[00:00:00] the goal of doing all this stuff is gaining knowledge and it’s knowing that’s, that’s the goal. Souls, we are curious by nature and, and that’s a good thing.
Kristin Taylor: Hello, everyone. Today’s guest again is David Hansel. So I’ve given his intro so many times, I didn’t even write it down. I’m just going to tell you who he is. Um, he is a psychic medium. And as a young child, he was always able to connect with the other side, with spirit, with extraterrestrials, and they would talk to him.
And then as an adult, he had a near death experience, which enhanced his understanding of what is across the veil, as well as continuing to enhance his mediumship. He is an incredible gift, which is why I keep having him come back. And if you want to learn about him, and I encourage that you, you [00:01:00] do check out his website, theywhispertome.
com. I have had a number of readings right now. He always also gives us gifts before we press record. We’ve got one of the producers, the assistant to the show, Courtney here, and um, she recently had a baby and he’s just been able to share lots of things. Um, so always a gift. So wonderful to have you.
Welcome back, David.
David Hanzel: Hi, thank you so much. It’s a pleasure. It’s, it’s fun. I like, I love talking to these guys, so I can’t wait to hear what they have to say as well. So,
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. I can’t wait to hear either. And I was in preparation for the show today. Um, I come with, with a heavy heart as the, the world is experiencing a heavy heart, um, staying abreast of what is going on in Palestine, Gaza. Israel, so much human suffering. And this is a really, really difficult topic. Um, so for the sake of today, um, I want to keep it away [00:02:00] from psychic predictions because things are changing so quickly as David was telling me, but spend at least a little bit of time exploring why from a spiritual perspective, why we choose these lifetimes, this It’s a horrendous, agonizing horror that is happening to so many human lives, children included.
Um, so, David, whomever comes forward, if he, she, they have any insight that would be helpful for us to start to explore these hard truths,
David Hanzel: sure. Um, so right now when you’re talking about the things that are happening there and my heart goes out to those who are affected by that, um, Stay there because y’all are gonna win. You’re gonna win. That one I do know. They win. Um, the good guys.
Kristin Taylor: the good guys win.
David Hanzel: They, they win. Yep. Yep. Um, [00:03:00] they’re gonna kick butt.
Basically is how I put it. So, so we’re gonna get there. Um, they did take me up around it cause I, I’ve… I, of course, you know, being who I am and talking to my guides, people think I know everything. And what happens is I don’t. There’s some stuff that I don’t understand and there’s some stuff that the knowledge just doesn’t come to me for whatever reason.
And I’ve learned not to question that anymore. If it doesn’t come to me, it doesn’t come to me. There’s a reason why, although they have been taking me up above it, uh, quite a bit to see if it’s centralized and it’s not.
Kristin Taylor: What does that mean, centralized?
David Hanzel: It’s not just something that’s happening specifically for this specific part of the world.
For any of the karma that might be on the land or with people or anything else. It has nothing to do with that. It is a chain reaction of the entire world coming in. Both wars are. So, um, Ukraine is as well, too. And, you know, I’m not a political guy, but I’m going to tell people [00:04:00] those two places that we’re helping now, we need to help them.
It, it is, it is not only a requirement, it is going to happen whether the people who don’t like it like it or not. It’s going to happen, sorry.
Kristin Taylor: Good.
David Hanzel: has to be done. So, um, and that’s going to affect the entire world and, and eventually, you know, and this sounds and I’m, it’s, it’s not too far down the road, but it’s far enough down the road where we might forget about it. But these things are happening for a reason. It’s resetting a lot of things that have happened here. And it might seem to some like, well it’s going against what I want, I’m thinking about something else, I’m doing my Law of Attraction, I’m doing this and that, but we did agree to be part of the action that’s happening here.
We did agree to that. So, so you have to deal and you have to figure out how to help and do things. There’s a lot of stuff that’s happening in those two places that are going to correct a lot of things [00:05:00] where we live. Um, I don’t want to put out a doomsday thing, but I For the people that the majority of the people think are doing bad things here in the United States And you know who I’m talking about Yes, they are and they are coming to a point where this is where This is where good really will win over evil.
It has to all the time I mean, there’s always gonna be good and evil in some respect There has to be in order to know good. You have to know evil in order to know evil. You have to know good Okay, we’ve had a lot of like Some bad stuff happening, but you know, I was even watching Neil Tyson DeGrasse That his name, I love him and he’s so cynical sometimes, but I just love him because he’s scientific and it makes sense.
He was talking about in the world, which is true and I knew this and they knew it from a science point of view. Everybody says that every year it’s getting worse and worse and worse. Like, and we’re talking about United States, okay? But actually, the crime has [00:06:00] always been dropping. But the news hypes up what little there is and gets us in a fear base.
So what we’re fighting here in this entire world isn’t really a much against each other is we’re fighting fear right now. That’s what we’re fighting against and we’re going to win. Okay, we’re all going to win. And then the people who are involved in this and who are doing this suffering and people are asking, Oh, those people, you know, they had to leave early or something happened to them and all that.
They did choose this, um, not in specifically each detail of what happened to them, but they chose the situation
Kristin Taylor: Their souls chose the situation prior to incarnation.
David Hanzel: And the ones who have left here already for the terrible things that happened, I will have to assure you, there isn’t one that I’m aware of that is upset, angry, or anything [00:07:00] like that.
They did what they came here to do. They’re actually, I look at them as extremely courageous souls.
