[00:00:00] So, things happened as they were supposed to. She said, we have to look at it that way. She said, my kids won’t see it that way. They’re always going to think of what they saw just from their eyes. But she said, when you step above it and you look at the big picture, you understand why each thing was done.
David Hanzel: She said, there are no mistakes.
Today’s returning guest is psychic medium, David Hanzel, David, like Richard Martini and Christina Brinkley will be recurring guests, each having their own episode one time per month. David has a remarkable story to hear it in greater detail. Please listen to his episode, which aired on April 7th and was called Spirit Knows Who You Are.
Kristin Taylor: Briefly, though, from a young age, David could always communicate with spirit, and those departed to the other side. But then, [00:01:00] as an adult, he survived a near death experience, which gave him a peek into the afterlife. His gifts as a medium, well, they’re exactly that. They’re precious gifts. Yes, because of the messages he shares, like he’s going to do today, but also because of the love and kindness and humor with which he shares them.
To learn more about David and to schedule a reading, I encourage you, really encourage you, to go visit his website, theywhispertome. com. Once again, welcome back, David.
David Hanzel: Hi, how are you?
Kristin Taylor: I’m doing well. I’m
David Hanzel: glad you picked a fun person. A fun spirit.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, I totally did. So to get everyone up to speed before we pressed record, on behalf of my husband and his many siblings, I have asked if he could channel connect to my mother in law, Beverly. And Beverly is in the house and she keeps [00:02:00] saying, Am I on the radio? Am I on the radio, Beverly? You’re on the radio. So why don’t you, I have some prepared questions, but what makes most sense, David, in terms of how to get started?
David Hanzel: Oh, let me, give me about two seconds. Just two seconds of dead air. So, I just, cause I know she was saying something before. No sweetie, you’re all over. You think it, I’ll grab it. Who’s fidgety?
She said she wasn’t going to embarrass your son, but she said, um, there’s a couple of the kids in the family. They were so fidgety. She said, they’re always playing with this. And I always had to move them around and she’s, she said, there’s the same way they’re still the same.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, he can’t sit still. My husband cannot sit still.
David Hanzel: She said, that’s okay.
She said, she’s just reminding himself that he’s alive. So that’s why he’s always, she said, otherwise you just sit around and you don’t do anything. Thank you, Beverly. No, you can bring in anybody else you want. If you feel. Your [00:03:00] daughter? Does she have a daughter with longer hair?
Kristin Taylor: She has three daughters.
David Hanzel: Okay, hold on a minute.
Which, which one? If I can’t get a name, you can just describe.
The one with the mouth.
Kristin Taylor: Terry, they all have,
David Hanzel: mouth. Middle da
Kristin Taylor: Oh, the middle Molly.
David Hanzel: with a mouth.
Kristin Taylor: Molly.
David Hanzel: Molly. Molly Mouth. Okay, gotcha. What about her?
If there were only two children, Patrick and Molly would have been the best siblings, but she said they would have fought all the time. Because they’re back and forth. What did you want to say to Molly? Well, all the kids. She loves them and she… She misses them in our way. She misses them in our way, but she said she’s still there.
She said she just knows that they don’t always talk to me. They forget I’m… She said, they forget I’m here sometimes.
Kristin Taylor: [00:04:00] They’re thinking about her so much. They miss her so much.
David Hanzel: about Molly? You wanted to bring up the middle. Middle Molly.
Please give her encouragement. She needs to know that she can do what she wants to do. So, I don’t know what that means. So, I mean, that’s, that’s how I gotta translate that. Yeah. Molly’s pretty cool. She needs to realize that. Even more. I mean, they’re all, they’re all good kids, but, you know, in her eyes. I’m talking through her mother’s eyes, but.
There’s something about Molly. She needs to, uh, just go for it. Go
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Does she need to believe in herself? Is that kind of
David Hanzel: Kind of, yeah. She needs to know that she can do whatever the heck she wants. She just has to do it. She’s got… She said it’s not our fault. She’s talking about her and her husband. She said it’s not our fault, but she’s got something in her head that tells her she can’t do stuff sometimes. And she said, I think that’s from school.
She said that stems back through high school. There was something [00:05:00] about her in high school. I don’t know what that means, but I kind of feel like I’m a little… It’s not standoffish, but I feel like I’m kind of alone in that. I feel like I’m very different.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Alone and different.
