Chris Lippincott 00:04
Now that spirit, that spark of life is now free to be somewhere else. And now it moves to the non physical realm. It’s still that entity, it’s still the same person, personalities literally do not change. You could literally be talking to a spirit person in the non physical. And it seems like you’re having a conversation with the somebody who’s completely alive because they are alive. They just happen to be alive on a different continent, a continent that we can’t see.

Kristin Taylor 00:44
Hello, and welcome to How I Made It Through. My name is Kristin Taylor, and I’m an executive and life coach. I’m continually awed and inspired by those who have walked through challenge and adversity, only to come out the other side more self aware, and more deeply purposeful in their commitment to wisdom, love, and compassion. Our lives are short, but they are not without meaning. And I believe we are more alike than we are different. My hope is that this show through the sharing of ordinary people, moving through extraordinary circumstances, opens minds and hearts by interviewing those who have a lot to say about why we’re here and how to live more fully. Chris Lippincott is an international spiritual, medium and best selling author whose evidential readings and unique information from Spirit helps transform people’s lives. Through his mediumship Chris provides comfort, healing, and knowledge that our loved ones in spirit are alive and well and that they still care about us. It’s Chris’s mission to help raise the spiritual awareness and consciousness of humanity through his mediumship authorship, and teaching. Using his trance mediumship Chris shares spirits healing messages with the world. It is his goal to bring this love and healing to the world using spirits words. Chris also teaches the fundamentals of mediumship to those on their spiritual journey, versus trained with some of the world’s most respected mediums many from England’s renowned Arthur Findlay College, while aware of spirit as a child. It wasn’t until after a profound spiritual awakening later in life, that Chris developed his abilities to communicate the spirit. He has studied the spirit world and paranormal for over 20 years. Welcome to the show, Chris.

Chris Lippincott 02:41
Hi, Chris. And thanks so much for having me.

Kristin Taylor 02:44
It was such an honor to have you I’m so fascinated by who you are, what you do and what you have to teach. So I’d love to get started with when you first even became aware of spirit?

Chris Lippincott 02:58
It’s a great question. When I was young, perhaps I don’t know, six, five or six years old. I was always aware of energy all around me. You know, I was talking to the animals. I was talking to trees, I was talking to anything that moved. And so I felt that around. And then I started to notice that I was also feeling and starting to see other kids and other people around me. And so I thought, Oh, this is great. This is fantastic. I’m, you know, having more conversations with people who are all around me, it wasn’t until I started realizing that nobody else could see them or hear them or no, they were even there. I was like, You mean I’m making this stuff up? And I was and they’re like, oh, yeah, you’ve got this wonderful imagination, like, okay, great. Only child needs lots of imaginary pipe, mates and friends and whatnot. But I started realizing that they kept on talking to me, and I kept on hearing it. And that times I’d go to sleep, for example, at nighttime, I’d hear voices in my room. And I was the only child nobody’s playing tricks on me. And I’d feel hands on my back when I was sleeping with my face down. And that, of course, is a kid who just absolutely made me flip out. I was like, Yeah, I’m thinking the monster to come in by to, you know, take me back to their lair. You know, every kid freaking out. Sometimes I’d be running through the living room, and I’d fear these blankets of energy wrapped around me. And again, I thought it was the monsters come and take me away, ran into my parents arms screaming what’s going on? And of course, they thought I was having some mental issues and they didn’t take too kindly to what was going on. They were just like, yeah, that’s your imagination. Go away.

Kristin Taylor 04:55
That must have been so horrible.

Chris Lippincott 04:56
Yeah, they were very good. agnostic, materialist mindset very down to earth. And that was kind of the way I grew up. So, you know, by the time I was, I don’t know, eight, nine years old, I started to try to suppress it and put it all back down because then I started getting logical and material. And you know, I’m too old for this childish stuff. So I suppress it. I said, it’s not happening anymore. I’m ignoring it. So for a whole bunch of decades, I suppressed it ignored it, nothing happened. But for years and years, I kept on having this uncanny feeling that somebody was always watching me. And I never knew why I was always afraid of the dark. I was just petrified, the dark, petrified of what’s out there, what’s around me, and I couldn’t figure out why. But again, I was ignoring everything. And it wasn’t until I went into the finance track, I went into finance world, every guy’s gotta go follow his dream. Right. So um, you know, going into this materialistic, you know, Wall Street world and getting totally stressed out, and I started figuring out, okay, well, I gotta find a way to calm myself down. I’m just getting way too stressed out and taking it all out and my family. And I started coming across the concept of meditation. And I started thinking, meditation. Oh, that’s for the guys up in the Hindu Kush. I can’t do that. That’s too woowoo for me, right. So I just come across, eventually, I come across a track that’s really calm and normal and doesn’t have an agenda. And I started listening to it, it was only like, 10 to 15 minutes long. I’m like, Oh, cool. I can listen to this before work. And I’ll be very calm. I could not do that every day, because I got started getting hooked on it, or getting addicted to this track. So I wound up doing that for about 12 months, every single day. And I didn’t really realize quite what I was doing, other than the fact that I’m enjoying this calm meditation. While at the end of that 12 month stint. I’m in my man cave, because every guy’s got to have his man cave, right? It’s not a Saturday morning. I’m, you know, sitting there doing my meditation, let it go for about 30 minutes. And then all of a sudden, I had this incredible spiritual awakening, which was just mind blowing. And that’s when everything started open up, like the portal literally reopened.

