HIMIT S3E15 Christina Brinkley #4

 [00:00:00] we all come here for a purpose. You’re not able to live your purpose if you are not in your energy.

Christina Brinkley: You’re only playing out other people’s agendas, other people’s experiences, because that’s the energy that you’re holding. So a lot of people come here aching to find their purpose, they want to reconnect with it. But their first step is to connect with their actual energy.

 Today we are bringing back our recurring guest, Christina Brinkley. It’s such an honor to have her. And again, many episodes thus far, you will hear her share her wisdom and the wisdom of her guides. And she takes people on soul’s journey. So please visit Christina at soul journey. Did I just mess that up?

Kristin Taylor: Soul Journey with Christina,

Christina Brinkley: Right,

Kristin Taylor: Soul [00:01:00] Journey with Christina. I was getting a little arrogant thinking, I know this, I don’t need to write anything down. Soul Journey with Christina. So um, before each episode, Christina and I chat and I really leave space for her to say what we should be exploring and what she can share with us that feels so important at this time for people collectively and individually.

So I will hand it over and welcome back Christina.

Christina Brinkley: Thank you. Um, I love being here. I love sharing this information. Um, which feels so wild to me that I, um, you know, what, like, what do I have to say? Which is so funny because, um, my guides are like, you have nothing to say. We have a lot to say. Um, not that I don’t have anything to say, but they have a lot to say.

Um, My healing work over time has actually become more channel heavy. So when people work with me, they’re getting a [00:02:00] lot of information. There’s like a lot, that’s, so I, I always record my healings. Um, so people can listen to it again and again. I sometimes go back and listen to other people’s healings and take notes because so much information is coming through and I’m like oh my gosh, this is wild, this is so important and um, so many things that I’ve learned just by channeling information and other people’s healings have changed my world view, have changed my, who I am and, and, and, and how I navigate through this world.

Um. Most of the time when people come to me for healing work, they, um, they come because they are going through some kind of specific trauma. And, Um, or they maybe had a lot of trauma in their past and they’re just like stuck in it. They don’t know how to break free of, um, you know, living in that kind of thriving space.[00:03:00]

And so people often come to me focused on these things. And, and that’s what, you know, we’ll break it up and we’ll work through these things. But one of the biggest tools that I can give to people, that I can give to people, are teaching them how to do these things on their own. Um, everyone has the capacity to do healing work.

Not everyone needs to. Um, but everyone should know the very basics of how to clear their field. Um, and we talked about this before, but I want to go into its importance because we spoke on it in the space of, um, working in the collective. During, during really hard times, it’s really important to keep your…

space clear so that you can be, um, a container that can hold, um, hold pain or grief or heartache and, and not take on others, but you can release yours and, and hold space for others. [00:04:00] And it’s, that, those are really important aspects, um, that we all need in difficult times. Um, but even on in times, and there’s always difficult times, depending on where you are in the world.

Um, but just in your day to day life, there is a real importance in, um, being in your own energy. And I think I didn’t realize what that meant, um, until very recent. So I’ve only been actively clearing my field on a daily basis for four years now. Um, this is a very, like, this has happened and it’s changed my life.

But for years I was going to energy healers. For 20 years I would go to energy healers, um, on a pretty regular basis in different capacities. And I would have, cause I knew that they could tap into something [00:05:00] in me. They were pulling something in me to the surface. And I was searching for that, and I didn’t know how to maintain it.

So I would go to someone, they would tap into something in me, pull it to the surface, and I would feel like myself. And I would be thriving. Maybe for a day, maybe for a week, maybe for a couple months. But then it would get, like, wonky again.

Kristin Taylor: Get all accumulated

Christina Brinkley: Right, I didn’t know how to maintain that. I didn’t understand it.

And at the time, no one was telling me… That there’s only, like, you have to maintain it, like, you don’t, there’s, no one was giving me the information and I don’t know if maybe they didn’t understand it either, like, they knew they had a gift but they didn’t know how to help others to maintain it.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Christina Brinkley: Um, but now I find it very important and I want everyone to do this, even if you’re not doing going and seeking healer work, just doing this on your own will change your life.

Um, [00:06:00] for the better. And I think what was a big… Wake up call for me was that I didn’t realize how many of us on the planet are not actually running our own authentic energy. We are not in our own authentic energy, we are. When I first learned about clearing my field, um, I, the method that I learned came from three different type of teachers that have been using it, using the same kind of method. Um, and it’s, if you are interested, I think you, uh, you still have my, my,

Kristin Taylor: Yes, the audio that you created.

Christina Brinkley: I created an audio for people to listen to, to clear your field and that’s still available. It’s free. You can do it, listen to it, use mine, make up your own, whatever you want. Um, just do it.

Kristin Taylor: [00:07:00] Just do it. Yes.

Christina Brinkley: But, uh, when I first learned about it, I. I learned from three different teachers.

They all were learning from the same, they all came from the same space. So they were all very similar. So I liked their method. It was very clean and precise. Um, but I’ve also experienced people who do it a little bit more whimsical and magical. This is very clean and like to the point. Um, well. One of the teachers brought to my attention that you can read how much authentic energy is in your field, like a gauge.

So let’s say from 0 to 100, and I can share this teacher, he’s really great, I really adore him, he has tons of free offerings, um, beautiful, um, YouTube [00:08:00] videos, um, of, of like, specific type of energy clearings, um, he calls them ener Energy spas, I think. I love them. He’s an older man. Older than me. Not old. But older than me. And he’s, um, gentle and loving. And I really, really, like, I always send my clients to him,

Kristin Taylor: You gotta share his name. What’s

Christina Brinkley: Oh! His name is Art Geiser.