David Hanzel: yeah, so, but she’s not, she’s perfect. She’s exactly what she wants to be.
She’s different because she’s, she, her mom, Beverly says she’s different because she’s better than everybody else. That’s why she seems different.
Kristin Taylor: Oh ho ho ho! I think Molly would love to hear that.
David Hanzel: And she didn’t give her enough. Uh, she said, I don’t, I don’t think I gave her enough praise, and I, and I should’ve. And she’s, she’s taken the blame for that. But she says I really do love her. She loves them all very much, but, yeah. But she’s got, uh, she said Molly has a chance to be like her old mama. She’s like, she’s like, she’s like, you could be just as crazy as me, so.
Kristin Taylor: Okay.
David Hanzel: Was, okay. How, okay. She’s gonna ask questions. Okay. Go ahead.
Kristin Taylor: Okay, the [00:06:00] first question Patrick, my husband, wanted to know was either has she seen or is she with their father? Tom.
David Hanzel: On the other side.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Did she meet up with him?
David Hanzel: And there were no arguments?
Oh, she says we meet up with everybody. And she said we didn’t argue.
Kristin Taylor: Nice.
David Hanzel: means, but we didn’t argue.
Kristin Taylor: Okay, that’s a big deal.
David Hanzel: Did they get a divorce at some point? Did they, did they? Okay, thank you.
Kristin Taylor: Yes.
David Hanzel: You gave that to me in a weird way, Beverly. She was like, I’m like, Oh, you got divorced. You’re a part. Okay.
Kristin Taylor: Yes, yes.
David Hanzel: She says, yes, we all understand why things were done the way they were.
Kristin Taylor: Well, let’s stay with that. This is a good segue into my questions. What were some of her life [00:07:00] lessons?
David Hanzel: I will, I heard that. She said, unbeknownst to me, she’s talking to me, she said, we have several, several many life lessons. She said, you know there’s not just one. What was yours? What was your biggest one to overcome? Trusting relationships, she said. Uh, it was hard for her to trust relationships. She covered up a lot of stuff by Um, what’s the word I’m looking for?
Can you give me a word? By, by redirecting people to another part of her, is what she did. So if she felt uncomfortable around people, she made it seem like she was sarcastic, or she made it seem like she was a certain way. And she said, that’s what I tend to do. But she said it helped me through this, and she said it was the correct thing to do.
Uh, [00:08:00] sometimes I have to, um, What? You just come in. Sometimes I have to, uh, I had to watch myself so I didn’t actually just blurt out what I really wanted to. She said I had to learn to keep some things to myself not because it was wrong to not put them out, but she said I never really wanted to hurt something and sometimes when we say stuff to people they are hurting words even though they’re supposed to help.
She said I had to think about how I was going to say them to people. And then she had to figure out how much he actually cared.
Kristin Taylor: Mmm.
David Hanzel: but she’s being honest.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, I appreciate that. I appreciate that.
David Hanzel: um,
Kristin Taylor: go ahead, I don’t want to cut you off, but there’s, okay. What was really important to him was does she know how loved she was? And is.
David Hanzel: More now. She said, I knew when I was there, but she said, you don’t know till you get here and you start to feel everybody.
Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm.
David Hanzel: She said though I [00:09:00] also felt that sometimes I should have put out more than what I did. She said it’s not that I did not love everybody to the moon and back, but she said sometimes we have a hard time showing it on this place. And she said she sometimes had a hard time showing it. She said it goes back to her trust issues with relationships.
Um, I feel like, uh, Sweetie, no, thank you. No, I got that. I hope I’m right. All right. I’m gonna just do it. Okay, which is let me go So she’s giving me the feeling like she really wasn’t good in relationships growing up and she actually even like her love relationships She said I’d let them run over me for the longest time And she said, I, and then I finally got to that mood.
I finally got to that part. That’s what she said. Patrick’s father was pushing me over the edge and I finally, but she said he had to because of the fact that that’s how I realized, Oh, this is how you do this. And she said, and she said, so that was a lesson for her. So she said, yes, we are. We are cordial.
We are together. We know who each other are. [00:10:00] Um, he was not one of my biggest teachers, but he, she said he was right up there.
Kristin Taylor: Got it. Got it. Who was one of her biggest teachers?