Kristin Taylor 07:29
Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, well, let’s go there. Because there’s so many questions that I have. But this feels so important. So this incredible experience. What did you experience?

Chris Lippincott 07:40
Yeah what wound up happening is a suddenly was kind of, I guess it was you’d call it sort of an out of body experience. Because all of a sudden, I found myself in an area that was sort of a brain, no detail area. And in my mind’s eye, I started seeing what looked like. Like nothing this was out there. And I just noticed, there were like four silhouettes for their silhouettes or for people in front of me, to my left to my right, and the guy all the way to my right hand side was the tallest. Somehow I knew these people, but I didn’t know who they were. And the guy on my right hand side suddenly said this incredible beam of energy straight through my chest out from my back, which surprise the bejesus out of me. And I’m like, Oh, I guess I’m not asleep. And like, because I can physically feel the pain going right through me, which totally grabbed me. And after that, I started feeling and noticing that I’m somewhere out in I guess I could only call it space. I’m somewhere quote unquote, out there, right. And I remember feeling that I was somehow everywhere and nowhere at the same time. And I was like, connected to this feeling of it goes beyond unconditional love. It it’s like you know, with the word love that we understand in the human language is like the tip of the iceberg except the top 1%. What I wound up feeling was the other 99% of the iceberg, the other 99% of what’s out there. And I was just like, oh my goodness, it’s like the feeling of being completely and totally accepted. And at one point, I remember feeling the concept of somehow I was perfect. And I definitely remember saying to myself, as that was going on. There’s no way this can be right because I know I’m not perfect. I’ve done so many bad things. Don’t go there. I’m not perfect. But they get the feeling just keep on coming through. You’re You’re perfect. You’re perfect. You’re fully accepted. I’m glad I just blew my mind. And so it was all these feelings of Perfect acceptance, unconditional love. And it just kept going. I don’t know how long it lasted eventually, probably not very long. But for me, it felt like forever. And eventually I came back out of it. And I just remember being stunned and sitting in my chair. And eventually I thought, oh my god, I gotta go write everything down immediately. So I ran to my desk wrote everything down for like, I remember, of course, I don’t really remember much, but other than what I wrote down in my notebook. And it was soon after that, that all of a sudden, I started hearing the voices again, getting all those feelings again, getting the the energy around me again, noticing the people are all around me and feeling presences around me again. And then I started having very dramatic dream visitations of family members. And they started like coming to me, my parents, my grandparents, everybody else. And it was, you know, far beyond just your regular dream. Because, like, I remember having a dream, for example, with my father. And to this day, I can remember every single detail of it, I can remember the smell like I remember the words, I can remember what he was wearing, were where we were, it’s, it’s, it’s insane what detail there was, and that was just the way it opened. And I’m like, Okay, I know, this is beyond me, I this is this has got to be used for quote, unquote, the greater good. So I just stumbled my way through and started, you know, learning how to, you know, process what it was and then started studying it.

Kristin Taylor 11:37
Wow, wow. So when you’re saying your parents like, these are people who have died who are on the other side, and they’re showing up in your dreams and this incredibly vivid way, not in a normal, dreamlike way?

Chris Lippincott 11:48
Yeah, because we’re the normal dream. Yeah, exactly. But the normal dream, you’ll, you’ll wake up and you’ll kind of remember some stuff. And then immediately, it’ll just kind of go away. I mean, try to remember if you’ve had a dream last week, you don’t remember even what it was like, you’ll be lucky if you remember the end of the day. But if you actually remember a dream that you’ve had many years ago, in vivid detail, with smells, and colors, and words and everything like that, that’s more than a dream. That’s that’s like visiting somebody, and remembering what they said, when they were standing in front of you.

Kristin Taylor 12:25
Right, right. So you’re talking about spirit, and you use the word spirit a lot. And I use the word word spirit a lot. What do you mean by spirit?

Chris Lippincott 12:34
Great question. We are all spirit. We are all spirit, energy and spirit is truly energy, we are energy. In fact, when we in the material are looking around, we have this perception that we’re solid things, quantum physics has proven that we’re not solid, nothing in existence is solid 99.99999% of everything is empty space, it’s all filled with energy. So we are truly energy, we are spirit incarnate, whereas Spirit, who have transitioned to another, another realm, that spirit discarded, it has happened to be in a different dimension, we see ourselves in a very low vibration state, whereas spirit that has transitioned to a different realm, a higher vibration is at a much higher vibration state. It’s like looking at a propeller blade, or a fan. When you look at the fan blade or the propeller blade at rest, you can easily see the blade. Look at the blade at full speed. You can’t even see the blade, that’s all gone. Does that mean it’s left? It’s not there anymore. Put your finger in there, and you’ll be sure it’s still there.

