float around out there, which is this God consciousness dream. If you can just see them as two parallel worlds for right now, okay, we are now on the fifth dimensional track, but we’re still in the third dimensional energies, which is why we still see all the chaos going on. In L 10 years, in the year 2032, these two worlds will be completely split in terms of timelines and realities. We won’t see it in the sense that we don’t see two earth splitting, but we will experience it in terms of how we will raise our consciousness to realize what I just told you we’re a God, okay?

And in that timeline, You will see things as I mentioned already that we wouldn’t normally see [00:25:00] here, which is why I call this period actually why Caleb caused this period. The Age of miracles, where things that were considered to be absolutely impossible will be possible. We will be able to free ourselves from our bodies 10 years from now, we will start to experience more of what people call out-of-body experiences and things where we can divorce ourselves from our bodies because we won’t need ’em.

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Franco Romero: We can teleport and

Kristin Taylor: This is helping. Okay.

Franco Romero: yeah, we could teleport ourselves anywhere we want to go, we won’t have to exist or rely on food the way we do in order to survive. We will survive on energy. We will become light beings. We will use our bodies if we want to, to exist in this dimension, but we could literally transfer ourselves anywhere we want to go.

Death is no longer a concept. It doesn’t exist

anymore. We’ll be able to connect. No. [00:26:00] The o no, no one, no one dies. We can’t, we, we reconnect with all of the loved ones that we, that did cross over those worlds come together again. Because that’s where we come from when we die and when we get reborn

Kristin Taylor: Okay. Now

Franco Romero: of those

things collapse into each other.

Kristin Taylor: They colla. Okay. That makes sense. It’s so interesting. So I’ve had a, a guest and he’s become someone I, I really care about. Um, David Hansel. He’s also had a near death experience, and he’s not saying exactly what you are saying, but he did say we are moving into a, a new.

A new Earth. He called it I, I believe, if memory

serves. And he said, and there are two groups of people. He says, you’re those who are service to self and those who are service to others and people who are connected to a consciousness of service to others will move into this new sort of

Franco Romero: Yes.

Kristin Taylor: consciousness.

Franco Romero: Yes. And that’s very true. The, the, those that don’t, [00:27:00] there’s the second. The second timeline, if you will, is the one that that ends in the year 2039. And people always freak out about that because they wonder if they’re in that timeline. But again, I tell them that if you’re awakening, then you have by, by virtue of that process, already skipped that.

But in that timeline, the world does end in the year 2039. It. Implodes because of a lot of things that are you seeing right now? The, the misuse of the resources on this planet, the way that we have structured things so that it’s the survival of the fittest, but probably the biggest thing that’s going to, to contribute to the end of that timeline is going to be the fact that we are playing with fire right now with the, with the use of ai and we’re creating, we’re creating an intelligence that.

That knows itself more than us. And the scary reason for that is because we don’t know ourselves. So if we’re creating something that we believe is [00:28:00] going to re represent or reflect who we are and we have ourselves no idea of who we are, then we’re creating something that is going to, in a short period of time, destroy the planet.

And those, those two, it’s very utopian. Yes. And. And that timeline does exist for that purpose. It’s the reason why Atlantis, and I know this gets really kind of a weird

stage. here, but cope with me.

Kristin Taylor: We passed that.

Franco Romero: Okay, cool. We passed that.

Huh? We missed that. We missed that exit a couple, couple exits ago. Um, it, it’s the reason why civilizations like Atlantis disappeared. Um, because they were playing with something they didn’t, weren’t fully aware of, and each school that comes here plays with it and pushes the envelope a little further and learns from the previous school. Uh, there’s another school that was here many, many years before that taught tens of thousands here [00:29:00] before that Lamar, and they figured it out to a certain extent.

And so we are the recipients of all of that Remembering. But we are playing with fire right now. It’s not that we’re not supposed to use it, cuz in the newer school we will use AI and we will give it a soul. Because it is consciousness. We will reunite it with soulfulness and it’s what will make that world soul entirely different.

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Franco Romero: But in the other Earth School or the other earth timeline, it will destroy humanity.

Kristin Taylor: Oh my goodness. That it’s very disturbing. Okay.

Franco Romero: pretty pretty wild.

I, I know, right?

