Diane Richards  00:04

I really do look at it as a continuation. And we’re the ones that suffer physically here. Because we miss them, we want them we don’t feel those hugs like we did or, or the physical connection. So I understand that, that suffering, but I also know that it’s not the end.

Kristin Taylor  00:40

Hello, and welcome to How I Made It Through. My name is Kristin Taylor, and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity, only to come out the other side more self aware, and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love and compassion. Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning. And I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we are here, and how to live more fully. Diane is an internationally renowned and highly sought after evidential medium, energy healer and author who was trained with some of the best teachers such as Dr. Brian Weiss, Tony Stockwell, Dr. Carol carbone, James Van Praagh, Reverend Janek, no habit, and numerous Arthur Finley tutors. She is certified as a psychic counselor with the International Association of the past life therapist and a certified Reiki master. Diane has master’s degrees in education, leadership, and counseling. She combines her formal education with her intuitive abilities to help and heal others. Diane has been on several podcasts, including messages of hope with Suzanne Giesemann and is listed as a legitimate, credible and reputable medium, and Bob Olsen’s best psychic dictionary, finding Emelyn how I connected with a past life. The other side and my purpose is her first book published by waterside productions. This gripping memoir reveals the human connection throughout history, and the results of what can happen when the past is healed. Spirit is embraced an ego is no longer driving one’s life. It is such a pleasure to have you here. Diane, welcome.

Diane Richards  02:47

Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here. I’m honored to be asked.

Kristin Taylor  02:50

Yeah, well, I was just sharing before we got started that I have had a lot of readings from psychics and mediums and I want to slow down at some point and to have you describe the difference. But you did a mediumship reading for me or my husband who was a skeptic and recently for a client. And they were phenomenal and truly the best I can speak for myself that I’ve ever had with the specificity that you provide it with the evidence. So you are in my book, The best.

Diane Richards  03:19

Oh, thank you. Joy. Thank you.

Kristin Taylor  03:25

Well, you have these gifts, and I want to talk about how you cultivated these gifts, how you practice these gifts and what you have learned about being fully alive and our connection with the other side. But a good place to start is always the beginning if you could share. When you are kiddo. Did you have an idea that you had these abilities? Or when did it start to show up for you?

Diane Richards  03:46

Well, I, as a child, I do believe I knew I had abilities, but then I just thought I was a weirdo. You know, I just thought I was somebody who didn’t fit in, and you’re afraid to really embrace or Be your authentic self at that age. But I definitely at five years old, I saw my grandfather before I was even told that he died. Come and give me a kiss goodbye. I have always had intuition. I’ve always been an empath. Not so much an introvert but I do need I always needed my space. I didn’t not mind being alone. lonely and alone are two different things. But I always needed my alone time, because I just would absorb everything around me and become exhausted cars when I was a child.

Kristin Taylor  04:34

Yeah, yeah. Well, I want to slow this down and talk about this idea of intuition. And you knew you had this ability. And I hear that so much of people who have these abilities feeling like a weirdo or an outsider. Right? So there’s something called Claire’s and I would love for you to share Claire’s and what Claire’s you have in particular that are most strong, powerful, however you define that.

Diane Richards  04:58

Well, Claire’s are the senses So that are used in mediumship, and intuition, and psychic readings. Fortunately, I can use all of them. The one I feel I use the most is, um, is clear feeling. I just feel things. So clearly it’s almost, I also have clear seeing where it’s almost like a movie is being played in my head when I see things. But I feel so deeply. I take on the feelings, the thoughts, the experience of the person that’s coming through in my reading. So, I would say that’s the Claire I use the most.

Kristin Taylor  05:48

Okay, okay. What is and I had said this earlier, what is the difference between a psychic reading or a psychic and a medium ship reading? Okay.

Diane Richards  06:00

All mediums or psychics not all psychics or mediums. Psychic is when you’re reading a denser level of energy that’s connected more to the ground. It’s the energy that’s around the person. It’s more of things past present, it could be future. But you are not reaching up to the spiritual realm and getting messages from the spirit world. Mediumship is when you can reach the spirit world and connect with that energy as well, which, which is a much higher vibration takes a lot more energy to get there. And requires a lot of training.

Kristin Taylor  06:49

That’s a really good segue. It requires a lot of training and energy. Tell me a little bit about you know, you have these natural abilities that you felt, I believe you said since the age of five, and then you move through the world. And I know this just because I’ve read about you and I read your book, Living a far more conventional life than one who practices as a psychic and a medium. Right? What did you how did you train? Which is one question. And then what does it require of you before you sit with someone and provide this service?

