Pamela Cummins: [00:00:00] that’s what I love to do is get you in touch with your inner wisdom. To help you make the positive changes in your life to live the kind of life you want to, and that’s what our dreams are doing.
Kristin Taylor: Hello and welcome to how I Made It Through. My name is Kristen Taylor and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity only to come out the other side more self-aware and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love, and compassion.
Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning, and I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving [00:01:00] through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here and how to live more fully. we spend a lot of time in the show talking about the fact that everyone can be both more intuitive and psychic, as well as learn how to channel messages from those on the other side of the veil. Yes, some may be more naturally gifted or connected to this innate capacity than others. While some of us may simply be more committed to deepening this gift.
It is with this in mind that I was thrilled to come across our guest today, Pamela Cummins. As a dream expert and spiritual growth coach, she enables clients to understand the meaning of their dreams, accelerating their personal and spiritual growth. And for some. Connection to intuition and perhaps psychic capacity in the process while we sleep.
The conscious mind is quieted and the innate wisdom and [00:02:00] creativity of our unconscious mind is set free, sending us messages and metaphors, and even sometimes appearances from departed loved ones that we would be wise to pay more attention to. Pamela has committed herself to helping her clients decipher this language of messages and metaphor.
She has authored seven books and is the creator of four Oracle decks. Such a pleasure to have you on the show. Pamela, welcome to how I Made It Through.
Pamela Cummins: Thank you. Thank you, and it’s a pleasure to be here.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. I love this topic so much. As someone who is an avid, avid dreamer it’s a space that I spend a lot of time thinking about, but I know there’s so much like someone like you can share and teach us. So share what got you interested in this and how did this become your career?
Pamela Cummins: Okay, let’s, I’ll do it in a nutshell. I’ve always been a dreamer. I’ve always remembered my dreams and for so, but I used to think that they didn’t make much sense. Okay. And they [00:03:00] were nonsense. But like many of us, when, you know, healed thyself, when I started on my own personal and spiritual growth journey, and that was a long time ago, back in the late eighties my, I had to work with my dreams because my dream life got really.
Active. And what I found was that my dreams gave me so much information about myself. They brought back my psychic gifts, they gave me insights into the future stuff I needed to work on. And I just had to share this with other people. And eventually it did come into my practice. And quite honestly, my practice at one point focused a lot on love and relationships and.
It would, you know, we change and we grow. Well, I changed and I grew and it was time to really bring out the dream interpretation into my practice, cuz I love it and I just, I find it fascinating. I’m [00:04:00] learning something new about myself and my clients and I, I love when my clients get like a aha. But it’s really important to take this dream information and put it into your everyday life.
Like, how can these messages from your dreams help you in your life? And that’s what I’m all about.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. I love that. I love that so much. You know, it feels like we spend so many hours of our lives asleep that it’s this vital information that most of us just think it’s random and weird, but what a great source of insight and information. I did not prepare you with this question, so if you’re like, Kristen, come on.
That was not fair. I am welcome to hear that feedback, but do you happen to remember a pivotal dream of your own that served as like, oh my
Pamela Cummins: there,
Kristin Taylor: kind of woke you up,
Pamela Cummins: yeah, there,
there. There are so many. Okay. That it’s kind of hard. [00:05:00] To choose from. Okay. But the one that’s coming to mind, so was a dream that I had and it was, it was actually a precognitive dream, but it was very symbolic and it was letting me know that it was time to move on from New Jersey and to move to North Carolina.
Okay. And it took quite some time because I went like, many things we don’t wanna change. And I went into denial. You know, this was like 14 years I’ve been in North Carolina, 13, almost 13 years. Excuse me. So it was like 14 years ago. And it became apparent that it was time for me. I could no longer afford living, doing the work that I love and living in New Jersey.
And my sister lives down here, so it made sense. But that was a pivotal dream. But so many, I mean, dreams of. The deceased some, you know, I, a lot, I’m one of those who get, uh, messages in my dreams before someone passes, so it kind of prepares
Kristin Taylor: [00:06:00] Wow. Sh. Can you say more about that? You can’t
Pamela Cummins: oh, sure,
Kristin Taylor: that one go. Yeah.
Pamela Cummins: well, the one that was really amazing, Okay was with with my mom.
My mom passed a long time ago and this was in the early nineties. I was working on a lot of my stuff and I was having a lot of nightmares, so in my dream, I was sleeping this way. I was on my side and someone pulled on my hair and I was terrified because I was afraid to look who, who it was.
You know, it might be somebody really scary. But I finally looked, turned my head, and I looked and it was my mom, and no words were spoken. There was just this feeling of like, Beautiful, pure love. I, it’s really hard to describe because I’ve never felt it in my waking life. I wanna say it’s like when people have near death experiences, which I haven’t had, but they say when they go over, words can’t describe it.
And it was beautiful. And, and again, I fell asleep. I woke up the [00:07:00] next day and I was like, my mom’s dead. I was wait, and my, but the thing was she wasn’t, Okay. She wasn’t, and my sister called me a few days later, do you want to go and visit mom? And we went and we visited my mom and it was like, there was like this connection there and I was like, and I won’t go into the drama that I had with my mom.