David Hanzel: Her parents.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
David Hanzel: Um, How, how so sweetie? Thank you. At times, she thought that she didn’t, she wasn’t being listened to, or she wasn’t being heard, I guess is the, uh, correct way to put that. Um, she said, I knew there was love, uh, of course, but she said, When you misconstrued your own parents not giving you what you want, you think that every other human being is like that.
And she said, I went through that period. So family life was a really big, her family life was a really big teacher for her. And if, but she said if she wouldn’t have gone through that, is what she did as a child and how [00:11:00] she was brought up, she wouldn’t have the strength or the courage to end what she needed to end later on in life in another relationship.
Kristin Taylor: Got
David Hanzel: So, things happened as they were supposed to. She said, we have to look at it that way. She said, my kids won’t see it that way. They’re always going to think of what they saw just from their eyes. But she said, when you step above it and you look at the big picture, you understand why each thing was done.
She said, there are no mistakes. She said, it was like dominoes. They started falling. But, she said, their point of view, they don’t understand who pushed the domino down. And she said it came from all different angles, but she’s doing really good.
Kristin Taylor: Well, that’s
David Hanzel: She enjoyed, yeah, she’s saying, she said, I really enjoyed my life.
Kristin Taylor: Oh, good.
David Hanzel: that. She said, that’s what she wants Patrick to too. She said, he needs to stop being so concerned about everything. She said, it’s okay, it’s okay. She said, who, she said, [00:12:00] sometimes you have to throw your hands up in the air and go, hmm.
Kristin Taylor: I surrender and
David Hanzel: Yeah. She said, that’s like my, she’s talking, she goes, that’s like my little accident.
She said, she’s talking about what we talked about early to, uh, that little accident at your wedding. She said, what are you going to do about it? What are you going to do? She said, nothing.
Kristin Taylor: Nothing. Just enjoy. Just enjoy.
David Hanzel: she said, that was not my most embarrassing moment. I can tell you that.
Kristin Taylor: I’ve heard many stories. So what I, if I could translate, it’s just, um, kind of lighten up and enjoy a little bit more.
David Hanzel: And she said that’s not something I would have always given here.
Kristin Taylor: Did I lose him, Court? Are you back?
David Hanzel: Are we back?
Kristin Taylor: We’re back. So for, for Patrick, just enjoy and lighten up and sort of throw your hands up and you don’t have to worry as much.
David Hanzel: there’s [00:13:00] nothing terrible that’s going to happen to him. She said his brain is, she said he’s pre writing his brain. She said if you’re going to write a book, write a book, but don’t write it in your head. Yeah,
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay.
David Hanzel: because she said the outcome is always going to be a little different than what you’re… And I agree with her, that, that, I do the same thing.
We have these little beliefs and fears that we’re brought up with. And we think we got rid of them, but they’re in the back of our heads. They’re always there. And until we, that’s what like shadow work and stuff is, is basically bringing up all that, you know, bad stuff. Just get it out there.
Kristin Taylor: So we can just
David Hanzel: Yep, so we can move on.
Kristin Taylor: and move on. Yeah.
David Hanzel: Yeah, there’s no reason in storing it or saving it or anything else. You just gotta give it back.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Is she happy? That’s what he really wanted to hear. Is
David Hanzel: Oh, absolutely.
Kristin Taylor: Okay, good. What is she doing? I mean, I know that’s a really hard question because the afterlife is
David Hanzel: Beverly, what do you do there? [00:14:00] She… Thank you. I mean, I can’t, you know, minute by minute. She puts herself back to a younger look for me.
Kristin Taylor: Mm
David Hanzel: Okay? So, which means that this period of time in her life, wherever she’s pointing at, she said… It’s when I was younger and she said when you would twirl around in the bedroom in the mirror She said when I was a little girl, and she said that’s what I do and she said that’s that’s not I mean, she’s not literally twirling up there, but that’s the emotion that she emits for everything She sees she said comes from that.
She also really likes hanging out with the animals and there’s a part where um And she showed me very quickly. It looked like a meadow, but it looked overgrown, but very beautiful overgrown and I saw like rabbits in it and real quickly on the bottom and there’s a dog. There’s a brown and white dog running and I don’t know if [00:15:00] that’s anybody that they know or if that means anything, but she’s just saying she likes that.
Um, the biggest thing that she enjoys experiencing over there is freedom. Um, she is a big stickler on freedom. Over there, as like, in a teach learn capacity.
