Mike BenAvee: [00:00:00] some people just live like, they’re okay with this uncertainty, but you can never fulfill your true soul journey if you’re not first knowing who you are. It’s almost like the saying that, you gotta love yourself first. In order to love others. You gotta know yourself. And it’s the same thing. You gotta first know who you are. What you are, what you here to do. And then everything falls into place.

Kristin Taylor: Hello and welcome to how I Made It Through. My name is Kristen Taylor and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity only to come out the other side more self-aware and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love, and [00:01:00] compassion.

Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning, and I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here and how to live more fully.

After surviving a devastating car accident seven years ago that quite literally should have killed him, Mike became what is called a walk-in and in his new and older soul, he inherited abilities such as mediumship, secrets of Creation and soul reading. What is a walk-in you may ask? Well, we will spend time exploring this phenomenon with Mike who became a walk-in during his car accident.

Now as an old soul, Micah’s developed a deep sense of intuition and a natural inclination [00:02:00]towards spiritual practices such as meditation and energy work, which have helped him to connect with the divine and find peace within himself. Micah’s dedicated himself to helping others. His latest book, the Way of The Soul Guy, bringing Light to the Soul is a powerful testament to a spiritual insight and transformative abilities.

Through his writing, he inspires readers to embrace their own spiritual path and unlock their true potential. Welcome to how I made it through Mike.

Mike BenAvee: Thank you for having me, Christine. I’m honored to be here today.

Kristin Taylor: Well, the Honor is certainly all mines, so I really appreciate it and feels like the natural place to start before we start exploring what it means to be a walk-in is to share. What happened seven years ago and how it was a catalyst for the most profound change.

Mike BenAvee: Well, it all started back when I worked as a [00:03:00] correctional officer in the state of Illinois. And I worked in a maximum security prison. And for those of your listeners and viewers who are not familiar with the level of security in prisons, maximum security means that houses the most I wanna say the most notorious criminals at the time.

And I remember that I did it because I really wanted the most pain job that I could get. I had a lot of law enforcement experience from before and I was really just excited to make money and was regardless what I did, like if I liked it or not, I was told that I can just block it off and, and not deal with what’s going on inside the walls and, and just treat it as a job.

But the energies there were so consuming. That it, it caused me to not be able to fall asleep. And I was a person who worked the night shift. [00:04:00] Now let’s go a little bit before that. Growing up I always knew that I had something special. And I know the many people say that some of them say that in their testimonies and some of them just saying that, but Or feeling it to themselves.

But I felt I was special because I just had Clair abilities. And it started from small little things, which I, in the beginning I didn’t pay attention to it. And then it was kind of getting, more and more intense. But at the time it scared me and it made me a rebel. I wanted to just get away.

I thought that it was weird. I thought that it would, that it was scary that there’s something like, almost like I’m a spiritual freak. And these are thoughts that I thought about myself at the time. And so it, it’s almost like I chose to just follow the ego and be enslaved to the ego and just take advantage of all of life’s pleasures regardless.

I’m making a mistake on following my journey. I mean, looking back, I followed my [00:05:00]journey step by step, but I was really, really an egoistic person. And I was in love with the ego, and the ego was in love with me. And I was never a bad person, but I was just making decisions solely based on my ego.

Like my soul was, was not even allowed to interfere with my life decision. So this is how I lived my life all the way till age 33 and going back to the prison. So I was working the night shifts and we were overworked because in that prison there was a We were short-staffed to begin with, and, and the hours were crazy, and we were mandated to work overtime almost every day.

So from a nine hour shift, it would be a 14 hour shift inside those walls during the night. And I had to commute to work. It was one hour each way, and it was like, Midwestern Americana area, like it was just a bunch of corn fields. There’s really nothing to see. You just drive there and drive back.

And I [00:06:00] was back at the time cause of many children. So I have I had a, a minivan, so I was like a soccer dad going to work with this minivan an hour each way. And I remembered that it was Tuesday and that was the day that it was my day off. So they couldn’t mandate me to work overtime even if they wanted to.

So for me it was like, okay, I’m going home in the morning right after that night shift. And I was really excited. For some reason to really just just go home and, and go about my day and, and see my children. So I, I get into my car and it was around 7:10 AM and the reason I’m mentioning the time is important for later on, but around 7 33, that was according to the police report and, and it was a Tuesday.

I am heading back home in this place called Route Three. there’s a lot of threes involved. I mean, I was 33 when it happened. I mean, at the time I didn’t pay any attention to [00:07:00] that. Just like later on I figured out what was the reason behind it. So all these threes, and I’m heading home and, and it was a morning and I didn’t really even feel tired.

felt like it’s just another day and I’m good and, and I’m driving home and the speed limit was like 70 miles per hour and I was doing the speed limit, maybe a little under, and I’m driving and then all of a sudden, I don’t know until this day if I just dozed off and, and fell asleep for a split second. If something happened, I got knocked out and walked right up. Like, I don’t, I don’t know what happened, but it was fast and intense enough that all of a sudden I feel that my wheel and brakes are completely stuck. They’re locked. They’re locked in the state. When you, when you first start your car, before you start your car, like everything is just like, no, there’s no hydraulic fluid in there.

So that’s what I failed doing 70 miles per hour. [00:08:00] And knowing myself, I would usually freak out. I would try to operate the situation quickly. Back in the time I had a business, I was also a martial arts instructor, and I was doing that and doing the prison thing, so I. Like, I had those reflexes of the martial artist, so I’m like I’m going to just dodge, I’m going to, to handle it.