Kristin Taylor: Extremely,
David Hanzel: Extremely courageous. And they’re fighting for, and the thing is too, You know how courageous these people are? They are fighting for something that had happened a little bit and put in place a long time ago by a whole nother set of people and now they come into this life and they’re re it’s like they’re refighting the same battle that happened last year because I think Possibly that battle needs to be, that’s where the, I guess you’d call it karma or the exchange or the balance needs to happen.
It came back up again because the balance hasn’t been done yet. The people have to win over this, and they will this time.
Kristin Taylor: So I, I want to be, this is the most uncareful thing I could say and I’m going to say, give the disclaimer that I want to be careful, but I heard yesterday that it was, this is wild, but maybe not. [00:08:00] of the people and part of the tapestry, which contributed to this culmination, was Trump revealing secrets to Putin, who revealed secrets to Iran, Hezbollah, who then connected that to Hamas, and then that was the instigation of the war.
David Hanzel: Remember when I said that everything happening every place else was coming back around to help this place? That’s exactly why.
Kristin Taylor: That’s exactly why. Yeah. Okay. Okay.
David Hanzel: And that is… I have no disclaimer. I already know that. They’re all busted. But… Yeah.
Kristin Taylor: Good.
David Hanzel: Yeah, I just, I know that. So, and I’m sorry for the people who believe what they wanted to believe.
There’s nothing against you. If you did something wrong during all this, don’t feel bad. If you, if you change your mind, I’ve, I’ve came into so many people that says, I can’t say this now. I’m like who cares? Everybody in this entire world thinks something or gets caught up into something. So if you are out [00:09:00] there and you have reservations or say, I’m afraid to change my mind because I’m going to be chastised or whatever.
Well, who cares? They’re not going to, you’re the better person and and so what we all make mistakes. Just move on and be who you truly are and think what you truly believe. Not what the media tells us, not what psychics tell us, not what anybody tells us. What is in your heart is going to give you the right thing.
And that’s what a lot of this is. They’re trying to get people, go back within. You’ve got all the freaking answers. You can do this.
Kristin Taylor: I love that so much. I love
David Hanzel: so that’s all they got to do is come back out. They just got to come. And in the ones who don’t want to. I don’t know their whole background story. Um, I know that souls do come here to literally be catalysts.
Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm. Mm hmm.
David Hanzel: we’re all a catalyst in some form. Every person is. You know, I’m a catalyst for people. My guides are catalysts for me, who come to me through people. I mean, everybody is. They’re going to say [00:10:00] something or do something in order to make you move.
Kristin Taylor: hmm.
David Hanzel: Some people just moved in a not so good way.
Kristin Taylor: Well, what I want to underscore in that also is And myself included, because I have many people that I’ll bring onto the show or many people I’ll listen to through podcasts or books, interviews, some people, what they’re saying really resonates. And I attribute this to connecting to my own wisdom, my own soul at an intuitive level.
And some people I go, that doesn’t, that doesn’t feel right. And that discernment and that connection to oneself is so important. And it takes a ton of humility to say, I was wrong, or I was duped, or I’m going to fear, feel. So, and. Open myself up to feeling excluded and ostracized by the people who I identify with. There’s a lot that goes into that. If people are to say what I was believing was, was wrong.
David Hanzel: Exactly, sometimes we have to. Hey, I [00:11:00] had a certain kind of belief system about the other side just growing up, because I had so many ghosts and I never was into the spiritual part of it or the religious part of it, so I really was like… I don’t know, it’s like this maybe, it’s like that maybe.
And when I had the actual experience, I’m like, Whoa, this is so cool. This is the coolest thing. Why are we not teaching this to people? When they’re young, so they don’t go through an entire life fearing that someday they gotta leave here,
Kristin Taylor: Yes, if they weren’t afraid. If they weren’t afraid and they had greater perspective. And that is my
David Hanzel: we Yep, and we built in fear to even that we built in fear and which groups coming out saying do what we say or
Kristin Taylor: Damnation.
David Hanzel: Ha ha ha, you
Kristin Taylor: Aww. yes. So another thing that I’ve been grappling with, changing, changing gears, um, I appreciate you touching into that. And when I say it and I said it, um, in my pause for reflection that’s going to come up, I believe, [00:12:00] before this is aired. It can feel insensitive when people in their human lives are suffering such egregious atrocities.
And I don’t even want to give words to what those are to say, well, you chose this. It’s, it’s not that and I, what I appreciate about what you and others say, it’s like the amnesia that our soul prior to incarnation does make that decision. They’re so courageous, so ambitious. And then when they’re in human form suffering, they don’t remember that they did it.
And in that moment of suffering would be like, why would I ever done this? This is the definition of hell. But once they get to the other side, they’re back in there remembering in that lifetime felt like, but a blip of time and they are serving a greater good.
David Hanzel: The, the ones who we are, we’re expanding the whole, I guess if you look at the goal, if you want to put it this way, the goal of doing all this stuff is gaining knowledge and it’s knowing that’s, that’s the goal. Souls, we are curious by nature and, and that’s a good thing. [00:13:00] If we weren’t curious by nature, well, source or God is the one who is curious and said, Hmm.
Kristin Taylor: What would this
David Hanzel: And that started it all right there. Just that. Hmm. And that was it. There we go. And then there’s so many, Oh God, it just goes on. And there’s way more to even talk about that. Even that God there’s even, there’s theories. There’s a God for a God, for a God, for a God, for a God. It just keeps going on and on and on.
