Christina Brinkley 0:02
I started having these visions, intrusive vision that would just pop into my mind. And I would see something usually great. I would see my uncle sit. And then I would think, why am I why would I? Not? Why would I imagine? I thought this was my imagination. And then a couple hours later, I would get a call from my mom saying that my uncle’s rushed to the hospital. So things like this catch.

Kristin Taylor 0:42
Hello, and welcome to how I made it through. My name is Kristen Taylor, and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity, only to come out the other side more self aware, and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love and compassion. Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning. And I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is a fish show through the sharing of ordinary people moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here, and how to live more fully.

Our guest today is Christina Brinkley. I met Christina in January when she and I were both attending a retreat. Upon first meeting her I felt immediately drawn to her. So to avoid being that weird lady staring at her from across the room, I decided to introduce myself to her. My intuition was not off. She holds a magic about her, a wise and captivating presence and energy, a kindness. But the more I’ve learned about her the more I have discovered what is truly in my estimation, miraculous. Christina is an intuitive guide who has studied various types of healing. Over the past 20 years, she has developed a healing process that best translates to a soul journey.

During the soul journey, Christina works with individuals to help them release limiting beliefs, programs, and resistance that may be holding them back from living their best life.

Through deeply transformative work. She guides clients to recall their authentic self, so they can move more easily through this world from a place of integrity, and wholeness. With great success, she has been able to help people through all different stages of life transitions, everything from health, career loss, relationships, and more. Welcome to how I made it through Christina Jiro.

It’s so nice to have you. And for those listening, I get the opportunity often to meet with guests in preparation for the session. And I knew a little bit about you from our conversations at the retreat. That really unpacking and hearing your story in particular when the gifts really became evident to you. I like my jaw for what’s on the on the floor. It’s I hate how overused this word is. But it’s just amazing. Can you get us started with I think it was 2020 such a pivotal year in the awakening of your gifts.

Christina Brinkley 3:26
I would say that I probably shot awakenings way before 2020. But I was unwilling to see them or understand them.

And so I think the way they came through it had to come through so intense because I would not I was not I was I was a student of energy and I was not practitioner. And this was a calling to be in that position. I started in January 2020. I started having these visions, intrusive vision, they would just pop into my mind and I would see something usually not great. I would see my uncle sit and then I would think why am I why would I think that? Why would I imagine? I thought this was my imagination. And then a couple hours later I would get a call from my mom saying that my uncle’s rushed to the hospital. So things like this kept and then and then the big big moment was my brother had his dog ran away, got lost it got it got it left the house and he was devastated. Like he called my mom just crying so upset. My mom called me so upset and as the person in the family that feels responsible for everyone. I Even though he’s my older brother, I desperately felt like I had to do something. I live 3000 miles away. But I just felt so helpless. I was like, so sick over it. That night I went to sleep. The next morning, I woke up at 5am. And this is when I had my first of these type of vision. I started seeing through the, I started seeing what’s the like, like, and it felt as if I could see through the dogs per perception, like I could see through the dog’s eyes. And I didn’t understand what I was seeing at first I just saw, I saw the dog running through the woods, I felt his feeling, I felt fear. And like the feeling of being lost. I could hear the sounds the leaves under his paws, I could feel the air around. It was so intense. So it wasn’t a dream. I was awake when that happen. But I thought again, I was like, I’m imagining this, why would I imagine? Like why am I imagining this such a weird thing to do? And so I again, I shook it off, and I just went about my day, kept checking in all day. Have you found the dog can we found the dog, they couldn’t find it the next day, same thing. Next morning, I woke up at 5am the vision came again. This time it was a little different. But it was the same type of On the third morning I woke up, I decided to share it with my at this point, I started seeing buildings, very specific buildings. And that’s when I started to feel like maybe I can help. Like maybe I know something. And so I reached out to my mom. And of course, I didn’t tell her that I was seeing vision or getting visions. But I told her that I was having dreams. This is how I found my way of explaining things to people without scaring them off. So I’ll be like, Oh, I had a dream because I feel like in general people, most people will are more receptive to dreams. Like if you were to say, Oh, I didn’t dream that you want a lottery, you win the lottery be like, Oh, I should go buy a lottery ticket. You know, like people are just kind of opened a dream. It’s more accepted. So I told my mom, I had this dream. And my mom was like, tell your brother and I’ll say he’s very religious, I did not think it’d be well received. But I decided to, and immediately, my brother, like responded as if he believed me. And I, it was such an interesting experience. And now I understand it. Whenever I translate my visions to people, they always believe me. And it’s so amazing. And and what I’ve found is that when you’re speaking the truth, when you are channeling something that is authentic people, it speaks to their truth, they under so it doesn’t it goes beyond reason and logic. So I didn’t have to explain anything to him about energy or visions or anything I just said I why I also gave him the dream scenario. But I said I keep having these dreams. And I drew out what I was seeing the building. And he was like, I know exactly where that is. They had hired a dog tracker. And the dog tracker was on a dog tracker was having them look in a certain area of and they told him not to look across this four lane highway that it would be very unlikely that the dog would have traveled across the four lane highway. So they were looking on this one park. What I what I saw was across a four lane highway down the road. I had never seen I hadn’t visited my brother at this new home. It was a new area. I’ve never seen it before. So all of this that I was able to draw was from not from memory. This was from Yeah, this vision. And so he tells the tracker I wake up the next morning. Again, same vision. This time I see that it’s raining. And I call so again he lives 3000 miles away, I call him and I say Is it raining there? And he was like Yes. And I was like the dog is sheltered, right? I can tell it’s okay and he’s a guess that the tracker the woman who’s doing the tracking said that they would have to wait until the rains because dogs will shelter and so then he he but then he gave the information they were able to find a dog. So that was my first experience is one tracking this dog but they were able to find the exact location based on these visions. And that’s when I knew that something big was happening to me. And I couldn’t. Yeah,