Okay. But it was like I was at peace at the relationship we had. I was never gonna have the mo kind of mom that I wanted. Okay. But I was at peace and loved her for who she was. And a few days later, she passed. On, it was on Christmas Eve and, uh, so I guess that was a really intense dream
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
Pamela Cummins: had.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. How was her health at that time? Were you anticipating that she would be passing soon or
Pamela Cummins: she had some lung issues, but not really. No, not really. No.
Kristin Taylor: Wow.
Pamela Cummins: No. But I, I kind of said, think it is, it was like, I like to call [00:08:00] precognitive dreams. A heads up dream is giving me, Insight, like, Hey, you need to, you know, feel comfortable. And I would say anybody listening, anyone you have issues with, try and work ’em out to the best of your ability.
Some people, I realize you can’t work them out, but at least work it out within yourself.
Kristin Taylor: Exactly. Exactly. That’s beautiful. I love that idea of, it’s almost like a prepare yourself and here’s a gift and that will help to shepherd you through this time.
Yeah. Yeah. So, share a little bit about, you’ve already started, so I’m just following the flow of this conversation, your particular psychic abilities.
Before we go more into understanding the, the dream
landscape and the symbolism so forth.
Pamela Cummins: My psych abilities. First of all, it took me a while to trust them. Okay. And for anyone out there, you know, write it down. When I did it, I used a pen and paper. You can use your phone these days, but if you get an insight [00:09:00] flash, write it down. Okay. But for me, basically, I hear a lot, you know, and I, I hear they used to call me the musical psychic cuz I’ll get song lyrics, sometimes commercials, but I hear them, I feel.
I feel it took a while, quite honestly, to start getting visions and, and, and that
Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.
Pamela Cummins: Sometimes I smell things like with my mom, for instance. Like I’ll smell things or I’ll get a certain scent if, you know, I’m with a client. It, and there’s an, there’s a knowing, there’s a, uh, it, it’s kind of hard.
You just know.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Yeah. So that’s the Claire Cognizance. I
hear Claire audience, I don’t remember the name for the one that’s about the old factory
Pamela Cummins: and,
Kristin Taylor: matter.
Pamela Cummins: So it’s a, it’s a,
little bit of everything, but I would say my strongest is, uh, you know, hearing and feeling.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay.
And was that with you? the others came in and so was that with you since [00:10:00] childhood, or when did you start to
Pamela Cummins: I had a mom as a child, and quite honestly, with my dysfunctional family.
Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.
Pamela Cummins: you know, I have a close relationship now, but it wasn’t safe back then because they didn’t understand it. You know, they thought it was weird, so I shut them off early. It was actually my dreams that brought them back.
Kristin Taylor: Well, let’s go there. Let’s go there. where do you start in terms of teaching people about their dreams and the, I call it the language of dreams, but I don’t know if that’s the right nomenclature for that, but, Where do you start to help people to be in relationship to their dreams in a way that is illuminating and helps their, helps with their own development?
Pamela Cummins: Okay. First of all, I call, I have a book, the Secret Learn The Secret Language of Dreams. So I do call, call
it. Yeah, it is, and it is your own unique. Well, the first thing they have to do obviously is remember them. But [00:11:00] usually people who come to me remember their dreams. Okay.
You need to record them and write them down.
I know it sounds simple, but I have to make sure they do that. And then we go into their dreams and what I like to do is get them to interpret it with me there. Like, what do you think it is? You know, obviously I have some people who come and they just say, interpret my dream. I don’t wanna learn.
there’s people like that. But I like to say, what do you think this means? What does this symbol mean to you? What does this remind you of? so let’s say you’re having a dream where like a dragon is trying to get you. Then I’ll ask, who does this dragon remind you of? Does it remind you of a person?
Is there something going on in your life right now? so maybe the dragon is you wanting to come out? Or the dragon could be related to somebody that you know, that’s holding you back or it’s your fear. [00:12:00] So the, I like to look at it at all different angles. I’m giving you like a synopsis and I hope I’m making sense.
Kristin Taylor: you
are. To me. You are. And what I like about that is because I put myself in your position to the extent that I can if someone just said, interpret this dream. Well, people have different relationships to symbols and metaphors and what that represents and the timeliness and the context of their life and right, like it feels like for it really to be an enriching experience.
They would need to play a dynamic part in the process, which then leads me to just say, great. I’m so glad you’re opening those questions.
And I imagine even the inquiry of it is healing for them to even start to think about. Their life and question things.
Pamela Cummins: Exactly. Exactly. And, and also because when I, if I’m just doing, uh, I do dream interpretation by email, so if I do that, I’m not just gonna give you one, meaning I give you a [00:13:00] bunch of different ones. They could mean this, it could mean that. But when, and even when they’re interpreting their dreams and I’m help and I’m, I like to say I’m guiding them through it because
Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.
Pamela Cummins: You know, like with me, with the denial about moving to North Carolina, people are gonna have denial and that, and I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with that, that’s like a protection. So I gently will guide them. Like, could it be this? Like, could the dragon be like your husband or your wife?
You know?
Uh, because people are, people are gonna be like, oh no, it’s that idiot who cut me off. And it’s like, no, it’s not the idiot who cut you off in traffic.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay. So can I share with you a snippet of a recent
Pamela Cummins: please.