Uh, Art is his first name. Last name Geiser. G I S E R. He’s so great. Um, he doesn’t know I’m promoting him. But I’m sure he would welcome it.

Kristin Taylor: Yes.

Christina Brinkley: he has his own type of, like, Different type of energy. teaching that he does. Um, and, and, and he does it like a lot. He does different type of energy work than me, but I love it.

I will go to any kind of offering he has. I love it. So I highly recommend him. But one of the, about three and a half years ago, I took a class of his and he taught us [00:09:00] to read a gauge. So, um, the gauge would be on a scale of zero to a hundred, how much are you in your authentic energy? And so, the way you can, you can do it in several ways.

If you’re familiar with muscle testing, you can muscle test. You can use a pendulum if you want. But I, um, hear. I hear, I have, uh, I hear the answers. Right, clairaudience. So I hear the answers in my head. So I always, um, so I’ll ask myself. And then I’ll hear, hear the number pretty clearly. I think a lot of people have it that way.

They’ll get, like, a number will come to them. And then you just have to trust. Like, part of, part of this process of starting to do your own type of energy work or clearing work is you have to build trust. Um, because it’s not clear. It’s not super clear at first. It gets [00:10:00] more clear, but in the beginning it can be a little like, Am I making this up?

Like, maybe, but like, let’s just try it.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah, it’s practice and then you get a sense of how you, how you connect with it.

Christina Brinkley: when I first, um, read my gauge of how much authentic energy I read 2%. 2 percent authentic energy. And I thought, well, that’s wild. There’s no way I could only be running from 2%. This is me, someone that is I’m getting energy work done on a regular basis. I feel very awakened and enlightened to the world. I, um, have a somewhat healthy lifestyle. Like, nothing, you know, Like, are you kidding me?

So, I asked, um, at the time, and, like, I, like, thinking, I’m only getting 2%, so I’m clearly wrong. [00:11:00] And he was like, nope, that sounds about right.

Kristin Taylor: Well, let me slow you down. This feels really important as we’re moving into the importance of clearing your energy and connecting most with your authentic energy versus taking on so much of the energy around you and what the cost of that is. What does that mean, your own authentic energy, and why does that matter so much?

Christina Brinkley: Okay. So, being in your authentic energy means that It’s your energy, it’s not your mom’s energy, it’s not your mom’s worries, it’s not your dad’s fears, it’s not your collective ancestors grievances, or their pain or their trauma that you’re carrying, it’s not society’s opinions or beliefs, it’s not your fourth grade teacher and what she thought about you, it’s not all of your siblings feelings and emotions, it’s not things, the heartache of the collective, it’s your perspective.

That is off. That’s what happens. And, and honestly, what [00:12:00] I’m curious about is, so I was at 2%. And my thinking is that maybe people who, you know, identify as empathetic or, um, overly compassionate or, or very sensitive or highly sensitive individuals, um, they probably run, you way less authentic, because what’s happening is that we’re bringing, you know, we’re not unconsciously bringing other people’s energies into our space, maybe to understand it, maybe to inadvertently try to help or thinking we’re helping.


Kristin Taylor: Yeah. The energetic boundary is so porous.

Christina Brinkley: right. Yes. And that’s part of clearing your field. So as you clear your field, your boundaries will get very strong. And so we’ll get there. Um, but when you’re, it’s very common for most people to be like under 10%. That is [00:13:00] like a really common. It doesn’t just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

It’s not healthy. It’s not what we should be aiming. We should be all aiming for. And I’ll give you the percentage that we want to be at, um, in a

Kristin Taylor: and again, why does it matter so much to be an authentic energy in terms of our life


Christina Brinkley: you bring, when you, so if you’re carrying, you can live your whole life and be at, I could, if I never did this, I maybe, I would have lived my whole life at 2 percent of my own energy. What’s happening is, is that we all come here for a purpose. You’re not able to live your purpose if you are not in your energy.

You’re only playing out other people’s agendas, other people’s experiences, because that’s the energy that you’re holding. So a lot of people come here aching to find their purpose, they want to reconnect with it. But their first step is to connect with [00:14:00] their actual energy. You have to be in your, you have to, you have to be in your, your life, your soul’s experience, your, you need to have your soul intact.

It, it… You can have aspects of other people’s energy in your field, which we do. That’s how we have a functional society. We have to all agree on certain type of things. Um, so, you know, there’s a piece of us that agree to certain type of, um, societal protocols. And so those are energies that we run in our field.

That’s perfectly normal. But if, but a. But a lot of us are carrying a lot more stuff than we need to. What happens is as you move into your authentic energy, One, you are feeling, just the, just on the basic level, That feeling of finally feeling like yourself, Like those moments in time where you’re like, Oh my gosh.

I’m myself. This, I feel the most myself. That’s the [00:15:00] way you should be feeling all the time. Every day. Um, and so, that is coming into yourself. Knowing yourself. Feeling, that feeling of like, where you’re like, I don’t know. I don’t know why I feel this way. I don’t know. All of that fog is because it’s not you.

If you don’t know why you don’t feel, if you don’t know why you’re feeling a certain way, it’s probably because it’s not your energy that

Kristin Taylor: That’s so interesting.

Christina Brinkley: Because when it’s your energy, you know, you know, you know yourself, you know yourself. That’s why when people do healing work with me, oftentimes, because what I’m doing is I’m relating their soul back to them.

I’m, I’m speaking their soul back to them. And, and so people come and be like, I don’t know why, but I just cried the whole time. And I’m like, because you’re hearing your soul for like the first time in a long time, maybe a lifetime, like you haven’t. You’ve never heard this piece of your soul. You’ve been so disconnected.