Kristin Taylor 10:10
yeah, well, let me let me ask a question. So you’re having this vision? Is it like a flash? Or is it can be something that’s sustained? And you can look at it and study it. And I know you said you’re looking through the dog’s eyes. Can you describe what that is like?

Christina Brinkley 10:24
Well, at the time, it was the sort of intrusive dropins it wasn’t a flash, it was like, being dropped in to a dream. And so I could study it. I don’t think I did. No, I didn’t. I you know, it’s very unsettling, because not only can you see, I could feel I could hear I could so I, you know, I There are several types of psychic abilities. The players, and I have all yes. And they all were activated in some moment. So I could hear I could feel it, I could, I could know, I knew. And I could see. So I call it and they were all being activated. And so I didn’t. Now over time, I’ve learned to questions to stop to look around. When that happens, and rarely does it come in? It doesn’t come in intrusively as much anymore. Unless I’m unless maybe it’s urgent. And I’m not in I haven’t been willing to kind of look at it. For that. Get Yeah, at the time, because now I go into kind of a channeled read where I can like drop in and let the information come to me in a more sustainable way. Yes, yeah. very upsetting. So much. So that I think I, I was so glad that my brother found his dog, but I was like, I don’t ever want to do that again. Like it. It was very, you know, animals have emotions. And they’re, and it was very, the dog was so happy to be back with my brother. But while he was separated, it would the the emotions were very raw. And that was something that yes, I was not equipped to handle. Yeah, he

Kristin Taylor 12:26
was so distressed. And you are right in that emotion with his

Christina Brinkley 12:31
feet. We all have, we all have emotions, and it’s totally fine. But I think that I don’t, I would never want that to be my you know, I don’t know if I would if I could spend long amounts of time searching for lost animals, because it’s a very

Kristin Taylor 12:47
sure. Or the extension lost people lost children, there are a lot of applications you could and there’s so

Christina Brinkley 12:53
many gifted people that do that work. And I just think they’re amazing. I’m curious if they are, they don’t have the clairsentience. Because it is very hard to be able to hold the person’s could once you tap in, you can feel the other person’s feeling. And the wrongness that is very powerful.