But yeah, it is. I mean, the sad thing is for people, listen, if you hear a psychic say stuff like, well, you chose to do this. I will, I’m going to tell you this. We chose We didn’t we didn’t always we didn’t choose like I said every detail is so if somebody’s hit you every night of the week You didn’t literally choose and say, I want someone to hit me every night of the week.
That’s not, I, so don’t get me wrong. That, that is not, that is not forgivable, I don’t think. I mean, that’s a hard [00:14:00] thing to forgive, somebody being that mean and hurting you. But, but we have to sometimes. But, um, the situation is what you were put in. So, the situation with that person, to see how you could handle it, cause that’s what you wanted to know.
So, However you began to handle it and how it escalated is just how it’s going to go from there. It’s just the path you chose and, but you need to know that when we say to forgive people, we never mean to forgive the action. Okay. The actions that people do physically are, you don’t have to forgive those, but at some point we have to say to ourselves. Um, and this is what happens when people, the people who start to wake up, I guess we’ll say, the people who start to wake up, even though they had terrible childhoods and everything, when they wake up, trust me, you guys, if you do wake up, you’re going to look back at that and go, Oh, I totally, I, okay, I’m fine.
I get it. I’m taking my power back. I’m going to kick him. But I, you know, they did what they [00:15:00] did. They’re having their crappy life and they can just go enjoy their crappy life. I’m going to go do my thing. I’m not wasting any more time and it tends to kind of go away. Um, and not to, I’m not being a martyr or nothing, but when I was younger, I did not have a good childhood at all.
I had a horrible. Well, childhood with my parents were fine, I mean my parents and all that were fine. That wasn’t my problem. My problem was being chastised by people all my entire life and living in fear, like going to school, um, death threats from kids all through my life and then getting older, never being accepted for anything.
Anything I said about myself personally, as soon as people would find out stuff, I got chastised for it so I’d take it back. And then, then there’s so many people like this, so you hide, you have these crappy lives. But, you know, when I, when it gets to a certain point, especially after my death, I look back and I’m like, you know what?
I’m almost happy that I went through that because one, I know what that feels like. So I’m never going to do it [00:16:00] to somebody else. Okay. I know that. It’s like, I don’t care how much I dislike you. I’m not going to ever do that to you because it was done to me. That, and it made me the person I am today, and for me personally, when spirit comes through and tells me about something bad talking to the person in front of me that I’m talking to, they’ll bring up my old memories.
They will put me back through it, to go, this is what they’re feeling so you know. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, okay, I got you. And then we know how to direct and help that person as well. But I mean, we have to do that. You know, you don’t, you don’t have to forgive the person and just forgive the situation.
Take your power back. You know what? And trust me to all you people going, well, I hope something bad happens to those people. Don’t do that because you’re putting yourself in the same energy that they had. I’m going to let you know though, nobody who does. Terrible immoral things here [00:17:00] will go without the harshest judgment from themselves when they leave here and they will have to repeat those things and be on the opposite end if they have not experienced yet.
So if you are on this earth right now and you’re a very cruel person who intentionally does cruel things to people and that’s what you’re just doing and if And you pass away and you go back and they’re like, why did you do that? And he’s like, Oh, I got caught up in all that. And if you didn’t know what you were doing to those other people, then you, you will be up there and you’ll go, I’m going to have to go back now and be put in the place of the people that I chastised.
Kristin Taylor: Well, not only that, I, I hear you a hundred percent and not only that, it’s the life review. People who have NDA, um, NDEs predominantly will talk about the fact that they will experience events, pivotal events where they were cruel or there was some sort of emotional
David Hanzel: Oh, I did, I got to, I got to see and feel my drinking [00:18:00] and drug days and how I made others feel
Kristin Taylor: Yes, you are from their vantage point, from their vantage point. Yes,
David Hanzel: And it was not, and I, and you know, I don’t want to scare anybody. It was not pleasant. I did not feel anything physical and I was, and you are put in the observer mode, but even in the observer mode, it’s like, why would I do something like that?
But that’s why you, that’s why you got to see it. So you know, these things, it’s the ones who go, why did I do that? That’s the one who just learned something. It’s the one that goes, huh? I don’t get it. That was nothing. No, you go back And I think and I don’t know the logistics of it But I think a lot of the people who are doing extremely evil things on this earth are people who never even went through the life Review part they left here went back came back right away
Kristin Taylor: Interesting. I’ve never heard anyone say that.
David Hanzel: I’m, I’ve, I’ve heard of a couple of them who do that.
They will go right back in the reincarnation wheel.
Kristin Taylor: And they can get [00:19:00] caught back up in like the same
David Hanzel: same
Kristin Taylor: before. So it’s just repeating the cycle until they get it.
David Hanzel: yeah. Which is really weird because when, yeah, because which is really weird when you look at it. We will have lived almost every life there is to live at some point in our eternal lives. And that’s kind of scary because I see no others.
But my guides have told me before they said, no, you’ve already lived some doozies. So, and you don’t remember, do you? I’m like, no, no. Well then you don’t worry about it. Cause there’s no, you don’t need to remember you already lived it and did it. So it does happen. And, but for the most part, I’m going to tell people, you know, there’s bad people here.
Let them go be bad. You know, I mean, if you can stop somebody, obviously, what I’m saying, but, but when we’re always talking about like just like minor things, like people who are bad here and all that, just leave them be,
Kristin Taylor: Don’t get caught up in their energy.