Kristin Taylor: and the reason is to bring this to life? And I’m sitting here listening and I’m trying to remember this dream, and I think you even said write down a dream. And I totally forgot to write down the dream. So I think it was like night before last I was going through, you [00:14:00] know, dreams are so strange, like I’m going through all of these steps and trials to get from where I was to where I needed to be, but I had a baby and.
I needed to make sure that I could feed the baby. And I had this bottle and there were all these obstacles around feeding this baby. And the baby wasn’t crying, the baby didn’t have much of a personality. The baby wasn’t agitated, but I knew it was my responsibility and I didn’t even feel like I was the mother necessarily, like I am a mother.
So I know that feeling that is so strong of like must. Keep this child healthy and safe and alive. It wasn’t an urgency or a fear like that, but it felt like this responsibility of making sure this baby was fed and with me and cared for.
Pamela Cummins: Okay. All right. And, and again, let’s go. One of it, it could be your inner child. Okay. Like, you’re not taking care of your inner child. I don’t feel that it’s your children. All right, but the first thing that came to mind is there’s something [00:15:00] new that you want to do.
Okay. That’s a, you know, because a baby is a birth, you need to
take care of it.
There’s something you knew you wanna do, you wanna feed it, you wanna take care of it, you wanna bring it, it could be a project or whatever, but you don’t really have the time to do it.
Kristin Taylor: Oh my God.
Pamela Cummins: make, does that
make sense to you?
Kristin Taylor: That is wild. So, okay, so I am working on one day and I’m in a group with someone who has done this. I have a coach and it’s a TED talk. I. And so I’m, I feel like I don’t have enough time to write and there’s all these assignments he’s giving and, and it feels like something really important to me that and I’m also writing a book, so there’s both of these projects that are ongoing, that I’m building.
It’s funny I said the Ted Talk first, but it’s really the book.
Pamela Cummins: Okay.
Kristin Taylor: It’s really the book that I’ve been working on for about eight months and it’s. [00:16:00] Taking a really long time and it’s beautiful and lovely and challenging, but it does. That’s exactly right. So I wanna ask you, when you were doing that, to what extent did you even tune into your own clairvoyance right there,
Pamela Cummins: Um, I think, honestly, I think it happens kind of naturally.
Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.
Pamela Cummins: Okay. Like, There’s the therapeutic part of me is always like inner child, uh, your male on your female side, because dreams do. Come like that, but it just kind of like intuitively, I just felt like, oh, it’s probably a new project and just your actions in the dream.
Okay. Cuz you could have a dream where, let’s say like if your emotions were different, we’re like, take that bottle. Damn it. Excuse my language. Take the.
Kristin Taylor: no. This is a place you
Pamela Cummins: You know, why aren’t you ta and you’re getting angry? It’s not something you want to do, it’s not something that you care about. But the thing is, like you, you, you wanna do the [00:17:00] feeling you had, like, you wanna do this, but it, it’s not like dire need.
So it’s, that’s why. And. Baby, of course is new beginnings. I mean that symbolically you could say that. But it was also, I think my inner feeling was like, even though you said you had children, okay, it wasn’t about your child because if it was about your own child, okay, yeah. It exactly, it’s the
Kristin Taylor: I’d have a lot of
Pamela Cummins: you’d have even if your child is like 30.
And I’m sure it’s not, but you know, somebody
Kristin Taylor: It is one of them.
Pamela Cummins: You’re too much
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Pamela Cummins: But, you know, you can still have a, you know, dream about when your child was a baby there, there’s a
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. It’s a totally different feeling. Yes.
Pamela Cummins: and it’s just kind of like an knack. Like some people might, you know, a great musician and they might have never studied it.
It’s just you, it’s just a natural feeling.
Kristin Taylor: That was really good.
I loved [00:18:00] that. I just it because it’s one thing to talk about it. It’s another thing to actually see you in your element doing what you do.
Pamela Cummins: Yeah, and
Kristin Taylor: So thank
Pamela Cummins: You’re welcome. And I also wanna say that if I, if I was like sitting like at my desk, I could probably come up with more meanings for that. But, you know, doing it in the moment is different and sometimes doing it in the moment is better, but it’s also you, you need to, like often I say, you are your best dream interpreter.
Like you’ll know, like, that feels right. Like how you thought, well, it could be this project. No, it’s the book you, there’s just unknowing,
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, exactly, exactly. And that’s so empowering to the person. I will say that was empowering to me to continue to think through my my dream and my life experience at this moment in time. So I have another
I’ve shared in the show that I’m a caregiver for my mother who has dementia and she really struggles with bad dreams, which is not uncommon for people with [00:19:00] Alzheimer’s.
You know, she called. Two weeks ago, I was about to go into a, a meeting that I had to be at, and she was, felt terrible for her. She was frantic. I can’t get outta this dream. I just woke up and I had to call you. Every time I close my eyes, I go back and it’s a nightmare. And it’s a nightmare. And this is not uncommon.
Please come over. Help me. Help me. She has Dr. Is it okay if I share some of her recent
Pamela Cummins: As long as she doesn’t mind.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t, I even told her that I would
be meeting with you and kind. Yeah, yeah,
yeah. So, there’s always a theme of, I won’t say always, the most recent one. One was she was at a friend’s house and children are in peril and there was a bear and she couldn’t save the children.