Kristin Taylor 13:17
Very overwhelming, very overwhelming. So continue. So this is your big wake, I

Christina Brinkley 13:22
had this big wake up. At this point. I’m only shared it with my mom and my brother. And I’ve only told them I’ve had dreams. I don’t even think I told my husband. And so I just prayed, you know, I’m gonna go to I see, I was seeing a therapist, and I was like, I’m gonna go, I’m going to talk to my therapist. Thank you. He’s very logical, he will have some he’ll have something to say. So I sit down with him. And he’s the best and he was like, Listen, I’m going to tell you something. And when I’m done, you’re going to want to lock me up in a mental hospital. So just, you know, be prepared. And he just laughed at me. And I tell him the story. And he was like, Well, it sounds to me, like you’re psychic. And I was what? Like, like that. That’s this the even the NEA the word psychic, like that’s to me sounded like flashing light, like someone who tried to like, you know, like, Charlottesville on you and like, whatever. And I was like, oh, and I was like, and he explained kind of the science behind it and how people have over develop frontal lobes that can pick up on like extra senses. And it’s like a survival skill that some people develop maybe at a young age for whatever reason. And he made me feel really supported. And he said, but this is not something I can help you with. You need to find a mentor. And I was like,

Kristin Taylor 14:52
Thank God you saw him. Thank God he was

Christina Brinkley 14:55
no I know. Can you imagine me? I was I everything was lined up. perfectly to, like, help me each step of the way. And so I felt really supported by him, I decided, and again, every time I shared this with someone, I expected the other person to be like, what? Every single time I was met with, I believe you. And I was like, okay, and the more I was valid, and I need to build on to the validation in the beginning, because I didn’t understand it. And no one was teaching me how it is, you know, like, there’s people that go and like, become Reiki Masters, and they learn, you know, they’re taught these thing. No one was teaching. And it was just kind of opening up for me on its own. So I went home, and I Googled probably, like, psychic mentor, or something, and something silly. And of course, I couldn’t find anything. And so I felt like okay, well, I’ll just shelve it. And if it’s meant to be someone will help someone. And then, of course, like all of us, March came, and the pandemic hits, and my life was no longer sustainable, I hadn’t managed to be able to shut down my, my abilities, and kind of do daily life, you know, go go have brunch with friends, go pick my son places, like, I was able to kind of keep up with a day to day life. But when the world stopped, and then I could feel everything, I felt my neighbors, I felt the collective I felt, and I had no boundaries and no training. And I would Oh, my I thought it was looting, and I, visions and in downloads, and, and, but and also just feeling everyone’s anxiety and everyone’s fear and everyone’s grief, and it was just so much I was and so I, I was like I have to do something. So a girlfriend of mine, who I kind of I talked to every single day starting in the pandemic, and even to this day, we have now kind of we check in with each other every day, she introduced me to what would have been my first mentor. And he just kind of taught the basics of energy, just so I could put language to it. So I could understand what was happening to me. And and I used his like meditations every single day to kind of process through what was happening. And then from there, I met another mentor and then another and then we just sort of kind of collaborated until my next awakening, which I don’t even know when that maybe it was in I don’t even know when it was maybe 2021, early 2021. With my next this is I was doing a session, like a healing session with one of my mentors. And she she really believed in me and I was even at this point, I was like, not interested in being an energy worker or a practitioner of any in any sense. And she, she was like I want to go in, I want you to go into your Akashic records. Are you familiar with Akashic records?

Kristin Taylor 18:20
I am. But I don’t know if every listener is I’ll just give you a release event.

Christina Brinkley 18:25
Understanding Akashic records is, is a collection of all of our souls lessons. It’s like the book of life, if every single lifetime was accumulated in one space, so with everything we’ve ever learned, and it’s where we kind of keep all of that because you can’t carry it can’t carry around all your lesson. Because you don’t need them all in this life. Some things maybe you lived a lifetime, where you were at war, you might not need the lessons from that life, are all of those lesson in this, this body in this in this world? So, but accessing them is really important. And it can help in understanding different things as we grow, wrap it. And so she was suggesting that I get connected to my own Akashic Record. So she wanted me to go in. And I was like, why don’t you go? Tell me? Tell me, like you just I trust you. You tell me what my Akashic records are like.

Kristin Taylor 19:30
Were you scared or uncomfortable? Or why did you ask that she do it rather than you?

Christina Brinkley 19:36
I truly did not think I had the ability and I didn’t want to see myself fail probably.