And my job is to bring you back home to yourself. My job is to [00:16:00] bring you back. But you can do it on your own.

Kristin Taylor: I love that. Yeah, before you start going there, I just want to share, yesterday I did have a clearing with, with, um, someone, and she was saying, there are programs running so loudly in you that are not yours, she said, there’s all this stuff around, I’m not good enough, there’s all this self doubt, tons of self doubt, and she goes, that’s on your mom’s side, it’s coming through her lineage, we need to clear that, because it is not yours, you came here to get things done, and this is really slowing you down.

Christina Brinkley: Yes. That’s the, that’s the majority of the work I do. I’m moving people’s programs and beliefs that are not theirs out of their field very quickly. You can do a lot of work in 45 minutes, cause I do about 45 minutes to an hour and that’s the concentrated work I do. Now when you’re clearing your field, you’re maintaining what you’re, you’re both maintaining what the work I’ve done with you or the work that you’re doing on your own, which is keeping your own.

Yeah. Those [00:17:00] energies outside of your field and you’re not bringing them back in. Um, to an extent. We always bring a little bit back in. It’s just how we are. Um, but then we’re also slowly like flopping away. We’re like slowly removing the layers. Um, and when you’re doing a daily clearing, It’s just, it’s a slow, it’s like a slow peel that you’re releasing.

Um, so it takes time, it builds. Um, so when I first, I, I found out that I had 2%, I was like, Okay, so I started clearing my energy right away. From that day forward, I’ve been clearing my field. The first, um, the first 30 days, I didn’t feel anything. And I kept going to like teachers and mentors and they’re like, I don’t think this is working.

This is not working for me. I don’t see any difference. I don’t feel anything. There’s nothing happening. And then they would like check my field and they would be like, no, you’re doing it. You’re doing a great job. [00:18:00] And I’d be like, okay. And so I just, so in the beginning it became a trust practice. I was like, what am I doing?

Am I doing anything? But I just had to trust. I had to trust that it was happening. Also in hindsight, what I realized is that When I was pulling off all, I was at 2%, when I was pulling off all these layers, of course I couldn’t feel anything. I was numb. My, me, Christina, was buried underneath all of this. I couldn’t feel when I was letting go of other people’s stuff because it wasn’t mine and there was so much cushion in there of like where, before I had gotten to myself. What happened is over time I would check my gauge and slowly it would go up. It would go up to 16%. Then 23, then 45, you know, it would like slowly make its way up. The ideal range that you want to be in to live in a healthy space of authentic energy is anywhere between 60 percent and 80%.

Kristin Taylor: [00:19:00] Okay.

Christina Brinkley: I think if you are manifesting, ideally you want to be at 80 percent or higher.

Because the more that, and I know a lot of people love to manifest, but you do not want to be manifesting if you are in. If you are below 60 for sure. If you are below 60 percent of your, and you are manifesting, here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to manifest garbage. It’s going to either come true exactly how you wanted it, and then fall apart, or it’s not going to come through how you wanted it.

It’s going to come

Kristin Taylor: my god. Oh my gosh. This is revelatory.

Christina Brinkley: wonky. No, I know. I had, I had a phone call with um, a mentor that I worked with and he’s really great too and um… And he actually, I was, I was manifesting stuff at the time. I actually took a four year hiatus of manifesting because I was like, I’m not touching, I’m not act, we’re always manifesting, [00:20:00] but actively manifesting.

I was doing like rituals to manifest and I actively stopped because I was like, Oh, until I get my energy into a higher space, I do not want to bring this cause I was just causing more stuff like problems.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Christina Brinkley: um, and so I had, I had manifested something and it came through Wonky. And he did like a quick read on it and he was like, Well, you’re man you manifested this, sure.

You have the ability to manifest. Um, but like, this is, the reason it’s not the way you want it is because you were pulling in your mom’s fear. You have a lot of Your mom’s fear in there.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Christina Brinkley: And I was like, well, how you know, I’m trying to like trick my, I’m trying to bypass it and trick it and be like, okay, let’s push all this aside and to manifest from this tiny 2% of me.


Kristin Taylor: I feel like you’re telling me my life story

Christina Brinkley: I know

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Christina Brinkley: and so many people, this is so many when [00:21:00] like there’s so many people, people who are like, you know, you see someone and you’re like, they’re teaching how to manifest. I see people who teach how to manifest and I think. I, because it works for them and I’m, and I’m sure that if you check their field, it works for them because they’re probably in their authentic energy and they’re like, see, this works for me.

I want it to work for you and people want to teach how it works from them, but they’re missing the key piece is that we’re not all in the same playing field. Like we need to bring ourselves back and this will help on an individual basis. It has a ripple effect into the world. So, so, let’s get you, so once we get, let’s talk about the process.

So the process of clearing your field. You clear your field every day. What does that look like? That means grounding yourself. That means connecting to the source above. Divine love. Whatever it is that, up above as below. So you want to connect in both directions. [00:22:00] Um, and align yourself. And then you want to, Create something that’s going to, um, I like to use symbols because that’s how I was taught.

So using a symbol and, and maybe in front and behind you, above and below you, to the side, whichever direction, that gives permission to pull anything that’s not, yours out of your field. You can use, imagine a bonfire outside of your field. You can, whatever it is that you want. Um, like a laser blaster. I don’t know.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah, you’ve used a magnet. I’ve been using a magnet.

Christina Brinkley: is how I was taught. That was, and so it just stuck in my head and I liked it and it works for me. But I know people that like to, like, play with it and they like to do different things. Um, I know people that use a black hole. They imagine a black hole. Like, there’s different ways in which you can play around with it.