Diane Richards  07:24

Great questions? Well, first I was I was just living my life, I always knew I was intuitive and had, um, certain gifts, and I would use them as a teacher to help students, I would use them as a counselor to help clients. But it wasn’t until I went to a Dr. Brian Weiss workshop, really just to get continuing ed credits for one of my counseling license. And I didn’t realize he was going to not only put us under and do a past life regression, he was also going to do psychic and mediumship skills with us. So that’s where I had my first past life regression, which was phenomenal. And then during that session, he paired us with a stranger. And I was paired with this elderly woman. And we had to do some psychic exercises. And the woman says to me, I’m sorry, I’m just not getting anything for you. This is not why I’m here. So then I knew that I had gotten a lot from her and I shared it with her. And at that point, the woman, you know, started to cry and gave me a hug and said, You just saved my life. That was my husband, I needed to hear exactly what you told me. Or I’m just going to go home and kill myself. So you get informations like that. And you’re like, how do I go back to my quote real world of you know, my eat for career without exploring that?

Kristin Taylor  08:57

No kidding.

Diane Richards  08:58

So that’s what I did. Because if I’m going to do something I give 110% to it. So I started going to school, taking classes, I didn’t realize that there’s like a Harry Potter school in England, the Arthur Findlay College, which was really cool. And I just took years studying. From who I thought were pretty reputable, and the best of the best and then practice, practice, practice, practice. You can’t just take a course or something and hang a shingle and say well, yeah, readings. I mean, you can, but that’s not what I do. Because I really consider it counseling. I feel that it’s I take it very seriously I don’t think this is a magic show. I don’t think it’s a game. You know, it’s not about me at all. It’s not look what I can do. It’s about let’s have a conversation, you me and the other side and let’s get some healing. and going, let’s get some messages that help. So I’m sorry, I don’t know, I started just rambling. And then the other question was.

Kristin Taylor  10:09

Yeah, I love you rambling, I inviting the rambling because it’s, you know, pulling, pulling the sort of the lid back to understand what it feels like to be someone who’s really committed themselves. And I really also want to honor what you just said how seriously you take it, because being on the receiving end of it, I felt it, it was so healing. And it was like you were this conduit, and you became emotional both with myself and my husband, as well as my client who shared the recording with me. And I could just feel a level of love and care that you brought, of truly caring about the person who’s receiving this and recognizing what these messages mean, in the course of someone’s someone’s life. So what I was asking was, before you sit down with someone, and you do this, or at least for the three of us over zoom, what do you need to do to get yourself into the space to connect with Spirit and be that medium?

Diane Richards  11:09

Well, you have to have a routine routine is extremely important. Because I don’t live in the world of spirit. I live here. So you can’t be open and attune all the time. What I do is I There’s a song I play, there’s some music I play beforehand, to open myself up, I have I just have a little saying, you know, thanking everyone asking them to please give me the courage and, and the strength to be able to deliver this in a healing way that is always for the greater good. And then I will start a reading by holding divining your dowsing rods and the spirit world. I’ve kind of trained them, they know when I have these in my hand, we’re open for business and let’s go. So I just do that same thing. I always have a grounding mat that I put my feet. It’s made of stones, I sit barefoot on my grounding. And then everything just opens up.

Kristin Taylor  12:14

Everything opens up. And I recall you saying both in the session as well as when we get started. You didn’t remember me, which was nothing that I took offense at. It’s really a testament to you said when we first started like, I’m not going to remember what I said. Not at all. Yeah, yeah.

Diane Richards  12:33

That’s why I suggest people record it. Because even if you go back and say what did you just say? A lot of times, I don’t remember. I’ll remember conversations, like you and I have outside of the reading. I will remember while I’m delivering because like you said I’m just a conduit and on just providing a for some reason. I can understand what’s what the communication is. The chapter worked hard to do that. I feel like we all have the ability at some level. How just working and developing the skills?

Kristin Taylor  13:11

Yes. Yeah. Well, I think that’s really an important thing to say is that we all have the ability, but I’ve heard it compared to, we also all have the ability to play the piano, for example. Some of us might be an Adam, who’s the producer and is listening right now. He is a musician, some people just might be more naturally gifted, and it’s not as hard and others it might be much, much harder. Right? Is that a good example? Okay, okay.