But I, I, I felt like I couldn’t handle it. The car was way stronger than me. And all I remember the first thing I did, I, I let go of the gas pedal and I look at the speed gauge and I’m looking at, and instead of going down, it’s going up, like it’s going from 70 to 75 to 80 and like, what’s going on? And as I’m thinking, I’m hydroplaning, I’m spinning. And I guess that’s the physical reason for that. Like it’s just, it’s using forces of of, of, principles of physics and whatnot. And I’m, the speed is increasing and not decreasing and I’m like, what am I doing? it’s 7 33 or 30 [00:09:00] or then, and I see a car coming in front of me in the opposite lane and.

I could see that it was a woman that had children or a child in the backseat, cuz it was, it was morning time. So I go home after a night shift, they drop their kids off at school and I’m like, I told myself no matter what if, if, if it was my mistake that I should pay for it, if I fell asleep, it should be on me.

There’s no way I’m hurting a fly on my way to, to collide with this vehicle or to whatever is going to happen. I didn’t know. So with everything I had, I moved the wheel to the right and imagine that the car is move, is reacting, all of a sudden it’s moving to the right. And then it was, I saw this con concrete divider that was right on the r, like on the, on the edge of the on the shoulder. And I’m heading to that 80 miles per hour. I’m holding the [00:10:00] wheel and. Knowing me all my life, I would normally cover up. I would scream as do something, and instead everything just started to be in slow motion and I find myself smiling. It was like a smile of like, oh yeah, you got me. Oh this, and I didn’t know.

This was the first time that I felt that my mind and soul were not aligned at all because. I was thinking like, why am I smiling? Why am I, why is, how is it funny? Like you’re about to, like I knew, like, I was very practical back then. I was, I was, I, I’m, I don’t mean to brag, but I was pretty intelligent back then, so I knew like that if something to happen right now, it would be, it, it would be devastating.

Like it’s, if I, if I hit that wall, it’s over with.

Kristin Taylor: Right.

Mike BenAvee: And I remember that I smiled and I was thinking maybe I’m smiling because. I thought it was [00:11:00] funny that I’m going to go like that, like in my uniform after like getting off a sh like a shift. Like what’s going on? This is not the way. So maybe this was funny, but then I realized really quick, no, it, nothing was funny.

I was almost like welcoming. I was meeting something greater than me halfway, and then it was, it was an explosion. The moment of impact. I’ve never in my life heard something louder than that. It was like the loudest of. All thunders combined. And second, I mean a split second after this explosion, I could see the airbag starting to deploy.

That was the last thing I I saw, and it looked like it was a sheet hanging the dry outside in the wind. It was so beautiful. It was so slow motion, like I see that airbag. And then I closed my eyes and I didn’t remember anything until I woke up into my experience. So I woke up [00:12:00] and I’m of course upside down.

And the first thing that felt strange to me is the fact that I remembered every single thing that happened from the moment I left the prison to the moment I got into my vein. To the hydro part, to the lady in the car. Like I remember everything. I wasn’t out, I wasn’t hallucinating. I, I remember the impact and the loud sound, but I’m upside down.

And I, and I see, and, and I don’t know if you saw the pictures, but

Kristin Taylor: I did

Mike BenAvee: the, the car was completely crushed. It was like yeah, it was like a. Like, when we were kids, we were stepping on these soda cans just to see it crushing. And it looked like that. And the area that it was, that it was impacted the most was the driver area.

Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Mike BenAvee: It was like aimed towards me and now I’m upside down right after it happened. And I see that the cards just formed these, these metal these [00:13:00] metal fork looking like pieces of. Like a sheet metal. They were just crossing, they were doing that and they’re on me, but I don’t feel anything. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt.

I don’t even say in my life, cuz you, you can’t even, you can’t put that, you can’t translate it to physical terminology. It’s impossible. People can try and we can try, but it’s still going to be something that we are going to think like, okay, how do I compare it to something here? You can’t, it’s the true bliss.

It’s, you’re senseless, you’re just there, you exist, you expand everywhere. You have no fear. You have unlimited knowledge like, like we are ourselves and I’m there upside down and instead of freaking out about the accident or I’m like, wow, it’s amazing. The sound [00:14:00] is gone. And it was like somebody just put the whole war, the whole universe on mute. It was so quiet. We like to associate silence with peacefulness. It’s so peaceful in here. It’s quiet, when we wanna rest, we said, we want peace and quiet. Correct.

Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Mike BenAvee: Deep inside we remember souls. What’s that quiet we’re talking about? And I’ve experienced that quiet. That’s the quiet of bliss, of comfort, of love, of warmth.

No matter what your religion or belief is, but the eternal light, that energy that that brought us into this world was present. I felt it. And I’m like, okay, nothing hurts. I can’t smell anything. I can’t hear anything I can’t see, and then all of a sudden the last sense to just disappear. Well, my thoughts, we always think,

Kristin Taylor: always.

Mike BenAvee: in the most calm of moments, we always constantly think.

I tell people I can take a person and put them on [00:15:00] an island somewhere isolated from the world, just vacationing with their favorite drink and their favorite food and whatnot, and they’ll still think about how much fun they’re having or how relaxed they’re,

Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Mike BenAvee: the brain is always processing and in that moment, upside down in this irony of moment, I was not thinking, and it was amazing.

I was just, It’s almost like your, your feelings are replacing your thoughts, like your mind is doing, like it’s taking the, the backseat and the soul’s taking the driver’s seat, if I can explain it like that. Like everything is just flips and I’m mean, and there’s no judgment or pain or hurt or, or just despair.