There’s some people that only like to use fire. Whatever it is that

Kristin Taylor: Mm

Christina Brinkley: you. So one is releasing. [00:23:00] First you want to, oh, there was one that I used to listen to years ago that I loved. Um, and this is very simple. I, it’s just imagine, and this is how I teach my son to do it. I imagine anything at the end of the day.

Throwing it into a trash bin. Like an incinerator. So just like, you can do that. Like having your guides pull out anything in your field. Some people use vacuums. You can use a vacuum in your field.

Kristin Taylor: hmm. I’ve done like a little dirt devil.

Christina Brinkley: Yes! Perfect! So the idea is to give I would hand it over to your guides because in the beginning, you If you’re in charge, you might miss some stuff.

So hand it over to your guides. Ask your guides to pull out whatever is not yours. In your field. Or is not It’s not for you anymore. What is no longer for you? Have it released and then release it back to the earth, back to fire, back to something that’s gonna transmute it.

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Christina Brinkley: Then you want to call your energy back.

So, [00:24:00] before you just bring your soul pieces back into your body, you don’t… The example that has been given to me, which I think is really funny, is like, let’s say you had a really bad breakup and you left some of your energy at their house. If you called that energy back, that would be like, icky. You don’t want that back.

Or you don’t want like a piece of your 8 year old self or 12 year old self. In that state, you want it to be evolved. Like, you don’t want to suddenly be acting like an 8 year old. Like, you want to be evolved. So, I like to bring it into, there’s different ways to do this too. You can use a little bubble, a golden bubble orb.

You can use sunlight. People like to play around with this too. But you want to bring your energy back in. And you want to always set the intention that it is healed, updated, and brought to current time. And then you can bring it back into your field. And that’s the basic of it. There’s plenty of things, other things you can add to this.

There’s [00:25:00] plenty of other things you can do, but that’s the basic, uh, clearing that you want to be doing on a daily basis. Twice a day, preferably you do it in the morning because everything that you’ve kicked up at night in your dreams, in your sleep, you want to clear all that. You want to pull yourself back into your body and you want to do it at the end of the day to get rid of anything you’ve picked up throughout your day.

Just being out in the world. Do we get. kicked up. So as you’re doing it in the very beginning, maybe you’re going to be like me and you don’t feel anything. I think it took about 45 days before I felt something. And I’ll tell you when I started feeling something. I started feeling something when my energy had moved most.

So what happens is in the beginning, It’s a little bit of like back and forth. Like I was at 2 percent then I was at 16 percent then 10 percent like I kind of went up and down and I felt like, Oh my God, this is going to take forever. But once I hit the [00:26:00] over like the 50 percent threshold when I had more energy, my own energy and my body, it was a lot easier to maintain.

Like. And then once you hit a sweet spot, the sweet spot is between 60 and 80 percent. And what happens then is that because the majority of your energy is yours, you feel it. Like if someone else’s energy gets in your field, you’re like, Oh, what’s happening? And even if you don’t know it right away, cause sometimes that happens, like sometimes I’ll wake up and I’ll be like, Oh, why do I feel weird?

And then I look over at my husband and he’s having a bad morning and I’m like, Oh, it’s not me. It’s him. Um, so. So yes, sometimes we still, like, you don’t, you may not I specifically identify, but you do know. You recognize it right away when you have 2% of your energy. You don’t recognize when you have a lot of, when something’s off, like it’s right away, right?

So [00:27:00] once you move to the 60%, to the 60 to 80%, what happens is you tend to stay there. Like, I don’t think, since I’ve hit past the 60 percent mark, I’ve never dropped below it. So I’ve stayed within my authenti I can trust every day that I am in my authenticity. I can trust it. And it is really beautiful and it my experience in the world is different.

My experience with people are different. I relate to pe I used to feel a little bit more, um, tense or maybe even combative if I felt like someone was doing something unfair. Um, everything in how I react or see people is so different now that I’m moving from this space. Because I don’t know whose energy I was moving from before, but it was not helpful to me.

Kristin Taylor: well, the word that comes to mind is equanimity,

Christina Brinkley: yes.

Kristin Taylor: you’re, yeah, you have greater [00:28:00] access to equanimity,

Christina Brinkley: Yes. I mean, we have, um, what I will say is, so we, so we move to, once you move into this space, what happens is… Azure, you have more control over what is happening in your world. And then when we move into this space of authenticity, now you’re, so then I thought, my thought. My thought was when I first moved to 60 80%, I would be like, Oh, okay, well then life is going to be great. Um, life is still life, so I want to just prepare people for that.

Kristin Taylor: that’s not the panacea for all

Christina Brinkley: that you move into 60 80 percent and then suddenly, um, there’s like a windfall of, like, everything. But, from that place, when you want to manifest, you can trust that you’re going to call in Things from a higher space from it still might be wonky because maybe it wasn’t really for you You know, there’s [00:29:00] always there might be reasons why things don’t kind of work out but for the most part when you are manifesting a The truth is, is that the things you want are going to be things that are more aligned with what you, you want.

Not, no more what you think you want. It’s going to be, or what the energies that you’re running think you want. Um, most people, I think, manifest out of fear. And that’s problematic. Um, not just for themselves, but for the world. We don’t want to be manifesting fear. type of scenarios in the world, even if they seem fluffy and sweet on the outside, if it’s, if it’s coming from a fearful place of like, I don’t have enough, or, um, or whatever it is, then that’s, That’s not where we want it to come from.

We want it to come from a place of like, hopes and dreams and joy and love and fun. It should be playful. Um, that’s where manifesting should come [00:30:00] from. And that’s where you’ll be when you’re moving into these higher percentage of energy. Um, of authentic energy. And then the, this is where the ripple effect happens.