She seems to have like a violet light around her, which means she is very connected to Source, in a way. So, she’s got a nice connection with that. And I’m asking her, will she ever be coming back here? some point, of course.
Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm. You
David Hanzel: Not, not, not right away.
Kristin Taylor: know, it takes time.
David Hanzel: She has revisited the past.
Were you [00:16:00] anything special? There is something about, um, Just out of curiosity, and I’m sorry I can’t really validate it, This is just what she’s giving me, just so you know. She’s talking about going to the past, and for those who are listening, Um, there’s really, reincarnation is not really reincarnation, It’s incarnation.
Because we are not going back through a past, Um, it’s just, it’s, it’s in the moment, so you just step into it. So, literally, if she speaks in a linear term, going back to the past, there is a part in, in it feels Europe, uh, I don’t know exactly where it is, um. I’m trying to, I don’t know if, is that Europe or is that Sweden?
I see a mountain on the side and I don’t see snow on top, so I don’t think they have that climate or it’s not high enough in it. But it looks very, very, there’s a river and she’s literally just at the river and I don’t know if she’s fishing or something. She’s a girl, she’s a woman in this and she’s like fishing or [00:17:00] something, which is really odd.
I don’t know why she’d be fishing, but that’s, it seemed like a very simple life. She said she enjoys lives like that.
Kristin Taylor: So that, so it’s a different life. She’s going back to that life and enjoying that. Okay.
David Hanzel: Yeah, she enjoys doing that.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Would it be okay if I asked if she has any messages and I gave the name, the first name of each of her children to see if they have, if she has any messages
David Hanzel: Yeah, we’ll try, you can try it like that. Okay, hold on a minute. Um, I’ll speak out loud so I don’t leave you in a dither. So, is it okay that way? Is that the easiest? Well, Molly doesn’t get to. She said Molly doesn’t get to. She said she can’t.
Kristin Taylor: Oh my God, that’s so perfect.
David Hanzel: You can’t spoil her. Okay, yeah, go ahead.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Why don’t we start with Terry.
David Hanzel: Girl?
Kristin Taylor: Girl.
David Hanzel: [00:18:00] Sorry it’s taking so long. There’s so much for Terry. Got you. Okay. No. She’s what? Terry really gets into it. She said she just gets into trouble sometimes, or I don’t know if that’s… I don’t know what the trouble she’s speaking of. It doesn’t feel like I’m… Okay. Um, that’s…
Yeah. Okay. She doesn’t want to concentrate on that. She said to let her know that can go away whenever she wants it to go away. She said she’s only being bound by herself. Okay. So tell her there’s nothing else binding her. Um, she said there’s better ways in her life to deal with some of the things, but she does understand the escape.
Um, that’s how she’s putting it. She wouldn’t be saying this. She said, if I was her mother, she said, if I was her mother there right now, I’d be over at her house and I’d be yelling at her. But she said, I’m not from here because I understand. Um, [00:19:00] so she said, let her know that she understands why. Okay. All she needs to do is understand why.
And once she does, she can change all this. She said, it’s not, it’s not too late. It’s really not. And she said, I will let you know this. She said, no matter what happens, she said, you’re completely loved and I love you and I understand. But I want you to enjoy your life. And the way to do it is to be conscious of your life.
And she’s not conscious of it right now.
Kristin Taylor: Got it.
David Hanzel: Does that make sense?
Kristin Taylor: hundred percent. A hundred percent. Joe.
David Hanzel: Joan.
Kristin Taylor: Joe, J O E.
David Hanzel: Joe. She sweat like this.
If he wonders in his head, like, if he could have been so much more than what [00:20:00] he thinks he is, she said, no, you’re perfect, just keep going. She said, you’re gonna be more if you just go. She said, quit going backwards. She wants him to stop going backwards, stop thinking backwards. She said, think forwards. She said, this isn’t a what? Uh, something about like this isn’t the army. Things are not so rigid. Things are not so you can just do things. Um, I don’t know. Does Joe have a problem with authority sometimes?
Kristin Taylor: That wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t know Joe very well, but that wouldn’t surprise me.
David Hanzel: I mean, it’s okay. And some, a lot of people do. That doesn’t make us a bad person.
Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm.
David Hanzel: He has to learn to ignore authority instead of combating it. So, when authority comes at it, don’t have an argument with authority. Just go, yeah, I hear ya. And then go do your thing. She said, in his case, it’s okay. Go do your thing.