Kristin Taylor 19:44
Oh, interesting. And also just to slow down with the Akashic records. This is all upon that understanding that we’ve had multiple paths.

Christina Brinkley 19:53
Yes, yes. Yes. And so we so I, I can go so she has You go in, and she was like, Okay. And I was like, Okay, I’ll do this. And she leads me through maybe a meditation to get me to this place. And then she was like, close your eyes, and then tell me what you see. And I was like, I see. Nothing. I see blackness. And she was like, Okay, let me check. And she. And then she goes, Christina, I see you standing in a corner with your hands over your lap, like a horse. I soon as she said that, I knew that’s exactly what I was doing. And so I imagined, standing there in the corner, and I imagined taking my hands off my eyes. And then bam, every one of my abilities turned on at once. Full Force, I, my visions, they were coming so rapidly that I was on a call with her. And I was on a zoom with her. And I don’t even remember talking to her. Like, I just, I was like, I couldn’t even keep up with the information. And she was guiding me through the process of like, making sure that I talked what I saw out loud, because the more that I acknowledge, acknowledged it, the more I validated what I was seeing, the more like juice it gave. So for anyone that does see this stuff, the more that you kind of honor your experience, because a lot of people, I’ll work with people who are starting to open up their ability. And they’ll really doubt themselves. And yeah, by not believing it, it like, weekend. So yeah, she’s so she hadn’t This is she heard me speak it out loud. And she was like, in the future, I want you to record so that you’re saying it out loud, you’re acknowledging what you’re seeing, you’re say, I’m seeing this thing, and I believe it. And so, so it gave kind of that powerful juice to it. So she was like, you know, just go in for like, 15 minutes a day. And just, you know, just to say, for the next like, week or so, and we’ll check back in.

Kristin Taylor 22:12
But what are you seeing?

Christina Brinkley 22:13
Oh, I mean, at first, it was wild, it was like, it was like, I don’t know, it would be like if someone were on hallucinogens, it was very like a lot of symbolism. There was not a lot of clear information, just images back to court, I saw a certain type of bird, I saw an like to the point where like, I see things so descriptively, like, I can describe them. So I’ll I call it psychic Google. So I like it. I’ll go into Google, and I’ll put in exactly what I see. And then the image will pop up that I saw on my, it is so wild. And so and usually those things have symbolism. So let’s say it’s a certain type of flower, I’ll like see a very specific type of flower, I’ll look it up. And I’ll see that this flower has specific meaning to what I whatever it is that I was looking for questioning or whatever. Or maybe it’s an herb that has medicinal properties that could help with certain situations, right. So I was seeing all these images coming in really fast. And so the next day, I get what she said, and I did 15 minutes in my Akashic. And, and right away, I was like, I just knew I could help others. I just knew. And I saw, I called my girlfriend up. And I was like, so she told me to do 15 minutes on my own practicing on a day by myself. And I did it once. And then I called my girlfriend, I was like, I can do something. I think I can do this thing. Can I try it on you? And I knew. And that’s when I did my first soul journey. And I knew I could call in someone else’s soul and walk them through this healing process. It’s how I knew what I was tapping into with a powerful space of healing. And I could see that I just knew I don’t know how I knew. I mean, that’s, that’s part of my gift is that your wings drops in. And so I have a girlfriend, same girlfriend that, you know, I’ve been in touch with the whole time for the past few years. And she just was up or anything. So she was like, Okay, let’s try it. So I recorded an entire session, probably like 45 minutes of me. And at first I had no direction. I was just like, let’s see what happened. And so it was kind of like her guides and my guides collaborating and we were on this kind of wild journey. And it was really beautiful and there were so many specific theories that just touched her that she was like, This is real. And then I knew it was real. And she was validating it was real. And so I started practicing with other people. And then I started offering and then I started getting the nudge to, like, offer other like, I would, you know, think of some what someone would pop in my head and I would go, hey, I can do this thing. Would you? Like, do you need help at this time? And they would be like, oh, man, I was just, I’m going through the hardest time right now. And I was just like, praying that someone could help me. And then you messaged, and, and so that’s kind of how it started. And it’s just kind of grown from there.