She’s continually in her dreams. And I feel like this kind of goes back to the whole baby thing, children thing. She’s trying to cha uh, save vulnerable, innocent children. Another dream she had where she was on a [00:20:00] firetruck racing through town trying to get to children who were in trouble. But the children on the firetruck were, her, with her, we’re falling off.
Pamela Cummins: Hmm. Okay.
Kristin Taylor: I know she’s not here, so it makes it very, very different. But just what
Pamela Cummins: Okay, well for the first dream, you know, trying to save the children and there’s a bear there. What I got was, it’s her own for both dreams. It’s her own inner child. It’s her own kind of youth.
Kristin Taylor: Mm
Pamela Cummins: Cuz she’s getting older and, and it, and it’s also a beer a lot of times is about P power. So she’s kind of feeling that she’s not in power anymore.
Okay. Like, she’s not innocent. She can’t save herself. Am I making, making
sense? Okay. So, you know, and, and also with a Alzheimer’s, she could be going back to her youth. Okay. This is something else to think where she felt perilous, where [00:21:00] she wanted someone to save her too. Okay. And being on the fire truck and being in an emergency again, that feels like children falling off.
That feels like pieces of herself falling
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay. That’s really helpful. Yeah. When I have conversations with her, I’m often saying, this is, this is always about you. Every part of it is about you. Is that what I hear you saying
Pamela Cummins: lot of dreams are, and in her case, I feel that they are about her. Okay. One of the things that you can do to help her, and this is. Something I learned, you know, cuz nobody likes nightmares. Okay. But they are, they alert us to, they are a gift because they alert us to what’s going on. So what your mom can do when she wakes up, okay.
And she feels like she’s going back into the dream. And I got an image of like a woman, like super, like superwoman. So she can either [00:22:00] become superwoman or have like superwoman come in and say the children. Okay.
Kristin Taylor: So let’s like lucid dreaming, right? To the extent that you can, is that the
same or different?
Pamela Cummins: it’s, ki but it’s more meditation because you’re not actually dreaming.
Okay. What she can do is she can sit down and say, okay, this was really scary for me. All right, let me go back into the dream. Okay. But she’s still there, so I, I’m just closing my eyes cuz it’s easier. So she goes back in the dream and she’s like, okay, when this part happened, let me see Superwoman fly in and put the child back on.
Okay, so it’s in her mind. She’s reworking the dream. Lucid dreaming is when you’re actually dreaming and you change what you’re dreaming.
Kristin Taylor: Well, I’ve done
that. That is something I actually do. I don’t know if I’d say frequently, but I can’t begin to count the amount of times that I’ve been able to do that in dreams. I’m aware that I’m dreaming while in the dream and I
can change [00:23:00] circumstances. And for my mom, she actually kept falling back asleep and she’d be right
back in the dream and she was having a hard time
Pamela Cummins: but what she might do instead of falling right back to sleep is actually, you know, not falling asleep, but like visualizing that she’s in the dream and she’s changing it. Okay, so, so it’s different because you’re not actually dreaming, you’re more in a meditative state, changing the story.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
Pamela Cummins: that make sense?
Kristin Taylor: It does, it does. It’s gonna be helpful for me because I am her main source of emotional support when these things happen. And again, she’s a recurrent theme with her
nightmares like this. So that’s really helpful. So you one of your books, the Language Tell, say the name of it and maybe you
can share a little bit about the language learning the Secret Language of Dreams.
Pamela Cummins. Check it out people. Okay. Share a little bit about the Secret Language of
Pamela Cummins: Okay with, with this, and I published this back in [00:24:00] 2016, so it’s funny because I’m a better writer today and I’m like, oh, I wish I had written this. But you know, that’s where I was. I know,
Kristin Taylor: We’re all works in
Pamela Cummins: I know, I know. So,
Kristin Taylor: I totally feel you
Pamela Cummins: but, what I did is for me, I find that yes, you need to learn your symbolism and stuff, but I find dream categories very helpful and what I, and so basically what I did in that is I wrote about solution dreams.
Okay. Environment dreams, which are basically, you know, if you’re dreaming the mother nature’s calling and you answered them. Uh, relationship dreams cuz relationships are important. Dreams, precognitive dreams. Dreams of the future, dreams of the deceased. So different categories to help you understand that.
So for instance your mom actually, those that would be considered a nightmare. Dream. Okay. Your dream about feeding the the [00:25:00] baby is kind more like, okay, this is like, this is what’s going on in your life, but it’s giving you a solution. Do you understand? Like it’s time to take care of this.
Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.
Pamela Cummins: I had with my mom, before she passed away was a pre-cognitive dream, but in a sense it was not dreams of the deceased, but it was a visitation dream.
I wanna say it was her soul
Kristin Taylor: So,
Pamela Cummins: me. Okay? Because her soul knew she was going. Okay, so, so they help you kind of understand. You know, PTs d which is post-traumatic stress disorder, if something happened in your life, brings you to the past, but sometimes your past will come into your dreams, especially if it’s a similar situation.