The more you’re in your authenticity, it gives everyone else permission to, because it’s, it’s the same thing. It’s where people’s energy will read your field and they’ll be like, Oh, I’ll have what she’s having. Like, I want, I want that. I want that for myself. And then people will start to, and that’s how, that’s how my business started.

I mean, I wasn’t advertising. People were just like, I want this. I, I saw what you did for my, my girlfriend and I want it for myself. And then friends of friends and friends of friends were starting to come to me and I was just, I’m like, well, I’m just bringing you back to you. Like I’m, our, your guides and my guides are helping you bring back to you and then you can maintain it.

Like you can, you have the toolbox to maintain it. [00:31:00] So that’s, that’s my, that’s my big, like, that’s my big push. I want people, these are the basics. I think people think that things, especially energy work can be so fun and whimsical. It can also just, there’s so many things that you can do with energy. Um, but what I’m reminded again and again, that like, we have to go to the basics.

Like you’re the, everything is pointless if you’re not doing the very basics and

Kristin Taylor: Right. Well, I just, so I want to slow this down because I, my hope is that this is so well timed that listeners are like, man, I needed to hear this so badly. I’ve been trying to manifest and everything to use your words has been going wonky. And I love this getting back to basics because we hear about, talk about for decades now, really.

Manifesting the law of attraction and people are like it’s not working for me. I don’t think it happens. What does that mean? [00:32:00] I feel like we’re talking about it as I’m listening to you from a really high level But it’s like saying I want to Build a house But you don’t have any nails So it’s like we got to get down to like we need some nails in here Right, or you don’t have a hammer, you know, I don’t have hammer and nails But let’s just start envisioning this house and we’re gonna gather all this All these materials, but without the most fundamental.

So let me say back what I’m hearing. And again, my intention is that after people listen to this, they have enough tools, they get it conceptually, and now they can put it into practice. So what I heard you saying was morning and in the evening, taking intentional time. And first it is connecting with the earth.

And the earth coming up to meet you, I remember you saying with one of my readings and also connecting with the divine. [00:33:00] So that’s like outside and above or however you envision that. Also inviting in your counsel, your guides, right? And then, okay, so I don’t want to,

Christina Brinkley: just, I just assume my guides are always with me. So I guess I don’t actually, like, invite, I invite other guides in when I’m doing broader healing work. But when it’s just like my team, I just assume they’re always there. So there’s like, that’s who I’m communicating with. So I don’t, I guess I don’t ever intentionally do it.

But yes, if you want to feel like, okay, I’m bringing in my guides. That’s a really great, especially if you don’t feel like you have that connection.

Kristin Taylor: because I don’t think that some people do feel they have that connection

Christina Brinkley: mean, I totally get it. Cause I rarely see, there’s some people that see their guides and I don’t, I see my guides through other people’s healings.

Like someone will show up and I’ll be like, Oh, who’s this? And I’m like, Oh, I think this is my guide. Um, but I don’t really [00:34:00] visually see them. I just like know they’re here and they talk to me a lot. They say things. So, um,

Kristin Taylor: do you, it’s, so you, you’re clairaudient, it’s not claircognizant, it’s not like just something you just know, like you actually hear

Christina Brinkley: have. I have all of the above. I have all of the above. Um, so, I do hear voices. I do hear a voice. Or, uh, yes, like I do hear words and

Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm.

Christina Brinkley: I have a knowing.

Kristin Taylor: And a knowing. Yeah, yeah.

Christina Brinkley: but it’s, I’ll say something really funny about the voice, the hearing the voice because I didn’t know that other people didn’t have it because I guess I just thought the voice was Female.

So I thought it was like maybe my voice. I don’t know. And I, I knew, I didn’t know it was my, I knew it wasn’t my voice. I knew it was like, maybe like a gut voice or something. Like an intuitive voice. And I remember one time talking to a therapist about something. And he was [00:35:00] very, he was amazing. And he would ask me questions.

And that’s how my, that’s how it works. I have to be asked a question. And then when I’m asked, I hear, hear the answer. Otherwise I just… know things, um, but being asked is what,

Kristin Taylor: Kind of triggers

Christina Brinkley: triggers that. So he would ask the questions, and I would go, Okay, well, what I’m hearing is… And I remember one day, he was like, Who are you hearing, who are you hearing this from?

And I’m like, oh, this is funny, I’m like in a therapy, therapist’s office, And I’m hearing voices, and like, How is he not, like, trying to send me away right now? You’re

Kristin Taylor: a slippery little conversation there.

Christina Brinkley: Yeah. Um, yes, I, yes, I

Kristin Taylor: God he was aware enough not to start saying, okay, she’s got, you

Christina Brinkley: Oh no, he saved my life. He’s the one that told me to, he, I sat him down. I told you about him.

I sat him down and I was like, I, something’s happening. And he was like, I [00:36:00] think you’re psychic. Um, and I think you need to find a mentor. And that, and I did. And that’s when I found like four mentors. Um, one of them is, Um, art, geyser, and he’s not like a direct mentor, I mean I’ve worked with him directly before, but, um, he’s more just like a, like

Kristin Taylor: A resource.

Christina Brinkley: does like a group offering and I love him,

Kristin Taylor: Nice.

Christina Brinkley: but yeah, um, but yes, there, there’s plenty of people out there that can help if you’re like looking to develop your skills.