Kristin Taylor: Okay.
David Hanzel: Um,
Kristin Taylor: Okay.[00:21:00]
David Hanzel: please tell him that there is no loss for humanity. Humanity is just fine. You just have to perceive it differently.
Kristin Taylor: Got
David Hanzel: And she said, everybody, and everybody will really see that in you.
Kristin Taylor: Okay.
David Hanzel: Okay?
Kristin Taylor: So then we’re skipping, I’m going down in birth order, we’re skipping Molly. How about Lynn?
David Hanzel: Lynn reminds me of a fairy princess. I don’t know why.
Kristin Taylor: That would make
David Hanzel: make
Kristin Taylor: me. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.
David Hanzel: They are deceiving.
Let Lynn know that the perception like she just gave me of the fairy princess, she said, that is true, but she said it is deceiving because she said you have more behind the looks. You have a brain. She said use it, don’t let, don’t be afraid. Let people really see how intelligent you are.
Kristin Taylor: [00:22:00] Yeah.
David Hanzel: It doesn’t make you uglier.
She said it makes you even more beautiful than you could possibly be.
She said some people may have seen her from an angle where they think she had it easy, but she didn’t. She had it hard, and she said, and she worked through it, and she said she deserves to give herself a little applause for that. She said like, she went like this, and she went hug hug, and she said I get you, I get you. She said let her know that she understands her. She gets it. She didn’t always, but she does now. She said, I get it. I get it. Yeah.
Kristin Taylor: that’s good. That’s good. Okay. And then, okay. And then Patrick, you kind of gave a message to Patrick, so I don’t, I want to make sure with Molly and Patrick.
David Hanzel: the last one?
Kristin Taylor: Patrick is the last one, so maybe if she can give a little Molly and a little Patrick, since they both already have a little bit.[00:23:00]
David Hanzel: She’s mentioning something about the two of them got together and had a little argument. She said they’d realized on how much of the same that they actually really are.
Kristin Taylor: Okay.
David Hanzel: But they’re very separate people.
Kristin Taylor: Yes.
David Hanzel: Okay. I understand. She’s giving me an analogy for Patrick. If Patrick was a bird, she said, it’s time to take flight. She said, it’s almost like, the way she’s giving it to me, like, Patrick in, like, the last part, this part of his life, this last cycle, it’s like, he’s been, he was like flying around doing stuff, observing stuff, doing things, and she said, he took a rest, and he sat there.
And he said, now he’s observing, and he said, she said, he doesn’t know what to do yet. And she said, all you need to do is flap your wings and [00:24:00] go. She said, whatever. Whatever, here, heart. So she’s talking, whatever you want to do, do it. Um,
She called you sweetie. She said, sweetie will be able to go with him and help him. Where are they going? Uh huh. I don’t know. It feels like there’s something he wanted to discover or something to look up. Something like just silly, like in his head, like, oh, I want to find out where the dinosaur prints are. Um, she’s saying there’s an adventure that he needs to do, that he needs to go on. Um, so she said when he gets that, that thought, that feeling, she said, you book the plane tickets and you go.
Kristin Taylor: Got it.
David Hanzel: Okay? And you’ll go with them because she said you would be part of it.
Kristin Taylor: Okay.
David Hanzel: She said she understands you’re not joined at the hip, but this would be something that’s good for both of you. So if you guys get an inclination to go [00:25:00] someplace or to do a little thing, go do it. She said even if it’s for the weekend, she said do it.
Kristin Taylor: Okay.
David Hanzel: Molly needs to look at the stars. She needs to look at the sky. She needs to look at the stars. She needs to know that even though she might feel like a very small part of it, she said you’re from there.
Kristin Taylor: Hmm.
David Hanzel: So… I don’t know what that means in a sense, but if Molly, it probably will explain if Molly feels like she’s just out of place here, um, that’s why it’s up there.
Yeah, so get that connection to the, uh, universe and she’ll probably find her place and become more at peace with who she is and who, cause she’s really, I mean, I can’t tell ya. I mean, the rest of them, they’re all cool. Molly’s got something behind her she needs to go for. So does Joe does as well too.
Kristin Taylor: Interesting. Interesting.