For instance, if you’re in a relationship and you’re, it’s the person is starting to be verbally abusive to you, okay? [00:26:00] But you’re. Somebody’s in denial about it. They might go and dream about their ex who’s
being verbally abusive to them because it’s easier to dream about their ex than it is, you know, your current
Kristin Taylor: Gosh, it’s funny, and I, I don’t wanna make this all about me, but I’m thinking about all of my dreams. So when my husband and I were having a particularly difficult time over a decade ago I was having dreams about this one ex-fiance that I had where the relationship went terribly wrong and he was wa everywhere he walked, he would start a fire. It was like he was the fire, I don’t mean firemen in the way that someone extinguishes the flame, but he, he would step and it was like fire would just like go underneath him. Right. And I was trying to put out the fire and telling him to go away and go away. And I kept thinking it was about Jeff, but it could have been that I was dealing with fires in my current relationship
is what I hear you saying.
Pamela Cummins: exactly, because it reminded you of [00:27:00] something. Not to say, I mean, obviously your current relationship is better than it was with your ex, but there was something in it that reminded you of it. And you know, when people have dreams of being cheated on, cuz this is some that’s, that’s a really upsetting dream.
You know, having a dream of being cheated on and might not be that your partner’s cheating on you. All right? You could have felt somebody else cheated you in some. Aspect or you might not feel, be feeling satisfied with relationship.
Okay? So it might be your desire to, you know, cheat or if you wanna look at the male and female within, you’re not giving your inner male a chance to come out.
You’re cheating your inner, okay?
Kristin Taylor: I, it’s fascinating.
Pamela Cummins: that’s, what I’m one dream, that’s what I try and tell people. One symbol, one dream can have many, many, many meanings. [00:28:00] Okay. Depending on the person, you know?
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. And that’s where I think the self-awareness comes
in. I mean, like when you were sharing with me and I was like, oh, it’s the TED Talk. No, it’s the book like Because I think the temptation or the the proclivity is just to think, oh, here’s the, like I’m, he’s gonna cheat on me,
right? I’m intuiting that he’s gonna cheat on me.
Well, that could be, it could be precognitive, but it also could be, like you just said, you’re not honoring the masculine or whatever. I mean, there’s just so many different ways to
Pamela Cummins: Right, exactly.
Kristin Taylor: I, and I’m hearing you say it’s in the process of the discovery. When the intuition says that’s it, when you just have that knowing in the way that I did,
Pamela Cummins: Right. Exactly. And that’s, that’s what I, you know, hope people look at, but they also need to say, am I denying something? You know, and that’s always, that’s always
Kristin Taylor: it’s hard. It’s hard.
Yeah. But it’s that place when we’re sleeping, where the unconscious [00:29:00] mind is not concerned with what’s hard and what’s not. It’s like,
We’re gonna pay attention, we’re gonna get into the dirt, into the
Pamela Cummins: Exactly.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Yeah. Any particular themes you see that you’re like, wow, this keeps coming up for people, or anything that’s been interesting that way
Pamela Cummins: can I share one of my own dream? Because it was, it was pretty interesting. I actually just shared it. And you know, a lot of people wanna know about dreams of the future, pre-cognitive dreams. Okay? So that’s what I hear. Could this be a pre-cognitive dream? All right. And it’s funny cuz I’m, I’m getting this other client’s dream, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing it.
Okay. But with her, she kept on having dreams of like, family. Okay. But she’s also thinking of opening up like a center for the elderly. So I, I think that’s interesting. And a lot of hers was [00:30:00] feelings. Okay. But it was also you know, what she wants to do. But I also felt it was precog. That’s what I kept on getting.
This is your future. Now you have to take the steps and do it. Okay. But with, with the elderly parents, cuz with your mom, my dad’s. Older and I had this strange dream about him. Okay? And I had this dream where I U used to do massage therapy. Many, many moons ago, and I had this dream where I was massaging his upper body.
Okay? I went along his back and I went along his neck. But what was really odd about the dream was the other half of his body was in a bird cage, like this huge bird cage, which was
Kristin Taylor: Mm.
Pamela Cummins: right? And then in the next part, I had my para key. Pedro was on the floor. And he was out of his cage. And I was worried about him because there are, there [00:31:00] were two cats and it wasn’t my cats, it wasn’t my dad’s cat, but there were two cats.
I was afraid they were gonna get ’em. So I quickly put ’em, grabbed them, and I put ’em in his cage and I woke up and I’m like, what the heck was that about? Okay. Well that same day, my dad, who has fallen twice, fell. And I had to, he called me like, he called, thank God he has Siri, one of those home devices.
And he’s like, Siri, call Pamela Cummins. And he called me and I had to call his apartment building and they called 9 1 1. So in a sense that’s what I was taking care of. Like I was tape making sure of that. But it also represented that his legs aren’t working like they used to. I mean, he is 87 years old.
Alright. Me feeling relieved that he’s back in his cage. All right. But what’s really interesting was with the cat [00:32:00] and him being in there too, because again, his legs aren’t working. So that’s symbolic for that is upper half. He, he had two CAT scans, so the two cats were actually CAT scans.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. And if I were gonna take that further, the, so we’re, well, let me ask you, in the dream, so Pedro’s walking around and you’re feeling like he’s vulnerable to these two cats. Would that potentially translate to the information of these CAT scans? Could show that there’s
illness disease, right.
Pamela Cummins: But thankfully nothing came up.
Kristin Taylor: Thankfully. Good. Good.