Kristin Taylor 13:47
Mm hmm. And so my understanding of mediumship and I love that word is that you are in that gap between those on the other realm who are vibrating so quickly, much like the blades of a fan, where we are vibrating much more slowly, much like looking at the fan and seeing each blade. I’ve often heard it compared to like, ice to water to vapor. Right? So you kind of go in the middle so that you can hear them and be connected to those incarnates

Chris Lippincott 14:18
Exactly. And that’s literally what the word medium means, because we’re literally in the middle. So what a medium tries to do is we try to raise our vibration and our vibratory awareness as high as we possibly can. We basically try to tune in like a radio. It’s like It’s like taking your radio and tuning it all the way to the right. Whereas spirits trying to take their radio and turn it all the way to the left. So we can meet somewhere in the middle.

Kristin Taylor 14:48
Meet somewhere in the middle. I love that. So how do you tune into that frequency and know you teach courses on this? I mean, this could be a book in and of itself, but if for someone who’s never heard of this and is like what in the world are they talking about if you’re going to raise your vibration and tune in because I hear those are really both part and parcel. What are some of the things that you do?

Chris Lippincott 15:10
Well, it’s very much like daydreaming. When we daydream, our vibration skyrockets, because we’re all right brain. We’re no longer here anymore. Your physical body is in the chair. Think back to your school days, it’s spring, you’re about to leave, you’re staring out that window. You don’t know what the teacher is saying, You’re not even there anymore. You are literally outdoors running around, you’re gone. That’s what it’s like,

Kristin Taylor 15:41
I’ve never had someone say it like that, like I can connect with that. Okay, then how do you know whether you’re daydreaming or actually getting messages from Spirit? Because I can so easily say, I think I just made that up. How do you know the difference?

Chris Lippincott 15:54
That’s a great question is how do you how are you? The 1000 year old question is how do I discern between my imagination, and this really spirit? You know, it’s really spirit when they’re giving you information that you never could have known yourself, and you’re delivering the information to somebody who completely understands exactly what’s coming through. But you have no idea why you’re saying it, or what it means the number of times I’ll bring through information. I’ll be like, I don’t know why they’re saying this. And I don’t know what it means. But you would understand XYZ and they’re like, Yep, I’m like, holy cow. All right. I mean, the amount of stuff that comes through it is, especially the more bizarre it is, the better. Because then I know it’s not my imagination. I’ve got a crazy imagination, but not like that.

Kristin Taylor 16:43
Yeah, yeah. Okay, want to go back to this. But I want to also ask you a question that feels really important because I’ve been talking a lot with my audience are beginning to about soul, soul work, Soul ages, Soul level soul inquiry? What is the difference between spirit and soul?

Chris Lippincott 17:00
Great question. We have spirit within us. When we are thinking of spirit, think of think of the spirit within spirit is really the, the spark of the divine. It’s the when, for example, when somebody says, Boy, that person’s got spirit, they got the energy, they got the life, right, that’s the spirit energy, that’s, that’s them, that’s the white of Eve, right? That spirit, it’s that little spark of life, spark of divine, the soul is really the vessel. It’s the, it’s the way that you would encapsulate spirit. So when a spirit travels, if let’s say a spirit, leaves, the physical goes into the non physical, the spirit meets up with its quote, unquote, Higher Self, the soul. So the soul is on the outer, the spirit is on the inner. So if you want to think about it in layers, or in terms of carrying one with the other, we currently have the spirit residing within, and the stole the higher self is kind of left behind as a shell. So sometimes we’ll be connecting with our own soul.

Kristin Taylor 18:22
Yeah, I got that’s so interesting to me. Because I’ve met with people, they say, I can connect with your soul for you as like a psychic medium. And that’s been confusing for me. So I’m gonna go in two different directions. So bear with me here. You say a spark of the divine? What imagine listeners are going to be like the divine God, what is God? Like? These are huge questions. But how can you speak to that? Sure. What do you have to say about that?

Chris Lippincott 18:52
You can put any label you want to you can you can call it God. You can call it divine, you can call it creator, whatever. You can put any name to it, it doesn’t really matter what the overarching energy is out there. You could even talk about it from a quantum physics perspective in that everything since everything is energy. And we don’t know where the energy truly is. They’ve gone to the point of saying, there’s even dark matter dark energy, we don’t even we can’t even explain it. You could say that the divine the Creator, God, whatever label you want to put to it is everywhere and everything. It’s in us, it’s around us. It’s of us. It’s part of us. It’s in the trees. It’s in the flowers. It didn’t know Walt, it’s in our spine. It’s in our sky. It’s in our it’s everything. That’s why when you say energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It lasts forever. It’s everywhere. And nowhere has the exact same definition as a religious person saying what God is, can’t be destroyed last forever, et cetera, et cetera. So the parallels are identical. So you can go at it from a quantum physics perspective, or you can go at it from a religious perspective, but they’ll say the same thing.

Kristin Taylor 20:20
Yeah, all roads lead to ram so to speak. Yeah, okay. Okay. So I want to go in two different directions. So bear with me a part of me. Well, a big part of me wants to go in the direction of what spirit wants to communicate to us and how we can communicate and so many questions that direction. I also want to talk about if you have any insight into reincarnation soul ages, Soul wisdom, older souls, younger souls, what are your thoughts on that?