Diane Richards  13:42

I think older souls, um, it comes more natural for them.

Kristin Taylor  13:48

Why is that?

Diane Richards  13:50

Um, because this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve been here before. Back in the beginning, beginning of time before I mean, that before we had language and being a time, before we had language we communicated telepathically as humans. It’s it’s skill we have, we just don’t need to use it anymore. And that’s how you communicate with the other side. So like, telepathically? Yeah, that’s like, it’s like, you know, getting that muscle back into shape.

Kristin Taylor  14:19

Getting that muscle back into shape. Tell me what, there’s you before all the training, and then there’s you after doing it, how long have you been doing this now?

Diane Richards  14:28

About 12 years.

Kristin Taylor  14:29

So really good amount of time? 12 What do you know about why we’re here? And this difficult planet called Earth that perhaps you didn’t know 12 or more years ago that is really a solid piece of who you are and what you believe.

Diane Richards  14:53

I really feel we’re on this journey to to embrace our authentic selves and fight do that, which not everyone does. And that’s okay. But I also think that for those who of us who are on that path, we’re also there to help others. I think we’re all connected. And really the goal here is to see that and to embrace that we are here to guide to help to learn to do our best, no matter how long our time is. And we continue learning and growing. We’re continuing to learn to learn and grow on the other side as well. But I really feel that we are here for each other. Mm hmm. And that we are all connected in some way. I just, I find the soul connection.

Kristin Taylor  15:48

Yeah, yeah, it comes across, and how you convey the messages and the messages that you share at least that again, the three that I have been privy to.

Diane Richards  15:57

Thank you.

Kristin Taylor  15:58

Yeah. Can you share a little bit about the themes that you’re hearing from the other side that I’m sure inform what you just said, but what are you learning?

Diane Richards  16:08

Well, I learned that on the other side, they really never talked about how much they miss their, you know, million dollar home, or their luxury, those things. Let me come up with a reading. But that’s not what the core of the reading is. The core of the reading is, is about love. It’s about forgive, it’s about saying, what I realized that I didn’t say those things while I was here on Earth, but I want you to know them now. It’s about letting the physical life know that there is a continuum. And our soul does go on, and that our loved ones, our front are still with us. They can still see what we’re what we’re doing. I’m always amazed at a reading. We’re offering up something so trivial. I mean, something like about the way someone folded their socks after doing the laundry like this. And then like how do you know that? I said, Well, your father said he was sitting on the bed with you today as you were folding the socks? Well, that’s exactly what I was doing. It’s not a huge message. Well, I think it’s kind of huge, because it lets you know that in the simplest things, they’re with us they know your everyday goings on.

Kristin Taylor  17:28

Yeah, yeah, I’ll share what happened right before my meeting with you my reading with you. So we were scheduled, I guess, like four o’clock or whatever, 15 minutes before, I’m just sort of getting myself in the right headspace setting up the zoom, just getting a good place. And I have a dog who is deaf. And so he doesn’t randomly bark, you know, someone knocks at the door or someone drives by or dogs are barking outside. He doesn’t hear any of it. So he is not a Barker. He barks when you grab his toy or the food. But other than that, he’s not going to bark. And so I’m upstairs in my office, and he’s down in the living room. And suddenly he’s doing this really weird barking not like a roofer for federal. Like what in the world is going on? So I go downstairs, and he’s just standing in the middle of the living room, and he’s looking around like, right, and so I walk up to him, and I kind of patted him like Hey, buddy, like, and then you know, he was wagging his tail and happy. And I was like, Okay, well, that’s weird. And then we get started. And then you say, I’m seeing something. You said I’m seeing a little dog, this little white and brown dog and I’m like, Aha. And you said your dad really loves your dog and right just a moment ago was teasing him. Oh, I was like, can you tell him to stop? But in that moment, I’m like, holy, I’m gonna swear Holy shit. Like, oh my god. Yeah, you look at you even Wow.

Diane Richards  19:02

Yeah. To me, that stuff is just amazing. It’s just amazing things that are brought up. Those are the things that are so meaningful.

Kristin Taylor  19:12

Yes, it was so meaningful. It was so so meaningful. So as we, you know, I’m talking about asking you about Claire’s. Can you see the other side? I mean, I know they’re sending you messages of communication but Ken and I know everything is energy. Are you able to see the other side? Are they showing you pictures?