Pamela Cummins: yeah, so I find like people that, and the other thing people. My clients want to know a lot about is like dreams of the deceased. Was this a real did my mom did my sister, did they actually visit me
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Say more.
Pamela Cummins: Okay with that?
Kristin Taylor: Please,
Pamela Cummins: well, one of the [00:33:00] biggest signs that they actually visit you was, it feels like a visit.
Like when my mom came. No words were spoken. It’s real simple. You might be sitting at a kitchen table, you might be going for a wall, you might have a few words, you might hug each other. It’s real simple. There are words, there’s not words. it could be telepathic. Some people have that. with my mom, it was just love.
So it’s that. Okay. And again, they’re short. Sometimes you. Okay. Now, when, when it’s, when it’s more like an issue dream. That’s when you have long conversations. it could be like a past experience that you had. There’s a lot of turmoil. A lot of, Anger, sadness, rage, what?
Whatever comes up where with the shorter ones, you might have some sadness cuz they’re gone. But there’s also a feeling of love and connection and I’m happy to see you. I’m [00:34:00] glad that you’re doing okay. So I mean, those are just some, you know, basics that you can look at.
Kristin Taylor: Well, again, to bring it back to my dream life I have exactly this experience. So my dearest of dear friends died in 2018 and I’ve had so many dreams about her and. And I’ve had one where I felt like she visited. The, so many dreams about her are long, they’re drawn out, she’s dying, or she’s already died and she’s come back to life and she’s living in a cave or she’s wearing the same clothes and they’re just really long and anguishing and drawn out.
And there’s just a lot that is talking about, you know, they’re talking about that is illuminating this grief process
of losing her, like slowly losing her and watching her decay and, and feeling. Just such grief about losing someone. But then I had a dream [00:35:00] where I was actually moving through just a dream and suddenly she was there.
But for a moment, and in. When she was on this planet, she would always she was really, really funny and she would always talk about, she was the court jester, you
know, she was just silly. And so the, in this dream of like, I was trying to get somewhere, it was just, you know, convoluted and dreamlike and nonsensical, right.
Moving through this process and suddenly she is there and she stops me and she hands me the joker card.
Pamela Cummins: mm
Kristin Taylor: And suddenly I’m laughing. Like I felt her and I laughed, like how she would make me laugh and then she
was gone.
Pamela Cummins: right. Right. It’s, it’s, it’s real simple. And I wanna say, because some people might wonder, could my animals visit you? Absolutely. And you might have a dream where they’re like, next to you in bed or they’re, they bark or they meow, or they just rub up [00:36:00] against you. Okay. Or if it’s a bird, they’re tweeting.
You know, so, but you, you know, it’s th them their energy. You, you know their energy,
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Like with this one, it was my friend’s energy. I just knew it was
her and it felt good. She wouldn’t come and like have this Torch’s dream about her face melting, like all these other dreams I’d had, it was light and loving in the way that she was light and loving.
Pamela Cummins: right. Right.
Kristin Taylor: Uh, so good. It’s so good.
All right, so as people are beginning to. Start writing their dreams. And you know, for those in the audience, so to speak, our, our listeners, want to start to take their dreams more seriously as a route to their spiritual evolution, spiritual growth, spiritual development. You talked a little bit about the different categories of dreams.
What else should they be thinking about or paying attention to? What do you recommend?
Pamela Cummins: Well, the feelings, feelings, as I mentioned earlier, feelings are, [00:37:00] so what are your feelings in this stream? Okay. Is it some, is it feelings that you’ve had in the past that you haven’t dealt with? You know, is it feelings that you’re having now? Okay. Because that’s going to change the theme. The the other thing is to see if there’s like, recurring stuff that happens.
Okay? Like you mentioned with your, with your friend, you had a lot of recurring, uh, dreams because you were, that was a way of helping you to go through your grief, okay? So see if there’s a, a recurring, for instance, if you’re always dreaming about moving, Is, you know, doesn’t mean you’re gonna physically move.
Okay. But where do you wanna go forward? Okay. I’m sorry, my mind just went blank.
Kristin Taylor: Well, let me, let me help you
here. Uh, my mind goes blank all the time, so no judgment there. Let me rescue
you. So, so I often, and I’ve [00:38:00] shared this on the show, like I, I’m 53 right now, but when I was 30, I had a panic attack on a, on a bridge.
Pamela Cummins: Okay.
Kristin Taylor: Since that time, 23 years, I have recurring dreams about, and I’m from the Bay area trying to get across the Golden Gate Bridge, and either the car is outta control or I have to go like subterranean under the water. It’s always an epic adventure, but I need to get from Marin County to San Francisco and I’m terrified.
How am I gonna get over this bridge?
Pamela Cummins: Okay. So that is a recurring theme. I mean, can you go on Bridges right now?
Kristin Taylor: Uh, not drive him, no.
Pamela Cummins: Okay. Not driving. Okay.
So that, so obviously that is something to help you go through that. But I also want you to look at is there something in your life that you’re not moving forward [00:39:00] with and that you have to kind of cross that bridge.
Kristin Taylor: It’s such, I mean, what a more obvious metaphor than a bridge
Pamela Cummins: Right,
Kristin Taylor: from where I am now to where I need to be to heal or to move forward.