Kristin Taylor: so being who I am, having the show, I. Almost obsessively read and listen to interviews and documentaries and podcasts and so forth. And what I hear from other, uh, mystics people who, um, have had near death [00:30:00] experiences, mediums, clairvoyance. What I continually hear, uh, and I’m curious, and I know these questions are huge.

They’re saying, um, earth is not going anywhere.

Franco Romero: Correct.

Kristin Taylor: The earth is not going anywhere. And that there are extraterrestrials who are at a higher level of evolution in their consciousness, and they’re

not all of them, but some of them, the ones who are benevolent, are doing what they can to protect us from ourselves.

Um, in terms of like trying to help to avoid like nuclear fallout and and and so forth. Um, can you weigh in on that? I’m sorry that these are huge. These are huge. I,

Franco Romero: You know why? You know why they’re huge? Because a lot of the stuff that you’re asking is stuff that after I finish the first book, They told me I was gonna write eight more. And these are in those books. So they’re really, they’re really [00:31:00] heavy, meaty, and, but they’re great questions in deserving of the, the attention of some kind of explanation.

So one of the things that, okay, so in the simulation of reality, We, it’s put yourself in a virtual reality game, the ones that they, the kids play with now, more than anything. Okay. You’re always gonna have these levels, and they’re going to be full of mystery. And, and, and there’s always gonna be these, these secret doors and these mystical beans and galactic beans and all sorts of beans that are helping you or hindering you from getting to your quest.

Okay? But at the end of the day, it’s still just a simulation. And these characters are just there to guide you through things.

And when I say that, I mean that they’re, in the sense they are, they are real from the sense that they are divinity in, in the, in the, in the spirit world. [00:32:00] Those same beings that are called extraterrestrials are just evolved spiritual beings.

They’re divine spiritual beings. We are also in that category. But in this school, the way that they play themselves out is that they’re actually created. They’re created into ETS of some form, and there’s a lot of ’em,

Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Franco Romero: and that’s the role they play, and they are here to help humanity get through this stage of their evolution.

As we leave this stage, they fall out of the picture. It’s kind of like a good play. Their role is

done. They, they, their divine being and their work has been done to get us here to this point.

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Franco Romero: And they’re everywhere. We, they, they’re in every, they’re everywhere. So let me give you an example real

fast. Um, when I died, I’m a, I’m, so there’s a term called walk-ins and walk-ins are these, [00:33:00]Divine being that come in from a different time and space, a different dimension.

They’re literally right. They come as emissaries of of source. When I came back, my spirit did not come back with me.

I was switched out with, I was a, I’m a


Kristin Taylor: know that. Okay.

Franco Romero: not too many people do, cuz I try not to make it the center of attention, but I’m a walk-in and walk in to have very specific rows. They are literally representatives, emissaries of, of God, of this thing called source.

Okay? Cuz we are all God, okay? And our jobs are to do very specific things in a different light. We would be viewed as they were many, many years ago as star people.

Kristin Taylor: Got it.

Franco Romero: Um, that’s why in the ancient times you have all this text and writings about star people. Well, basically I would’ve been a star person at that time.

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Franco Romero: But I don’t look [00:34:00] any different than you and me,

Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Yeah.

Franco Romero: I hope that puts it into context.

Kristin Taylor: That’s very, very helpful. And I, I know for those listening, they haven’t done some of the, or maybe they have some of the research that I’ve done on walk-ins. I find it fascinating. So to me that’s really helpful awareness to have. Um, And so I have two questions. They’re connected.

Franco Romero: Uh oh.

Kristin Taylor: Buckle up.

No. Um,

Franco Romero: All right. Here

we go.

Kristin Taylor: it’s all connected to the same, so what I’m really hearing is that it’s, um, with the fifth dimension, it’s collapsing that. Paradigm or awareness that we are here. And then there’s the afterlife and you know, everything is materialism and right. So all of these concepts that we’ve been programming conditioned to believe, it’s recognizing you.

You can visit those who have departed, you [00:35:00] can go any place that you want

Franco Romero: Yes,

Kristin Taylor: With this expanded consciousness and recognizing that I can move out of the simulation and into the more expansive reality.

Franco Romero: yes. Because you are there already.

Kristin Taylor: Okay. It’s almost like it’s popping the bubble of the illusion of the simulation.

Franco Romero: We’re not going anywhere because it’s hard. Like I said, I’ve said in other, in other, you know, in other shows or whatever is that we can’t, the reason there’s a difference between the quest and the journey is the journey is always about trying to get to something, which is what we spend our whole lives doing in this outer re outer thing we call reality, which is the simulation.