Kristin Taylor 25:45
Okay, okay. There’s so much there, Christina. Okay, so let’s go back, if I may, to you and your friend. And you’re saying so I can do this thing. And just having this knowing. And your guides are talking to her guides. Ari, and you’ve got all the Claire’s? So are they communicating in words or symbols? And now you’re in her Akashic records? Can you and I love that you’re not giving her name? But as an example, can you share maybe something that you feel comfortable with you sharing like, so this came forward? Or this is where a block was? Or this was a past life? Like, can you give a little bit more texture to the

Christina Brinkley 26:23
I mean, in the beginning, it was it was such I have it, it shifted so much in it’s the work I do, it’s so kind of juicy and so much more developed. Back then it was very chaotic. So it’s hard to tell like, because so much information with coming in, it’s hard to tell, I didn’t know what I was doing. And luckily, she was just gained for like experiencing it. Most of what came through in the beginning was just symbolic. I don’t, that still happens. But it’s not. That’s not how my guides communicate anymore. Because they now they just tell me, like they will. I will, like hear exactly the word if I don’t use the words that they want. They won’t give me the next piece. Interesting thing with the images. If I don’t describe something that they’re showing me, I will it’s like a movie put on pause. And

Kristin Taylor 27:18
it won’t move forward until you Well, let’s talk about then because you as a practitioner have become far more studied and, and disciplined in where you’re at as a practitioner? Before I want to hear a little bit more detail that who are your guides, what have you learned about them?

Christina Brinkley 27:38
Well, there are very, they’re amazing. They, they, I just like heard them say we made you say that they should work very funny. They when I don’t listen, they will they’re very hard on me. I think they’re hard on me, they don’t think they’re hard on me, they will be very direct, they can sometimes be very direct with in and what my clients always receive it very lovingly, so I’m so grateful. But I can feel how direct they can be. And, and so makes me almost like feel uncomfortable. Like, like, I’m not judging you. I always say that. And I promise I’m not judging you.

Kristin Taylor 28:21
But this is not me, I messenger I really think that you should be

Christina Brinkley 28:26
and then you know, they’ll have like a message for them. They I have one woman and there’s different ways that they show themselves. To me. There’s one woman who I just call her medicine woman only because she mostly provide what looks to me like healing medicine in in the intersection. So like usually some kind of plant medicine or, or something that she’s she’s kind of transferring. I have a guy that I refer to as the grandfather. He feels like a grandfather, a soul grandfather that I’ve had in other lifetime that has come in to help me in this. And he’s, I mean, all the guides are just deeply deeply loving. I have these two sisters that appear. They appear when a soul is crossing over. So I’ve had a couple sessions where the person is, is passing on in their soul. It’s called crossing over the first name. I was doing healing work on someone I did not know they were crossing over. I knew that they were I did not know that they were crossing over.

Kristin Taylor 29:47
Okay, so So what I imagined that’s confusing to me because I would imagine you would think okay, they’re in hospice or were

Christina Brinkley 29:54
they work with a friend of the family. They had a fall and they were in the they were in the hospital made a big, big fall. And, and so someone asked you to. So I was she shared with me what happened. And what I do is I can directly communicate with a person, but I feel called to help. I’ll check in with their higher self. So I would never do energy work on anyone without their consent. Like that’s just like, oh, no, especially like, right. It’s a no for many reasons, but also a create karma. And you don’t want to deal with that. And so I would never work on anyone that hasn’t consented. But I do get nudges. I mean, I get nudges from, from strangers. So I always check in with their higher self, why are they nudging me? Do they want help. And so that’s what happened. I went into a session, knowing that they were, I felt the call to help. While I was in the session, I saw the two sisters that come out during at the time, the two sisters had only appeared in one other scenario. And I didn’t fully understand there, I knew what the role was in The other scenario, but I didn’t know that that’s the only role that they provide. They’re just these really happy, loving, vibrant sisters. They like they, they like celebrate life. And so when I did the session, it was a big celebration, it was so beautiful it was. So I saved it. Because I always want to remember that feeling of what it’s like when someone crosses over because I felt at least Eve for him for this person experience when he crossed over. It was like the moment that it had, that decision was made, whether by him or whoever, right. Like when that decision to cross over with me. It was glorious. It was so like, it was so happy. It was so beautiful. And so I did a session. And I think halfway through my session is when they came in, and that’s probably when he crossed. And then so afterward I get the call that he had crossed. And since then, I have done several other sessions with people who have recently crossed over, and they would show up, and they help just kind of move any kind of remaining soul energy along enough kind of their job. Yeah,