Or regret anything negative that’s in the physical was not there. And I’m like, well, I enjoy it. I don’t wanna get out. I don’t care if somebody’s waiting on me. I don’t know where I’m, I’m just enjoying it. And I remember looking outside the window and I saw our world. I [00:16:00] saw it. It was the same world. It was the same area I was in, but it was in a dream state.

Like, when you look out and everything is foggy and blurry, like you recognize the place, but it’s in a dream state. there’s no other people, there’s nothing. It’s like you are. The master of your own universe. You just created, like you’re there on your own, you’re by yourself, but I wasn’t by myself.

The second I look out the window, I see this lady, she was all dressed in black, but what was unique was that she was wearing clothes that belonged to like 1700 or 18 hundreds. It was, I don’t know, like something very, very, Old fashioned did not belong at all to the year 2014. And I’m like, what’s going on?

And I couldn’t touch, I mean, I was trying to get out of the car, but there’s no touch, there’s no feeling of anything. Like I’m in a dream, when we dream, we can try to open doors, we can try to jump, like it’s all, we’re just there. [00:17:00] And that was the, the description, it was like a dream state. So I’m trying to open the car and I can’t, and I can’t, I can’t sound a voice, I can’t, I can’t do anything.

All I could do was waving my hands for help. And as I’m upside down and I’m looking at her and I’m waving, she was just pacing back and forth outside the van. It was like literally like three feet

Kristin Taylor: Was sh Was she looking at you C? Did she make eye


Mike BenAvee: she, she made eye contact with me pacing, and all she did was nod in her head, no.

Like, I’m, I’m not going to hell. And I, and, and I’m, and I, I keep doing that and she’s just walking and saying, no. And I remember that was the second time that I felt like I’m not myself, because knowing the old me, I would probably get very irritated. With that woman, I would probably say something. I would get upset.

I would yell. I would, I don’t know what I would do, but all of a sudden I, I remembered that I, I didn’t judge her. I [00:18:00] was like, Hey, maybe she’s just too worried to, to, to help you because she’s gonna do more harm than, and good. Maybe she’s not trade. Maybe she’s scared that the car’s gonna sit on fire. Maybe she’s just scared, like, don’t judge her.

Don’t worry about her. Like, And then to myself again, I was like, what am I saying? Like this, this is, this is not me. Like I’m trying to get outta here. And then this other voice in me is like, no, you’re good. You’re protected. Don’t worry about her. And I’m like, I’m not recognizing that behavior at all. So I’m like, okay, I’m gonna close my eyes and try to gather some strength and, and get out.

So the second I closed my eyes, it wasn’t even a split second after I reopened them and everything. Just came back to life almost. If you paused a movie, went to get a drink and replayed, everything just came back. It was, first of all, it was the pressure that I felt the car crushing me. [00:19:00] It was the smell, it was the sound, people screaming outside.

It was like dozens of people, if not a hundred people gathered outside and in the highway and. Ambulances and paramedics and firefighters, I could see it all. And and the radio was even on and, and the car. And I’m like, and the car was turned and I’m like, I’m gonna turn this car off before it all sets in fire.

And I was like, what’s going on here? And I reached over and I turned it off and I’m like, I just couldn’t understand how everything is just back to normal and, and where was I? Cause I knew I wasn’t out. I knew I wasn’t dreaming, I wasn’t passed out. I knew it. And all of a sudden I see this paramedic guy running, like tackling the car and just, and and screaming at me on the top of his lungs not to move.

Not to move. And all I was saying was, I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m really okay myself. While you think you’re okay. I said, you should take a look at your car. You are in bad, bad shape. And he kept [00:20:00] telling me that I’m in bad, bad shape and I wasn’t. And I was telling him that I wasn’t. And he kept screaming and then I didn’t wanna argue.

I just wanted to cooperate to see what’s going on. And he gave me IV through the window and I told him, sir, sir, why are you just not, why are you giving me IV through the window? Just get me outta here. He said, well, I can’t. We’re gonna have to call the firefighters because they’re gonna have to use the jaws of life.

And I was like, at the time I did, I was like, what’s the jaws of life? And he is like, well, that’s a hydraulic device that tear the car open and it helps the rescue teams extract passengers who are trapped. So as he was saying, this firefighters running and they’re screaming at people and, and, and people are staring at me from all directions and I’m still upside down and I hear the firefighters just knocking in and at like, hammering and sawing and cutting and whatnot, and I just decided to close my eyes and I missed that experience that I just had minutes before that.

They get me out, they give me [00:21:00] morphine, they’ll rush me. So everything is rushed. I am so calm, missing that time that I was trapped in there and everybody else is just going crazy around me and they take me into the stretcher and this is the first time that I’m in an ambulance and it was like one of those intensive care ones in, and, and they, they rushed to the to the hospital and it was a local hospital and.

The sirens and there was a, a sheriff lady inside and, and I’m in there and they’re rushing to the hospital and I’m asking the, the sheriff who was taking the report, I said, ma’am, can I ask you a question? And she was like, well, it’s not a good time right now. You’re probably in shock. You, you hurt. We need to check you out.

We’ll talk later. And I said, well, I insist, can I please ask you a question? She said, well, go ahead. I said, isn’t it against the law to afford a citizen not to help and not a citizen in distress? And she goes like, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I said, well, that lady, I was waving, I was trying to have her call you guys and help me out and I don’t know what’s going on and what [00:22:00] happened.

And she said, there was no lady, we were first in the scene. There was nobody before they came. And at that moment, cuz I know myself and I, and even at the time, I, I trusted myself and what I saw and what I heard. I said, I’m not going to say anything further because they might think that I have like brain damage or something, or I don’t know.