Chris Lippincott 20:50
Two big topics? Which one would you like me to start with?

Kristin Taylor 20:53
Which one you want to start with? Let’s go this all ages, and then we’ll then we’ll go the other direction, because I feel like that’s the direction of the call, or meeting.

Chris Lippincott 21:01
As far as soul ages and reincarnation, think about it from the perspective as we come down to earth as the spirit being to learn lessons. This is the giant Earth school, we’re in a very heavy, dense material plane. Some spirits have said this is the second most dense plane in existence. Because if you want to think about it, conversely, if quote unquote, heaven, whatever name you want to put to a, you know, the the the non material is such a lovely, wonderful place, which clearly it is. Are you going to learn hard lessons there? Are you we all going to learn tough lessons here we do every day? It’s like saying, the five year old, you can tell the five year old don’t touch that hot stove, it’ll burn your finger? Are they going to listen to you? No, of course not. They only will learn the lesson after they’ve touched the hot stove. Once they have had that experience. They’ll never touch it again. Like us, we only learn it when we go through the experience. So we’re experiencing new things every day. So we come to the earth school to learn new things. So we’re coming here for lessons to everything. Every time we’re getting frustrated, angry, we’re like, why is this happening to me? How could this possibly be doing anything? Or people yell the sky? God is such a mean, God, how could he possibly do all these horrible things when he’s not doing anything? We set it up ourselves, so that we can learn. We’re actually creating these things. We came here for a reason.

Kristin Taylor 22:52
Yeah. For the learning. And then the more that we do learn, the more our soul evolves to learn different lessons. Right. Exactly. So speak to that.

Chris Lippincott 23:02
Yeah, exactly. So what we’re actually doing is we set it all up, and we have a soul plan, we the soul contract, the number of times I yell at myself, and I said, What was I thinking when I signed that contract?

Kristin Taylor 23:17
I know me too! I’m with you.

Chris Lippincott 23:21
So that’s really, that’s kind of the way it works is like we in our in our higher self. Looking down at what we wanted to learn, we’re like, okay, we want to learn all these things. And that’s kind of why we have spirit guides, kind of trying to keep us on the straight and narrow trying to keep us on that path. So that yeah, we’re gonna, you know, learn all these different lessons and go through all these different experiences. Of course, now we’re experiencing them, and we’re just going oh, God, I can’t believe it’s kind of God, I wish I had a VA kind of thing.

Kristin Taylor 23:52
Damn that ambitious, all of mine.

Chris Lippincott 23:54
Yeah. All right. And the more you learn, I mean, reincarnation has been said that we go through, you know, hundreds, if not 1000s of lives, because there’s so many lessons to be learned. Sometimes we learn them. And it’s like grade school. If you don’t pass all of your grades and all your tests and school, got to repeat this, you know, that grade? They won’t let you go up to the next grade. Unless you’ve passed all your tests. Yeah, so the same thing here.

Kristin Taylor 24:28
And so often when, let’s say what maybe the lesson was, and I’m just going to pick big ones, like whether it’s patience, or kindness or forgiveness or you know, connection, trust, right? So many things that we can be learning, if we’re not learning them, then you repeat the grade over and over again. Right. And so it feels like and I just say this, and we don’t have to go deeply into that. Like there’s so much going on, whether it’s in regard to the environment and our climate, or whether it’s like social or political. There’s just so much we chose to be here. Yeah. Let’s get back to souls, excuse me spirit communicating with us, given that all of us who are incarnate right now chose to be here, and not saying this is the most difficult time in history, but it is certainly an interesting and difficult time. Absolutely. What if you were to say, some of the common themes or messages that you’re hearing? Are there common themes and messages that you’re hearing? Yeah, why we are here now?

Chris Lippincott 25:27
Yeah, well, a lot of times what’s most interesting, when spirit comes through, is, first off, they’re trying to give tremendous healing. Because the, inevitably, the person who is there, as a center just wants some kind of closure wants just to hear that this person is either a, they’re okay or be, they want to hear that they’re sorry, or the, you know, they’re giving a love this want to hear something. And it depends on each person’s situation. Sometimes, they want to hear that the husband who might have been, you know, Latin, not faithful to his wife, they want to kind of hear that apology, or they want to, you know, hear I love you, or because the husband never said, I love you enough, or they want to hear, you know, thank you for all of your wonderful, you know, help that you gave me, whatever it is. And all the time, spirits, messages are always coming through about either love or apology, or forgiveness or giving suggestions and advice of, you’ve got to live your life to the fullest. That seems to be one of the more popular ones I don’t, I don’t wanna say popular, but definitely one of the more frequent ones, you’ve got to live your life to the fullest. Because what Spirit clearly knows from their perspective, because they literally got the quote, unquote, 30,000 foot view, if you’ll excuse the pun. They’ve got a much higher view from where they are, and they can see what we’re doing. And the number of times they say that like either get outside. Granted, last couple of years, we’ve all been indoors, so we’ve had that issue. So they’re all saying get outside, live your life to the fullest. Enjoy your life. And that seems to be one that’s always going on.