David Hanzel: yeah, if you, if there’s something you cannot do about it, then literally [00:20:00] don’t go the other way.
I, I’ve, I’ve learned that a lot and I still catch myself doing it too. I’ll be like, I want to, I want to help that person. They’re like, they’re beyond help,
Kristin Taylor: yeah, yeah. I want to,
David Hanzel: it. Go ahead, go ahead.
Kristin Taylor: well I want to pivot a little bit.
David Hanzel: Mm hmm.
Kristin Taylor: Here’s a question that I’ve been sitting with. I hear so many psychic mediums say the same thing, say many of the same things, one of which is when something atrocious like this happens, when someone dies in a horrific manner. What I continually hear is, like what you just said, well, on the other side, they, they signed up for that. But then there’s also free will. So sometimes when people die, is it just an accident because they were looking right when they should have been looking left and they got hit by a truck? Or is it always a predetermined, at least one of a few [00:21:00] exit points for them that they had agreed to? Or are there just accidents?
David Hanzel: Well, I’ll just be straight up with you, it’s easier. No such thing as an accident.
Kristin Taylor: Okay.
David Hanzel: There isn’t one. But, I don’t want to say the word but, I’m going to change that to although. I always say when you put a but in something, you kind of get rid of everything before what you just said. From what I understand, there isn’t an accident per se.
And, and the whole, I think people are, I think people are kind of overly caught up on the exit points. Um, some people say, oh there’s five, or there’s seven, or there’s three. I can tell you, I’ve been through every one of those already. Um, so, and it’s like my next one would be number seven, I’m done. You know, so if something happens again, I’m going back.
But, but that’s not always true either. We are constantly changing even our contract as we come here. We still will, we’re, we’re going to stick to the same. So the soul comes in [00:22:00] and, I’d say my main thing is I want to know what it’s like to have everything and then lose it. Okay. And some people go, why would you want to know that?
Because maybe this soul doesn’t know what that feels like because they’ve had it in every life. So maybe it’s like, I’m going to lose it all in this life and see what happens. So when they come here, that can start to happen and they might put themselves through certain situations and all that. But if they find a certain situation isn’t going to be helpful for what that soul came here to want to learn, the situation will be changed. The funny thing is, it is changed by you. And I think that’s the hardest people, hardest thing for people to understand. You do have a soul and you are a soul, but your soul is literally, you’re in the same place where your soul is right now. It’s just, you are, if you, if it makes it easier to understand, you’re dreaming right
Kristin Taylor: well, yeah, you’ve been saying that and other people have been saying that I love [00:23:00] that and the capacity to connect with that gives, for me, it gives me agency like I can change the dream.
David Hanzel: Yeah, absolutely. You can
Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Well, let’s take that, that example, like let’s say your soul says, I want to in this lifetime because I’ve always had things and never lost things.
This is the lifetime where I’m going to have a lot and then I’m going to lose everything. And as you’re moving through that, you’re like, actually, that’s not the lesson. you change the lesson then to maybe it’s, I will lose everything and I will learn to forgive myself for my blunders and I can then create abundance again?
I mean, play with that if you
David Hanzel: what, here’s how that can change. Now, I’m, I’m I’m probably sure we’re a bit more specific, but not always on the other side when we come here. But if you came in here with that main plan, like, I want to know what it’s like to have everything and then lose everything. When you get here, you might go, you might meet somebody you love, and you love them, and they’re like, this is perfect, and then you [00:24:00] became successful, and da da da, you have the money, so it’s like, okay, I have everything, now what’s it like to lose everything, but say all of a sudden, like, your wife or your husband dies, that’s who you love, but you stayed rich. It could be like,
Kristin Taylor: So you lost the thing you
David Hanzel: thought I was going to lose everything. And yeah, instead of it going from a monetary thing, that person left instead. And that was your, everything you lost.
Kristin Taylor: So it’s along the same theme, it’s like a blueprint, but the details of that. Building that you’re going to erect can be vastly different, but it’s the
David Hanzel: Now if, and you’ll, and that, but they, that was another human. They would know that because they would have to make some kind of They would know that person that they, yeah, that they were, that they were going to lose. They would know them very well and go, Hey, you want to leave early?
You know, I’m going to go in, but I’m going to leave early to teach you this. And I’m going to do this to teach me this. Okay, great. And then you come down here and that happens. But. It could be too, if you needed to know more, [00:25:00] it could be that that person maybe had all the money and when they lost their everything, they took the money with them, you know, or it got distributed.
Who knows? There’s a million things. So like I said, we can change. There’s a, there’s a, there are billions of possibilities. When I was younger, I went from wanting to be a puppeteer and I owned puppets and I was into that. You know, when I pushed aside the spiritual stuff, I became a musician and then I was in a band and I played in a band for years and, but it never quite felt right, but it seemed everything I wanted to do something when I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it, it happened.
So I have a running theme in my life. I went to be a musician. I started out real shy. I got really good. I started getting all these opportunities towards me, but then something kept pulling me away from it, and then it kept disappearing, and then I hurt my, one of my hands and had to stop playing my instruments, and then I went into theater. And then I got really good at theater and I started doing a lot of [00:26:00] plays. And then I went to second city in Chicago and started studying comedy. And then I came out to North Carolina and all that was, I was a comedian for a long time, but every time I got to the space of it’s You’re getting to that level.