Kristin Taylor 32:41
yeah, that’s it. God, I have so many questions. That’s really, really beautiful. And that really resonates with what I hear with people who have near death experiences and mediums who say, it’s really love consciousness. Like it’s audio. It’s almost like ecstasy. I’ve even heard the word orgasm, like it’s just this blissful, blissful experience on on the other side. How does this shape? So let me so many questions can wait when somebody slow them down? How many guides do you?

Christina Brinkley 33:10
That’s a good question. I don’t know. I don’t I don’t see all my guides. And maybe I don’t think I need to it should. I know I don’t like really, maybe that’s something that I’ll continue to like develop. I only see whatever guides come in through my healing. But I have a feeling I have several layers of teams. Like I think I have a team that just as sole journeys with me, but I think I have a team that comes and works like in my family day to day life. And then you know, I feel like I have like layers and I think everyone does so I can see like when people come in and they have guides come in that maybe they’re not even that familiar way. Yeah.

Kristin Taylor 33:58
Why do you think you haven’t been imbued in this lifetime with this level of gift and ability in terms of past lives and your mission in this life?

Christina Brinkley 34:13
Happily pick a push. I think that one, everyone has the capability of having these gifts. Everyone. Soul is interested in this life to experience it. So I don’t think I have unique gifts that no one else can have access to being but I don’t know why in this life I chose other than I have a deep deep drive to help the collective. And my every single session that I do with someone has the potential To affect 1000s and 1000s of people, because every person that works on themselves, it rippled to their family, to their community, to every person that they need. So, yeah, I, there’s some people, there’s some practitioners that work on the collective. And that to me can be, sometimes I try doing that, and it’s very overwhelming. But I have a gift that I can connect to one person. And watch as it expands the, and it shifts the entire world. And, you know, there’s, I’ve heard that her though, you know, I’ve heard it so often in life. Like, if you want to make the world a better place, start with yourself. And I didn’t truly understand that, until I started doing these healing. And I saw fit, every person has such a unique ability to make the world just like shift everything. And that people often feel they’re powerless, but they’re not. They have the everyone has such an ability to make such a significant change. For oftentimes, we focus on outside of ourselves to make the change instead of inside.

Kristin Taylor 36:19
Well, let’s stay there. I love that so much. And I remember that in our conversation, that was really your calling. Given where we are, that we all chose to be here at this time with all that is going on in the world. If there were like three things you want people to be paying attention to. And I just randomly chose three. But is there anything that you want to encourage people to do? Yeah, given where we are?

Christina Brinkley 36:50
Absolutely. I mean, the first thing I don’t, I’ll let’s see if I can come up with three things. But the very first thing, the most important thing that this comes up so much processing emotion. We are, we’re soul beings dropping into this human experience. But why? Why are we choosing to be human on Earth right now? Why wouldn’t we could choose to be anything else, maybe in some other galaxy, or maybe a plant or an animal, or maybe you want to be a rock in this life, but we didn’t we chose to be human. What is unique to be human experience is our vast array of emotions. Now, there are other beings that have emotions, but not like human. And what I seen is that our soul deeply wants to learn and evolve. And the quickest catalyst for learning and evolving is emotions. I mean, imagine if we just were happy, nothing would change. Like we would exist. Well, we don’t just exist, we have to change, we have to shift we need the catalyst, the catalyst catalyst is the emotion and their relationships. And so when we stifle and we, and I see this so often is that we keep, especially generationally, there’s so many generations before us that have been trained to stifle their emotion. Yeah, and now we are in a big, this is what’s happening. We’re all bubbling under the surface, we all feel everything so intensely, we have access to everyone’s problems, all at once. And it is yes, extremely hard to maintain. Calm, or what or without emotion. We have to feel our emotion. The first thing I beg of people is to start allowing themselves to feel emotion. The second thing I would say, is that doesn’t give you the green light to express them on others. Yeah, right. So we have to learn how to process people think we’ll finally I’m, I’m just speaking my piece, but they they do it outwardly instead of feeling what’s really inside. And so we become this reactionary. You know, and then that just creates karma and entanglement and all kinds of chaos and you’re just and it’s just a wait to meet. I see it almost is like we’re distracting ourselves. And because the world can be very painful. And so it’s, I understand the need to want to distract but The more we stop focusing on how things make us feel, and focusing on, well, this person has to change or this has to change, then we’re not showing up for the collective. One thing I saw is that when we process we are given the opportunity to process deep collective grief, we have to show up for it. Because if we are like this, I don’t want to, I can’t look at the news. I can’t look at this. And I’m not saying you should divulge in it. But if it comes to you, and you see it, and you bear witness, you shut it down. You’re missing the opportunity to help the collective greed to help the collective process. And every time we do that, each of us that are doing that, it prolongs it. That’s where it happens again.