Pamela Cummins: You know, so, so obviously now that to me is like you need a solution with this. Like how can you get through this? And that’s why it’s recurring, cuz recurring dreams usually are like, you need to deal with this. You need to
deal with this. You’re, you’re ignoring this.
You’re ignoring this. So we’re gonna bring this to you while you’re sleeping. You need to deal with it. You need to deal with it, you know, and you know, and maybe just to learn how to deal with a panic attack. Okay? Have someone hold your hand while you go through it. Can you go over the bridge when someone else is driving?
Kristin Taylor: yeah,
yeah. But what I, I’m getting from what you’re saying too is this could even be the, the Lucid dreaming or the encouraging in my waking hours [00:40:00] solution that in the dream could. Could help to find a way through to have like a corrective experience in the dream
of crossing the bridge because someone held my hand or you know, that the car was
Pamela Cummins: right. Or you could, you
Kristin Taylor: I needed.
Pamela Cummins: you could visualize your girlfriend with you or you know, arc Angel, Michael with you or, or. The somebody with that. So yeah, that’s something that you can do is, is visualizing it.
Kristin Taylor: I really appreciate
Pamela Cummins: Well, it, you know, again, one of my, my slogan is nighttime messages, daytime wisdom.
Okay. So you’re getting this message, all right, how are you gonna use it in your daytime?
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
Pamela Cummins: So that’s, see, that’s the beauty of like recording your dreams. All right. What whatever method you want is because you can refer back and say, I’m, I’m, oh, I had this symbol a lot. Ooh, I’m having like the similar dreams, [00:41:00] whether it’s like, you know, going to a store and not finding what you want or the, a lot of people have like going to school and not finding your classroom, or you finding out that you didn’t study and you haven’t graduated.
Kristin Taylor: I have that one a lot where I’m back in high school, but I am the age that I am now. But I forget that I’m the age that I’m now and I’m like, oh my gosh, I am not graduating from high school.
And then eventually in the dream I’ll go, wait a second. I have a college degree, I have a master’s degree. I have a business.
Like, it’s so reassuring, but in the dream, it’s absolute, oh my gosh, what am I gonna do to take care of myself? How did I let this happen?
Pamela Cummins: Right. And basically it’s it, well, it’s. High school is like, we all had that horrible insecurity, you know?
Kristin Taylor: Yes.
Pamela Cummins: And like this one woman did such wisdom. She’s like, you know, we were all so insecure in high school and we thought everybody was thinking about us, but really they were all insecure and they didn’t care about us.
Kristin Taylor: so concerned with [00:42:00] themselves.
Pamela Cummins: Yeah, it’s like going, it could be going back healing something that happened back then. Okay. Because, there is no time when it comes to our dreams, or it could be something that we need to learn now that we haven’t been able to figure out.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
Pamela Cummins: And then another way to look at it too is our insecurity in us that we’re not good enough.
Kristin Taylor: Mm-hmm.
Pamela Cummins: You know?
Kristin Taylor: It’s the whole imposter
syndrome stuff. Yeah. Yeah. So good. What have I not asked you that you’re like, we really should talk about this, or, this is so fascinating, or this is, this is something that I spend a lot of time with people that I have yet to ask you.
Pamela Cummins: Okay. So what should you ask me? Oh boy.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
Pamela Cummins: I feel like I’m being put on this spot.
Kristin Taylor: I’m totally putting you on the spot and you can say, stop putting you on the spot. Ask me a question.
Pamela Cummins: No, that’s okay. I’m just figuring why do I love to do what I do?
Kristin Taylor: [00:43:00] Ooh. I
love that. Great question. You should have podcast.
Pamela Cummins: Yeah. Why do
I love
Kristin Taylor: do you love
Pamela Cummins: do what I do? Because it makes me feel good. It feels like I’m helping people. I’m helping them grow. You know, we’re going back to heal or heal thy self. And it’s healed my life so much that I want to help other people’s heal.
Okay. And also to realize like, and not just their dream messages, but their messages they get during the day that they poo poo. It’s really important to listen to that. That’s your inner wisdom, and that’s what I love to do is get you in touch with your inner wisdom. To help you make the positive changes in your life to live the kind of life you want to, and that’s what our dreams are doing.
Okay, so for instance, your dream about the bridge. Okay. Because that’s a common, you know, one, a close friend of mine used to have dreams about bridge and we lost [00:44:00] touch for many years ago, but basically they want you to conquer that fear. Okay? Especially since you’re living. You know, it’s one thing if you, you know, a bridge is a thousand miles away, but it’s close to you so you can go about your business and
Kristin Taylor: Well, yeah. I mean, I’m no longer in the Bay Area, but it is an obstacle in my life.
And, and yeah. And I, so much of the healing direction I wanna take is to get back on those bridges and, and just be who I was prior to that panic attack.
Right. It was a traumatic event. And I know that my subconscious mind, my guides, my counsel, are urging me towards that healing.
And perhaps it was even, uh, soul’s contract. I mean, it’s what’s interesting, and I’ve shared this on the show before But I had a, a psychic greeting and, the, the clairvoyant said, you know, your past life, you died in one of the [00:45:00] most famous bridge collapses in US history in I think 1967 in a bridge called the Silver Bridge between West Virginia and Ohio.