David Hanzel: The ones with those really tough weirdo lives, those are the ones that’s like, you’re, they’re, they’re trying to shake you up and going, Remember who you are, remember who
Kristin Taylor: Hmm. Hmm. [00:26:00] Okay. Well, will you thank Beverly and tell her she is so loved? I love her and thank you.
David Hanzel: Yes. I don’t know what that means, but I’ll say it anyway. Thank you.
Oh, yeah. She loves him to the moon and back. Tell Patrick that. Um, she showed me a picture of somebody opening a door for somebody in like a Cadillac and somebody in I think it was a blue dress or blue getting into the car. I don’t know what that was. It just came up. But, uh, if you tell Patrick that, he might know what it is.
Um, I didn’t quite understand it, but I don’t want to leave it out just in
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. That will be passed along. All right, so thank you for that deep dive. And I know for our audience, because they don’t know the family, that might have been strange, but I also extend it not just as, um, a beautiful gift [00:27:00] to my family in law, but as people can hear what a reading can sound like, and both that you can, you have made the very generous offer to answer any questions from our listeners.
As well as what a one on one reading can be. So, I’m totally putting you on the spot. Totally putting you on the spot. So, if she doesn’t come through, in one of our readings, you channeled my bestest buddy, my dear friend, Peggy. And I’m thinking, if she is willing and you are able to connect with her, I want to globalize some of, maybe, her insights, um, that maybe
David Hanzel: There’s a woman that cut. Woman that comes to me, she’s got longer hair, and she’s real funny. She’s wearing actually a pink, an ugly pink dress, and she’s laughing about it. Do you know and understand what that means?
Kristin Taylor: It’s something Peggy would do. So, ask, is that Peggy?
David Hanzel: know and I see you dancing, and she’s with three girls. She’s doing like that.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, that would be Peggy.[00:28:00]
David Hanzel: What does she want? That’s what she said, what do you want?
Kristin Taylor: I
David Hanzel: To you?
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, yeah. That would be something she would say, too. Well, I would want her to, is there any message that she wants to share with humanity?
David Hanzel: In your way? You can wear however you want, however you want, Peggy. has, like two inches.
Kristin Taylor: She’s talking about
David Hanzel: about my hair.
Kristin Taylor: That would be something she would do, too.
David Hanzel: She said it’s gone like, and I guess that makes sense. She said it’s gone about two inches since I saw you. And that was a couple, that was about like four or five, four months ago. Wasn’t it?
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, maybe six months ago, something like that.
David Hanzel: Uh, for humanity.
She said to ask you, are you kidding? And she’s laughing at me for [00:29:00] asking a message for humanity.
Kristin Taylor: It’s such a big question, but she can
David Hanzel: In your Peggy way. It can be in your Peggy way. However you want to put it. That’s funny. She’s referring back to the Prince song where she says, Don’t party like it’s 1999. Cause then she said, You’d be 23 years gone already. So she said, You’re supposed to keep. What? To all the people, she said, to all the people who have lost somebody younger to them, like a child or all that, somebody like when she was younger, and
please know that as much as you miss them, that they’re okay. She said, we’re all okay. It doesn’t matter when we leave there. She said, that’s when we, we left. That’s it. There’s no. She said, I can’t apologize for when we leave. It’s how it goes. She said, we all understand these things. Once we come back, she said, in the meantime, on behalf of the youngsters here [00:30:00] who have left early, she said to the one survived, you need to live your life.
You need to live your life. We’re not gone.
Kristin Taylor: mm hmm… LOL
David Hanzel: Huh? She said to tell you she’s still the drunk in the bathroom next door. making a joke about it. That’s, that’s the way I’m giving it to you, because she laughs. It’s like, she’s on one side of a wall, you’re on the other, and she’s like throwing up, and she’s knocking on the wall and laughing.
So, it’s really quite, did she get to drunk and laugh about it?
Kristin Taylor: Yes.
David Hanzel: Oh, my goodness. You outdid me, hun.
Kristin Taylor: Oh, yeah.
David Hanzel: Don’t take life seriously, but take love seriously.
Kristin Taylor: Oh, I love that.
David Hanzel: Mm hmm. There you go, that was pretty.
Kristin Taylor: Damn good.
David Hanzel: Mm hmm.
She [00:31:00] said, I don’t know what all the hubbub was about your husband getting fidgety. She said, I, she said, you have to move around and she have to move around because you can’t sit in one place. That’s how you get old.