They think that I’m going to lose my mind. So I kept it to myself and that was like miracle number one. The miracle number two is that when I got to the hospital, and you know a lot of people dunno, in the hospital, you can go to the er, went into the emergency, and then he can go to the trauma room, which is.

If there’s something that is severe enough that your life do most of the time is due to accidents, like you go to the trauma, which what they do is, quote, unquote A V I P treatment, which they give all this, this machines, the imaging machines, they g they bring ’em to you. You don’t have to go anywhere.

You stay in your bed [00:23:00] and they check you from head to toe and they take bloods and there’s like 20 people on me. And I remember being in the hospital and after less than 40 minutes or so, this professor comes in, Doctor, and he was like, listen, I’m, I’ve never seen anything like that since I started here.

I was like, what are you talking about? Am I okay? Is everything okay? Because I’m fine. He was like, you didn’t even break a nail. You don’t even have a bruise. You don’t even have inflammation. Nothing that even requires to take headache pills like nothing. I’m gonna have to let you go. You’re lucky.

Kristin Taylor: Crazy.

Mike BenAvee: all he said. That’s all he said. I went back to the salvage yard cuz it took my car there. I needed to get battery out. It was the same day, it was a couple hours

Kristin Taylor: So you walk

out of the hospital,

Mike BenAvee: I walk out of the hospital and I’m telling you, like they made me, they wanted me to wear this snake brace. It was like, my neck is fine.

All the imaging. It was like, nothing’s such, just, it’s almost like I just got out of the shower and [00:24:00] I’m, and I’m talking about 80 miles per hour collision and then five rollovers. There was five times at the. Car rolled and hit me each time. If it wasn’t that time, then it’ll be that time or that time, nothing.

I go to the salvage yard and, and this gentleman is like, well, my condolences are for your friend. The person who drove, I was like, it was me. He’s like, there’s no way you drove that car. He’s like, it was me. It was a couple hours ago. I came here to get my battery and I go home and I start having visions and dreams and knowledge, and I’m changing.

And, and it took me seven years to go through the transformation of even knowing what happened. But those seven years of change were, it manifested themselves to trials, to, to hardships. Like you don’t just change and, and it’s not like instant, I’m a walk-in. That’s it. When, when we talk about walk-ins, you have to know this is not something that, it’s instant.

It’s not like a [00:25:00] soul that comes in, comes out, and you’re just a different person. Watkins get to keep their memories, their life, their love, their family. It’s because the contract is not between you and another soul. It’s with you, between you and your higher self and not a fragment of your light, of the source of your soul.

A more pure, one more knowledgeable one, one that knows its full and right destiny, and that’s where the exchange comes. See, the part of me that didn’t want to follow my soul journey had to go, and the higher part of me came and, and, and, and, and, and that’s why wains get to keep everything that’s part of that sole contract.

At least in my case. Everybody’s story is individually different.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah, I appreciate that qualifier, that everyone’s story is different. So first of all, thank you for sharing that. And yes, I’ve read your book and I’ve seen the pictures and it seems as implausible as. Anything in the physical realm to say, this person walked out without a scratch [00:26:00] or a broken nail. When you look at that car, you’re like, how did your body even fit in there?

Because it is, it’s like a collapsed aluminum can.


Kristin Taylor: So let’s get back to this idea of a walk-in, because I had it wrong. You retained your higher self, but the part of the, if I may call it the old soul, That was connected to egoic, more hedonistic desires and self-aggrandizement and materialism and whatever.

However we define that, that left on that day and in came a more evolved soul that was still connected with the higher south that you had always had. Am I understanding you okay?

Mike BenAvee: [00:28:00] exactly. And I can give you the perfect example.

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Mike BenAvee: For example, the, the thing with twin flames. When we talk about twin flames, we’re not talking about two, two separate souls. It’s fragments of the same soul. One was manifested. Sometimes twin flames can come in in different reincarnations, different in different lifetimes, but we all have this invisible, umbilical cord made outta light that all the abundance, all the good stuff, all the stuff that gives us goosebumps and butterflies, all the stuff that money can never buy, comes and feeds from there.

And then the ego is the umbilical cord that grounds us to the material,

Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Mike BenAvee: to to here, to the, to, to the live journey, to, to take care of this body and have the soul take the the backseat. So what happened is that in my case, and again, I tell everybody that I talk to that don’t look for like, okay, it happened to this [00:29:00] person, it should happen to me or, Why is it all not the same or is it a pattern?

No, it’s an individual journey. All of us are part of a collective that’s experiencing something individual. We are born alone. Even twins are still born apart and alone individually, and of course, we pass over alone. You don’t hear of two souls that pass together a holding hand. So it’s an individual journey.

Everything here. Now part, the collective can be part of our journey, almost like extras in our movie as we are part of theirs.

Kristin Taylor: right.

Mike BenAvee: feed of the collective. So me, in my case, I had a purpose. I know I’m an old soul. I’ve reincarnated so many times. It’s almost like Imagine like seeing your favorite movie in theater is if, like, let’s just say you are a hardcore Harry Potter fan and you know all the movies, and you’re one of those who are looking forward for that next one to come out.

And when it comes [00:30:00] out, you’re going to see it in a premiere. Then you’re gonna see it again after a week, and you’re gonna see it again with friends and with family members. So now the seventh eight time you seen the movie, you can sit next to people to see you for the first time. You’ll know all the, the jump scenes.

You’ll know all the, the, the, the cut scenes. You’ll know the end, you know the beginning, you know the text, you’ll know it all.