Kristin Taylor: Okay. Well, let’s, Christina, let’s slow this down again. So whether you ask for your guides, if you don’t feel like you’re connected to them, you do the grounding, you do the connecting, um, as above, as below, and then it’s using some sort of visualization, whether it’s a magnet or a bonfire or something, you’re almost like what, how I imagine it is scanning all of the body. for me, I love the image [00:37:00] of, I just imagine this enormous magnet, just sort of sucking out the gunk that is not mine. Moving

Christina Brinkley: the idea of, I love the magnet. I think it’s, to me, it’s a powerful image. I love that, um, that has been gifted to me as that image, um, cause it’s very helpful. Um, cause to me, even like having a fire, I have, it feels like, There’s that in between where you have to send the energy out or something.

So I love that the magnet pulls. The idea is that the magnet is in front and behind you, and you are programming the magnet to pull out anything that is not yours. And your job in that space is to give 100 percent permission. You have to give permission to do that. Um, and then just trust that your guides are going through, they’re like, you know, they’re kind of like, it’s like going through like a junk drawer and be like, what can we get rid of?


Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm, mm,

Christina Brinkley: Pulling stuff out. So you’re really giving all the [00:38:00] power over to your guides. You’re trusting them. This is a trust building exercise with your guides, is what I found. I, at the, once I started getting past that like 45 day mark, that’s when my guides started speaking to me directly. I started having more communication.

Before that, I was only getting communication from them through healings. So I would, they would be like, Oh, your guides want to share this. And I’d be like, why are they telling me? And then they started telling me. Um, but I couldn’t hear them because I was underneath

Kristin Taylor: Right, you are numbed out. I’m just imagining like, you know, the princess and the pea, like all these mattresses and the pea is her and she can’t feel it because she’s got all these mattresses. So, okay, so now you’ve got, you get permission, the magnets, and then, and then you go through that.

Christina Brinkley: magnets back into the earth. Any energy that you’re taking out of you, you want to release back to earth. I’m going to share something because I did not I’m sure, I always [00:39:00] share this because in case there’s anyone else out there that’s like me, um, and maybe there is, but I did not want to give the energy back to the earth because I knew what was being pulled out of my field was icky.

And I was like, you know, I’m like, don’t litter, like

Kristin Taylor: Exactly. That’s kind of how I guess I’m like you. I feel the same. I’m like, is there some sort of repository where it’s not going to pollute.

Christina Brinkley: So this is gonna be really good. So I’m glad I’m sharing this. This is important to hear. Okay, so I used to think that giving it back to the earth was like, yeah, it was like polluting the earth. Like I don’t want to pollute the earth. But then, no, I think I’m sure I was taught this in, in one of my mentorships or whatever, but I recently was shown this. I had a client that was very environmentally, um,

Kristin Taylor: Conscientious.

Christina Brinkley: conscious, yes, and, and, um, And she carried a lot of fear [00:40:00] around it too, like a lot of fear, which a lot of us do, I’m sure. Um, but the message that I heard, so I’m going to give you two messages.

One about energy and one about just the physical world. Um, so the first. message they gave was about the physical world. So about, um, for her it was recycling, which I thought was really funny. They were like, you could spend your, the rest of your life recycling, and it’s going to do nothing for the earth as what it will do.

If you start releasing These fears back to the earth like if you start recycling your emotions back to the earth You’re going to have a greater impact on the planet You recycling a glass bottle is not isn’t like a drop in the ocean of what needs to be done but you recycling your emotions is going to have a huge ripple effect on the [00:41:00] planet.

And so, and then what I realized in that, what they were showing me, is that, one, the Earth, the message that I got, so I’m going to share it, the Earth, the message I got from the Earth, and maybe, It can be translated in different ways, but this is how I understood it. Is that the earth is more powerful than all of us.

And it does not need us to save it. There’s a lot of people that are like, we have to save the earth, we have to save the earth. And the message I got was, you do, no, no, no, no. You don’t, we don’t need, I don’t need you to save me. I need you to save you. And in doing so, we can reconnect. So the earth needs us to connect with it.

Um, not save it, it needs us to connect with it and, and listen, and, and, and she’ll provide the abundance, she’ll, she’ll provide the healing, she’ll provide everything. She has more than enough. The earth will be here long after [00:42:00] us, and for us to think that. It will regenerate itself beyond us. So, if we, so what we need is to save ourselves.

And the way we save ourselves is, one, connecting to the Earth.

Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm.

Christina Brinkley: the Earth’s resources. Asking the Earth for help. That’s not us saving, letting her save us. And then,

Kristin Taylor: that’s interesting.

Christina Brinkley: and the information that I was shown was that our emotions are fuel. Our, our tears, our grief, our rage. is fuel for the earth.

They take, the earth takes our energy and burns through it and alchemizes it and uses it to rebirth back on the planet.

Kristin Taylor: Whoa! I didn’t think you were going to say that.

Christina Brinkley: I know, so not only is it not polluting, you’re saving. You’re, you’re, you’re, you’re [00:43:00] healing the planet by pouring your heartache into the earth, into, um, you know, the tears, your tears into the wind, into everything around you.

Like if it, let it be,

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Christina Brinkley: give yourself back to the earth

Kristin Taylor: Okay, that’s such a paradigm shift. I’m going to have to listen to this a couple of times over to really wrap my head and my heart around this because it’s such a departure from I think how so many of us think about our relationship to the earth that we don’t need to save it. It’s, and you’re right, it’s absolutely fine.

But also what I hear in that too is once we are in our own authentic energy, we are going to be less inclined to, you know, Keep investing in fossil fuels and doing so many things that are harmful to

Christina Brinkley: all of that stuff is, that’s, so that’s the message I got, which is that, that’s. Those changes can’t [00:44:00] happen if we are, this is where we kind of talked about last time where we, we, in the, when you are not in your, when you are not in your authentic energy, we connect to larger oppressive systems.

Kristin Taylor: That’s right.