Diane Richards  19:35

I do see pictures. I also if they want for evidence, they’ll show me what they look like as their physical self and the time that you remember them. So I can see that. I mean, there are so many different levels and souls perceptions of heaven. Um, it’s always beautiful. It’s always peaceful. I never see a hell I never say anything negative. I think that we create our own hell, we create our own health, there are some souls that are ready to play golf on the other side, and that they’re there on a higher level, there are some that I’m still learning and growing. And it doesn’t mean they were in a bad place at all. There’s no bad place. It’s a place of love and nurturing, and allowing yourself to expand your soul at the pace that you want. So I see some people are Elias are playing golf, some people are sitting with their feet, they’re like, tell them that I’ve finally put my feet in the sand and I’m not wearing socks anymore. Like I feel like free and comfortable now. It’s those things or I’m learning to play the guitar like things that they. And although we know that there’s no physical guitar on the other side, it’s a way of letting them know like I’m enjoying the music that I wanted to do, or are the skills that I wanted to have while I was here, and you can get to

Kristin Taylor  21:02

Yeah, share if you would a little bit more about these levels. Because you also said old souls, young souls old souls might be more prone to have more of a proclivity to move into this kind of space intuitively, on the other side, what does that mean levels.

Diane Richards  21:19

I’m pretty much like here. So there are some people that may still be unhappy with things, the way they left some unresolved issues, that doesn’t mean that they’re earthbound that they’re stuck, no one’s ever stuck. But they might not be ready yet. To retire. So they will, they may be around more, learning more. And as they learn, they grow. And they go up another level. Just kind of um, you know, we talked about vibrations, and even here on Earth are different vibrations of people’s energy on their people with really low vibrations very high. It’s the same thing on the other side.

Kristin Taylor  22:13

Yeah, let’s stay there. I feel like that’s really important. Let’s start incarnate. What does that mean when someone has a lower vibration versus a higher vibration? And is there a way to purposely move from low to high winds?

Diane Richards  22:26

Yes, well, you have to want to write, but there are simple things you can do. Meditation will raise your vibration, music will raise your vibration. Kindness, doing things for others will raise your vibration. Staying away from negativity, toxicity, getting rid of the disease to please. Taking care, self care, helps raise your vibration where some people are so trained to think, well, if I’m taking care of myself, I’m selfish and in that slump, that’s not good.

Kristin Taylor  23:09

What does that mean? If so I absolutely agree and endorse everything that you’re saying. That language vibration make sense to me. But I want to make sure everyone who’s listening to understand what does that mean vibration? And why does it matter?

Diane Richards  23:26

Let me just give an example. You’re invited to a party at a friend’s house. It’s a dinner party at a friend’s house, your friends right before they answered the door to greet you have an argument, horrible argument. But they answered the door with smiles on their face and everything is great. Your sense that you walk into that room, you can still feel that vibrational that that that low energy, that’s a low energy. Addiction is a low energy lying that so that’s what those are some of the lowest energies. And if you’re around that a lot, you tend to pick up that vibration. So you want to being in nature helps raise your vibration. I don’t know if I’m making that clear.

Kristin Taylor  24:22

Well, it makes sense. The experience of vibration and I so know that feeling you walk in, you’re like, I don’t know what’s happening, but I feel the negativity.

Diane Richards  24:30

And not everyone can feel that somebody will know what you’ve learned about I don’t feel that it’s someone who’s a newer soul.

Kristin Taylor  24:37

Well, that’s so interesting. It was I remember I was in this restaurant and my brother needed to have a difficult conversation across the room so we can see him but we can’t hear him. I’m with my mother and my stepfather. And I am feeling David’s stress like it is coursing through me and you comes back and my stepfather said that seemed like it went, Well, I just fit, you know, and I was like, oh my god, are you okay? And David was like, that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But I noticed my mom and my stepfather were totally oblivious while my body was actually kind of in pain.

Diane Richards  25:14

That’s an empath. So that’s different between having empathy, caring for someone and being an empath an empath absorbs other people’s feelings and emotions, yes empaths are extremely intuitive and also have psychic abilities. So you probably do.

Kristin Taylor  25:34

I am exploring that which is why having someone like you and you know, the show that I have, it feels so very important, but back to the vibration, tell me if what I say connects with your understanding, okay, so the reason vibration also matters is lower vibration keeps us more trapped in the ego. And not right and higher vibration keeps us connected to love and exactly what you said in the beginning, which is we are here to serve one another and to have connection. And it also keeps us more open to connection with the other side and the ability to learn and evolve.