Kristin Taylor: Of success. Yeah. To get you
David Hanzel: so. That’s been a running theme in mind. And I had asked my guys, I’m like, so, what would have happened if I would have stayed there? And they said, well, you’re actually doing that in another place anyway. So, in another world, I am a musician. In another world, I am an actor.
In another world, I am a still comedian. And in another world, you know. So,
Kristin Taylor: That is mind bending.
David Hanzel: Yeah, it is. But this, and people say, well, wasn’t that confusing? It’s like, no, because at the moment I’m focusing on this one. So those other ones don’t even matter to me.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay. All right.
David Hanzel: But they all stem from the same place. It’s
Kristin Taylor: But they all stem from the same place. So then my next question is, let’s say the soul’s blueprint is the life of [00:27:00] poverty in some capacity. And yet this person is also like law of attraction and manifestation. And is there a way that that person could say, this is a dream? I chose poverty, but now I’m learning differently and I want to completely overhaul the soul’s contract.
David Hanzel: Yeah. They made a case. They made, somebody could have come in with a contrast like that saying, Hey, I want a life of poverty, but I also want to remember, you know, all these things I can do. And well, Two things could happen. One, you could feel what it’s like to have, you know, change the poverty. So you’re like, wow, okay, you really can change poverty.
So maybe that was a lesson. Or it could be, I tried and I tried and I tried, but I never got to the poverty. But I remembered who I was. What’s up with that? Well, there’s probably other lessons in there. Because, maybe in that process where you’re doing that, you might have [00:28:00] remembered who you are and what you can have, but you might have, in that moment, forgot of why you wanted it.
Kristin Taylor: forgotten why you wanted it. Yeah. Okay. So I have a big, big, big, big question and it may be too big, especially when you were talking about God as a God, as a God, and you know, at Infinium. Um,
David Hanzel: it all stems from the same place.
Kristin Taylor: okay. So, um, we come here for knowledge, for experiences, for learning. Is there some, there’s two parts to this question. Is there some repository that sort of holds it all, and is there an end destination? Like, okay, now we’ve done it, or is it just a continually recurring process that never has an end point?
David Hanzel: Never has an end point. There is
Kristin Taylor: Never has an end
David Hanzel: ending to any of us. Yeah. Um,
Kristin Taylor: And is there a repository, so to speak, of all these different learnings? Because I know we are united as [00:29:00] one. And so we’re sort of sharing these experiences and doing these dances and enacting these plays that we conceive of from the other side and we come here and it’s continually learning and evolving and learning and evolving.
But is there a, is Source, the place, the repository, that’s the right word, that holds it all? Hmm.
David Hanzel: in order to. Source is, or God, however you want to say it, is literally everything. As I wave my hand through my room, I just I just had God on my hands all that time and I am God and you are God and actually you are me and I am you and we are actually focusing on separate lives. This is an illusion of separation.
Um, there isn’t an end, but you know, I, I want to be clear and I haven’t been shown any of this, but a lot of this, but some of it I’ve been given and, and it’s fascinating. How can I explain this? So, we all, in our belief [00:30:00] system, all go to what people equate to as heaven, correct?
Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm.
David Hanzel: Well, when people are in heaven, you gotta ask yourself, Well, if in heaven, what’s outside of heaven?
And they’re like, what do you mean? What’s outside of heaven? I’m like, well, there is something outside of this physical reality. And now I’m on this nonphysical reality. What’s outside of this nonphysical reality. And they’re like, well, let’s create something. And that’s what we do. So it’s not just, it’s not just that we are, um, stuck in the same loop.
Um, trust me, there’s most people here at some point when you’re done with earth stuff, you’re going to do other things too. There’s a billion other things to do. There’s a billion. reincarnate. You don’t reincarnate. Or you just stay over there and just be the all of everything there is. It’s up to you.
It’s literally, it’s always going to be up to you, whatever you want to do. Most, not most, souls, but a very, very large number, if not pretty much all of them. I always say, I’m up for the next adventure, I’m up for the next adventure. What can we co create? What can we make [00:31:00] together? What can we do together?
And that’s what it’s about. So when we come here, it’s not just a school. It’s not just learning a lesson. It’s not just all that. You also are learning how to create, how to co create, because even though… If you want to look at it in a linear sense, some souls have more knowledge than other souls. A lot of people will put that in a linear way saying, well, that’s because this soul is newer than that soul.
Not necessarily. This soul might have just been through more than this soul. That’s it. It’s not that it was, A linear time, although, uh, for people who are a fear of not having linear time, there are, there are points in the afterlife where we do use that. We have to use it at some point. When I talk to spirit and they come to me, I found out that they’d step into my linear time and how I found that out is they literally knew when I was done, when, when the, when the time was up.
Like if I was doing an hour reading, they usually start to fade off towards that end and I’m like, where are you going? They’re like, it’s time.[00:32:00]
Kristin Taylor: time’s up,
David Hanzel: Oh, it’s time. It’s time to go. Yeah. So they step into my linear time. If they didn’t, then they would just sit here all day long chatting to me and wouldn’t
Kristin Taylor: yeah, yeah, yeah, that makes sense. So, David, for you, so here’s my understanding, then comes my question, my understanding, I want to see, I can’t remember if you told me this or who told me this. It’s not an old soul, all souls are the same age, it’s the amount of times that they continue to reincarnate and have experiences and gain knowledge and so forth.
Have you personally had a lot of lifetimes where you gained experience or knowledge, so more of the, what would be called old soul, but just more lifetimes?