Kristin Taylor 41:01
Well, anything. Yeah, every anything we resist persists. When I’m working one on one with people, I teach emotional regulation, like if you ignore it, it just could fly. Yes.

Christina Brinkley 41:11
And it’s getting louder in the collective. Because we’re not, we don’t want to face it. And, you know, my girlfriend always points out that there’s some Sometimes people even create these boogeyman like the, you know, you we create the bad guy, because it takes off the responsibility for us to feel what really sad and upsetting or heartbreaking or making us angry. So we place it and fixate on this,

Kristin Taylor 41:42
and make someone else the bad guy. And so we can project it, rather than dealing with it is what I’m hearing you say.

Christina Brinkley 41:51
And that is the deep deep work like every, you know, we can I can you can come to me and I can do a lot of I mean, the work I do is I work on removing the unconscious. So everything that you can do is what is conscious. So that’s your feelings, accepting thing, accepting the moment processing those emotion. That’s the big word. I, when people have disease and illness or sicknesses or things that come up in the physical body, oftentimes, the first step in resolving it is what are the emotions? They’re like, what’s, what’s holding that into place? Right? Yeah. And so doing the emotional work is really, really important. And then where I come in is there’s all these layers that like, even if you did all your emotional work, there might be some layers that you just don’t know, are there. Those are the unconscious layers time work. So that’s the deep programming and beliefs. For instance, you know, we carry a lot of ancestral beliefs that passed down from our family, even family, we’ve never met Jen, energetically

Kristin Taylor 43:04
classic, just like the epigenetics.

Christina Brinkley 43:08
So for instance, I had a, I had a client who was really struggling at work, she wanted her career to expand, she was every time things would go well at work, things would crash at home, and it just wasn’t working. And when I went into her field, I saw her cooking dinner of a stove. And she was like a 1950s housewife. And I was like, Oh, you are running this 1950s, American Housewife, American Dream. Every time you check step boards in your career, this, this belief is pulling you back. And it’s keeping you from growing. And so when we were able to release that, her she opened up in her career in her possibilities and her potential and she also was able to expand at home, because it was creating chaos in both areas. So sure, that’s what I bring to the table. Also, there’s and then there’s other layers, there’s, you know, a lot of our stuff, our unconscious stuff is our subconscious beliefs, and program and struggle, a lot of survival programs, because our ancestors had to do things to survive, that we don’t have to do. Let’s imagine that you had ancestors that were farmers, and they had to wake up at 4am to make sure that they were able to harvest crops to feed their family. And then let’s say you’re running these deep survival programs, where you wake up for work at 830. You’re the energy that is you’re running in your field is that you’re You’re already late for the you’re already ruining everything, you know. Yeah, it’s because your ancestors like what do you do? Of course, it’s not working. You’re supposed to be up at 4am You know, and so it’s like we have this kind of unknowing voice that it’s like programming us to, to build, you know, from these areas that we need to release. And so it’s not about our ancestors wrong, they, what they did was amazing. It just doesn’t apply to us and tweet.