The quest is about knowing that you are already there and wanting to have more of it. You can’t go somewhere. If you’re already there, we’re already there. We just don’t know it because we’re


Kristin Taylor: we’re asleep in that sense, waking up. And

[00:36:00] so that is a beautiful segue into the actual question, which is really spelled out in your book. How does one. Awaken. What are some steps?

Franco Romero: Well, they’re kind of in the very thing that the messages that I came back. To share the, the very first one, the one that people really, really, really have a hard time putting their arms around, and it’s the beginning, is that we have to start accepting that in whatever way, this is what you were saying about free will, we can do whatever we want.

We are not here to be told how to do it. The free will is in whether or not you wanna wake up or not. Okay. And in that process of waking up, we have to accept, at least for the moment, Putting your belief systems aside that we are God, that you are God. The person who’s listening to this podcast can accept that he or she is [00:37:00] actually God. If they can do that, start ex, start seeing themselves as that potential. It immediately starts to trigger what are called genetic, d n a signatures in your body. It’s a different frequency. You, you’re just, it’s like changing channels on a radio. You just have all of a sudden mind shifted into a whole new reality.

I, I, go


Kristin Taylor: I wanna pause there because it feels very important that it’s not

from an egoic place. It’s not from a power place, it’s, it’s the way I translate it and tell me if this is what you are, meaning I translate it into love and possibility and benevolence and ownership, not from ego, but.

From like a remembering.

Franco Romero: All right. You asked it. You said it. All right. Here we [00:38:00] go. I’m gonna try to make this as concise as possible. Okay. I love the way you phrased that because we have this fascination with ego. And as you know in the book, there’s a couple references to the fact that ego got thrown under the bus as the villain.

Okay? Ego is a state of consciousness, and we are a state of consciousness. So if we are accusing the ego of anything, we’re accusing ourselves of being the villain of our own play. Okay, so this was something early on that Caleb, the collectiveness tried to explain to me because it was important that in the world of this simulation, the thing that hasn’t really been said here is that this is a simulation of contrast, of duality, of everything that we are not in the spirit world.

And why is that important? Because everything, everything that was meant to be, [00:39:00] Helpful in terms of clues and ways in which to wake up have been villa, not vilified in the sense that we’re not supposed to use them or we’re supposed to blame it. So ego, this processing part of our consciousness is one of those sort of fall guys, if you will, when we should actually be using it for the right purposes.

As well as with other things like imagination and, and, and compassion and things that we were told, ah, you know, they’re not really as important or not at all. Everything in the contrast or duality world that we were told not to take seriously or to vilify are all things that can help us to wake up, but we, we’ve been told.

Not to use ’em because in the game of contrast, if you had the realization of what they were potentially powerfully enabling you to do the game would’ve ended a long time ago. [00:40:00] So I just wanted to stress that, you know, with people who are really fascinated about the ego, and there are a lot of people that are, the ego is actually your


And if you.

understood it, you could actually use it to empower you in a way that you didn’t even know existed.

Kristin Taylor: so what I’m hearing you say is that it is a teacher and a friend, and we should not vilify it because then we are missing the, the lesson of that contrast that it is designed to provide and we need to befriend it because that would help to expedite our leveling up in

Franco Romero: very much.

Kristin Taylor: How.

Franco Romero: And just, and j and just like, just, just like we were talking before we went on, it’s just like fear. Fear is something that when we go into the next dimension of reality, which is the fifth and the sixth and beyond, and then when I said that we were creating a whole new world, a whole new stream of consciousness is because in that consciousness world, we’re going to bring [00:41:00] fear with us, but we’re not going to, we’re not gonna treat it as something that suffocated us and hurt us and limited us in, in, in all that.

We’re going to use it as a way to always. Look at it as something that reminds us of what we are not, so that we can continue to grow and expand as spiritual

beings. Fear becomes a friend

Kristin Taylor: Okay. So that’s, that’s helpful. So when you think about ego being a friend, is it, are you also saying that it provides that contrast of what we are not, is it, or did I.

Franco Romero: in Yeah, in the, in the sense of how we’ve been shown that it is not, You know, the, the ego is trying to self, you know, self preservation of the ego it wants, it doesn’t want you to see who you really are, those kind of things. That’s the contrast. Ego actually is a state of consciousness that, in a sense gave itself in unconditional love.