David Hanzel: haven’t had everything revealed to me yet, and I don’t know the reason behind it. I’ll be honest and upfront about that. Um, but, no, I’ve been here many, many, many, many, many, many times.
Kristin Taylor: Okay, okay, okay. And how about,
David Hanzel: couple other places, too.
Kristin Taylor: and a couple other places too,
David Hanzel: a lot of other places, too, I should say.
Kristin Taylor: Okay, okay, may I ask [00:33:00] about myself?
David Hanzel: Mm
Kristin Taylor: Have I had a lot of lifetimes or lived other places or what, can you,
David Hanzel: Um, It’s weird when you look at lifetimes. There’s like a lot of them. Yeah, there’s a lot of them. There’s one particular. Um, Just so you know, You, You’re very earth connected. You’re very nature connected. You’re very everything in your soul has to do with the ground and the dirt and the things and when they show me places I’m like, oh, this is really pretty.
This is like solid. This is like I am grounded here It’s like and you did that from the very beginning So if you wanted to know yes, you were the tiny animals in the amoebas at the beginning of the start of You know, quote, unquote, earth and are living in [00:34:00] those times as well. So yeah, you’ve been here since the beginning, just like everybody, and you’ve had a lot of experiences from that point too.
Some people haven’t. A soul doesn’t have to jump into the beginning and go from year one to 2023. You can jump in at any point in this lifetime and you can go back. So you, it’s all, you can go to a certain step now, I guess everybody has to kind of start out knowing. You know, dirt, flies, bugs, like, we all had that.
We all kind of know what that is, and one way, whether we were that, or whether we just, yeah, whatever, we all started out like that, and different humans and all that. But some of them stopped. Some souls will stop at a certain place, and then, if, so, let’s say you stopped at the year 50 B. C. You, it’s like, um, I, you haven’t got everything you needed from those years before.
You can’t jump timeline and go into the year 2020, [00:35:00] 000 if you just came from this, cause you would have no knowledge of what to do. you took a, which is true, and even if you took a caveman, um, who’s just plopped him out of the sky and stuck him in 2023, it would, it would be terrible. It would be awful for that being.
Kristin Taylor: yes.
David Hanzel: not understand anything. The soul wouldn’t either. The soul has to have the knowledge that was built
Kristin Taylor: Yes. Okay. So this leads to, this is one of these moments where I was listening to a psychic, I won’t say her name, um, on a podcast and she said something and I went, uh, that doesn’t feel right. A caller called in and she said that this caller in her last life was a coconut tree. Can we move from being like a mushroom, a bunny, a coconut tree, a rock into, can we,
David Hanzel: It all depends. I won’t know. Um, nobody was
Kristin Taylor: what I thought,
David Hanzel: in their last life. Um, that’s not how it works. You don’t, you’re not a coconut tree in the last life. There are [00:36:00] coconut trees that have been coconut trees and that’s all they ever will be is that
Kristin Taylor: you’re right.
David Hanzel: or that kind of soul or that kind of creation.
Okay. Because Everything we create is alive, in some sense, but not everything is in an active mode. So, um, do we all…
Kristin Taylor: everything is in active mode.
David Hanzel: Gotcha. Yeah. So, it’s not entirely wrong. Could she have been a coconut tree? Sure, she probably knows exactly what it’s like to be a coconut tree, because she has, um, she has merged with that energy before, to know what it was like.
It’s kind of on the other side when, um, it was explained to me, and I do not understand it. Um… As much as I, as I try to grasp for the understanding, they’re like, why aren’t you getting this, David? I’m like, I don’t know . But, uh, because it’s hard. Um, there is, we can merge with things and we kind of do that now. Um, so you’re okay when [00:37:00] I. When I do some live readings or something and there’s like a spirit literally sitting next to me or even when I do them online, sometimes that spirit energy gets really close and I just kind of merge in with that energy and that’s how I say they feel like this. They feel like that.
They feel like this because I’m actually getting those kind of feelings. That’s how I’m telling somebody that. So it’s the same thing in a spirit. A spirit can walk up to a coconut tree and stand. And merge and feel what it’s like to stare and to just have that knowing, but The, uh, thinking is different as well, too.
I mean, the way we process things are different. The way a human processes things are different than how a cat processes something. Now cats are going to be of the animal world and humans are, you know, but they can also evolve in some sense. But we’ve all been through kind of those things, too. Some will say that we’ve been everything up until becoming a human.
Kristin Taylor: But [00:38:00] once you’re on the human, God, this gets confusing because
David Hanzel: Yeah, once you’re in the human spectrum, yeah, you, you wouldn’t
Kristin Taylor: where you, you wouldn’t go back
David Hanzel: Yeah.
Kristin Taylor: and if you wouldn’t have a past, most recent life where you were a coconut tree and then suddenly you’re a full human being functioning. Yeah. Okay.
David Hanzel: that’s kind of crazy, um,
Kristin Taylor: It felt
David Hanzel: but that’s even crazy for me, and I talk some crazy. I can talk some crazy. Um, I mean, I can understand, listen, if one really wanted to, as a human being right now, and there are people out here who can do this. I can kind of do it, but, um, if anybody is, uh, practices shamanism or anything, even in shamanism journeying, I mean, you can literally get into the soul of what you’re journeying about.
I mean, I had a chat with a rock one time and wrote this beautiful thing that this rock gave me. I got to find it. It was a couple of years ago from a rock. He’s talking about from the view of [00:39:00] the rock. So if, if you were here with a flower and let’s say you pick the flower and you held it in your hand and you just sat next to it.