Kristin Taylor 27:21
Okay, and so when I hear that, thank you for that. What I hear in that is so spirit is that spark, but now I’m hearing you talk about loved ones deceased people who’ve passed on? How are those the same? And how are those different

Chris Lippincott 27:34
I was just gonna say, remember, remember the that spirit is the spark of life, Spirit is the spark of life, whether that’s the spark of life on, you know, incarnate, it’s within us. Or if the if the physical body has shut down, died, and we’ve we’ve released that trench coat of a physical body. Now that spirit, that spark of life is now free to be somewhere else. And now it moves to the non physical realm. It’s still that entity, it’s still the same person, personalities literally do not change. You could literally be talking to a spirit person in the non physical. And it seems like you’re having a conversation with the somebody who’s completely alive because they are alive. They just happen to be alive on a different continent, a continent that we can’t see. They’re having a grand old time they might be drinking their margaritas and you know, sitting back in a lawn chair for all we know.

Kristin Taylor 28:29
But they’re more connected to spirit in many ways, because their frequency is higher is that..?

Chris Lippincott 28:34
Well, yeah, they bowled that that’s, that’s because they are spirit at a higher vibration. They’re existing in a higher vibration. So they’re people, they’re spirit people who are now in a higher vibration existence, whereas we’re spirit people in a low vibration existence, because we are all spirit. And think of it from a phrase this way. There’s a great French philosopher who once said, we’re all spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.

Kristin Taylor 29:07
And so with this elevated consciousness, because they’re at a higher I say, elevated consciousness to tell me if that’s right or wrong, they’re at a higher vibrational experience, higher vibrational level, I’m hearing you say that they are saying go out and live your life, have joy, like, you know, everything that you just said, are they also looking down at what we’re going through? Whether it’s with COVID or the other things that are so challenging are there other than just the interpersonal so to speak of someone who may have lost a father or daughter or spouse? Are there lessons about this time on earth that you are hearing?

Chris Lippincott 29:42
Yeah, actually, what was very interesting is one of my mentors, who was teaching the trance several years ago. Had a one of his guides come through, and he was this guide was talking about The experience we’re all having COVID Why we were having the COVID experience, and I can’t say exactly what it was said. But the gist was, we would not give you something that you could not handle. We’re doing this because everybody has gotten so far apart, you’re you’re no longer together, we wanted to do something that would enable you to come together as one. And it was very interesting that when you begin to think about that, that’s exactly what happened. We all wound up kind of coming together as one we were forced to come together, because we were trying to deal with all this as one.

Kristin Taylor 30:41
Well, it’s so interesting, because I could argue that 100% That that was the lesson they wanted us to learn. And I feel like in many ways we did. And at the same time earth being Earth school, and that we have free will in many ways. You know, perhaps we weren’t passing the tests, when it became about this vitriolic them versus us who’s vaccinated who’s not who’s to be believed who’s not right, right. Like, there’s so many ways where quite the opposite was true. And it is because we are in human form. And either we eat the lesson. And that gets me back to the old soul question. So do you have the insight or the perception, the belief, the messages that come from Spirit, when people move more in their lives from a place of love and compassion? Is that a hallmark of an older soul? Or what is your understanding of that?

Chris Lippincott 31:29
I would say that the person who has achieved a more elevated consciousness through love, compassion, understanding, non judgement, loving kindness, that’s a person who has allowed themselves to go through a stage of spiritual growth. And that’s really what spirits trying to get us all to do. The more you’re enabling yourself to grow your own spirit, you’re learning how to conduct yourself in a more spiritual way.

Kristin Taylor 32:05
I love that. That’s one of the best answers I’ve ever heard to that question. I’ve asked it a lot. So I really, really appreciate that. Thank you. So you talked about, you know, you can hear them, you can feel them. How does spirit communicate with you, you talked about the imagination. But given that you teach this, I understand that we all can do it. And you say a little bit more about that? Sure.

Chris Lippincott 32:33
One of the most important things that we all need to understand is that we need to first get in contact with our spirit within Gordon higgenson, who is arguably one of the greatest mediums in the last 100 150 years is famously known for saying, we must first get in contact with the spirit within before we contact the Spirit without. And so one of the things you must do is we need to spiritualize the self. Once we spiritualize the self, it is at that point that we begin to understand that we are all spirit and that we start to practice the actual call it basic steps, okay, start to learn your clairvoyant, you start to learn your clairsentience, you start to learn all the little steps that you need to undergo you first must unfold your mediumship It’s like learning how to take baby steps unfolding being fit, what is mediumship? What’s the spirituality of mediumship, you have to learn the concepts and the theory behind it first, so that you can allow that spirit to rise once you allow the Spirit to rise. And then you get to a point where since we all have the spiritual ability, lying dormant just beneath the surface, we have to allow that to rise to the surface, and then open ourselves to spirit. And one of the most frustrating things for people I find is that everybody wants to control the communication. They come with a list of say, Okay, I want you to answer this question. And that question and that question, What’s your age? What’s your profession? What’s your personality? What’s your passion? What’s your hobbies? What do you do? What did? What’s your age? Yatta Yatta, yatta yatta yatta you do that and you’re in your conscious mind? You can’t do that. You can’t go walk around with a list of questions saying gotta come on spirit answer with these questions. If you just allow spirit, you go all the way to your right brain. And you allow yourself to daydream and just be the famous phrase trust and surrender becomes critical. This know that what you’re receiving in your mind is no longer yours. That’s the trusting part. surrendering is just allowing spirit to communicate with you the way it wants, because it knows how to get the words across to you.