Diane Richards  26:19

Absolutely. And that’s a big point. Ego I tell I teach my classes, I say there is no room for ego, you can’t do this ego. And if you let your ego get in the way, you’re really not going to be able to deliver messages, you’re going to overthink things. be too concerned with what other people are thinking, you know how you look? There’s no ego really. It does come from fear and it keeps that’s a low vibration.

Kristin Taylor  26:46

Got it? Got it. Okay, thank you so much. I want to ask for someone who does the work that you do and who has been imbued with these what I consider gifts. You are still you know, you’re living a real life. This isn’t happening for you all the time. But you have access in a way that most do not. What does that do to your own relationship to death dying and and grieving when people you love do crossover?

Diane Richards  27:16

I’m mindful. I’m not afraid. I mean, others no fear. I really do look at it as a continuation. And we’re the ones that suffer physically here. Because we miss them. We want them we don’t feel those hugs like we did or, or the physical connection. So I understand that, that suffering, but I also know that it’s not the end on the process.

Kristin Taylor  27:49

So I want to transition if it’s okay. Sure. To your book. Okay. Yeah, yeah, it was fascinating. Your trip to Savannah, Georgia. Can you share at a high level.

Diane Richards  28:02

Where I’m going? I’m having a retreat there in the end of January, February. Oh, wonderfully excited. I’m so excited about this is one of my favorite retreats that I’m planning.

Kristin Taylor  28:14

Well share with our audience if you if you would a little bit about why this place is so significant and why you love it so much and a bit about what you discovered there.

Diane Richards  28:22

Well, the first time I ever went to Savannah as a tourist, I just felt an instant connection. I felt like I was home. And I’ve heard other people say that about other places, from Savannah, but I did I just felt oh man, the strangest things would happen. While I was walking down the street, people would come up to me like I was a resident and say, Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to someone saw? And I would be able to tell them I’d be like, I don’t know that this is my first time here. It was really, and I’m not making this up. I mean, it was it was bizarre. So um, and never understood why I never understood this connection. Until I had my past life regression and did the research and found out that I believe in past lives. Now I’m not saying I was this person because leave it open. But the person that came through in my past life, from Savannah, Georgia, US I was able to go into the house that I saw was still standing and it was just the way I saw it in my in my past life. That was one of the only homes that was yet to have been restored. So still in its natural habitat so to speak. I found out that the woman that was in my past life, owned a school for the same reason. So here she was this woman back in the 1800s opening a school in Savannah, which is really unheard of in the same house type a house because when I got here in this present world, I kept telling my real I said, I have to have my school. In an old Victorian home with a big front porch. I didn’t know why. I just I just got to be, it’s got to be homey. I just got well, this woman opened her school and a big Victorian home with a big front porch. And art pad, the parallels are so similar. Our lives were so similar. And it just struck me it struck me that after a living, I’m really just recreating this life that I’ve really already had. And it kind of gave me permission to let go. And love.

Kristin Taylor  30:36

I love that you ended there to let go and move on. What I’ve heard and read is that often when people have challenges, mine has always been anxiety. Some people it might be depression, some people it might be a fear of public speaking, some people that might be people pleasing the main, just pick your challenge. There’s so many of them. But often that it’s connected to a past life, it could even be in the body, like I’ve always had issues with my hip or my shoulder or my foot or whatever it is. And that often when we are able to identify that was then this is now it’s like, the spell is broken. And were released.

Diane Richards  31:18

Yes. Yes, because you can’t, you can’t get over anything unless you go through it. So you have to go through it. And this was such an experience. And it’s an experience, so you can’t expect people to understand unless they’ve had that experience. I just had someone call me last night to share an experience. Like no one’s gonna believe this. I had this outer body experience. And it was so real to them. And if she was interested, it just changed my life. Yeah. So unless you experience it, because spirituality is an experience. It’s your own personal experience. Right. So this experience for me was just so eye opening. So life changing. I was actually in Savannah, interviewing for an administration position for their schools in Chatham County, in Savannah. Woman in my book, left Savannah for the same reasons, I gave up my school and political issues while and went to New Jersey, to become an administrator of a school there. And here, I was in Savannah, not knowing this. I’m interviewing for an administrative position for schools in Savannah. And then when I did the research, I spent a lot of time researching, because I’m like, show me, okay, I had this past life regression, it was so real. I felt it. I couldn’t get out of my head. But not only is it true, right, he’s just imagination. And when then I found the physical research, and the family. And then everything that came through to me, was historically correct. And actually as Yeah, it to me that was just mind blowing.