Christina Brinkley: And in order to unplug from them, you have to release these deep programs. And a lot

Kristin Taylor: programs that are no longer ours, or never were, that we just adopted because we weren’t in our own energy.

Christina Brinkley: Exactly. And so many of us. Unconsciously hold those energies. There are many many people on the planet that are Consciously awake and they are like, no, I don’t believe in these things, but they’re unconsciously holding maybe ancestral programs, maybe just whatever and that is why When we clear our field, you’re not clearing just what’s in your, what you know, you’re

Kristin Taylor: Yeah, your conscious [00:45:00] thought.

Christina Brinkley: you don’t know.

You’re clearing what you don’t know. You’re clearing all the shadow, the, the, whatever it is. And, and if we really want to see a world where people are kinder and, and, and the climate is healthier and we can make rapid changes. As soon, but we need, so just like individually, so individually if, as we come more into our authenticity.

Authenticity, it creates like a whoo, then it becomes so much easier to maintain. That’s what’s going to happen in the collective. So not everyone has to be in their authentic energy, but more

Kristin Taylor: enough,

Christina Brinkley: more, yeah, so the, as more of us come into our authenticity, it will create a whoo. Where now we are just as a society maintaining it and, and moving from that space and a lot of people are finding their way there, um, in different [00:46:00] capacities, but this is an easy one.

This is an easy one, like, brushing your teeth.

Kristin Taylor: yeah, well then,

Christina Brinkley: you can participate.

Kristin Taylor: right, a way to participate, so I keep cutting you off because I want to get back, I want to get back, so, okay, so,

Christina Brinkley: so I was, yes, dropping this, so we want to drop the energy back into the earth and do not be afraid, like I was, that you’re polluting the earth, you are healing the earth, this is your way, this is the first step in connecting with the earth of saying, hey, thank you so much. for taking, for taking this off, and they’re, and the Earth is thanking you back for participating.

This is a, this is a joint, this is a relationship, this is how you’re creating a relationship with the Earth. So, we’re letting these magnets go back into the Earth, and then from that space, you want to call back your energy. So, this means… pieces of your soul and the, and what that looks like. And I can give a couple examples, but we leave our pieces of our soul everywhere.

We leave it at the grocery store. We leave it [00:47:00] at whatever. But, but a lot of times we leave it in significant places where there may be traumas happen. Let’s say you were in a car accident. There might be a piece of your soul like looping in that experience. Um, so I can get, I think we talked a little bit about that in the past life, but um, In the past life healing of how that kind of affects our, our energy. Um, we have any time that you might have disassociated. Let’s say there was a lot of, um, fighting in your childhood and you’ve kind of disassociated. There’s pieces of your soul everywhere. There’s pieces of your soul in your past life. There’s pieces of your soul maybe in other dimensions. So what we’re doing in this space is giving you an opportunity to call pieces of it back in.

Now, I think something that might be a little, um. Confusing is why when we’re doing this, why when we’re doing the magnets, do we not release a hundred percent? Why are we not ever [00:48:00] releasing at a hundred percent? Why why when I if I check my gauge? I’m at 2 percent and I do this healing. I’m only at 8 percent after and that’s because

Kristin Taylor: it’d be

Christina Brinkley: we have we One, it would rock your entire world if you were to rel because, because it’s not just about holding other people’s emotions.

You’re holding people’s beliefs. You’re holding, so it would, you know, you would go into like, you know,

Kristin Taylor: disorienting and destabilizing,

Christina Brinkley: Yes. I mean, you might like completely like lose your mind if, like, if you were to do something that, and it’s, and not to worry anyone, you’re not going to that, that’s a safeguard. It’s your body’s safeguard to not let you do that. You wouldn’t, you wouldn’t be able to do that. You wouldn’t be able to release that much at one time because you have, we have our own survival safeguards in It’s our way.

It’s where resistant ki resistance kicks up. Resistance gets a bad name because it does block things, it slows us down, but it [00:49:00] also protects us. And this is one of the ways in which resistance protects us. So resistance will kick up, you can’t release everything, that’s why you have to do it in pieces. So you’re releasing, and then you’re calling, you’re making space, and then you want to fill up with your authentic energy.

So you’re going to call pieces of your soul back in, and you’re just doing this. and a cycle, releasing a little bit more, calling a little bit more back in. Often what happens is it’ll just fluctuate. So when you’re calling back in, I like to use a golden orb. I just imagine a golden healing orb around my, above my crown, like as large as I can imagine it.

And I have my guides. I send them out. I send them out into space. And time and I, across different times, like I don’t have any, I don’t have to think about where it’s coming from. And then I have them collecting and calling home and I’m reminding my soul that this is a safe space to come to. [00:50:00]And oftentimes I like to bring in energies into that golden orb to make my soul feel home and safe.

So I bring loving energies, nurturing energies, forgiving energies, um, generous, abundant energies to mix with the soul pieces that maybe have been through trauma. Or maybe they’ve just been disconnected or lost or,

Kristin Taylor: Mm-Hmm.

Christina Brinkley: you know, wherever. Um, and so. I make sure to heal, so I ask that they be healed completely, and this golden orb is, I’m, I’m trusting that this golden orb and my guides are doing this.

And then, I… Um, make sure that all of the energies are brought up to date. We don’t want any, if you’re from a past life, we don’t want something from a, like a me medieval times. Like we want. We wanna make sure your energy is brought to where you live [00:51:00] this year, this month, this day. So brought to current time, and then I imagine it kind of cracking open and then pouring back in and just filling in all the spots.

Um, and then that’s. That’s it. You just do that. There’s other things you can do. You can put, like, a bubble of protection around you so that you can create a boundary so that you’re not absorbing people in and out. I mean, there’s, there’s lots of different things and if we work together, if anybody wants to work with me, I go deeper.