Kristin Taylor 35:08
Yeah, yeah. So, so much comes out for me as I listen to that, that trust and surrender, what I’ve also heard is, it’s like raising your vibration is also not only connecting to imagination, but it’s connecting to love to the heart. Is that true?

Chris Lippincott 35:27
Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s very much allowing yourself to get out of the every day. And that’s why meditation is so critical in the beginning, for example, in England, most of the mediumship circles that people sit in for every week, the weekly circles, they will not allow a developing medium to join the circle, unless they’ve been sitting in the power for 12 months. And sitting in the power is a very special type of meditation, where you are allowing that spirit to rise, allowing the spirit to expand and expands such a degree that you feel and make the intention that you are then connecting with source with the Creator. And that you feel the creator and the Source Energy begin to embrace you. And that you are suddenly, you know, absorbed by Source energy. And when you’re at that point, not only have you expanded, but you are now receiving the power, the spiritual power of source energy. And it’s like recharging your batteries, it’s recharging your spiritual batteries, when you recharge your spiritual batteries, that’s when you have the power, you gotta have enough power to juice yourself up to be connected.

Kristin Taylor 36:56
Oh my gosh, okay. And so I know that you’ve had so much training on this, and I don’t expect obviously in this conversation for you to be able to unpack all of this. I’m hearing meditation, I’m imagining to with that, you know, recharging your power or igniting your power and getting spiritualized. There’s a lot of visualization using the imagination, like you’re saying.

Chris Lippincott 37:18
Yep, absolutely. Okay. And in fact, in the sitting in the power of meditation, that’s a very visual meditation, you literally are seeing a white light ball of light bursts, you’re allowing yourself to calm down.

Kristin Taylor 37:35
That’s the hardest part.

Chris Lippincott 37:37
That’s the hard part. That’s just basic general meditation. You’re focusing on your brand new week, go into meditation, old nights. I mean, it’s like, you’re just focusing on your breath, on the inhalation exhalation and feeling your chest rise and fall and your stomach expand, cracked, and you’re really starting to focus on your body. And as you go through your must your muscles relaxing, then eventually you start to focus on the solar plexus, right near your diaphragm. And you start to feel a little ball of white light. And then slowly start to imagine this little ball of white light starts to slowly expand. And guess what that little ball of white light is? Spirits as to bingo to your spirit. If it’s your spirit, yeah, there you go. That spirit is your white light, your white light starts to expand slowly, eventually, it fills your entire body. So all of a sudden, your entire body is completely, you know, beaming with light, you become a light being every pore of your being and your body is filled with white light, you’re emitting white light, you start to see the light coming out of your aura, starting to fill your room, then start to expand out the room out your entire house and out to the buildings around you that are to the town and the country in the world, to the universe. And that eventually you connect the source and you’re just like, Oh my god.

Kristin Taylor 39:06
Okay, let’s, let’s get going. I want to go so many different directions. So you’ve got me so curious. So I’m going to try to stay focused, because this could go on for three hours if I asked every clearly. No. Okay, so I want to go, I just like to tell you what I’m thinking and where I’m going as I pause to help me get on track if I get distracted. So here are the three things that are coming up for me. One is I want to hear about because I read your book, and it’s been a while, but I read your book about soul committees that people on the other side who are like guides, so that’s part of my curiosity, as is when you’re doing all this readings when you are doing all of these readings what that takes from you. And then and then if so, what we’ll we’ll go there.

Chris Lippincott 39:53
Okay, okay. Let’s start with the What you asked what it takes for me, it actually doesn’t take anything. If anything, I am so energized after every reading what’s so beautiful after it, I’m when I’m giving a reading, I’m as the middleman, it’s kind of like I’m connecting spirit to the center, and I’m holding two cords of energy, I’m holding the cord of energy and spirit, I’m holding the cord of energy from the center. I’m kind of like getting jolts from both sides. And so I’m getting the healing, going right from spirit to the center. So I’m getting their residual healing, I’m getting the residual energy. So at the end of the reading on this, like flying high, I’m just like, Oh my God, and it is so beautiful. And so I could do a 24/7 365.

Kristin Taylor 40:49
Oh, my gosh, that is the opposite of what I would have assumed. That’s really, really cool. And I’m really happy for you. And here’s the actual question that I was going to ask before we go towards subcommittee stuff. Do you feel spirit right now with us? Is there anything that’s coming through right now? I’m not asking for reading but is do you turn it on or off? I guess is what I’m asking. Oh, absolutely.