Kristin Taylor  33:09

It is mind blowing. It is mind blowing. And it sounds like one of those defining moments where when you fully accept it, that you’re forever changed, or the trajectory of your life is forever changed.

Diane Richards  33:21

And it was interesting, because when I was looking into opening my school and looking for this Victorian building, my father had recently passed away and we were estranged. For some reason, I just in my mind, I had convinced myself, he is going to leave me some seed money for my school and his will. He’s not going to forget about me, like, he’s gonna leave me something. And my father happened to be a very well off man. And he left me nothing, nothing in his will. And I ended up crumbling. And I couldn’t understand why because it’s like, it’s really not about the money short sends a negative message. But when I did my historical research, emmalin the woman in Savannah, her father bought her, her first the house, or her first school. My gosh, I just think it was something I was like, Well, that would explain why I just felt.

Kristin Taylor  34:18

It’s like a residue. It’s like a residue is the way that I would define that. Yes. Yes.

Diane Richards  34:25

And I think a lot of us still have residue. Yes. From our past lives. Yeah. If you believe in that. Yeah.

Kristin Taylor  34:34

Well, I was gonna say I do you do?

Diane Richards  34:38

I do. I don’t like to push my beliefs or thing on people because you really have to experience it. You have to experience it. I experience it. You’re not gonna believe what I? Exactly, exactly. Nor do they have to really have to.

Kristin Taylor  34:54

I know this is a show for you and I seem to be sharing a lot but it just feels like you’re bringing up things things that are really resonant for me. But when I was 30 years old, I was born and raised in the Bay Area, I was driving over the Bay Bridge. And I’d never had any issues with driving or bridges ever. And suddenly, I’m like midway through where Treasure Island is for those who know, the Bay Area, and I had the most cataclysmic horrific panic attack I have ever had. And from that date forward, there’s been struggle around bridges and driving. But then within the last few years, I had two psychic readings, both of whom independently of one another shared that I had a past life were in my early 30s, I had died in a bridge collapse. And I was able to locate this woman, I could see where it was, it was between Ohio and Kentucky on the silver right now. It’s Silver Bridge, and it’s a very famous bridge collapsed in 1967. And one of the psychics was saying, unlike the other one said, this woman actually hasn’t fully crossed over. And we need to support her in crossing over. And so she said, I want to invite you in this process, I’m talking with her I’m taking her hand, you know, helping her do this. And then after I got out of that call, and later that evening, I just suddenly started crying in a way that there were no words. But it just was such an emotional experience of I don’t know what I don’t even have words for this sense of like, sadness for her while happiness that she’s no longer trapped by. Yeah.

Diane Richards  36:44

Yeah. You were able to release I mean, crying is such a great release of so many emotions. Yes. I mean, that’s why I never tell people don’t cry. Exactly. Cry. Um, so you were able to release now? Are you able to drive over bridges?

Kristin Taylor  37:01

I’m still struggling, though. I wish I could say, I feel like it’s almost like now, vis me and the neural wiring of my brain for so many years. I mean, I’m 52. And that happened when I was 30. And I have traveled but it’s always a thing like now I feel like my brain is sort of different. And I, I want that release, but I’m not there yet. I think it’s just a I’m just still have fear that I’m going to have a panic attack. There’s something you’re still holding on to. Yeah, there’s something I’m still holding on to. Yeah. Working on it, working on it. Maybe I’ll come to.

Diane Richards  37:37

And it’s a work in progress. Work in Progress.

Kristin Taylor  37:41

Always a work in progress. But it does give me hope. It does give me hope. And it gives me an understanding because you can just feel like I guess I’m just crazy. Like I had a panic attack. And now I’m forever altered and broken and. Right and to recognize that it’s more to this. And it’s not just in this lifetime. Yeah.

Diane Richards  38:00

Yeah. And that’s what I discovered in researching after my past life regression and researching and, and then all the things that were worked so profound, and just paralleled my life now. And then I from there, I went on to like, Okay, I’m going to be now the best damn medium. I can I really? Um, because I have that proof.