And just try to merge with the energy of that flower. That flower would have so much to say to you. And you would have so much. And you could feel what it was like. Now there are some souls who do do flower. And they don’t like it. Because the life is too short.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
David Hanzel: know, that’s been said. Um, where they said, Have you ever been like a plant or animal?
And there’s a soul that said, Oh yeah, it was a flower one time and they were, the flower like just lived a season and he said it was, it was too fast because of the fact we don’t have that sense of time. That would be like you just dipping your hand in the cold water. Do you want to see how cold that is?
I sure would. It was cold and you already know it. That was the life of that experience. That’s what it would be like coming to be a flower or something or a bug. It’d be like here, gone, boom, you’re done.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, that’s so good. That’s so good.
David Hanzel: So, [00:40:00] we have the capacity of holding our focus on, this world being physical. It takes, people don’t understand that, I mean, if anybody, for anybody who’s listening right now, you are so freaking cool, I mean, because the, the only way for you to be here right now is to have amazing focus.
Because you focus, you get yourself here. Nobody brought you down here in a stork, you didn’t, you know, we’re not from some far off place, you literally are focusing on a brand new world. And you’re creating it as you
Kristin Taylor: Always creating
David Hanzel: little backstory in your head, which is your soul. And so, so,
Kristin Taylor: let me let me pause you there which yeah, okay nobody’s worth this
David Hanzel: Worthless, yeah.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, nobody is worthless. So that little backstory is your soul. I think what happens is that we don’t listen to the soul. We listen to the self doubt and the ego and the fear and the, right? So the more, cause [00:41:00] for me, when you talk about holding a flower and merging with that flower to understand what it feels like to be a flower, I feel like as a kid that was supernatural.
I don’t mean supernatural like the word, but very natural, like I can go back to moments of sitting in nature because I am super earthbound and I know that about myself. And feeling whether it was like a roly poly bug or whatever it was, just being like one with that.
David Hanzel: Yeah, if anybody, if you can… Open your mind up as far as it goes and just, just stop for a minute and think everything put here, I’m creating everything here is me. I’m me. I’m bigger than all this and just sit with that for a minute. You will get so many visions. You will get so many everything backstory. You know, when you do that, that’s, I always thought, you know, maybe one day we’ll do it and people will teach meditation from, [00:42:00] you know, age one, you know, teach that kid how, I mean, in other countries they do it. And those kids are a lot less aggressive and everything
Kristin Taylor: Anxious.
David Hanzel: Yeah. I think a lot of times when people are so aggressive here, it’s people who fear death or people who fear losing things.
And that’s why they’re aggressive. That’s why I always tell people, uh, they said, David, don’t you get sick of loving everybody? I’m like, it comes with the territory. Once you understand it, then you understand even the worst person still has is still God. So you have to adjust everything. You know, you have to get like that, like even just for fun to, I don’t know how long we got, but just for fun, um, I went in to the politicians in America.
Kristin Taylor: You cut out for me. Can you say that again? You went
David Hanzel: yeah, so just for fun, can you hear me now? So just for fun, I kind of, um, clicked into politics here, okay? And I don’t really care for [00:43:00] politics, but I clicked in because I get what’s going on. And I was, I wanted to… Click into politicians, but I won’t do that without their permission, but I can click into The situation around
Kristin Taylor: hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.
David Hanzel: fine for me and you’d be surprised on the ones who Have lost their way Literally lost their way and then there are some literally who they are the catalyst for this to happen and they’re actually not bad souls at all. They’re taking this on and it’s actually a difficult thing for them to take on.
Um, but it’s really quite, some of the ones when I look at them now on TV and I see them I’m like, oh my gosh, I wish I could tell them how cool they are on the other side, but they don’t know that. You can’t, and you can’t do that because they haven’t asked.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
David Hanzel: Maybe they’ll ask someone one day, [00:44:00] and in my weird way, that’s what I pray for.
I pray for everyone to really realize who they are, because if they did, they wouldn’t be acting the way they did the way
Kristin Taylor: Oh, man. That’s really powerful. That’s really powerful. Yeah, yeah, which goes back to you saying, from a young age, if we could start to teach people the skills to connect with who they are, then so many of these,
David Hanzel: Or just remind them.
Kristin Taylor: remind them. I love that. Remind them.
David Hanzel: It’s a little reminder.
Kristin Taylor: Yeah, yeah. Another tangential thought, and then we’ll have to start wrapping up here, um, same, I discovered this.
Psychic, and she does remote viewing and I thought, God, she’s not getting permission. She’ll choose someone like a famous person or politician or historical person, but especially when they’re alive and she’ll start asking them questions. I’m thinking in remote viewing is part of the [00:45:00] process that you get the permission or is this person doing it without permission?
Like isn’t
David Hanzel: asking their, she’s, she’s asking their soul a question. Yeah, we can ask souls questions.
Kristin Taylor: can ask, say, is it okay that I do this?
David Hanzel: Yeah, I’m not going to, but I won’t, pretty much you could ask. I mean, our souls talk to other souls all the time. Um, let me tell you something. There is one thing like when people, me and my friend, Laura Lee say this all the time.
Um, I get questions like… Is my husband cheating on me? Is this and that happening? Or this person’s bad? Or can you tell me about my sister and all and all that? And I will tell people no I’m not, I can’t butt into their business. Here’s the really hard truth. I could if I really wanted to. But, how it works with some, and it’s not like a change of mind thing.