She said to let you know, the one thing she was happy about is she didn’t have to get old this time
Kristin Taylor: Mm
David Hanzel: She’s been old before,
Kristin Taylor: hmm.
David Hanzel: on that note though, she said she, it was. It was hard for her to see the ones that she left behind who thought that they were going to go before her.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
David Hanzel: Does that make sense?
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. I
David Hanzel: Okay. Everybody she’s ever met, she said, was such a wonderful person. She said, if you asked me that and I was there, I would deny that.[00:32:00]
I don’t know what that means. In the middle of it, she stopped and I saw a car going very, very, very fast. It like just took off and squealed off. I felt like there was something behind it that was dangerous. Do you know what that means?
Kristin Taylor: don’t.
David Hanzel: thing. Peggy, what was it?
Did you guys know somebody who died in a car who left in a car accident or car from alcohol?
Kristin Taylor: I wonder if she did. I didn’t meet her until I was 27. I wonder
David Hanzel: didn’t meet Peggy till you’re 27. Yeah, who is that?
If you can get me the meaning from it, we’ll come back to it. Okay, I don’t, I don’t know where it’s coming from. It came from, it was, it [00:33:00] was there, I didn’t want to drop it. I didn’t know if she gave it to me or who. She doesn’t respond to it when I ask, but there was somebody in a car that took off. Um, I don’t know if it’s somebody, or maybe, um, Courtney might even know who that is, uh, at some point, because I never know who’s going to come in.
Somebody had left, somebody had left in a car, and they were a little angry, and they were a little inebriated, and their car had, it was California, too. It was a big, uh, it was a big, uh, 1, 2, 3. There’s like four or five lanes that split off in this section and I’m watching it go off in there. Alright. Uh, D With a D?
Maybe D or Don had to do with it? I don’t know. I’m guessing on that letter, but I just wanted to get it out there in case you or Patrick or somebody. No.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay. I will,
David Hanzel: could. Who even knows? I might even be a listener. I don’t know.
Kristin Taylor: yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. [00:34:00] All right. So one last question and the reason again, I know we’re getting really specific with people that I know, um, but I’m hoping that it has a universal. Connection, just in the
David Hanzel: It does, because we’re all
Kristin Taylor: yeah, exactly, exactly. Um, who did Peggy see first? Who greeted her when she crossed over?
David Hanzel: Peggy, where are you?
Kristin Taylor: Sorry. Come on back.
David Hanzel: The heart. His heart.
It felt like a mom figure, but I don’t think it was mom.
But alone first. Um, I’ll explain it. So, nobody ever dies alone.
Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm.
David Hanzel: [00:35:00] And because of who she was and how she was, it was kind of like I woke up and like, I just looked around and that was it. And then people started coming in. So that was it. She went through the rigmarole, she said the rigmarole too, she said, I went through the rigmarole, which is the, um, all the little things that happened to us, which basically the light and all that, it signifies the transition.
It actually is, is necessary for a lot of people in order. So they know that they have passed. Otherwise you wouldn’t even know you passed. That’s how seamless the transition is. Okay? So, and some people go right back to remembering who they are right away. Some don’t. It all depends on what they went through. Okay, Scott?
Kristin Taylor: Oh, yeah.
David Hanzel: Do you know who Scott is?
Kristin Taylor: Well, there are two Scots, but yes.
David Hanzel: Okay. Oh, then she did that good. I heard that one plain as day. [00:36:00] There’s also a gentleman with sandy blonde hair.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s Scott.
David Hanzel: Okay, that’s still Scott. Okay.
Kristin Taylor: That’s Scott.
David Hanzel: Many you wouldn’t remember from where you are. Your point.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
David Hanzel: There is a
Kristin Taylor: Oh, no, I was thinking, I’m sorry, I got confused. I thought she was talking about them. So, those people are still here. The Scotts are still here. I’m not sure who’s on the other side.
David Hanzel: Okay, she’s talking about Scott.
Kristin Taylor: Okay, I don’t know who that is.
David Hanzel: if she knew Scott here… So, this is really weird.
Kristin Taylor: A part of
David Hanzel: We, a lot of times are, are met by people who are still alive here because we’re not here completely.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
David Hanzel: So if she knew him, she’s just talking about Scott, but she showed there’s a sandy haired blonde guy.