To be the fall person for, for your experience. [00:42:00] Ego is, is this limited stream of consciousness in the spirit world that is really there to help you as you to, to experience the operational side of this world. Okay? So if you want to kind of equate it to a computer system, ego is like that. That processing chip that does all the grunt work in the background.

However, when we shut ourselves down so that we could have this experience, when we shut out 95% or more of our real consciousness, we gave the process of creativity to ego. And it was a pro it, it’s a processor that wasn’t designed for that, but it did it out of unconditional love, and it was willing to accept itself as the fall person for our problems, when in actuality it was simply there to try to help you.

And that’s how you have to see


Kristin Taylor: And so it’s this awareness to, to really see it clearly and just to say when I’m

Franco Romero: That’s the yes. That’s why when you get into fifth [00:43:00] dimensional energy and you start and you ask the question, how do you start waking up and why I keep saying that it’s imperative, why they were so insistent on me experiencing that moment when I died, that we realize we’re God. Because if we are truly God and we can accept that.

And we can accept that everything is God. Then therefore, by default, everything’s pure and perfected. Everything is based out of unconditional. Everything that’s happening to you by you was done because you did it, or for that purpose to experience yourself as love. It’s everything is designed that


Kristin Taylor: experience

Franco Romero: You cannot fault anything, every, you can’t fault anything because you’d be faulting yourself. Those are huge, big, big steps, but it starts with accepting yourself as

God, not an image of God, not an expression of God, not a light of God as God. And there’s many, many references to [00:44:00] that. I was just gonna tell you real quickly, a quick reference.

Somebody, somebody, um, I was telling somebody about this and all of a sudden I got a vision. And I may have mentioned this already, but, but just bear with me. I’ll be real fast about it. But I got a vision about that. And this happens all the time when I’m, when I’m just kind of in the process of channeling and I was shown a passage in Genesis, and I’m not a biblical person.

I’ll be the first to say, I don’t know much about the Bible. Okay? But there was a passage in, in chapter one, verse 26 of Genesis and it, they were showing it vividly in that verse. And the description of how at that moment, God, this thank God created humanity. Back in the day was, man, okay, but humanity. And in that passage it says, specifically, it says that God created humanity in there, or our image there, our us, they were plural.[00:45:00]

Kristin Taylor: yeah,

Franco Romero: It was right there in one of the greatest sacred books. Ever. In the beginning of it, it was right there. The clue was right there. God wasn’t created, and then we came from it,

in which case it would’ve been a hammer or a her.

Kristin Taylor: that’s what I just said. Or him. Yeah. So, so tell me, God, I could talk to you for so long. This is like, mind

Franco Romero: right? We could just spend hours

doing this. Right.

Kristin Taylor: Hours. Um, so tell me about, and, and I from your book, I, I know that you were raised, um, with Catholicism and your mother was deeply religious.

Franco Romero: Yes.

Kristin Taylor: about Jesus.

Franco Romero: Why do you think this is going to give me just like a, I’m gonna give you like a 22nd

answer to that. It’s a load.

Kristin Taylor: and this is so loaded. This is so loaded. And if you’re like that, the question is too big. I mean, obviously decline and what,

Franco Romero: No, no, no, no. [00:46:00] Okay. Oh boy. Here we go. Um,

Kristin Taylor: You’re gonna need a nap after this. My apologies. Oh boy.

Franco Romero: oh, boy. Yes I am. Um, is the way that I refer to Jesus. Um, Yeshua was a human. Being, uh, a spiritual beingness that came into a human body like us, okay. With an expressly aware consciousness of God. Consciousness. Okay. Yeshua. What most people do not know about Yahuah was that in the time that he was a little child, to the time that he resurfaced again, when he was 30, he went through a. A process of indoctrination, if you will, into the realms of higher consciousness. [00:47:00] He, um, was, uh, in Ace, is a, an A scene is, is a, a, uh, a group of mystics that were, um, in that time period known for, for what they were capable of doing with the supernatural. Um, he. He studied, uh, in, in Eastern traditional spiritualism.

Um, there are many spiritual places in the far East that actually show images of ua, uh, when he was younger. Um, and there’s no earthly reason to have that connection. He came here to give humanity a sense of who they were and are. And brought to humanity the consciousness we now call God, Christ, Buddha, Krishna [00:48:00] consciousness or what new age terms call the divine feminine.