It’s just the dis, my built in discernment sometimes will tell me, No, because I don’t ever want to be to want the one to change something. In somebody [00:46:00] else’s life, because that’s, nobody has permission to do that unless they’re given permission.
Kristin Taylor: too. Isn’t it interfering? Without permission. Yeah.
David Hanzel: Mm hmm. And here’s the thing about, um, remote viewing people like that and getting that, that’s all fine.
They’re not harming that person over there. They’re not. Who’s getting harmed is the person who may or may not believe the information. Because the information is subjective. It’s coming through the mind of somebody else. how could she, how could that person validate that?
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
David Hanzel: And I mean, it goes for everything, even like what I say to people too, I mean, well, most of the stuff I can validate for myself because it’s happened to me.
I don’t talk about stuff that hasn’t happened to me. And when I do talk about stuff that hasn’t happened to me, I will say, I heard this or they have said this. I’ll get that but if I actually happen to me, I’ll say oh, yeah, I know what that is I’ve seen that or I’ve I’ve experienced that part of it. I [00:47:00] Remote viewing for me if I use remote viewing I don’t use, I’ve, I’ve got to really have to use it in order to use it unless it accidentally comes in because it was supposed to, but remote viewing, um, I’ve used for helping to find missing people or pets or stuff like that.
Um, I know some remote viewers, literally, they’ll just find your keys. They’re just that good at it. Um,
Kristin Taylor: for a tax document, if you could help me find it.
David Hanzel: yeah. Um, I can’t.
Kristin Taylor: Are you the tax document,
David Hanzel: But I can’t, I can’t see your, it’s in your house.
Kristin Taylor: it in my house? I
David Hanzel: Yes,
Kristin Taylor: find it.
David Hanzel: it’s in your
Kristin Taylor: mother. I do all of her taxes and I got an extension. I can’t find this MetLife
David Hanzel: Is this your mother’s taxes?
Kristin Taylor: Yes, and I can’t find the 1099 from MetLife.
David Hanzel: She’s still alive, right?
Kristin Taylor: Yeah.
David Hanzel: Have you checked her house?
Kristin Taylor: Well, no, they all come to my house. It has my address because I [00:48:00] manage all of her taxes. I manage all
David Hanzel: because I keep saying it’s in the house, so that’s what I heard. My,
Kristin Taylor: know what room it’s in?
David Hanzel: that’s why I, I don’t know what,
Kristin Taylor: That’s my day today, is looking for that, trying to get on the portal.
David Hanzel: Well, if you, you know what, I can help you find it. I can’t remote view that one. I, I’m
Kristin Taylor: Okay, we’ll take this
David Hanzel: works, it works with people. I can’t pick up on a document at all, but I’m going to tell you what my guide said and you’re probably not going to like it.
He said start looking, start thinking, searching, and looking for every place it’s not and you’ll come across it. He said it’s in high, it’s in plain sight. He said you’re, for some reason, He said, you could see it if you wanted to, and he said, so just start looking for every place that’s not, you’ll come across it.
The more you hash this out in your brain, he said, your left side of your brain gets connected in there, and it starts thinking of logical spots for where it would be, and he said it’s an illogical spot. Illogical
Kristin Taylor: an illogical spot. Okay, okay. Alright, I’ll
David Hanzel: That’s what, yeah,
Kristin Taylor: [00:49:00] house. Thank
David Hanzel: sense to you, I don’t know,
Kristin Taylor: actually does… it does. I, I struggle with organization, so I’m going to just see where I might have like, Oh, I’ll
David Hanzel: it feels like
Kristin Taylor: top of the toilet.
David Hanzel: Yeah, it feels like it’s in the house yet. I feel like it has been sent to you.
Kristin Taylor: I know it’s been sent. It’s been sent every year. Why would it suddenly not be?
I know it’s as a result of my disorganization.
David Hanzel: That wouldn’t be funny if we were both wrong and all of a sudden you get a letter going, We forgot to send this. Really? No, I
Kristin Taylor: be weird if they did. I mean, that, like, even my left brain would say that’s illogical. Alright, we
David Hanzel: Yeah, you’ll find, you’ll come across it. You’ll come across
Kristin Taylor: Well, I need to before Monday.
David Hanzel: Yeah. Well, if… You’ll do it. You need quiet time to think about it and look in the places you normally would never look.
Kristin Taylor: Okay. It’s, can I ask one more question? Is it in, is it in Patrick’s office? My husband’s office?
David Hanzel: [00:50:00] It’s in a skinny closet.
Kristin Taylor: It’s in a skinny closet.
David Hanzel: That’s the only way I can put it. It popped up. The closet popped up. It almost looks like the closet behind you. It almost looks like that.
Kristin Taylor: well that’s a door, but is it in my closet? I went through my closet. I’m driving. This is not good. Podcast Potter.
David Hanzel: It’s not but that’s okay because you guys this is how it works sometimes I don’t know why it wouldn’t come in. I mean like a remote viewer could probably just go Probably right there.
Um If I were to remote view it, you know, i’ll remote view it after we’re done here
Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you.
David Hanzel: Because I don’t want you to have dead air. Yeah
Kristin Taylor: So boring.
David Hanzel: Yeah
Kristin Taylor: be more boring than looking for a tax document. Just thank you, David.
David Hanzel: Oh, you’re welcome
Kristin Taylor: I love it. I love it. And, uh, we’ll see you next time.
David Hanzel: Okay Bye bye