Kristin Taylor 45:18
Yeah, no, they’re

Christina Brinkley 45:19
updating people survival programs are like, major things that I do in my work. And then, and then I also do past life stuff because we have a lot of energy that we, we can pull in, in a previous lifetime, we can, we can, the life can end and we might not have felt completed, or we might have frozen or fragmented in time. And then we come into this like carrying the weight of, and so we have anchors in our field from other past life. And so that’s kind of the work I do. But what I recommend for other people is just the daily day to day what I tell my client, feel your emotion,

Kristin Taylor 46:04
your emotions, oh my gosh, gosh, we could talk endlessly. There’s so much to this. And I one day very, very soon, hopefully we’d like to work with you. It was really interesting. I had a woman that I that I met through a different situation. But she also does similar work. And we’re starting to talk about something very, very different. And she said, I’m sorry, can I get your permission? Something’s coming forward, Kristen. And I said, Okay, sure. And I have something called lymphedema as a result of a cancer surgery when I was in my 20s. And she didn’t know about that. And she said, You have pooling and stagnation in your leg? And it’s, it’s emotional. And it needs to be cleared. And it’s from a mother energy. Yeah. Right. And it’s the emotion and I feel like God, how much work do I have to do? I’ve been working on my relationship with my mother my whole entire life. And is it still there? But yes, my, my lake. And so that sounds exactly the intersection that you show up in is to help with the clearing and the releasing, whether it’s past life, or ancestral or, you know, could have been past lives with her many, many times. But that there was a wound that I’m still carrying that my body is so monetized and

Christina Brinkley 47:12
right, yeah, I mean, yes, I do. I do inner child for that same purpose, too, because oftentimes, that’s where we get into the familial stuff. Or, yeah, and it’s, it’s really beautiful, to be able to, and I know the feeling that you’re saying where you feel like, this is in life. Honestly, it is, it is enlist, but not endless in a, like, hopeless way it is. There’s depth there, there’s so much depth, if you there’s a way to approach it as fun. And, and there gets to be a point. And I remember I had mentors say that there’s a point in time in your healing process, where things aren’t so heavy. And that, that, that you kind of float above it, and you’re able to kind of process thing a little bit, Jen, like more gentle, right? And yeah, and I didn’t fully believe them until it happen. And then I was like, okay, like, even in the past couple of weeks, we’re in a clip season, if you’re familiar, and it’s been rocking my world, but even in it rocking my world, it’s nothing like the things are laughable. And the things that are coming up are so silly, and I just laugh about it with my girlfriends every day. I’m like, Okay, I guess I’m in it. And it’s just, there’s a way to process thing can be lighter. But when you’re feeling the heaviness of it. It’s your validated and that because when I feel it in people’s fields, when I tap into their field, I feel occurs. And I’m like, Oh, no wonder no wonder this field enlists because you’re carrying so much. And so to release. That’s so beautiful.

Kristin Taylor 49:00
I can only imagine it would be I can only imagine I hate that we are basically at time here. Can you tell people I mean, first of all, thank you. This is just the beginning of what I know is there’s so much more layers and depth to who you are, what you’re learning what your gifts are, how you share those gifts, why they matter? You’ve given us just what I imagine is the tip of the iceberg. So for people to learn more, and to work with you, where do they learn more about you? How do they contact you?

Christina Brinkley 49:30
i You can contact me on my website. It’s full journey with Christina. And I also have an Instagram I’m not as Dubonnet, but it’s full journey with Christina and reach out that you have my email is on there and you can reach out we can set up a call and kind of discuss what I’m doing and then I also have all my offerings listed on my on my website.

Kristin Taylor 49:57
Okay, thank you. One final Question, what makes you most optimistic in the midst of everything we’re moving through collectively?

Christina Brinkley 50:08
I think because every time I do a session with someone, I feel the immense shift in the collective by them showing up. And I just think, Well, I’m just one person doing this session with this one person. And there are a lot of people like me out there doing it. And I can, I can sense that we are in an awakening, and it feels so I feel very optimistic about everything.

Kristin Taylor 50:43
I needed to hear that and I had the feeling a lot of people needed to hear that. Thank you so much, you with fine. Thank you so much, Christina for sharing your extraordinary gifts and your extraordinary story. If you’re enjoying these podcasts, I ask that you share them or write a review. We need your help in getting these important messages out there. If you are looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, self doubt, or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness. These are the area’s I specialize in as a coach and would love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at coach Kristin Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll see you next time on how I made it through.

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