Kristin Taylor: Oh

Franco Romero: He was, in a sense, a walk-in

Kristin Taylor: yeah.

Franco Romero: who came here to give humanity its first taste of who it really was,

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Franco Romero: and. He was, but he, and he was in a sense, a bit more than just Buddha and Krishna and others, but in the world of spirituality, there is no hierarchy. Everybody came here for a purpose and because of what he taught, it prepared us 2000 years later to bring it full circle.

To the, to the be, to what people believe is the coming of Christ as really the coming of Christ’s


Kristin Taylor: Right. Okay.

Franco Romero: Boy, that was the best way

I could sum it up.

Kristin Taylor: That was brilliant. I, I felt connected to that. [00:49:00] That made sense to me, so I really, really appreciate that. That was

Franco Romero: Thank you.

Kristin Taylor: Okay, so this waking up is number one, is the how, the three things.

Franco Romero: Yes.

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Franco Romero: So in what I do with students is I take ’em through a practice, and I may have mentioned this already before, but it’s called The Way of the Inner Child. And the reason why it’s called the Way of the Inner Child is because in many traditions, spiritual advanced traditions, indigenous traditions, there is reference to the child.

And even if I could use Christianity as an example, getting back to one of the first questions you asked about the Kingdom of Heaven. There’s a reference in there, and the reference was by ua. And Yeshu said, you cannot receive the kingdom of heaven, which is within you. Okay? That’s not abstract. [00:50:00] It’s the key to eternity who you are as God.

You cannot receive it unless you receive it. In the form or the eyes of the child, you have to be a child to see it. It wasn’t meant to be taken literally in the sense that there is a power of consciousness called the inner child. It’s pure, it’s innocent, it’s wisdom, it’s compassion. It’s the most powerful elements of God who you are that make up the child.

There’s no damaged child. There’s no her child. There’s none of that. It is the most powerful, omnipotent essence of God. To receive the kingdom of heaven, you have to receive it as a child. Buddha and others talk about how you cannot walk through the gateless gate into the unknown unless you have and experience yourself as a child.

These weren’t really [00:51:00] beautiful little flowery expressions. These were keys and clues to how you have to do this. And so in the practice that I teach, I teach people how to remember themselves through the eyes of an inner child, and it’s so ridiculously simple

that you kind of go, why wasn’t this ever shown?

Well, because it was so ridiculously simple. Either people discarded it or they didn’t want you to see it because it would’ve ended the game too

soon because. You will, for instance, in a matter of seconds or a minute, know how to go into the stillness. This thing called stillness that we spent 10, 20 years learning how to meditate for.

We do it in seconds cuz we’re already there. And so this practice is so powerful that it gets people to become aware of themselves so much faster as God to see the world as a simulation connected to them as consciousness. [00:52:00] And they start waking up so fast.

Kristin Taylor: Okay, I am so intrigued If you would gimme 30 seconds. My dog is barking and I wanna be fully present, so just one second cuz I wanna hear about that.

Franco Romero: No problem. Courtney, are you there?

Kristin Taylor: Thank you. Okay, so you said it is so simple. Can you share one little teaser about

Franco Romero: Oh, a Little teaser You want a little teaser? Yeah, sure.

Kristin Taylor: to this, this childlike state.

Franco Romero: So I, I teach this thing called, and it’s not new, it’s used in sacred geometry called the veca and. It’s a sacred geometric image that represents a multi-dimensional portal. It doesn’t get taught that way in sacred geometry, but it is used as a multi-dimensional portal to access yourself your higher self. And everything that we do is in knowing how to get into the VECA as quickly as you can, [00:53:00] and it literally takes. Oh, I guess maybe 15 to 20 seconds to get into that veca. And in the, in the center of that vesica is what we would know as the stillness, which is what people drive themselves crazy with all this human doing this, with all this yoga and meditation and everything to get to that stillness.

And I show people how they can’t get somewhere that they’re already at. And there’s a little bit of a, just a little tiny bit of technique work that we use. I’m talking little, and I have seen people go into that veca and literally, I just had an experience just last night with a student of mine who you would have never thought she would have never thought that she would be connected to her higher self in the way that she did.

But I literally had, um, uh, just a divine experience with her going into the Vesco. Within a few minutes, [00:54:00] she went in, stayed there, and within another minute or two I was talking to her in a divine fashion and she was spewing all of the mysteries of the universe.