Chris Lippincott 41:06
You can turn it on and off. But I do literally as you ask that question. I do literally feel my guides on either side of me. The way I always know they’re around me is they literally wrap energy around my upper arms, near my shoulders, upper arms, biceps, and I can always feel like a band of energy handling like little tiny, effervescent champagne bubbles wrapping themselves around me. And I know they’re there because I can feel them. And so that’s kind of their hallmark. That’s their sign. Everybody’s got a little different sign that’s been mine for years.

Kristin Taylor 41:40
That’s so cool. That’s so cool. Okay, so you said guides, I saw committees guides can use this some of this language means like nothing to people who are like this is Wackadoodle. What are they talking? Yes. What does that mean?

Chris Lippincott 42:00
Guides spirit, what spirit guides basically are is they are other advanced souls who had agreed to come down to spirit with us to literally guide us on our journey. Remember, we made this soul contract to come down here to learn all these lessons. But we also knew that it was going to a be really difficult, and be that when we came down, it was known that we were going to have quote, unquote, spiritual amnesia, because it would be pointless if we knew all the answers, right? So they had to basically wipe our minds clean. It’s not like we can get to, you know, come from spirit and come back to the material world with with the answer sheet, that’d be cheating. So we acknowledging come down and literally go through this process where they give a spiritual amnesia and Oh, very funny story that my guides are telling me to give you. Apparently what happens is, when spirit wants to come back for reincarnation, there’s literally a qualification process. And only a small percentage of spirit people who want to come back, make it because it’s so everybody knows, it’s so grueling. It’s like a marathon. I mean, look at all the people that are here on the earth today are all grumbling and mumbling and going, Oh, I can’t stay in this world. A lot of times people decide to take themselves out, they want to go back to the spirit world, that they were part of the ones who somehow slipped through and they were somehow qualified, but it turns out maybe they should not have been qualified, is a really tough process. But it’s a small percentage of people who actually make it. That being said, the guides come through with us to stay with us to make sure that we’re staying on our path, our soul contract, tried to keep nudging us. You know, a lot of times we will say, Oh, I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to go off and play in a rock band. Is that going to help your soul contract spirits are gonna say no spirit guides gonna say Come on, you gotta get back into your your path. They’re not gonna do anything to interfere because it’s universal law that says spirit can not interfere with our free will. Because we’ve been given free will to do whatever we want. But they’re gonna certainly whisper pretty darn loud in the back of our head. We’re always gonna go you know, I got that sinking feeling in the back of my head. I don’t know why I and forget it. Yeah, so how many times how many times for example, do you go outside Mine happens to me all the time. When you go outside and you’re thinking for example, and you know, I really feel like I should be bringing that in brill. I think it’s probably gonna rain. I’m probably gonna get wet. And I’m too lazy. I don’t want to go back and get it. You go to work. You come back and you were soaking wet. Anyway, thing

Kristin Taylor 45:00
So those are the nudges. Those are the whispers where it’s the intuition. It’s that like needling metal in the back of the head. Here we go again, no. collusion. Yes. So intuition, what else shows up as signs or even symbols, that spirit is trying to communicate with you that we should slow down and heat.

Chris Lippincott 45:19
It, it’s sometimes it just winds up happening that, say, for example, we’re on the go. And we’re working way too hard. And all of a sudden, our body starts to give us examples. And we’re always ignoring that, that’s one thing where it’s, we just don’t pay attention, either to ourselves, or to all the signs that are around us. Sometimes we’ll start seeing things that are nearby us, whether maybe it’s a, it’s a, it’s a plant, for example, that even it’s like, what is the energy that we give off, that affects other things that we don’t even pay attention to? So it’s, it’s that interaction of energy, both from our guides from other living beings around us, and we’re studying paying attention to it.

Kristin Taylor 46:09
Help me understand that further, like a plant or a person, like is it the energy or mood around us? Or what is…?

Chris Lippincott 46:15
It brings back in the 70s, of course, it’s the same thing. It’s because it’s the energy it’s, I mean, loon Rings was was partly heat, but it was also the vibration that was coming from the body. Because we all have an aura and aura changes all day long. You know, it can go from, you know, brown, if you’re feeling in a really bad mood to, you know, bright, white, yellow, if you’re feeling in a really good mood and all the multi different colors in between. So it’s it’s all about what we’re feeling and how we’re interacting with ourselves and with our world. And the guides certainly are, you know, they’re not going to be with us. 24/7 They’re not going to be knocking on our heads 24/7. But when things come to critical head, they’ll often show up so many times, how many times do people come through and they say, you wouldn’t believe it. I was driving behind this truck. And all of a sudden, I heard this voice yell on my side, move over to the next lane. I listened. And sure enough, that truck that was right in front of me, blew out a tire and I would crash right into it like god for that boy. So I don’t know what it was but yatta yatta yatta?

Kristin Taylor 47:30
Yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay. So I’m going to ask you, and then we’ll go into transition. And I want to plug you and I’ll even share with everyone about the reading that I had with you. What have I not asked you, or what is spirit wanting to say that I have not yet asked.