Kristin Taylor: So,

Mike BenAvee: that was my purpose. When I came here to begin with, I had an, in a, a certain journey I was supposed to fulfill. I. And I didn’t, and now with walk-ins as instead of that person just passing on and coming back in another reincarnation or as the baby, it’s almost like, you know what?

We’ve, we’ve gone through that stage. You just need to change. Instead of going right, you went left. Instead of doing what you’re supposed to do, you follow the ego. So the walk-in thing comes usually after like a traumatic event or it has to be like an accident or something that’s going to be on a brink of life.

And, and, and I don’t wanna say death. There’s no death, but [00:31:00] life and passing. And then something comes right in there,

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Mike BenAvee: right

Kristin Taylor: Okay,

Mike BenAvee: So it’s, it’s, in my case, it’s not a different soul, but it’s like, it’s almost like I got the knowledge and the mission again. I got like, okay, I got another chance in doing it right.

Kristin Taylor: Okay. You just confused me. I thought it was totally connected and then I got confused. So you said it’s not a different soul because what I was hearing is the old soul. And what I mean by old soul is the previous soul prior to the accident took a left when the life plan was to take a right. And so a fragment of a more evolved soul stepped in.

That was the walk-in to get you on the right spiritual path. And the connection I make is you starting the saying, I had always been clairvoyant. I kind of thought of myself as. I don’t, I don’t think you use this word, but like weird or strange or different, right? And you had denied that, but, so the walk-in [00:32:00] is part of the old, a fragment of the old soul, but a more evolved, aligned with your life’s blueprint soul.

Mike BenAvee: Exactly. So like I said, in this life a lot of people are getting into spirituality. They want to enlight themselves, they want to ascent. They want to get to that level because obviously there’s an upgrade we can do. Getting out of the ego to get to the level of. are just consuming everything.

We are limitless. We’re invincible. That’s what happened before we were born, and that’s what happened after we passed in this world. I had the potential I, the, the, the, the, the spark of my soul was there. I knew it and I mentioned it because I knew that I had in me that I’m supposed to do spiritually.

But like I said, I ignored the completely, I let the ego. Took over. So all that Joaquin did, it was more light, it was more of my, it like, it, it, it’s like, okay, I’m [00:33:00] explaining it like this. In every consciousness, in every dimension, even after we pass, we have like a live journey, a soul journey that we do. We might not do it like we do it here physically.

We good deed, we, we just do it in, in by, just existing, but just feeling consciousness. There’s different layers and I came to realization that. Because I remember everything for my childhood, but it’s like almost like the best, most upgraded version of myself,

Kristin Taylor: it. That makes

Mike BenAvee: but, but I’m not myself, so I can say, okay, all the ego, I got rid of it.

But no, as long as we are in this physical body,

Kristin Taylor: have to have ego.

Mike BenAvee: we are going to have ego forever. But the knowledge, it’s almost like the walking came from different incarnations. It’s like the need that live in different lifetimes. Came back again to this lifetime of the 2000 twenties. You know what I

Kristin Taylor: I do.

Mike BenAvee: So, so it wasn’t a strange John Doe soul, but it’s me who have lived the right way

Kristin Taylor: Yes.

Mike BenAvee: in different lifetime.

[00:34:00] So all that wisdom came back and I’m like, wow. So what was I doing all these 33 years? It wasn’t me some, it’s almost like something took over me all my life and then the real me came as the walking,

Kristin Taylor: Beautifully

said. I think that makes it really


Mike BenAvee: very, yeah,

Kristin Taylor: and I know it’s, I’m sure it’s so challenging to, to try to describe and explain, but I think you did a really good job. And so you’ve talked about these seven years. And I love the, the clarity of you don’t just get a walk in and like, poof, now I get it all and I’m on my path.

There is a time to acclimate and understand and learn, and I imagine there are a lot of ups and downs on that, that road. But because of the timelines we have, I wanna just be selfish and, hear all the juicy truths and wisdoms and, and get to that part. If we may,

Mike BenAvee: Yes.

Kristin Taylor: if you were to choose. Three things and I arbitrarily just chose the number three.

What do you, what are you [00:35:00] here to help people in terms of the sole work you’re doing? What do you want people to learn, understand, and heal?

Mike BenAvee: The main thing that I tell people when I help them, Is, is my testimony is, is, is my experience and I always end up with telling people my job for you. My wish for you, my prayers for you is that you will know that you are, first of all, a soul that happened to lend a body for about 70, 80 years in average and not a body.

That maybe or maybe not, has a soul. I try to tell people that they need to have a soul with body experience, and it’s very, very important because that’s the only way to connect a lot of [00:36:00]people. Ask me, how do I connect to my eyes? I first know who you are, you came from, what you’re doing here, and where you headed to.

Don’t just believe, don’t assume, don’t guess. Don’t be like, if we die, we die. If we live with, some people just live like, they’re okay with this uncertainty, but you can never fulfill your true soul journey if you’re not first knowing who you are. It’s almost like saying that, you gotta love yourself first. In order to love others. You gotta know yourself. And it’s the same thing. You gotta first know who you are. What you are, what you here to do. And then everything falls into place. so when I talk to them about my experience and when I give them a lot of analogies, I just pretty much let them connect to their souls.

Like, Hey, this is where you are. I put a spiritual mirror in front of them, like, can I look at you? Look how beautiful. Look how much life. That’s how you should see life. There’s no difficulties. There’s no evil, there’s no, everything is balanced. Just, just know who you are and the [00:37:00] ego will have no power over you.

Kristin Taylor: and knowing who we are, I imagine it’s not just the intellectual knowing. I’m imagining and having read your book, there’s some practices to connect you with not just this cognitive awareness that we are a soul inhabiting bodies, but it’s the lived experience of really recognizing and the reverence and awe for the fact that you are a soul.