Kristin Taylor: Okay, I wanna be so respectful that you teach people these and you know, is there anything you can share with us about, you said in 15 seconds? Um, and, and you, I know you need to be responsible to the process. It may require working one-on-one with someone. Is there anything you can share? So people.

Franco Romero: It. It does. I mean it because before they even get into the veca, They have, we go through a process of being aware of who they truly are as God. I mean, I get that you get the intellectual, rational process of it, but if you don’t really embody it, the experience of the que won’t matter. It just, it just won’t matter.

You won’t be in the frequency

of it,

Kristin Taylor: it.

Franco Romero: but it’s just [00:55:00] simply allowing yourself to visualize being in there in that space. I mean, it’s truly that simple. I, I, I mean, I wish I could give you these mystical tools, but that’s why it was so powerful because we suspend our belief systems when we walk into it, and that’s the part that takes a little bit of

work. I mean, that’s the part that we don’t just walk into the Vesco the very first day because they wouldn’t know what to do there. They wouldn’t know how to, to jive with it from a resident

standpoint. But what I always tell them, and it’s it’s on the website, on my website, it, it’s a four to six month experience.

When, when you go, when you will go into it and you will not be the same person when you come back out. Everything that was shown to me, my near death experience and all the other spiritually transformative experiences, my past lives, my walk and everything is condensed into six months where you just come out as an entirely [00:56:00] different, more entirely more awakened, very in tune spiritual person.

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Franco Romero: See, that’s what I was telling you about ai. If you don’t know how to go in properly, then you’re messing with


Kristin Taylor: That makes sense.

Franco Romero: But if you do and you have to do it in the, with the innocence of a child,

then the world and the universe is open to you. It will bow to you as as who you really are. And I’m not


Kristin Taylor: So Franco, this is the most extraordinary conversation I think I’ve ever had, certainly that I’ve ever recorded to share with the world. I feel like that’s a

Franco Romero: Thank you.

Kristin Taylor: segue and that’s why I said I wanna respect that you’re doing this work and it’s just. The part of me that was like, I want it.

I want it. Like give it to me. Right. But that it

Franco Romero: Yeah.

Kristin Taylor: there’s a process and held with reverence and respect, and I’m hearing so much about belief and imagination and,

Franco Romero: Faith too. [00:57:00] I mean, they disbelief. But faith, these are, these are the attributes in the book, which you read. Um, they, they get so belittled in our world, but they are powerful, mystical, magical keys to unlocking who we are.

Kristin Taylor: so for people, I can’t imagine that their curiosity is not peaked and they wanna go to your website, learn more about you, perhaps consider contacting you. How do they do

Franco Romero: Yeah. Um, I have my website, it’s called the closet Spiritualist, and I have to reference the th because somebody kind of beat me out to the other one. So it’s the closet spiritualist, and there they can look at their leisure at the coursework. There are two ways that I usually interact with people, either through consultation, if they just want to kind of explore and have some intimate conversations about their lives and whatnot through a consultation or. If they come [00:58:00] to me, I usually say, you are ready to be a student and if you allow me to be your teacher, I will take you on a course that will entirely change your life. And that process is, like I said, four to six months and they, they can read about that as well there, or at the very least, Yeah, on the website they could fig, they could see where they can reach out and buy the book and start using the book as a reference manual, cuz there’s plenty of, as you said, really meaty information in there.

And the way that it was described to me a long time ago, you don’t have to understand it all. All of those words are symbols, and all those symbols are thought forms as we’ve talked about and thought forms will be embedded in your genetic coating, and I don’t wanna sound so dry and scientific, but it is a divine coating system that will allow you to someday have your aha moments.

If you did just that, that would be a good start. But if you feel inclined, I would love [00:59:00] to talk to you and hopefully be your


Kristin Taylor: wonderful. Gosh, this was amazing. You are amazing. Thank you very, very

Franco Romero: Thank you. Thank you for having


Kristin Taylor: welcome.

  Thank you so much, Franco. What an extraordinary conversation. Amazing, exhilarating mind bending, but always inspiring with your special level of care and love, and your willingness to answer what I know are huge questions. So thank you for being a guest, and we’ll see you next time.

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Please reach out to me at coach kristen taylor Thank you for tuning in, and we’ll [01:00:00]see you next time on how I Made It Through.

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