Kristin Taylor  38:30

Yes, this is yes, yes. And again, I believe, from my experience, you are the best damn medium because the level of commitment For me, you know, I do the best that you can do.  So I want to ask you, and I want to be mindful of time. Tell me a little bit about your definition of soul. What does that mean soul in lifetimes. And again, we’re not proselytizing, to say anyone has to believe it. But you bring a level of awareness that I think we can learn from.

Diane Richards  39:02

I think soul connections are the most important connections, and that so many of us live in fear, to even expose our soul. We do everything we can to hide, to mask or to let our guard down. And we need we don’t feel safe, some kind of keep recorded. Solace is really just pure love and no judgment. And it’s something that goes on and our soul continues to grow and to learn and and it’s it’s who you are. Sold connection is really getting to know someone at their authentic level. As authentic it can be seen beyond are masks similar to self. And I think a lot of time, people who are very sensitive, who are empaths try to bury all those feelings and they with drugs or alcohol or something to help numb, numb their soul from feeling. By doesn’t, you have to go through things, you have to nurture it, you have to nurture your soul, you have to let it grow. In order to pay all all that you can be.

Kristin Taylor  40:36

Makes me think of what you were saying about vibration. So nurturing the soul, I’m just connecting the dots, be connecting to empathy, and love, and care and care for self self care in recognizing when ego is attempting to sabotage the vulnerability of being seen.

Diane Richards  41:03

And intention is everything. What is your intention when you do things? Is it for your own own sake? Is it to help others? Is it to bring peace love is that you know what I’m saying? You set your intentions. So. And I think people forget to do that. What are your intentions? I agree. I am I a CEO in an office because it’s what my family has done through the years. This is what I intended for myself. And then we kind of disregard and we just keep going through the motions and that roams our soul. And when we’re not true to our soul, we become unhappy. Anxiety driven. Depression comes with depression comes and goes. But if you nurture your soul, you’ll have the tools to deal with it appropriately.

Kristin Taylor  42:08

Can you share some advice around how one might nurture their soul?

Diane Richards  42:12

Nature? connecting with nature, grounding? I know that sounds so cliche ground, what does that mean grounding, breathing, remembering to breathe, because when we don’t do that, it really causes anxiety. We forget when we’re in that fight or flight mode, we don’t breathe, breathing, taking time to do nothing. And know that that’s okay. A lot of people feel guilty. If they don’t have their phone by the mall or PSA all the time, or if they’re not up and going. It’s okay. I just told the class last night I said, My family knows when I’m, when I need to disconnect, we have all I need to disconnect. And we don’t do that enough. Disconnect and be okay with who you are. And know that I can sit in bed one day in my pajamas, eat crap food, watch stupid nonsense television for a day, and just let my mind go to mush. And that’s okay. There’s assuming I’m going to be there for a week. If you end up doing that for a week, we might have to like think but but allow yourself if that’s what’s going to, you know, if that’s what’s going to say he’ll, but give yourself some rest or give you some rest. If it’s going on a hike  in nature. Do something for you. Yeah. And it’s okay to retreat without guilt.

Kristin Taylor  43:50

Without guilt. That’s the hardest. That’s the hard one. And I feel like empaths in particular, I’ll speak for myself that reset and that tuning out from being so embedded? Yes. Yeah.

Diane Richards  44:04

Usually empaths are not only dealing with their own emotions, they’re dealing. I mean, I can’t go grocery shopping. And this has ever since I was little. I felt like my mother would force me to go grocery shopping. I would be miserable. I mean, I would freeze. I would cry. I just I didn’t understand. I’d be exhausted at the end of it. Because I’m absorbing everything that’s going on there.

Kristin Taylor  44:30

Yes. God, I relate.

Diane Richards  44:33

I don’t feel guilty about not going grocery shopping now. I’m like, sorry, you want I can run in and get a couple of things. But I’m not spending more than 20 minutes there.

Kristin Taylor  44:42

Oh my god. I can be exhausted. Yeah. And it’s okay to

Diane Richards  44:45

Say that and to recognize and honor what you need. Yeah, you’re that you’re a weirdo. Oh, my weird onus.

Kristin Taylor  44:57

I love that so much. I went to my son’s wrestling match last night. And it was in this little gymnasium and it was jam packed. And I sat down, and I started to feel so much energy. So much panic. Yeah, like, I was like, I cannot sit here. I cannot sit here. And so I had to move towards the door so that I could just get away from so many people. Everyone else is just sitting there. And I’m like, I would love to be the person who could just sit there and just chilly chill. But it was like I was going to explode.