She kept giving me all this stuff. There is a very, very, um, very, very white, white, kind of white gold, uh, [00:37:00] being and I, I don’t, it looked like it had arms stretched out, but it was just like the themes. And I’m assuming that was something angelic or something that also met her.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Good.
David Hanzel: How about God?
You can’t meet God because you already know God. There’s no re meeting. You already know. It’s already there.
Kristin Taylor: I love that.
David Hanzel: What do you call God? You don’t call God. You feel God.
Kristin Taylor: Mmm. That’s too good.
David Hanzel: That’s pretty. Yes. Yes.
Kristin Taylor: really good.
David Hanzel: Yeah, that was a good answer, Peggy. Real good answer, Peggy.
Kristin Taylor: Oh, man.
David Hanzel: better than mine. That was… Damn you.
Kristin Taylor: You can steal
David Hanzel: That was good. Huh?
Kristin Taylor: You can steal it.
David Hanzel: Yeah,
Kristin Taylor: Steal it and
David Hanzel: Peggy once told me… Okay, yeah. Who’s Peggy?[00:38:00]
Kristin Taylor: Exactly.
David Hanzel: That was a good one. I understand that though. That is, that is, um, if I can explain that to anybody listening out here is that a lot of times we want to give names to things.
We want to give labels to
Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm.
David Hanzel: to really understand that we don’t always need a label, like If me and you were in the same room someplace, we would never have to say each other’s name or anything like that. And we can even be back to back and just feel or talk. I mean, you just know who that person is.
It’s automatic. Um, same over there. There are names who go by, and some people might have a certain label that they’re called by. Like Zemir goes by Zemir for me. Um, I don’t know
Kristin Taylor: Your spirit
David Hanzel: more for, yeah, for Spirit Guide. He goes by that. Um, Sedum also does too, but then Sedum is also an energy that turns into an animal energy, which is like a fox.
So, that’s all really weird to me sometimes. I have a hard time understanding it. But they keep telling me that energies are interchangeable. [00:39:00] So, everything moves in and out. And, and it’s whatever we need. So, angels, here we call them angels. Over there, they are… Whatever. They go by names, so, and they literally, and it feels, if there was a beginning, or you could imagine a beginning, the angels and those beings were, like, the First, you know, the ones who first made closest to the source of everything.
So, so they’ve always been like that and they always will. There’s no changing that. They don’t need to come and learn anything. Some souls came off in the, like us and said, we want to go through the whole rigmarole. So, and that’s what we’re doing. I’m using rigamarole Peggy and, and, or was that Beverly that told me that?
I can’t remember. Um, but it’s funny. Rigamarole. Oh, I like that. Uh, but some of us chose to go through all these lives and, and we can label things we’re supposed to. I always tell [00:40:00] people, if you need to talk to your spirit guide, you just give them a name if you don’t know what it is. That’s fine. And they may, and like mine with Zemir, I mean, I just called them something else.
So I just, I was almost like, Hey, you half the time until I had, until I came in and said, this is my name. And Sedum said, this is my name. And Ariel, Archangel Ariel said, this is my name. I’ve been with you. But, like, the angels are, um, the angels are very cool. I love the angels. And I, I call them angels from here. so. And I call them that. I think there, too, I was thinking. But I was still in my head for NDE, so I was probably still referring to them as angels as well. But they sure are cool. They really are. I like them a lot. I love them, I should say.
Kristin Taylor: And you love them because you feel them. You know
David Hanzel: Oh God, yeah, I mean, and everybody does I found this and I’m just gonna show you it’s this I was talking about the angels and some the other day and I walked into the second hand store and their sign was there and [00:41:00] I had and it’s a picture and it says we are never so lost that angels can’t find us and I’m like that is so Absolutely true.
So if anybody feels lost just put the word out there. They’ll find you They’ll get to you and they’ll bring you back to where you need to be if you just allow them to
Kristin Taylor: Yes. Yes. Well, that may be a perfect transition. Right, that might be a perfect transition to hold people with, is that God is not something you know, it’s something that you feel, and if ever you are lost, the angels will find you. Did I get that right? Okay.
David Hanzel: you’re never too lost.
Kristin Taylor: Uh, well thank you so very, very much as usual, I am excited to share your message from Beverly with the family, and with the world, and with Peggy, with anyone who needs to hear what she has shared.
David Hanzel: good, I hope that they get what they do and on behalf of these guys over here, they blow kisses to you, so thank you.
Kristin Taylor: Thank you.