And she said, that was your past life. You died on a bridge
Pamela Cummins: Okay. And yeah, and that’s, that’s what one of the things I was. Was thinking of, it could be from a past life. So you need to, they want you to deal with it in this lifetime.
Kristin Taylor: Yes, that’s
Pamela Cummins: So it could be as simple as, you know, visualizing yourself going over the bridge, you driving, going over, or even walking, going over the bridge and you know somebody with you.
And you can also ask for solutions in your dreams.
Kristin Taylor: I really am resonating with that. So asking for solutions in my dreams. In our dreams. We’re talking about me as a way to exemplify this, but so is that something you do as you lie down in bed? Like, I’m about to go to bed and I know that I have this [00:46:00] issue with Bridges. Please help me find a solution. Or is it more of the lucid dreaming or both?
What does that mean?
Pamela Cummins: I would say with the lucid dreaming, I would say to kind of just let it come to you. Okay. But if you’re more, if you’re more comfortable doing lucid dreaming, where you can actually say, okay, I’m at the bridge now. What do I need to do now? Okay. But the way I, I, this is how I do it. I’ll be like, I call God goddess.
I, I have so many names for my higher source. I’m like, could you please give me, Uh, you know, a solution dream on how to deal with this client. You know, this pro, whatever problem I’m having, you know how to talk to my honey about something, you know, could you please give me a solution dream? You could write it.
Some people might feel more comfortable writing it. Some people might wanna say it out loud or just visualizing them have it. And I just pray. I just ask for it. That’s how I’m comfortable
doing it. [00:47:00] And you might have it that night, it might take a few nights later for it to happen. Or sometimes just by putting it out there, the an answer will come.
You could be on the internet and boom, something pops up. You could be watching a TV show ha overhearing a conversation. I personally prefer it in my dreams, but it does, sometimes it doesn’t. You know, uh, you have to trust the wisdom o of the universe of how it’s going to come.
Kristin Taylor: The wisdom of the universe is so important because all these messages, Are continually reaching out to us, especially if we are asking and paying attention. And speaking of bridges, it feels like the bridge between what we’re moving through and all of these sources of insight and support, whether it’s dreams, whether it’s signs, whether it’s symbols, whether it’s the breadcrumbs or the nudges, they’re all around us, but it’s what I’m getting from you, Pamela, is it’s being in conscious, intentional relationship to [00:48:00] access all of that.
Pamela Cummins: Right. Right.
Kristin Taylor: I love that
Pamela Cummins: and that’s, and you know what you said, intention. That’s the, that’s the most important thing. So when I, or you ask or uh, somebody listening to asks, please give me a solution, in my dream, you are having that intention to. Work through this issue. Okay. And it’s not gonna, you know, there’s some things, you know, maybe how to have a conversation with someone that, that, but there’s a lot of things like with, with the bridge.
Okay. It could come instantly, it might take a little while for you to work on that issue. There’s some issues that take us longer. And I wanna say honor how long it takes you to work through, through it.
Kristin Taylor: Thank you. That feels really nice to receive. Thank you. What an amazing job. I mean, I say job, it’s a career. It’s a calling that you, and I’m always inspired by people who take who they are. [00:49:00] Take what really enlivens them and their connection to their own, what I would consider a soul journey and says, I’m not gonna go the conventional route.
I will find a way to share my gift and have my own livelihood.
That to me as a fellow entrepreneur is really, really inspirational.
So, go ahead.
Pamela Cummins: well, you can do like the, I mean the, uh, if I could like, Get a a dollar for every, like somebody who’s going to spams me my in inbox of doing it this way, and you need to do your business this way and you need, no, I need to listen to my inner wisdom and go, because if I do it the way other people and I have, I’ve made that mistake.
It doesn’t work. I have to do what feels right for me. Okay. Whether that brings me, you know, $500 a month or $5 million a month, I have to do it. What’s right for me? I, of course, I need [00:50:00] to earn a living, but I’m doing what I love and that’s what’s important.
Kristin Taylor: That’s what’s important. Exactly. So, You have already shared a lot of gifts, and I know that you are a gift and people could really use your, your consult and your
Pamela Cummins: I am blushing, but thank you for that.
Kristin Taylor: and she has a lot of humility. How do people contact you?
Pamela Cummins: The best way is through my website, Pamela, and the last name. Oh, it’s right there. C u m m i n S. Okay. That’s the best way. I’m also on Lincoln and Pinterest. Basically those are where I’m mostly at.
Kristin Taylor: That’s where I found
you. That’s where I found you. Yeah. Such a pleasure to have you. This was really, really interesting and riveting, and thank you for your
Pamela Cummins: Well, and and thank you. You are really good at interviewing. I felt very comfortable and it was fun. So thank you for having me.[00:51:00]
Kristin Taylor: my pleasure. Thank you for saying that.
What a fun conversation. I loved learning about dreams and what they mean, and thank you so much for indulging me, Pamela, with my own dreams. I learned a lot and I’m sure the audience will as well. Thanks for being on How I Made it Through.
If you are enjoying these podcasts, I ask that you share them or write a review. We need your help in getting these important messages out there. If you are looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, self-doubt, or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness, these are the areas I specialize in as a coach and would love to explore working with you.
Please reach out to me at coach kristen taylor Thank you for tuning in, and we’ll see you next time on how I Made It Through.
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