I can, I can teach. You different tools to use as you’re learning so that you can create more layers to this or there’s more juicy layers to this that you can bring, um, like working with opening and closing your energy centers and, and, and that kind of stuff to make it, um, as you’re moving about your day a little bit more enjoyable and healthy and, and that kind of thing, but just the basic is that right?

[00:52:00] Like it’s just the basic,

Kristin Taylor: That is so remarkable. Um, and I love that it is the basic, what comes up for me is this idea of, um, how this plays into forgiving ourselves. And self compassion. I know for myself, and I’m sure, absolutely positive that this is true for other people as well. You look back at times when you thought, man, I handled that really poorly.

I was impatient. I was, um, judgmental. I was whatever it is where you judge yourself harshly because you’re like, I really failed in that situation, or I really didn’t step into that situation. And what this reminds me. is, well, look at what we were dealing with, 2 percent or less energy, all of this past life trauma, all of this, you know, so much of ourselves in places in our past and taking in programs and energy and emotions that don’t even belong to [00:53:00] us.

And then on top of that, we layer it with the expectation that we should be our best selves. Right, whether at work or in personal lives, and you’re like, that is really unfair.

Christina Brinkley: know,

Kristin Taylor: You know, and then we get even more shame based, which then diminishes our capacity further that cycle, it’s just, to me, it brings back again, tremendous self compassion for the struggle to try to show up in our lives in an authentic way.

When, as you described, there’s so much energetically and emotionally. That we’re mitigating, that we don’t even, we haven’t understood how to clear or understand. So it’s such a gift that you just shared that.

Christina Brinkley: It’s so important and I feel like, yes, all of that. I want people to know that, like, when, I know that the energy world, if you’re interested in it and you want to, like, navigate it, there’s so many different things. There’s Akashic readings, there’s past life, there’s [00:54:00] ancestral healings, there’s all these things, and all of it is juicy and yummy and fun, but I want to remind everyone that clearing your field is all of that.

When you’re clearing your field, you’re doing ancestral healing. You’re, you’re healing your ancestors. You’re, because you’re giving, if you’re releasing Ancestral programs, you’re freeing them as well. You’re freeing your children, you’re freeing future generations, you’re freeing your neighbor. Like, you’re, you’re doing the work.

When people are like, shadow work, shadow work, clearing your field is shadow work. Like, that’s, these are, this is just the basic for it. Sure, you can go deeper, and that’s where maybe someone like me comes in, or, or whoever can come in and help you go do deeper dives. But, this is past life work. When you’re calling your soul back, you’re calling your soul back and healing it.

You’re calling it back from past lives, like, potentially, you know? You’re doing your own soul retrievals. These are, this is what this is. You’re doing it on a [00:55:00] very basic level, but basic doesn’t mean, like,

Kristin Taylor: powerful.

Christina Brinkley: powerful. This is very powerful. This is the most powerful, and everyone can do it. And not only can everyone do it, this is not like a thing where everyone can do energy work, sure, but not everyone should.

Everyone should be doing this. Like, and I get that it’s not for everyone, but if you’re here and you’re listening,

Kristin Taylor: listening, it’s for you.

Christina Brinkley: is for you.

Kristin Taylor: It’s for you.

Christina Brinkley: so, so make sure that you’re doing it. I know that for me, like, it, it took me trusting that process. It took me getting to the point where I was like, oh, like once, I 2%, It, so many things made sense because I have been working so hard on myself and things still were, I looked around my life and things were still so hard

Kristin Taylor: God, I get

Christina Brinkley: and that’s why.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Christina Brinkley: why it was so hard.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Yeah. God. And it just, you know, I just have so much hope for the future because someone, you know, I’m trained as a [00:56:00] therapist. I’ve been in many years of therapy and I value it and yet it has its limits. Right? It has its limits and so my hope is that as we move into the future, this awareness becomes more commonplace and it can help people move through hurdles that they’ve just felt like, why?

With all of this time and attention and reading and you know, all the other things that people are investing in feeling like, why are things not changing? Yeah,

Christina Brinkley: I know. I know. I mean, that’s why people come to me and they’re like, this was like 10 years of therapy. And I know my therapist, who I love very much, I, if I had been doing concurrently, My clearings and seeing him it would have been like groundbreaking I mean, but what I I will say something though I was going to him regularly and it got to the point where like by the time So I would have something.

I wouldn’t, I would schedule an appointment ’cause something was coming up that I was working through, but I was clearing, but then I started clearing, I was [00:57:00] clearing my field and by the time it came around, I, I didn’t have, I was like, oh, I had already already worked

Kristin Taylor: It’s neutralized.

Christina Brinkley: Yeah. There’s nothing there.

And so then he was like, why don’t you just like, why don’t you just call me next time? And, and like, now you know, now it’s time. And I, I’m not saying that people don’t need therapy. Please go get therapy. You need

Kristin Taylor: of the tapestry of all of being a human being.

Christina Brinkley: Right. But I, uh, but I, I found that I was like, Oh, I’m really just moving through these emotions in a way where I don’t really need this type of structure anymore.

I can really process things. And I think that’s really powerful. I think people would even just that alone would motivate people to be clearing their field.

Kristin Taylor: Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, once again, these sessions go by incredibly quickly. This was so powerful. I’m going to be listening to this one a lot. And between you and me, I hope we share, and I should have said this at the beginning, but if you are watching on my YouTube channel, please subscribe. [00:58:00] Like these important, life affirming, collectively transformative Conversations need to be spread, and your help helps to do that.

So, Christina, thank you so, so much.

Christina Brinkley: Thank you. Thank you for the platform.

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