Mike BenAvee: Exactly, and, and people said, well, how do I connect to my soul? Ask me like, how do you do that? That’s a good question. It’s very hard. Cause when you’re talking about the knowing, like the, the ego is always going to consume our thoughts daily cuz it’s always going to be there to connect to the soul. We need to surround ourself with everything that makes us feel good. That’s a start. That’s the inner light. All the things. And I tell people, just find all the things that money cannot buy. All the things that you know, that gives you really. [00:38:00] Chino and goosebumps butterflies in your stomach. Surround yourself with that. We are built in know what’s good and what’s bad. We have our soul knows all the answers.

The second we have a doubt. We know that we don’t think with our, we think with our ego. Once there is a doubt, there’s no doubt that it’s ego. The soul does not have question marks. The soul does not have fear. The soul does not have agony of sadness or hopelessness or any of these things. It doesn’t belong.

It doesn’t exist with the soul. So once people, like appeal, they’re shedding off all these feelings and truly, truly getting rid of them. They’re connecting, and once they’re connecting, it consumes them. The light spreads all through that vessel close

Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Mike BenAvee: And now we think like the soul, we give everything in our life a spiritual reasoning that’s being soul.

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Mike BenAvee: Do not let anything be like, oh, it’s forever. Oh, it, it’s, it’s the end. Oh, nothing. There is no end. We’re endless,

Kristin Taylor: Yes. Yes. [00:39:00] And I also hear that to be, that to be connected to our soul and to identify and understand who we are is to really be connected to love and the impermanence. Okay. Okay.

Mike BenAvee: Exactly.

Kristin Taylor: And so the biggest question of all, why are we here? And I know everyone has different soul missions and everyone has different soul ages, but when you really think about the fact that once you know who you are, and we are in this great spiritual, there are no words but journey, however we wanna define that, why?

Mike BenAvee: I’ll tell you why. Just like I said, since we are an infinite soul, a limitless soul, there’s so much testing that you can have in different consciousness when you are operating as a soul. Like I [00:40:00] said, the soul knows it all. It doesn’t have any question marks. The reason that we come here is that there is no limit to the amount of light you can consume and spread out and illuminate out.

In other consciousness, you would even want to be in even a higher consciousness than that. There is no end to where we can rise in consciousness. When we come into this world, we take this egoistic clothing called body, and we come descending to this materialistic world. And if you think about it, everything in this world, from the world, from Materialism and our body, everything disintegrates.

Only the soul moves on. We’re coming for a limited time. We have to deal with sickness, with illnesses, with money, with ego, and, and the big question is why to test our reactions to these trials. We are here to be trialed constantly. So [00:41:00] how do you test the soul? You put a soul in a place where they can no longer have its soul powers, right?

And you test its reactions. You test your reaction to somebody who doesn’t always necessarily please your ego. You test your patience. You test your love, your loyalty, your goodness, everything. Once you pass that, your reward is amazing. You get to level up to be even, even a higher conscious, because if I can put you in your body, you pass the test, you deserve the best.

So a test.

Kristin Taylor: Okay, this is nothing new. Like I, we’ve had guests and I’ve been studying this stuff and researching this stuff and having my own experiences. So this is more reminders. But let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. So we’re being tested because in spirit world, It is so expansive and there is no pain in the way that we experience it in the physical and the emotional, and it’s no accident that we have all of these emotions, some of [00:42:00] which are so painful, grief and loss and anguish and anxiety.

Right. So we’re, we’re being tested so that we can have the experiences. My question is, so that I hear, so that we can level up, but is it bringing it back to the collective? To source or tell me more about so that like why did this originate so that consciousness, consciousness could know itself so that we can continue to move towards greater awareness and love?

Does that make sense?

Mike BenAvee: And it’s exactly that to go to higher levels of consciousness. This is like this world is is a hallway. Towards the lounge. It’s, the, the, you talked about the collective. The collective has a role as a collective, like the world, the universe has its way to, to mess with us as a collective.

But like I said, we’re going back to the, to the [00:43:00] individual spiritual journey. It’s very, very hard and even people, they’ve been in the other side and experienced it, to come and try to give an explanation. It’s going to be satisfying. It’s one of life’s biggest sec, biggest secrets of like, what do you get out of

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Mike BenAvee: and not tell people you are able to live fully the expression heaven on earth. the whole idea is to defeat the ego. And the ego is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a test. Think like a spiritual, like, like a Special forces soldiers, in real life, special forces soldiers are being tested in screening and bootcamp. They’re being pushed to quit.

And ask themselves like why they’re pushing us mentally and physically to quit. And then in the end when it’s over, it’s like so you can be better. So when they need you in that battle feeling and it’s other consciousness, you’re ready to go. Think about it like this. We’re not only tested, but we are [00:44:00]training.

training to the soul to get to a higher level of consciousness that we haven’t even yet to experience. And once we know that despite the ego, we are able to show light and love and all these beautiful things you described, we win. We pass the game.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah, the game good. It’s so interesting because I just had yeah, I just had a gentleman on actually twice, because his story in many ways has little. Moments that very much reflect yours. Talked about being a walk-in. He talked about heaven on Earth. He talked about the fact that this is a game, and he was saying Ego is not bad, ego is contrast.

It’s just a way to learn and we need ego. We can’t have ego in the spiritual realm or the Astro plano, whatever words, but the awareness of that contrast to say where where am I actually going to invest? In my own growth and transcendence and evolution and recognize that nothing dies.[00:45:00]

Mike BenAvee: exactly. And I felt those your words, quoting him so deeply inside my so and I was amazing. And I’ll tell you what I tell people when they ask me about evil and said, there is no such thing.