Chris Lippincott 47:50
Spirit wants us to know that they’re all around us, they’re always with us that they are here to come and bring us healing and love and that they’re always alive. They’ve never died, we can never die. The only thing that stops being is the physical trench coat of the human body. But using the physical trenchcoat of the human body is pretty gross. Anyway, what is more important to focus on? Is the real person on the inside that consciousness that spark of life, who is that spark of life? And will that spark of life live forever? Absolutely, definitely. 110% Because it’s that personality that always comes through every single time. They always come through just like they were just like we knew them just like we remember them because they don’t change. Because guess what, they’re still doing the same old thing, same old people, except that now they’ve grown so much more, and they’re always with us. And it’s that beautiful loving perspective of love that they now have a completely different viewpoint on because we’re, it’s it’s very much like and they they now they’re doing this reminder of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, we all have this very limited perception of reality, our perception of reality is completely wrong. We just think we’re here. And that’s it. And we think that the material is all there is when in fact, there’s so much more. It’s only one part of the whole broad spectrum. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave basically says that there were three prisoners who grew up in a cave chained to a wall facing the wall. And that was all they knew their entire life. One of the prisoners breaks free, runs out, finds the entrance of the cave, sees outside and goes, oh my gosh, there’s all this green grass and these trees, these people, these animals and flowers, Oh, it’s beautiful. I can’t believe it. Holy cow. He runs back and tells all of his his other two. Prisoner, pals. Hey, guess what? But you wouldn’t believe what I just saw to someone beautiful world. And they’re like, that’s impossible. Why? Because it’s beyond their perception. Like, it’s like telling a goldfish. Oh, by the way above that surface water, you see, there’s a whole nother world. That’s possible.

Kristin Taylor 50:19
Right? Right. I think it’s beyond our perception. I think of it as the illusion we’re in the under the illusion that this all that there is. And it’s always like poking the illusion. What I love about your work is that you spirit through you, but your mission and your commitment is to provide such solace and comfort for those who are in grief to recognize that those whose physical bodies, their trench coats have passed on they have died, are still there are still there. And that through evidential medium, those bizarre little things that you’re like, I can’t believe this is coming through, but I’m going to say it because I couldn’t make this up, prove that. This is the person you need to connect with because only he or she or they would know this. Right? Right. So I had a really beautiful reading with you that was so affirming. And I would encourage anyone who is listening to give him a call because he is the real deal. And he said things that I don’t know how he would have known and it was just very, very moving. Yeah, I want to share, um, I want to share this, this story that happened to me actually, recently, my father passed about two years ago. And the other night I more than the other night. A few months passed, I said, Dad, I’m gonna give you a sign. And I thought of something that was significant between the two of us. And he had given me a poster when I was a child of Snow White. And I don’t see snow white every single day, like when I turn on my computer or the TV or go out into the world or whatever I’m doing Snow White is not a recurrent theme in my world. But I said, I’m going to send this to dad. And if you are listening, I’d love in some way if you could send the message back, and that will be our communication. So when to sleep the night that night, and then I woke up and the first thing I log into my day at work, meaning log into my laptop, and first image on MSNBC comes up for me. And it’s Snow White. Very first thing I see is Snow White. And I’m like, you go. Yeah, so I did. I started laughing. And then I started laughing. I call my husband, I tell him this, and I’m about to get in the car. And I’m like, How bizarre is this? Oh my god, it really felt like it was him. And then I turn on the radio. And it’s that song. “I saw the sign. And I opened up….” and I’m like, now you’re just being silly. Yeah, so just paying attention. Just pay attention and ask him to communicate exactly.

Chris Lippincott 52:37
Yeah. Just pay attention to the little signs because it’s so easy to overlook.

Kristin Taylor 52:41
Yes, yes. Well, how can people reach you? And how can they learn from you? Yep.

Chris Lippincott 52:49
Well, the best way they can reach out to me is they can either go to my website, which is www dot montclaire Or they can reach me through email at Chris at Montclair Those are probably the two simplest ways.

Kristin Taylor 53:06
Wonderful. Well, I endorse you with everything that I’ve got. I appreciate you so much for being on the show. We’ll have all the links folks to every way to contact him and learn about him. So email and, and your website. Thank you so much, Chris.

Chris Lippincott 53:20
Moore. Thank you so much, Kristen. It was a pleasure being here.

Kristin Taylor 53:24
Chris says spirit wants us to know that they are all around us, that they’re with us, and that they are here to bring us healing and love and that they’re always alive. They can never die. We can never die. Pay attention he says to that spark of life, because it is that it lives forever. Let’s all pay attention to the little signs because they are so easy to overlook. Thank you, Chris for sharing these important messages. And if you are enjoying these podcasts, I ask that you to share them. We need all the help we can get and elevating these important stories. The sound engineering or Today’s show was provided by Shane Suffriti. To learn more about Shane, please visit If you are looking to increase your own wellness, reduce your anxiety, or deepen your own personal or spiritual awareness. These are the areas I specialize in as a coach and would love to explore working with you. Please reach out to me at Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll see you next time on How I Made It Through.

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