Diane Richards  45:32

Right? Because your superpowers? Really were made to feel that that being an empath is there’s something wrong with that. I think we need to change that. That thought. Yeah, yeah. And there needs to be more empaths more empaths who embrace it, and learn how to balance so they can help change the world. And be there. Yeah, for others and themselves.

Kristin Taylor  46:00

Yeah. Bring more goodness and care and intentionality. I’m just repeating what I’m hearing you saying? But it takes a lot of work. And it takes prioritizing yourself. Yep. Which has taken me a really long time to recognize…

Diane Richards  46:14

Because I’m still working on that. Believe me. Yeah. It’s not any it’s not easy, especially. Because if it’s been something that’s been ingrained, and you’ve just done it forever, but I am learning. Yeah. And that’s what you can do. You if you have the tools use them. Hmm.

Kristin Taylor  46:34

Yeah. Yes, it is a process. And for me, what I’m always thinking about is, because it’s not a linear process, just self compassion is so important. It is. Yeah, calling to yourself. Yeah, yeah. Well, is there any question that I have yet to ask you, that is just a part of what you want people to hear and know or learn that you haven’t yet given voice to?

Diane Richards  47:00

Not really, my goal is really to have people be their own Guru.

Kristin Taylor  47:06

I’m getting that. And just know that who you are. Beautiful. That would be amazing.

Diane Richards  47:13

Or no one ever told you that or not?

Kristin Taylor  47:16

Yeah, that’s so good. That’s so good. Well, again, you have a gifted us with your time you have gifted myself and my husband with such a profound reading.

Diane Richards  47:28

I enjoy that feedback. Oh, I love the feedback.

Kristin Taylor  47:34

Yeah, I know, I’m probably sounding dramatic to people but it was like, life changing the comfort and the value was just so much validation, not of like, I need to validate what I’m thinking and believing it was validation, that spirit and those I love who have passed are intimately connected with me in a very supportive way. Right and it wasn’t just the you’re saying, you know, your your father’s here and he loves you it was specifically things about him that evidential things that there would be no way you would know I don’t post it on social media. I don’t talk about it by like, it just felt so affirming. We’re gonna be posting all the links so that people know how to get to you. But if they’re driving in their car, and they’re not looking it up. How do they learn more about you or or schedule a reading?

Diane Richards  48:31

Driving in their car?

Kristin Taylor  48:33

I don’t know. Just say it out loud. So they you know not? No, no, if they’re not in a place just to hear it. Maybe they’ll remember it. Just talk about yourself. I’m trying to endorse the lady.

Diane Richards  48:53

All right, it would be DianeRichards.net

Kristin Taylor  48:56

DianeRichards.net. Net. Okay. You are fantastic. I have such respect. Thank you. Really.

Diane Richards  49:04

Does anyone ever tell you you look like Tamra Judge. From the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Kristin Taylor  49:10

God, I know what it’s funny that you say that? I actually looked at her. Well, I’ve looked at and I thought I think we kind of look alike.

Diane Richards  49:20

Like it’s just really terrible.

Kristin Taylor  49:24

I will say I think she and I are very different. We might look alike, but I have a feeling we’re very doable.

Diane Richards  49:29

You,  you’re beautiful inside out. I mean, thank you. But similar walk and look.

Kristin Taylor  49:38

So no one’s told me but I’ve actually looked at her and thought it.

Diane Richards  49:45

Just I just kept your mind. That’s all. There you go.

Kristin Taylor  49:47

There you go. All right. Thank you so much.

Diane Richards  49:51

Thank you so much for having me. I hope I get to talk to you again and it’s been a pleasure.

Kristin Taylor  49:56

Pleasures all mine.

Diane Richards  49:57

All right. Take care.

Kristin Taylor  49:58

You too. I thank you again, Diane, thank you for your reading your time, your words, your gift your heart, and for reminding us to nurture our souls to show up authentically and to practice self care, particularly if we’re empaths. Lord knows the world needs more of our strengths. If you’re enjoying these podcasts, I ask that you share them. We need your help in getting these important episodes out there. The sound engineering for today’s show was provided by Shane Suffriti. To learn more about Shane, please visit shanesuffriti.com. If you’re looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness. These are the areas I specialize in as a coach and would love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at coachkristintaylor@gmail.com. Thank you for tuning in. And I’ll see you next time on How I Made It Through.

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