Kristin Taylor: Hmm.

Mike BenAvee: Just like there is no such thing as cold, it’s just the absence of heat. The further you get from heat, you’ll feel cold.

The further you’ll get from your own soul, from goodness, you’ll feel the less pleasant things for the soul. We have to nurture. We have to give the soul what it wants, what it craves, what it means. Despite the ego, the ego is here to balance us. The ego is only here so we can, so we’re able to make a choice.

Imagine with no ego, what’s the point of even being here? What’s the point of this whole cycle? Look at pregnancy. Look at pregnancy. Look at it. It, it’s actually the it reflects the whole soul journey as well. I know it’s, it might be for a different conversation, but because it’s long, but I’m telling you, it’s pregnancy.

And the portal that a [00:46:00] woman creates in her body, and only a mother, only a woman can do it in her body, create that portal and only, and that’s explained that mother’s love, what’s the term? Mother’s love. It’s because you are active, you have an active role in creating a human being and the soul comes in right, in the birth canal.

And what happens during, and I don’t know, but I, I have kids, so I, I, I, I totally can relate. And I, and I’ve experienced that as a, as a, as a husband. What happens during this, this moments, it’s stressful. It’s even considered a medical emergency. It’s stressful for both the child when there’s pain, there’s contractions, there’s all these trauma, and then rebirth. The same thing we are going through in this life. We go through impregnation, it’s pregnancy. we arrive, we just, that’s exactly what’s going on. We’re growing. And then there’s moments like the seven years that happened to me of contractions of before you are reborn.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Mike BenAvee: It always gets darker before it gets started.

We have [00:47:00] to have this challenge cuz that’s the only thing that can really test our souls.

Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Mike BenAvee: souls needed the stimulation and needed to be tested. That’s why we

Kristin Taylor: yes.

Mike BenAvee: cause other destinies are waiting for us.

Kristin Taylor: Other destinies are waiting for us. What does that mean?

Mike BenAvee: Because when we pass from here, we go to a different state of consciousness. When we are still missioning, we never just rest, but it’s not in in the same ways that we know and, and like we act and live in this world. It’s more like telepathic

Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Mike BenAvee: It’s like so, so here in this world, it’s one of the most important tests.

This is one of the most amazing things. That’s why I think life is so beautiful. Because this is the only chances you can show that how powerful is the soul, how beautiful, how divine we are when we show active kindness and mercy and love and all these beautiful things, and we get proportionate perspective and appreciations all these things that are the non-ego things [00:48:00] when we experiencing here.

It’s so much harder than just being in a soul and, and just being and existing and, and just having it all over us. And, and that bliss is amazing. But what can prove the amount of light and the beauty and, and, and the divinity of it, if not to be put in this challenging, depriving environment that, oh, I gotta work, I gotta get up, I gotta be lazy.

Oh, I gotta go to the hospital. I gotta all these things. Are here to press, impress, impress on the soul, and our job is to elevate through them, to dodge them.

Kristin Taylor: Okay. Well, I actually don’t hear to dodge them. I hear to recognize them and going back to the title of my show, how I Made It Through, it’s moving through them that you

Mike BenAvee: Moving through them. Yes. But as a soul, when you have, like when you have trials and all the things, when I said dodge, I mean like don’t pick the ego, like stick to your soul. Run, run away. Dodge will run away from all the things that’s supposed [00:49:00] to have, give you blocks, like fear or like all these things, like live like a soul in this physical body.

Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay. Gosh, there’s so much to talk about because again, I’ve talked to so many different amazing people. Everyone is amazing in their own unique way. We talk about soul’s contracts, we talk about. Souls councils, spirit guides, arc angels, the, people talk about Jesus, people talk about arc angels.

I’m sure you have plenty to say on all of those things, but time goes by so very quickly on these shows,

Mike BenAvee: I know.

Kristin Taylor: when you work with someone, with the fact that you have this clairvoyant ability, you can read souls. What do you mean when you read? A soul and are all souls good? Or like, say a little bit more if you would.

Mike BenAvee: Yes. So when I said that I read Souls is that I used to see people. For, from the outside in, like [00:50:00] externally. And then try to get to know, like, like most, like most of us, in life, they, they get to know person first, impression, then let’s, okay, we see them, I’ll get to know them.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Mike BenAvee: And after that, and after my complete transformation, I was able to see people as lights.

Just like, just like, and, and if somebody’s light is a little dim, I could see that even if they weren’t trying to show it, and vice versa, if somebody was very, I, I could really see that. So when I take to people and, I, I, I’m using it just a regular conversation, it is almost like an excuse to really connect to their, to, to their soul.

Like I see their light and then all of a sudden I get into this trans. And I say things to them that they really, really just, it draws into me and resonate with them on a spiritual level. And then I know I made the connection when they asked me like, how was it done? I said, think about it like this. I’m an electrician for the soul.

I went in there, I took the light bulb. There was like 100 [00:51:00] lights and I just put a 500 watts. I let them just look at themselves. I don’t do anything external or external practice with them even. But through talking to them, it’s almost like I’m able to talk to their soul and not to their mind. So it’s not a psychological psychiatric session, but it’s like I’m seriously just talking to their, to their, to the in, to the areas they’re trying to hide from, from other people.


Kristin Taylor: When you,

Mike BenAvee: secrets, if they have all that stuff, I can, I can, I can

Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Okay. And so like if you’re talking to me right now, and I don’t want this to be like a parlor game, that is not what I’m saying, but just to clarify, like if you’re talking to me right now in this conversation, are you connected to my words or to my soul? Or like how, how is that happening in, or do you have to be in, that trance?

Mike BenAvee: It’s, yes, the trans. And here’s the thing about me, since I’m not a service, like, a lot of people go like, Hey, talk to me and I’ll help you with this. Or [00:52:00] Anybody’s welcome with me since I came here for exactly, for this purpose. What we were talking about that I do with people. I told you in the beginning of this conversation, I’ll wait on them souls that are meant to be part of my soul journey. There’s difference between the life journey and the soul journey. I always say that a life journey is totally and solely affected by our actions, but wanna be a successful doctor?

I’ll work hard, I’ll be a doctor. I want to be, God forbid, a criminal. Then I’ll be, I’ll take the action. And then there’s the soul journey, the predetermined things. When we are born, when we pass, when we are having our first child, like we don’t know. We hope, we pray. We don’t have a say.

Kristin Taylor: yeah.

Mike BenAvee: Part of the soul journey.

These people are supposed to meet me. I’ll get emails like, I just saw you on Facebook and something just spoke to me, oh, I saw your podcast here. So all these areas are just like meeting places for what’s meant to be. So most of the time I just read the [00:53:00] people that I’m supposed to just wait on and meet.

Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Mike BenAvee: And I’m telling you, in about eight months, I’ve helped over 360 people. And counting from all different parts of the world, from remote villages in, in Africa with no electricity. When I do sessions and the power goes on and off to Asia, to Europe, to America, and I feel like these people are part of my soldier, like I’ve known it from past lives, we are supposed to gather, we’re supposed to, to just interact.

Kristin Taylor: Right.

Mike BenAvee: This is what happened. Now, do I see like psychically, like people for whatever? Yes. But the people that I’m supposed to read and talk to, they just come to me

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Mike BenAvee: and it’s always a perfect match. So,

Kristin Taylor: Well that is such a perfect segue to our listeners. So if you listeners are someone who is feeling a gravitational pull to reach out, right, to reach out to Mike, how do people contact you?

Mike BenAvee: Yeah. So,[00:54:00] I have just a, a Facebook page. So I have to say, cuz a lot of people say, why, why don’t you on Facebook get engaged with comments. Most of the time, most of my day I meditate. Even at work, most of the time I deal with charity with me and my wife. I’m not tech savvy. I don’t, besides having posts, my wife runs everything behind the scenes.

I tell her what to write, I ask her of course what to write, and she writes it from me and set up sessions, but I don’t get get to, I have a Facebook page called The Soul Guide.

Kristin Taylor: Right.

Mike BenAvee: That people can find me. And then I have an email, the Soul Guide 27 gmail.com. And if people feel like they’re drawn to that and they’re, they’re, and it usually happens automatically then yes.

I’ll be more than happy to, I’ll be waiting on you,

Kristin Taylor: Mm.

Mike BenAvee: I said early, so,

Kristin Taylor: Well, what I love

Mike BenAvee: and this is how

Kristin Taylor: go ahead.

Mike BenAvee: I’m fine. Like I said, this is what I said in the beginning is like, My story is so just predetermined and I’m, every day that goes [00:55:00] by, I’m manifesting more the people. Just like I met my twin flame. It’s like every interaction now to me is on a, so like everybody is not twin flame.

Even people that come and talk to me, it’s all part of that story, and the more I’m connected to it, the more it consumes me. So I’m. Down to just existing level as far as the physical, but my whole life is spiritual. So these people are drawn. Feel free to reach out and when it’s meant to be in the right timing it will happen.

Kristin Taylor: That’s beautiful.

Mike BenAvee: not, I hope you get some insights and, and, and, and, and get a different perspective. So e, either way, we win.

Kristin Taylor: Well, what I love about how you show up in the world. As a spiritual being, as a soul, is that it is coming from love and service and recognizing this is at least my interpretation of you, that it goes by so quickly and you had this miraculous thing and you don’t wanna squander your time. You truly want to be someone who is going to help with healing and evolution and [00:56:00] helping people in their spiritual journey.

Mike BenAvee: Because it’s helping my soul just. As much as it’s helping theirs and, and I know it’s my journey and I do it like you said, but love. With nothing but love. I’m not trying to, make money out of it. I’m not trying to make famous out of it. These things don’t matter to me. I mean, I, I’ll do sometimes videos and shorts from my car from like, I’m not trying to even invest in any production.

I’m getting the message out there cuz I know there’s some souls that’s supposed to hear it. So I use old platform. Even the book was for, for those who, who just happened to bump into it and it’s almost like I’m sending hidden. Messages, like subliminal messages on a soul level to these people. Cuz that’s my journey.

And I want and wish that everybody will live according to their soul journey. I’m telling you, this is heaven on earth because heaven on earth is, we don’t need anything but love yourself. You’re happy with what you have. Nothing can put you down, nothing can depress you. No ego can come close to you. And this is what I hope for people.

Kristin Taylor: That’s [00:57:00] amazing. It was such an honor to have you.

Mike BenAvee: Absolutely.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Mike BenAvee: you, my honor

Kristin Taylor: thank you, Mike, for such an illuminating and amazing conversation. You truly are bringing so much warmth and wisdom and helping people to get to know who they are in a soul level. If you are enjoying these podcasts, I ask that you share them or write a review. We need your help in getting these important messages out there. If you are looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, self-doubt, or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness, these are the areas I specialize in as a coach and would love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at coach kristen taylor gmail.com. Thank you for tuning in, and we’ll see you next time on how I Made It Through.

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